A Virgem Cigana #2020

A Virgem Cigana By Santa Montefiore A Virgem Cigana Mischa conhece bem a sensa o de abandono O seu pai alem o desapareceu no final da guerra deixando o e m e entregues ao dio e ao desprezo dos outros habitantes da vila francesa O seu padrasto tamb m d
  • Title: A Virgem Cigana
  • Author: Santa Montefiore
  • ISBN: 9789722516792
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Virgem Cigana By Santa Montefiore Mischa conhece bem a sensa o de abandono O seu pai alem o desapareceu no final da guerra, deixando o e m e entregues ao dio e ao desprezo dos outros habitantes da vila francesa O seu padrasto tamb m desapareceu, sem uma palavra E estas s o as cicatrizes que marcar o para sempre este homem S quando a m e morre, deixando um c lebre quadro do Ticiano, que Mischa nuncMischa conhece bem a sensa o de abandono O seu pai alem o desapareceu no final da guerra, deixando o e m e entregues ao dio e ao desprezo dos outros habitantes da vila francesa O seu padrasto tamb m desapareceu, sem uma palavra E estas s o as cicatrizes que marcar o para sempre este homem S quando a m e morre, deixando um c lebre quadro do Ticiano, que Mischa nunca sonhou existir, no seu testamento, que Mischa parte em busca do seu pr prio passado Regressa vila francesa e desvenda o mist rio da Virgem Cigana
    A Virgem Cigana By Santa Montefiore
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      340 Santa Montefiore
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    1. Santa Montefiore

      Born in England in 1970 Santa Montefiore grew up on a farm in Hampshire and was educated at Sherborne School for Girls She read Spanish and Italian at Exeter University and spent much of the 90s in Buenos Aires, where her mother grew up She converted to Judaism in 1998 and married historian Simon Sebag Montefiore in the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in London They live with their two children, Lily and Sasha in London.Santa Montefiore s novels have been translated into twenty languages and have sold than three million copies in England and Europe.

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    1. American art dealer Mischa discovers, just prior to his mother s death, that she is in posession of an unrecorded Titian To discover it s provenance, he has to go back to the French village of his childhood, where he and his mother were barely tolerated because he is the son of a German officer, born during the occupation of WWII He confronts his past and old ghosts, and finds out the truth about his family.A large part of this book takes place in post war France, and I enjoyed that aspect of th [...]

    2. I wasn t impressed with this book at all I was surprised though at how many good reviews it got from other people I wouldn t compare this writer with Maeve Binchey or Rosamund Pilcher, yet others did.I like The French Gardener much better This book couldn t quite tell the story it was about There was way too much sex that had absolutely nothing to do with the story so why is this important for me to know The good part of the story started at the end and only covered a few chapters then it was al [...]

    3. Refreshingly different The Gypsy Madonna is not what you might expect from the title Mischa is born of a French mother and German father With his father dead, Mischa and his mother are left to face the condemnation of the people in the French village where they live Shocked and stressed by an attack on them when he is three years old, Mischa loses his ability to speak This is an enchanting story of his life of sadness, magic and hope Incredibly touching.

    4. I really didn t connect with this story at all I felt the plot promised so much but just didn t deliver I didn t like Mischa as a character despite having sympathy with him I ploughed through all of the quite repetitive chapters of his childhood experiences but then found there were large chunks of his life that were glossed over with only a few pages which made the book feel unbalanced The final chapters felt rushed and tied everything up too conveniently Disappointed

    5. 3,5 starsEste o segundo romance da autora Santa Montefiore que leio, sendo que o primeiro foi A rvore dos Segredos As expectativas estavam elevadas, devido estreia fabulosa que tive com ela e por isso estava bastante entusiasmada com este A Virgem Cigana Este romance conta nos a hist ria de Mischa e da sua m e, Anouk que vivem num chateaux em Fran a, ostracizados pela popula o local, pois Mischa filho de um alem o Mischa e a m e s o tratados como traidores pelos habitantes da comunidade e t m um [...]

    6. Another Dual Narrative, Which Is What Makes Me Love Santa Montefiore Set Between France America, Santa s Descriptions Show The Change From A Relaxed Way Of Living In France To The Hustle Bustle Of The Big Cities Lovable Characters And Even Though I Guessed The Twist, I Don t Think It Took Away From My Enjoyment Of The Story.

    7. Another layered novel World War II, immigration, a boy coming of age and how he is affected by his Gypsy Madonna mother Hard to describe succinctly, but the prose is poetic, the dialogue is fresh, there are strong emotional moments.

    8. just started listening to the book and so far it is okFinished listening to the bookA very nice story a man s journey to find his soul A gentle read

    9. Livro muito interessante que viaja entre o passado e o presente de Mischa, homem marcado pelas hist rias que ouviu contar da guerra, pelo sofrimento da sua m e, pelo desaparecimento do seu pai e, acima de tudo, pelos traumas que sempre sofreu na inf ncia por ser filho de um militar alem o e de sempre ter sido discriminado por isso, chegando ao ponto de perder a voz durante uma s rie de anos.A hist ria interessante e o regresso que Mishca faz ao passado e aos locais onde passou parte da sua inf n [...]

    10. Initially the story was promising with a good subject matter and historical setting The middle section of the book was boggy and for the first time ever in my literary life l wanted to move to the end Mentioned by other reviewers there was over much sex with non story related persons, it was surplus to the story I resisted the temptation and determinedly progressed to the end of the book It came together quite speedily and the loose ends were tied up with a full conclusion including the secret o [...]

    11. Four starsI haven t read this author for a while so when I saw this and the write up intrigued me I thought I d give it a whirl After a relatively slow beginning, it really picked up and I thoroughly enjoyed it Lots of twists and turns in the plot There is a part where I was gutted and thought oh no but can t say anything else without spoiling it so you ll have to read it yourself

    12. This was a good but not a great book, a light read and with the French parts described beautifully It had a sense of setting and of time, but characterisation was poor and the book was written in a monologue The dialogue didn t change at all regardless of which character was speaking or how old they were, and what the characters said was delivered in the voice of the narration By the end, this really grated, and it was hard to concentrate on enjoying the book because of it.

    13. Enjoyed the story of this man, who lived in France as a child, during the German occupation until about 3 4 of the way through when the author decided to add some rather descriptive sexual scenes that were really unnecessary to the story The story has interesting twists and turns throughout and will keep you guessing It is a good poolside read.

    14. I was disappointed with this books as there wasn t enough in the first half to keep me interested I found myself skipping pages in order to get to a interesting part of the book Having said that, I really enjoyed the twists and turns of the last part of the book.

    15. Picked it up at a hotel library on Gili Air Was a perfect, easy read for the 9 hour slow ferry trip we were stuck on but the story was a little odd and all over the place Coyote was an annoying character a con artist who the author kept trying to make endearing but failed for me.

    16. 4.5 stars ate my earlier review but basically this choice for library reading group proved an engaging read though very much of its genre Was engaging and while sometimes felt probability was stretched a bit, which might draw criticism from some.May edit with responses.

    17. Enjoyed the beginning of this book, beautiful atmosphere created and stage set for interesting characters but it lost momentum Found I got quite bored with it and the central characters self absorption as it went on He started out quite loveable and you certainly have compassion for the sweet boy in France but he became selfish and scarred I guess that shows character development and realism as mirrored in the character of Coyote, whom he adored and got let down by The end was rather too predict [...]

    18. I found there were too many cliches, all of the ends were too tidily tied up and the relationships were unconvincing I was surprised to see how many books Santa Montefiore had written, I felt like I was reading a debut novel I just didn t believe that this six year old child was so insightful and had such a detailed memory

    19. N o h nada como ler um livro que para al m de ter uma hist ria que nos encanta ainda nos ensina uma li o de vida gratificante saber que aquela hist ria tem uma determinada moral e que n o se cinge apenas a um enredo envolto em seda e purpurinas Que o livro tem uma mensagem para nos transmitir e que vamos retirar uma conclus o ap s a sua leitura.Esta a ideia com que fico ap s ter terminado a leitura de mais um livro desta autora Santa Montefiore n o resiste em deixar nos uma mensagem em cada roma [...]

    20. I think a good guideline for any editor should be that if an author repeats the words everyone loved her him me and Fate Destiny than 5 times, or if a character discusses their seven year old self as I became instantly popular I was very attractive , the offending manuscript should immediately be scrapped Where to begin Never before have I ever even head of a writer hanging onto name dropping a few exotic places in hopes that it carries their trite, mary sue, one dimensional characters and the [...]

    21. Fanciful and bordering on romantic, Montefiore writes a nice little story It s in that Rosamund Pilcher Maeve Benchley Barbara Delinsky mode, but set a great deal in France just after WW2 I liked the characers, though for some reasons Montefiore who is a woman writing about sex from a man s point of view made me uncomfortable The threads of story all wrap up tidily but the interweaving is interesting I did go to look up Titian s The Gypsy Madonna pictured which now hands at the Kunsthistorisches [...]

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