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One for Sorrow By Christopher Barzak One for Sorrow NOW THE MAJOR MOTION PICTURE JAMIE MARKS IS DEADPart thriller part ghost tale part love story One for Sorrow is a novel as timeless as The Catcher in the Rye and as hauntingly lyrical as The Lovely
  • Title: One for Sorrow
  • Author: Christopher Barzak
  • ISBN: 9780553384369
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • One for Sorrow By Christopher Barzak NOW THE MAJOR MOTION PICTURE JAMIE MARKS IS DEADPart thriller, part ghost tale, part love story, One for Sorrow is a novel as timeless as The Catcher in the Rye and as hauntingly lyrical as The Lovely Bones Christopher Barzak s stunning debut tells of a teenage boy s coming of age that begins with a shocking murder and ends with a reason to hope.Adam McCormick had just tuNOW THE MAJOR MOTION PICTURE JAMIE MARKS IS DEADPart thriller, part ghost tale, part love story, One for Sorrow is a novel as timeless as The Catcher in the Rye and as hauntingly lyrical as The Lovely Bones Christopher Barzak s stunning debut tells of a teenage boy s coming of age that begins with a shocking murder and ends with a reason to hope.Adam McCormick had just turned fifteen when the body was found in the woods It is the beginning of an autumn that will change his life forever Jamie Marks was a boy a lot like Adam, a boy no one paid much attention to a boy almost no one would truly miss And for the first time, Adam feels he has a purpose Now, than ever, Jamie needs a friend But the longer Adam holds on to Jamie s ghost, the longer he keeps his friend tethered to a world where he no longer belongs and the weaker Adam s own ties to the living become Now, to find his way back, Adam must learn for himself what it truly means to be alive.
    One for Sorrow By Christopher Barzak
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      324 Christopher Barzak
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    1. Christopher Barzak

      Christopher Barzak is the author of the Crawford Award winning novel, One for Sorrow, which was made into the Sundance feature film, Jamie Marks is Dead His second novel, The Love We Share Without Knowing, was a finalist for the Nebula and Tiptree Awards His third novel, Wonders of the Invisible World, is a 2016 Stonewall Honor Book He is also the author of Before and Afterlives, which won the 2013 Shirley Jackson Award for Best Collection He grew up in rural Ohio, has lived in a southern California beach town, the capital of Michigan, and has taught English outside of Tokyo, Japan Currently he teaches fiction writing in the Northeast Ohio MFA program at Youngstown State University.

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    1. Another wonderful story by Christopher Barzak It s a ghost story, but also a beautiful coming of age story If you have yet to read anything by this underrated author, I highly recommend giving one of his books a shot He s an immensely talented story teller.

    2. Everyone needs to read this book Every once in a while, I let myself get talked into thinking I need to read some real literature and just pick something, and generally I feel completely apathetic about it at best, or downright hate it at worst Frangipani, Everything Is Illuminated Sometimes however, a non fantasy book will catch my eye I ll just instinctively know that I need to read it I was walking out of the bookstore, and One For Sorrow was on the very end of the shelf I glanced it, stopped [...]

    3. Barzak s debut novel is a heavy hitter It s a story of being a teenager in a dysfunctional family, going through the trials of the teenage life, of falling in love and having one s heart ripped out, of being confused about the world and about where you re supposed to be It s about the emotional roller coaster that is the teenage years, dead friends, first loves, and trying to understand one s place in the world It s the story of Adam, a fifteen year old boy who becomes friends with Jamie, someon [...]

    4. A disappointing read I didn t like the narrative voice of the POV character, though the author did succeed in carrying off writing as a teenaged boy I don t really know if being good at writing from the viewpoint of a whingy, annoying kid is a good thing The characters were tiresome and I couldn t connect with any of them, not even Jamie, who I guess I was supposed to feel sorry for I plodded through the book until about the last four chapters when I just couldn t take any of it, and then began [...]

    5. I found One for Sorrow by accident As it turns out, a movie I want to see Jamie Marks Is Dead is based on this novel Boy am I glad I found it One for Sorrow is one of the best books stories I ve ever read Now there were some parts that dragged a bit Not many, but some However, you could say the slower parts were essential to the novel because of the great detail and character background they provided As a whole, One for Sorrow touched me in a way I never expected Even though I saw where the stor [...]

    6. Take this book and put it on your bookshelf right between Salinger s The Catcher in the Rye and Gaiman s The Graveyard Book It belongs there, and that s a compliment.It tackles the complicated emotional stew of adolescence and uses a teenager s relationship with ghosts, caught in between death and life, to do it.I m giving this book five stars even though it probably doesn t hit me as hard as it would a teenager However, in the hands of a disaffected teen, this book would be powerful stuff, and [...]

    7. This book moved me I believed it I believe in the characters It was so sad and beautiful and _honest._It was also an incredibly creepy and interesting view of life and death His ideas about what where ghosts go, and their interactions with people I believed Adam, and I believed _in_ him, and I believed his family and his town and hisrandom angry desperate wandering.He is a lost boy in a town that everyone else has forgotten, and his family is unhappy and confused, but this is still a beautiful, [...]

    8. He le do bastante libros que sus cr ticas las comparan con el guardi n entre el centeno, pero aun gustandome esos libros no se le acercan ni queriendo Del camino al final si es un acierto, es un libro que m s se asemeja con el de Salinger, pero teniendo voz propia La historia cuenta con tres personajes principales, Adam que es el prota, un chico dulce y a la vez rebelde, conforme avanza el libro le vamos conociendo m s, entendiendolo, se vuelve m s complejo Jamie, el chico asesinado, que Adam pu [...]

    9. One for Sorrow is a unique ghost story that goes in some unexpected directions When Adam McCormick s classmate, Jamie, is killed, Adam finds himself obsessed with Jamie s death and the friendship that the two of them could have shared if they hadn t both been so hesitant When Adam learns that Gracie, the girl who found Jamie s body, has been seeing Jamie s ghost, he purposefully seeks her out What follows is a strange almost love triangle, as Adam is torn between his loyalty to Jamie and his lov [...]

    10. I bought this three or four years ago right after watching Jamie Marks is Dead and only just around to reading it now I liked the pacing of the movie better and Gracie wasn t as much of an annoying bitch The relationship between Jamie and Adam was sweeter in the book and the ending was devastating Book Adam is a bisexual disaster and I love him.

    11. 2,5 Sometimes you ve got to be able to listen to yourself and be okay with no one else understanding I was really looking forward to the as hunting as The Lovely Bones suggestion on the blurb but turns out this was not what I expected It sounded way much better in my head than it did on paper.I can t quite put my finger on it but there s just something about this story rather than the book itself I liked the first half all right Adam s family dynamics, his relationship with Gracie, which gathere [...]

    12. My experience with this novel was comparable to sinking into a lonely, surreal, bitter sweet dream that of someone I know but have never met It lulled me from the first word and and had me captivated until the last, and with any successful book, the story doesn t end on the final page.Barzak s ideas are original, fascinating, and tap into that lost, confused, lonely part of the soul we ve all experienced It s written beautifully, and every word, paragraph and chapter leads seamlessly into the ne [...]

    13. The one where a kid is murdered and Adam befriends his ghost I gave it 65 pages.I had two problems with it style and motivation The style is a little too true to the way a fifteen year old might tell a story which is to say, meandering, repetitive, and trite In fact, all the actual fifteen year olds I know would probably do a better job than this, though maybe not on the first draft, which is what it reads like And I couldn t make sense of why any of the characters made the choices they made, no [...]

    14. C mo se puede querer algo y tenerle miedo al mismo tiempo Seguro que era la sensaci n m s est pida del mundo Seguro que era el tipo de sensaci n que hac a que la gente perdiera el sentido com n.Un libro que descubr gracias a su pel cula Jamie Marks is dead la cual me gusto mucho y decid que tenia que leer el libro.Nos encontramos con la historia de Adam quien tiene una relaci n con el alma de un compa ero de colegio Jamie, quien fue asesinado recientemente Una historia de amor y amistad, donde n [...]

    15. This was a good book, part young adult, part coming of age story When Jamie Marks is found murdered, his would be friend Adam becomes the only thing that keeps the murdered youth tethered to this life But the tether that gives Jamie life sucks the life from Adam Adam must decide to choose life and after that, must choose how to live It starts with death and ends with life Read it now so that when the movie comes out you have a comparison.

    16. It dawned on me, as I neared the end of this book, that I might be reading a so called Young Adult novel I m glad to report that categories of ALL types eluded the reading experience Barzak is a fine writer Period.

    17. The novel One for Sorrow is written by Christopher Barzak It revolves around Adam McCormick, a 15 year old boy who tries to overcome the conflicts he faces in his daily life Adam befriends Jamie Marks, who is soon after found murdered in the woods With the death of Adam s grandmother, his mother being paralyzed, and living with a neglectful father who makes Adam feel unloved, he just couldn t take the death of his friend Adam needed Jamie, and so he found a way to see him, even if he had to see [...]

    18. Bad Just really really bad I liked some of the ideas, dealing with relationships in a family, friendship but as a sort of ghost story, but it goes no where and the last 100 pages were me just me speeding through just to be finished with it No depth in anything and clearly someone s first novel.

    19. Barzak s novel, the basis for the soon to be released motion picture Jamie Marks is Dead, can only be described as haunting I m not trying to be clever or precious by describing a novel about ghosts with that word I m trying to capture the idea that months after reading it, the sense of the story still sticks with me Certain scenes replay behind my closed eyes after I glance at the book cover or someone mentions it on Twitter or Facebook Interestingly, not the scenes most heavily featured in the [...]

    20. A gloriously complicated novel that makes you give up on trite, wrap it up solutions Adam is a 15 year old about to discover how troubled he is For Adam, trouble comes in threes his classmate Jamie is murdered, his mother is paralyzed in a car accident, and his grandmother dies Bothered by Jamie s death in ways he cannot define, Adam befriends Jamie Jamie s ghost, that is Adam s world begins to deteriorate further, and he runs away with Jamie to Youngstown Barzak lets the details of the ghost wo [...]

    21. l ho finito in treno oddio che libro strano per gli ho messo quattro stellette lo stesso perch adam se le merita per il viaggio che ha fatto e perch non ha abbandonato jamie, non l ha dimenticato ma riuscito ad andare avanti, e perch girasole una parola bellissima cmq di cosa parla questo libro della morte, della speranza, dell amicizia, dell a, della famiglia, del fatto che si pu sempre correre e di un viaggio un viaggio che il protagonista fa sia materialmente che a livello interiore, cercando [...]

    22. This book was well written overall though some parts of it fell flat construction wise and had an interesting premise Barzak has a talent for matter of factly inserting the bizarre into the everyday in a way that was compelling I was reminded of some of Kelly Link s short stories in this respect incidentally, she apparently liked this book, as she has a blurb on the back cover I didn t find the protagonist to be a particularly sympathetic character, though he s really whiny and convinced everyon [...]

    23. Started this book Friday evening Finished it Sunday afternoon If I didn t have to work, sleep, eat or spend time with other human beings I would have finished it much sooner Not only was this one of the best books I ve read this year, it is one of the best books I ve read in my life The underrated film version of One For Sorrow has the unfortunate title of Jamie Marks is Dead and I cannot understand why that switch occurred I saw the film a few weeks ago and enjoyed it quite a bit I found out ab [...]

    24. I can t contain how much I loved this book The bond which is created between Adam and Jamie is just beautiful As outcasts one alive and one dead they come together to define love and what it means to really live life Both who are bullied for being who they are Although Adam felt he should have stopped them from bullying Jamie he can t change what has already happened but he can let Jamie know someone cares about him now that he is gone So when Jamie attaches himself to Adam an incredible bond is [...]

    25. Christopher Barzak s One for Sorrow is a rare thing indeed a horror novel with heart It s not often that such a book, particularly a debut Barzak s reputation comes from his short fiction , is described as lovely, melancholy Village Voice But Barzak balances his story s supernatural aspects, which he delivers with simple assuredness, with the uncertainties and complexities of adolescence One for Sorrow has been compared to The Catcher in the Rye and Alice Sebold s The Lovely Bones In the case of [...]

    26. The movie Jamie Marks left me pretty much spellbound and wanting , and after several days of not being able to get the characters and their stories off my mind, I sought out One For Sorrow by Christopher Barzak.WowEvery other chapter left me with cold chills the imagery is brilliant, and accesible to readers of any level One For Sorrow is so much than a ghost story It s a beautiful, moving story of love, loss, and ultimately finding our way home again, wherever that may be.I can t wait to read [...]

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