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Tomorrow River By Lesley Kagen Tomorrow River New York Times bestselling author Lesley Kagen makes her hardcover debut with an extraordinary literary thriller rendered through the eyes of an unforgettable eleven year old girl During the summer o
  • Title: Tomorrow River
  • Author: Lesley Kagen
  • ISBN: 9780525951544
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tomorrow River By Lesley Kagen New York Times bestselling author Lesley Kagen makes her hardcover debut with an extraordinary literary thriller, rendered through the eyes of an unforgettable eleven year old girl During the summer of 1968, Shenandoah Carmody s mother disappeared Her twin sister, Woody, stopped speaking, and her once loving father slipped into a mean drunkenness unbefitting a superiorNew York Times bestselling author Lesley Kagen makes her hardcover debut with an extraordinary literary thriller, rendered through the eyes of an unforgettable eleven year old girl During the summer of 1968, Shenandoah Carmody s mother disappeared Her twin sister, Woody, stopped speaking, and her once loving father slipped into a mean drunkenness unbefitting a superior court judge Since then, Shenny named for the Shenandoah valley has struggled to hold her world together, taking care of herself and her sister the best she can Shenny feels certain that Woody knows something about the night their mother vanished, but her attempts to communicate with her mute twin leave her as confused as their father s efforts to confine the girls to the family s renowned virginia estate As the first anniversary of their mother s disappearance nears, her father s threat to send Woody away and his hints at an impending remarriage spur a desperate Shenny to find her mother before it s too late She is ultimately swept up in a series of heartbreaking events that force her to come to terms with the painful truth about herself and her family Told with the wisdom, sensitivity, and humor for which Lesley Kagen has become known, Tomorrow River is a stellar hardcover debut.
    Tomorrow River By Lesley Kagen
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    1. Lesley Kagen

      Lesley Kagen is a mother of two, a grandmother of two, an actress, celebrated public speaker, essayist, and the award winning, New York Times bestselling author of eight novels, including her newest, THE MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY, which will be released in January 2017 She lives in a charming small town in Wisconsin in a hundred fifty year old farm house with her dog, Gracie More about Lesley and reading guides can be found at lesleykagen and facebook LesleyKagenBooks.

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    1. I finished reading this like five hours ago, and I m still having trouble figuring out how to put into words how much I loved this book Admittedly, I wasn t too sure about this at first, but I think that s only because it takes a little bit to get used to having a 12 year old as the narrator to a story especially one as fiesty as Shenny This book was beautiful End of story I cannot believe that Lesley Kagen is not well known With Shenny telling the story, it is at times quite comical and at oth [...]

    2. I have to say, I wasn t expecting to actually read the whole book In order to get ready for author, Leslie Kagen, to make an appearance, time had slipped away and I had one day to read this novel I was told to read the last few chapters I have a hard time reading the ending of books, unless they are real stinkers and I am about to give up on them So, I read the first few chapters This book was amazing I was up all night finishing it and I am ready to read it again It is reminisent of Harper Lee [...]

    3. This book was fast paced with easy readability I felt the author did a fantastic job of capturing a true sounding 11 year old narrator I m always frustrated when an author attempts to portray a child and said child thinks nothing like the given age Often times authors give the child too much insight or too great an ability to see everyday life from an adult perspective I thought Lesley Kagen made the main character, Shenny, an obviously bright, gregarious and very verbal 11 year old child She ef [...]

    4. Everyone in Rockbridge County knows the Carmody family they re the richest and most powerful clan in this part of Virginia Shenandoah and Jane Woodrow Carmody are 11 year old twins living at Lilyfield a large home in rural Virginia with their father, a judge, and their housekeeper Louise Jackson As the novel opens, their mother has been missing for nearly a year, and their father has clearly descended into an alcoholic depression He is keeping the twins virtual prisoners at home, though they man [...]

    5. The first 3 4ths of this book was just wonderful I read w o taking a break, but then the ending kind of fell apart I was disappointed kind of like the sky rocket that starts out with all the colors, and then just fizzles This is a mystery with several twists Set in a small Southern town which is dominated by the men in one family a little Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ish and the ensuing disappearance of the wife of one of the sons in this family She, Eve, is also the mother or the narrator, Shenny, and [...]

    6. 12 year old twin girls try to deal with the disappearance of their mother in different ways Woody Jane retreats into herself, no longer talking or caring for herself Shen takes care of her sister and tries to solve the mystery by secretly interviewing townspeople Meanwhile, both girls have to deal with their father s increasing drunkenness and unpredictable moods I found this book intriguing and definitely wanted to keep reading to find out what really happened on the night of the carnival when [...]

    7. I found the first half of the book a little slow It was hard to get to know the characters as I found their development quite slow I understand that the story is told from the point of view of a 11 year old and some things she just can t understand, still some parts were really frustraiting For example, Shenny realized that Woody s drawings have changed over the past year to have a darker tone and depicted mainly the events around her mother, still it would take Shenny over half of the book to r [...]

    8. First sentence If you d had the occasion to come calling on the Carmody clan of Rockbridge County that long ago summer being a stranger and not familiar with our twisting mountain roads and all, you might ve found yourself pulling into the Triple S for directions.Favorite quote Today s worn itself down to a trickle, my sweetpeas in a pod But tomorrow is a river waiting to carry us to our fondest dreams.This started out as just an okay story for me, worth reading, but not great As the story progr [...]

    9. Ok, sadly this is one of those books that I listened to on audio which I would have gotten a lot out of by reading it in print I love Kagen s writing style and she actually narrated the audio version, which was excellent, but there were a lot of little details and a lot of characters that I found difficult to keep track of I also found my mind wandering at times I do have to say that she definitely brought to life the 1960s Virginia setting with a brilliant depiction of local color I loved Kage [...]

    10. As a mystery, the book is highly predictable But that s okay, really, since the narrator is an eleven year old and it makes sense that an adult reader would piece things together faster than she would I enjoyed the narrative voice, although I never could buy the twin character Woody I understand she was recently mute and psychologically fragile, but she was portrayed as being so developmentally stunted that I couldn t believe she hadn t been that way before the incident Shen makes it seem like W [...]

    11. The third I ve read by Lesley Kagen This is filled with so many characters and some of them similar that it takes a while to catch on The protagonists are twin girls Shenandoah and Woody Shenandoah is taking care of Woody since she has gone mute due to a trauma Both girls are trying to sort out the death of their mother and the cruelness of their father Even though the subject matter is tough, Kagen again manages to brings a lighthearted attitude to the topic by creating an atmosphere where the [...]

    12. After I got this book home, I wondered whatever possessed me to pick it up I m glad that I did, as I thouroughly enjoyed every minute of this story I fell in love ith the twins one weak and needy, and the other one strong and resilient The twins mother disappears Shenny wants to find her Woody refuses to talk Their father, the judge is abusive to them, and is going to wed another What really happened to their mother Is she dead like everyone imagines Lots of story lines I was surprised at the en [...]

    13. It has been almost a year since Shenandoah Carmody s mother disappeared, taking with her their idyllic life as a prominent family in their late 1960 s Virginia town her twin sister has stopped speaking, and her father is withdrawn Shenny is convinced that her mother is out there somewhere, and her return will restore their family life to the way it was Her memories, and the actions of the narrative, however, reveal that issues of race, class, and gender were and still are at work And Shenny, a b [...]

    14. This is a GREAT story I have read all of Lesely s books and enjoyed them, but in my opinion, this is her best work She truly captures the emotions of the twin sisters as they try to solve the puzzle of their missing Mother, and endure the hardships placed upon them by their troubled Father and twisted evil Grandparents and Uncle The books has some outstanding support characters and a great ending Kudos to Lesley and I hope you ve started your next book If you havent read it yet do so

    15. I really liked this story, but was a bit confused about the 11 year old s point of view sometimes it is too advanced to be realistic, and at other times I found myself getting frustrated by how dense and overly innocent she seemed maybe this is realistic I only know a few 11 year olds The plot moves along quickly enough and is interesting I couldn t put the book down once I was halfway through Great ending.

    16. This is a page turning novel of suspense and intrigue with interesting characters that come alive Things are not what they appear Shenandoah Wilson and Jane Woodrow are 12 year old twin girls living in West Virginia Seeing the world through the eyes of a 12 year old child brings a sense of honesty and understanding that will leave you touched and tearful This novel has a number of unexpected twists, which makes turning each page a delight I truly enjoyed this one I recommend

    17. Set in Kentucky during 1969, this well written story of twin girls hooked me from the first page Their mother has been missing for a year, and the effect on the two very different 11 year olds is devastating As one twin tries to solve the mystery of her mother s disappearance, the other has withdrawn and become mute Little by little the reader learns about family dynamics and secrets I read the book in about 3 days, unusual for me.

    18. This is a great book club book I thoroughly enjoyed it The author does a great job processing events through the eyes of a young girl while still giving enough information so that as an adult you understand what s really happening I also love that the ending is well done, no unanswered questions or sudden endings here.

    19. Although I liked this book for most of the book, it s the Knight on a shining horse ending Two 11 year old twin girls against the adults and one emotionally damaged who can no longer speak , with a couple plot twists and suddenly it s solved totally out of left field Rather disappointing given the writing to that point.

    20. I love, love, love Lesley Kagen This book had it all a mystery, a suspense tale a love story, a family dramaThe story is told from the innocent eye point of view which helps create some dramatic irony As for the mystery part, I thought I had that all figured out a third of the way into the book Which of course I didn t I was sorry when I had to put this one down.

    21. This is my favorite of her books so far The story follows two twins investigating the disappearance of their mother The book starts out simple and charming, but turns progressively darker not in a scary way though.

    22. I read Whistling in the dark because of the Milwaukee connection and I loved this story The end was a complete surprise, and the atmosphere the author invokes is so engrossing Sit down with time to read it all.

    23. This book reminded me of a Nancy Drew or Scooby Do mystery and not in a good way In the end, everyone is related and someone is not who they said they were So dumb I probably would not read another book by this author.

    24. The author, Lesley Kagen, came to our book club and was as fantastic in person as her characters are in her novel

    25. This was a phenomenal book all the twists and turns are totally amazing I cant wait for her next book to come out.

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