Rushed to the Altar #2020

Rushed to the Altar By Jane Feather Rushed to the Altar Jasper Sullivan Earl of Blackwater needs a prostitute Not in the usual way however His wealthy uncle s will promises to divide his huge fortune among his nephews if each rescues a fallen woman by m
  • Title: Rushed to the Altar
  • Author: Jane Feather
  • ISBN: 9781439145241
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rushed to the Altar By Jane Feather Jasper Sullivan, Earl of Blackwater, needs a prostitute Not in the usual way, however His wealthy uncle s will promises to divide his huge fortune among his nephews if each rescues a fallen woman by marrying her And since Jasper s estates were already mortgaged to the hilt before he inherited them, when he catches a pretty young prostitute trying to pick his pocket,Jasper Sullivan, Earl of Blackwater, needs a prostitute Not in the usual way, however His wealthy uncle s will promises to divide his huge fortune among his nephews if each rescues a fallen woman by marrying her And since Jasper s estates were already mortgaged to the hilt before he inherited them, when he catches a pretty young prostitute trying to pick his pocket, he immediately makes his proposal.Clarissa Astley is not at all what Jasper believes The orphaned daughter of a prosperous merchant, she is searching the seedier districts of London for her young brother, abducted by their evil guardian, who wants the little boy s inheritance But she needs powerful help, and the darkly handsome Earl of Blackwater is certainly that So she pretends to be exactly what he assumed a risky charade for an innocent virgin But when passion flares between Jasper and Clarissa, the deception becomes even difficult to handle
    Rushed to the Altar By Jane Feather
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      244 Jane Feather
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      Jane Robotham was born on 1945 in Cairo, Egypt, where her British parents were stationated She grew up in New Forest, in the south of England She earned a Master s Degree in Applied Social Studies from Oxford University In 1978, she, her husband and their three children moved to New Jersey There, she worked as a social worker She began writing in 1981 after another move, this time to Washington, D.C In 1984, Feather published 5 contemporary romances under the pseudonym, Claudia Bishop She has published historical romance as Jane Feather, her own name, since 1986 There are over 10 million copies of her books in print.

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    1. First of all, I will say I am an ardent lover of the 1700s, so many of the things in this book that bothered me will probably be non issues for the majority of readers It is a sad fact that actually knowing history can seriously detract from the fun of reading historically inaccurate romance novels.First and foremost, this book read like a Regency where the men just so happen to have long hair and colorful clothing This book is supposed to be set in 1761, yet the characters acted like people i [...]

    2. Kitaba ba larken beklentimi en a a seviyede tuttum nk okudu um bir ok yorumda kitap hakk nda hep olumsuz kar mlar vard ki okuduktan sonra ben de anlam oldum Sevdi im yerleri var m yd Evet ama sevmedi im yerler daha ok oldu u i in bu yorum b y k olumsuzluk ile ba layacak K sa bir s rede bitirdim kitab ama bunda beni i ine ekebilecek bir heyecan, bir merak, ekstrim bir e lence gibi unsurlar pek yoktu Sadece kitab bitirme odakl davrand m i in okuyup bitirdim.Kitaba kar bir haks zl k olmas n imdi, b [...]

    3. Rushed to the Alter is the first of the books in the Blackwater Brides series written by Jane Feather This book takes place in London in 1761 The heroine is a young woman named Clarissa Astley, she s a bit of an naive but also determined lady She is determined to rescue her younger brother Francis from a horrible fate at the hands of their evil uncle and guardian, Luke Clarissa is in London in search of Francis but she is alone and only has a limited amount of money with her so she needs to be w [...]

    4. Jasper Sullivan, Earl of Blackwater, and his twin brothers have been set a rakehell challenge by their sick and dying, elderly rogue of an Uncle The stitch is that they must meet this challenge and be successful by their Uncle s standards in order to inherit any of his wealth and legacy However, Jasper is just as devious and roguish as his Uncle ever was and while he has every intention of meeting the challenge to gain his inheritance, he will do it on his own terms Thus enters Clarissa Astley, [...]

    5. 2.5 Stars I read a 1 3 of this book and enjoyed the story as it unraveled The next third gave me trouble A single woman, who had yet to reach her majority, in 19th century England had little or no power over her life or the lives of her young siblings I can buy that if in a bad position you might resort to some very daring decisions to keep a younger brother safe I can understand how Clarissa allowed herself to be sold in a bordello agreement to be the mistress and later wife to a man who was de [...]

    6. 3 stars Clarissa and everything with her 4.5 to 5 stars Jasper and anything having to do with the romance 1.5 stars I m of two minds about this book On the one hand I really loved Clarissa and her journey and reading about the lengths she went through to find her little brother On the other hand I wasn t a huge fan of the romance or Jasper.Now full disclosure, I m a sucker for a heroine who is doing anything and everything to protect her sibling, especially a little brother and I could not get e [...]

    7. Sebuah relationship tidak akan bertahan jika dibangun dari tumpukan kebohongan Clarissa terlalu pusing dgn memutar otaknya utk menyelamatkan adiknya dr cengkeraman si paman jahat, Luke Dirinya sampai tidak sadar bertabrakan dgn Jasper, Earl of Blackwater Jasper memandang Clarissa sbg wanita yg akan membawanya ke solusi yg diberikan wasiat pamannya yg kaya raya tapi eksentrik Wasiat itu mengharuskan Jasper dan adik2nya utk menikah dgn wanita yg membutuhkan pertobatan Clarissa kadung dianggap pela [...]

    8. The basic premise is pretty outrageous A nobleman mistakes a young woman from the minor gentry for a prostitute and proposes to take her as mistress and then wife in order to deceive his uncle and receive an inheritance The young woman doesn t correct his misperception of her position and agrees to the scheme How does a virginal young well born woman expect to persuade everyone, including the nobleman, that she s an experienced prostitute But Feather does an amazing job of making the situation s [...]

    9. The cash deficient Earl of Blackwater needs a bride, but not just any woman from society His wealthy uncle will only leave Jasper his money if he rescues a fallen woman by marrying her On his way through Covent Garden one day, Jasper runs headlong into a beautiful thief She s a lovely woman who claims she wasn t out to rob him Although she lives at a nearby brothel, Clarissa seems too refined for such surroundings Intrigued, Jasper decides she ll solve his problems When the Earl proposes his pla [...]

    10. The book is overall, in one word, rushed There was nothing overly exciting about it, and I felt there were many things left out, and many things included that should never have been I felt like the heroine was completely underdeveloped, and it was hard to really feel like the author knew who the hero truly was There were parts of the book where I actually had to stop reading because I became slightly furious with what was happening I think the plot could have used work, and though it sounded in [...]

    11. This book took me a while to read I enjoyed the story but it didn t suck me in I was able to easily put down the book Clarissa annoyed me a lot in the beginning, especially with all her lying I understood why she felt the need to lie but several times she lied and it was not necessary Also, I felt there was not a real connection between the two main characters Them falling in love seemed really random and it just sort of happened I did like the story line and thought it was very interesting I lo [...]

    12. This is the third or fourth book I ve read by her, and I m pretty sure that I just don t like her writing style The storyline is okay, but the characters seem blocky to me, sort of stiff and dispassionate I know of others who live and die for all of her genre books, but I m just not one of them So I give up If you ve read of hers and liked them, you will probably like this one also.

    13. Silly premise but then I thought, hey It s Jane Feather who wrote the marvelous Violet and Velvet stories Then I remembered that was almost twenty years ago Perhaps the prostitute scenario was supposed to be titillating and so it might, but things go way too easy for this virgin pretending to be a hooker and a broke earl Clarissa and Jasper That about says it all.

    14. Well this is the second Jane Feather novel I read NO No I don t think I like her style Although the plot sounded interesting, there were many places where I simply lost interest The characters were not well formed I felt they were incomplete I think they lacked a depth I usually like to read in a character It was funny in some places But overall its a big no no for me.

    15. This is first the story in a new Blackwater Brides trilogy from Jane Feather and I really liked the premise of a dying uncle who will upon his death divide his fortune among the three brothers, his nephews, but only if all three men agree to marry and redeem a fallen woman The catch is that all three men have to fulfill this or neither will get the money.As a plot, this worked for me and I am actually looking forward to the rest of the books because I really liked all three brothers, of which th [...]

    16. Great Book a really good story line with a lot of twists and turns to keep you guessing I would recommend this book to everyone who loves period pieces I will read of Jane s books in the future.

    17. Only my opinionGreat plot Characters stay true Emotions are portrayed quite well and stay true to each player I find the book most entertaining.

    18. Bintang 3Buku pertama seri Blackwater BridesAdakah seorang keluarga dalam kasus cerita ini seorang paman yg ingin melihat keponakannya menikahi orang orang yg bergelimang dosa pelacur dibuku pertama ini dan menikmati kehebohan yg akan ditimbulkan oleh skandal yg tercipta.Suka karakter Clarissa yg tegar dan mandiri yg berusaha menyelesaikan sendiri permasalahan yg dihadapi dirinya dan adiknya.Jasper Sulivan, Earl of Blackwater bersama kedua saudara kembarnya harus menyetujui persyaratan yg diajuk [...]

    19. Full review to come later Notes This is probably of a 3.5 for me, because I actually did really enjoy it I have a secret weakness for historical romances, and I always indulge that love when I go on vacation However much I love these in my heart, however, they are pretty much all similar in my mind, and are of a fun read than a true in depth experience I don t go in planning to be swept away by the writing, or become so absorbed I can t put it down So, pretty much, all novels of this type will [...]

    20. I knew I had to read Rushed to the Altar as soon as it said Jasper needs to marry a prostitute Say what But then it continues to promise mistaken identity, since Clarissa isn t what Jasper assumes her to be And then I started reading and realized it was a fake relationship turned real tale as well I basically hit the jackpot here Jasper wants his inheritance and the only way to get it is to reform a fallen woman, and he figures it ll be easier if she s in on it It s a mutually beneficial situati [...]

    21. Wow I ve read in various blogs about this Clarissa Astley has ten months before she turns twenty one and gains guardianship of her brother, Francis Until then, he is in the hands of their odious uncle Clarissa is worried and rightly so because she hasn t heard from her brother in weeks and he tends to be sickly at least that s the impression I got So she runs to London to find him and takes up residence in a whore house Yup.Jasper Sullivan, Earl of Blackwater, falls into lust when Clarissa liter [...]

    22. Another read out of order, but that s not a problem with this series While all the brothers appear in each one, they can be independent stories as well A wealthy uncle with a mischievous streak leaves all his money to his nephews on one condition that they reform and marry a fallen woman before he dies which is probably very soon The head of the family, Jasper, the Earl of Blackwater, takes the lead and heads to the nunneries to see if any of the women there could be paid to play along This is w [...]

    23. The heros wicked old uncle is dying and to get a last chance a making trouble for his three nephews he has decreed that they must each find a fallen woman read prostitute and reform her.Otherwise they wont get a nickle of his vast fortune The race is on Our hero,Jasper Sullivan,Earl of Blackwater lucks out when he bumps into pretty Clarissa Astley and mistakes her for a pickpocket.He decides she is a woman who perfectly fits his uncles qualifications.He promptly blackmails her into the buisness, [...]

    24. The plot couldn t be thicker in Book One of The Blackwater Brides Jasper St John Sullivan, fifth Earl of Blackwater is in an awkward situation The family fortune is gone except for the vast sums of money held by his reprobate uncle The elderly, ailing uncle is willing to bequeath his estate to Jasper and his two brothers under one condition Each of them must marry a fallen woman In this way, the old lecher will get his vengeance on the relatives who had spurned him for decades Clarissa Astley is [...]

    25. If this was whoredome, she would never get enough of it I m halfway through and figured I d write a little bit about it since this is the 3rd prostitute book I ve read in a row following Mary Balogh s two books A Precious Jewel and A Secret Pearl This one is in line with the maiden prostitude but Clarissa actually takes her own virginity before the Earl of Blackwater gets to her.Family historye s a country girl and her mom had raised her to prepare her for high society but died She was left wit [...]

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