Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania #2020

Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania By Johnathan Rand Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date
  • Title: Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania
  • Author: Johnathan Rand
  • ISBN: 9781893699533
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania By Johnathan Rand Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date 2 1 2004
    Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania By Johnathan Rand
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      Christopher Wright is the author of dozens of horror fiction books for children and young adults He writes under the pseudonyms Johnathan Rand and Christopher Knight Almost all of Wright s books save American Chillers take place in his home state of Michigan.

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    1. So I just read Poisonous pythons paralyze Pennsylvania by Johnathan Rand I liked this a lot because it takes place in my home state, I also really like the characters and I think what happened to the characters is a original idea The main setting of the book is Maple Glen Pennsylvania inside a swamp most of the time The main characters are Ryan, Stephen, Heather, Mr Larson, and Mr Plumbody The main conflict of the story is when Ryan and Stephen find a big snake and then they meet Mr Plumbody and [...]

    2. This book was written by Johnathon Rand I rated it this book 4 stars because I liked it but there were some uninteresting parts I would recommend this book to a friend but you shouldn t read this than once.This book had parts that seemed somewhat disconnected The author provided a lot of detail to give the reader a sense of being involved in the plot and setting The characters were interesting to learn about but my favorite character was Stephen because he was adventurous and for the most part [...]

    3. Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania by Johnathan Rand This book is about pythons that get out of their cases where they were suppose to be kept Heather and Stephen are the ones who figure out about and want to stop then before it gets dangerous I recommend this book to kids who want to read about pythons on the loose.

    4. An 8 year old friend of mine let me borrow this book because he knows I like snakes If a kid likes snakes, they will probably enjoy this book Those who don t like snakes may find it rather creepy This American Chiller is part mystery that will probably only scare those who don t like snakes I enjoyed it, and I m an adult.

    5. One of my favorite American Chillers A boy and his friends visit a lab when they find out that a deadly python has escaped As they go home they hear a cry from little boy in the swamp and go to see whats wrong This book will have chills going down your back the entire time and ends great I think people who love a good thrill would enjoy this book.

    6. This book is about some kids named Ryan, Stephen, and Heather that like to search for snakes in the swamp and some very dangerous poisonous snakes are lose in the swamp I didn t like this book because it was about snakes and I don t like snakes I would recommend this book to readers that like easy reads.

    7. The Snake just broke out of the laboratory, on the way home, they hear someone calling for help in the swamp While they go in to help a lost boy but then they get lost themselves They waited for help in the swamp and it went from evening to night Ryan is still hoping but with every minute waited, his little slit of hope is being demolished They captured the pythons and returned home safely.

    8. This was a good book It all happens when three friends find a giant snake skin in the woods and when they try to show someone it is gone they later figure out that something bad has happened and that they are in the middle of it.

    9. This was a good book Lots of action and surprises Written by Johnathan Rand and takes place in Pennsylvania A lot of poisonous snakes escape and must be stopped Find out and read to see if they will be stopped

    10. a shipment of a rare speices of snake is about to arrive at a reserch lab in the usa but the containment truck crashes in pennsylvaina a girl in a small town finds a snake in her house and investgates.

    11. This is an OK book because it doesn t really have much suspense and areas of the book but yet I would still recommend this book to younger audiences

    12. Super good it was great Makes me wonder what I would be like if snakes were to come to Minnesota but I don t think they could survive the cold here at all

    13. I did not rate this a five because it was real scary and it was the first time I read it Johnathan Rand books are always scary when I first read the books I think I would read it again sometime.

    14. This book was so good I couldn t put it down when i was reading it I would recommend this book to anyone that likes or enjoys action and surprises It was great.

    15. that was a awesome book in one part when Mr Larson has a lab and his lab has a lot of kind of snakes and he knows all abouth the poisonous pythons

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