The Accidental Hero #2020

The Accidental Hero By Matt Myklusch The Accidental Hero All Jack Blank knows is his bleak dreary life at St Barnaby s Home for the Hopeless Abandoned Forgotten and Lost an orphanage that sinks further into the swampland of New Jersey with each passing
  • Title: The Accidental Hero
  • Author: Matt Myklusch
  • ISBN: 9781416995623
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Accidental Hero By Matt Myklusch All Jack Blank knows is his bleak, dreary life at St Barnaby s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost, an orphanage that sinks further into the swampland of New Jersey with each passing year His aptitude tests predict that he will spend a long, unhappy career as a toilet brush cleaner His only chance at escape comes through the comic books donated years aAll Jack Blank knows is his bleak, dreary life at St Barnaby s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost, an orphanage that sinks further into the swampland of New Jersey with each passing year His aptitude tests predict that he will spend a long, unhappy career as a toilet brush cleaner His only chance at escape comes through the comic books donated years ago to the orphanage that he secretly reads in the dark corners of the library Everything changes one icy gray morning when Jack receives two visitors that alter his life forever The first is a deadly robot straight out of one of his comic books that tries its best to blow him up The second is an emissary from a secret country called the Imagine Nation, an astonishing place where all the fantastic and unbelievable things in our world originate including Jack Jack soon discovers that he has an amazing ability one that could make him the savior of the Imagine Nation and the world beyond, or the biggest threat they ve ever faced.
    The Accidental Hero By Matt Myklusch
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    1. Matt Myklusch

      Matt Myklusch is a middle grade fantasy adventure writer and the creator of SEABORNE Lerner Books and THE JACK BLANK ADVENTURES Simon Schuster.Despite his age, Matt has never grown up This serves him well both at night, and very early in the morning, when he battles injustice in the form of pirates, super villains, and robot zombies Matt lives in New Jersey with his wife and family, where he is always hard at work on his next book.

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    1. 12 year old Jack Blank doesn t know who he is, where he came from or who his parents are He does know that he s a VERY bored orphan at St Barnaby s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost a pretty depressing place Finally something exciting but pretty frightening happens in Jack s life He gets attacked by an evil Robo Zombie and has to find a way to destroy it Jack is saved from the orphanage by Jazen Knight, an official from the Imagine Nation Jazen takes Jack to the Imagine Natio [...]

    2. Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation Book ReviewReviewer JacquelineSometimes, some books are just so horrible you feel like you just fell down a deep, deep, dark, scary but boring hole Now ladies and gentlemen, here s something I d like to share with you, about a book called Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation by Matt Myklush Maybe you ve read this book before, or maybe you haven t Whether you re a Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation fan or not, I thought that book was HORRIBLE I personally like books [...]

    3. This book was recommended to me by Erik, from ThisKidReviewsBooks In fact, he reviewed it in a guest post here on my blog This summer, when he reviewed the sequel on his blog, I decided book one might be a great read aloud to start out my son s homeschool year Erik assured me he would love it, so I ordered it from the library.It was a great way to start out the homeschool year You see, reading is unimaginably difficult for my son While he s old enough that he should be reading novels like this w [...]

    4. I bought this for my kid while we were on a road trip we stopped in Oxford, MS and while my husband tromped in the footsteps of Faulkner, my kid and I spent a couple of hours at Square Books This book was recommended by the staff there as something a kid who loves Harry Potter and Percy Jackson would enjoy So I bought it and handed it to Cameron one of the first books I ve given him without a pre read I guess I was tired He read it before we pulled into Nashville that afternoon and pronounced it [...]

    5. I read Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch The genre of this book is fantasy because the main character has a superpower which makes it fantasy because superpowers aren t real In this book Jack Blank, the main character, is an orphan at St Barnabys He was dropped off there with a note that said Jack He meets Jazen who is a cyborg who takes him to Imagine Nation It is there where he discovers he has powers He must fight the R stov to prove he is not one himself The internal conflict in this book is [...]

    6. Author Matt MykluschGenre Middle Grade FantasyRelease Date August, 2010Source LibraryRating 5 5Description All Jack Blank knows is his bleak, dreary life at St Barnaby s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost, an orphanage that sinks further into the swampland of New Jersey with each passing year His aptitude tests predict that he will spend a long, unhappy career as a toilet brush cleaner His only chance at escape comes through the comic books donated years ago to the orphanage t [...]

    7. I had my doubts about this book when my friend lent it to me The way she described it well it made me less than enthusiastic, I have to admit Yet I decided to give The Accidental Hero first published under the title Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation a chance After all, I had been skeptical when the same friend lent me Cinder and it turned out to be amazing.Matt Myklusch s novel pokes tongue in cheek fun at old superhero tropes while at the same time putting a new spin on them so that young boys [...]

    8. If I didn t have to read this for a committee, I would have stopped reading after the first chapter The premise is interesting, and I like the concept of the book, I just HATED the writing There was nothing compelling about the main character, he didn t ever really DO anything, just kind of passively floated around I think this passivity might not bother kids, but it really made it hard me as a reader to be excited about what happens next Recommend this to kids who are looking for a superhero bo [...]

    9. This by far has to be one of the best books that I have ever read and from what I want this book should be a movie because it really has everything that you want and every genre you can think of.

    10. Jack Blank is such a brilliantly written book, with an amazing setting, wonderful characters and a lot of powerful messages written within it s pages It s a place where all the super heros real life heros I grew up with and even never before heard of heros, live It makes the extraordinary seem ordinary.Twelve year old Jack Blank has been living in a horrible orphanage, where he s constantly picked up on the bully Rex, and finds excitement in reading his comic books Jack Blank has no idea where h [...]

    11. librarytalker 201 For the last eleven years, Jack has been raised at St Barnaby s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost Crushing the spirit of childhood since 1898 He was found on the doorstep with the name Jack on the cradle and no last name So now Jack is Jack Blank, victim of bullies and evil teachers everywhereBut Jack isn t a wimp and he s not one to let the daily grind of extra chores get him down On a day when the rest of the orphanage is going on a field trip to Mount Dis [...]

    12. jackblank Jack Blank 12 is a bullied orphan until a comic book Robo Zombie, indestructible R stov Revile, attacks Emissary Jazen Knight takes Jack to a secret island Imagine Nation of aliens and super heroes Only Jack has survived the R stov parasite infection longer than an hour Best bits are big surprise twists, fights wham bash bam Worst bits are long winded descriptions, when they first land at futuristic Empire City p 83 Mostly Jack acts older, reminders of his age are artificial, forced Fe [...]

    13. While the book The Accidental Hero had a nice lead, the lead soon dropped into a monotonous book about a bullied and put down kid finding his special powers in forbidden reading comics The plot deteriorates to a boring and predictable setting You have Jack, the main character, bullied and given the worst tasks at a Home for the Hopeless which is basically a boarding school, except for Jack, who is there for no reason in particular Next enters his strange powers, which he is somehow blind to, eve [...]

    14. This was a nice traditional science fantasy middle grade novel young orphaned boy who can t seem to fit in, discovers he s got superpowers and gets swept away into a fantastical world in which some of his favorite comic characters turn out to be real with a nice twist in the end that s definitely got me wanting to read its sequel Despite the traditional tropes common in most fantasy, coming of age novels, I think this book would make a wonderful read for younger readers not quite as jaded as old [...]

    15. Do you know the Avengers Have you ever wonder why it takes so many superheroes including a Norse god to combat any foe Because cool superheroes make good comic books The Accidental Hero really is a comic book it creates characters with superpowers galore and places with visual appeals It reminds me of the Skylander game populated with characters that possess different powers and moves, and as many dimensions as the screen they inhabit They have been created to distract the minds of 10 to 14 year [...]

    16. e future is not written It lies in the choices you make Our future is ours to decide Always Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation or also known as The Accidental Hero, is a heartwarming and inspiring tale of courage, faith, believing in yourself and many This MG book really surprised me.Wow I was so inspired by all the encouraging and motivational ideas and messages It challenges you to stretch your imagination and dream big You carve out your own future Who you are now doesn t determine who you re [...]

    17. I really liked this book This book was about a kid stuck on a superhero island If you like superheroes, fantasy, and robots, this is a book for you Jack Blank grew up in an orphanage and ever since has been messing with electricity Whenever they went on field trips, the school bus always broke down One day, Jack runs into a robot set on killing him He made the power generator explode and destroyed it, but that wasn t the end Jack was taken to an island where people with specialties go to learn h [...]

    18. DNF at 17%I refuse to subject myself to any further torture NO MORE This is bland and cardboard like It s mind numbing in simplicity Clarification there are 1 simple easy to understand and 2 simple bland, dull, oversimplified This here is the later case.This would probably be suitable for a 6.y.o but I don t think a kid that young would appreciate whatever story the author was trying to build hereNAL VERDICT AVOID LIKE A PLAGUE Believe you me, there are better books out there Harry Potter, Percy [...]

    19. Sorry for all of you lovers of this book, but to me this was the most boring story I have ever read It took all that I had to get half way through I personally think that every thing was blown way out of proportion All of the details had to be a Go Big, or Go Home type I found that this book was extremely typical It starts out with a poor orphan boy, who winds up belonging to this secret nation, and it turns out that he s part of this evil villain association, and it s all up to him to save the [...]

    20. Good reads review The Accidental Hero is a great book for anyone who liked the Harry Potter or the Percy Jackson series would love the Jack Blank Adventures series because basically the base of the story is that Jack Blank who is the main character is an orphan and he doesn t know who he is or where he was born It is almost the same beginning as harry potter but instead of wizardry it is superpowers and other talents by saying that I am recommending this book to everyone kristofer

    21. More of a 3.5, because the main character was kind of dumb through part of it He wants so badly to question this villain, so why does he wait until after he has spent an entire night guarding the villain Why doesn t he question it then And he isn t sacrificial At all He could give up himself and save everyone, but instead he s content to let them fight for him.Well, he is twelve, but still.I am looking forward to the next one The end of this book set up the next book s conflict pretty well.

    22. Sometimes books need to be read with the perspective that they were meant for The Accidental Hero is one Read it, but keep in mind it was written for kids to read Stay light hearted and forgiving and you ll discover a something great.It was so much fun to read Think Harry Potter for superheros my kids are going to love it Perfectly clean, perfectly exciting I m looking forward to the rest of the series Appropriate for all ages.

    23. I still love this book so much, but I will admit that this is the lesser book of the series There s a lot of action but it s pretty compacted to the end of the book, and the majority of this one is made up of set up Though entertaining, enjoyable set up The amount of foreshadowing is pretty amazing And some of the lines that u know the eventuality of are just CHILLING.

    24. This isn t the worst book for kids I ve ever read, but it might be up there It s a ham fisted political allegory, a mostly predictable plot with ridiculously unrealistic characters and common tropes Just yikes I got an advance of it, so maybe there s something that ll be adjusted or cut or something, but just not a good book at all Very disappointing.

    25. Great book for the preteen or young teen I enjoyed reading it as an adult We used this book as a summer book club pick for 6th 8th grade homeschoolers They LOVED it The author creates a great imaginary world, uses funny plays on words and builds suspense without being gory or terrifying I HIGHLY recommend this

    26. Typical mid grade fantasy novel about a boy who knows nothing about who he really is, then with discovery is whisked off to another world.Cute and occasionally funny, I will give props for the twist ending Besides that nothing really sets this book apart from the hoards of novels in this genre with similar plots like this.

    27. For a first novel, this was a well told story I ve lately been reading children s books in the hopes to have a treasure trove for my girls when they re big enough This was engaging and fun and extremely imaginative I can t wait to read the rest of the series.

    28. I got this book for free after seeing Harry Potter The sole redeeming quality of the book was that there was a character with the same name as me in it Other than that, it was just humorously poor.

    29. For those who love comic books and superheroes, this is the book for you For the rest of us, avoid like the plague

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