Unsympathetic Magic #2020

Unsympathetic Magic By Laura Resnick Unsympathetic Magic Overdressed zombies vicious gargoyles a severed hand and the night is still young Acting jobs don t just grow on fire escapes so struggling actress Esther Diamond is outraged when her guest role as
  • Title: Unsympathetic Magic
  • Author: Laura Resnick
  • ISBN: 9780756406356
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unsympathetic Magic By Laura Resnick Overdressed zombies, vicious gargoyles, a severed hand and the night is still young Acting jobs don t just grow on fire escapes so struggling actress Esther Diamond is outraged when her guest role as a hooker on The Dirty Thirty, a controversial TV drama, is jeopardized by zombies, angry spirits, and a voodoo curse.Meanwhile, the talented teens whom Esther is coachingOverdressed zombies, vicious gargoyles, a severed hand and the night is still young Acting jobs don t just grow on fire escapes so struggling actress Esther Diamond is outraged when her guest role as a hooker on The Dirty Thirty, a controversial TV drama, is jeopardized by zombies, angry spirits, and a voodoo curse.Meanwhile, the talented teens whom Esther is coaching at a Harlem cultural center are also being attacked by the sinister supernatural power that s spreading through Manhattan And Esther s love life goes from bad to worse when her bed bursts into deadly mystical flames while her would be lover, Detective Connor Lopez, is trying to get her into it Since the show must go on and the rent must be paid , Esther boldly helps her friend Dr Maximillian Zadok, a 350 year old sorcerer whose day job is protecting New York City from Evil, combat the supernatural forces at work in Harlem during a sweltering summer heat wave But will Esther s courage lead her to becoming a human sacrifice on the altar of Evil s voracious appetite
    Unsympathetic Magic By Laura Resnick
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      152 Laura Resnick
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    1. Laura Resnick

      Laura Resnick is an award winning science fiction and fantasy author, the daughter of prolific science fiction author Mike Resnick She was the winner of the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in Science Fiction for 1993 She also writes romance novels under the pseudonym Laura Leone

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    1. I like this series Resnick does a good job overall of balancing good storytelling with a splash of humor and romance There s no silly chick lit banter or wild sex scenes, but there are always laughs and some pretty hot moments between the love interests as well I like Esther a lot and like that she s not the typical urban fantasy sword wielding heroine for a change She s a normal gal who got caught up in some crazy stuff, with a strong streak of curiosity balanced by a strong feeling of responsi [...]

    2. Here we are in the third entry into the Esther Diamond series UNSYMPATHETIC MAGIC doesn t feature the zany characters that the previous two books had, which is a nice shift, and the focus on Esther and Max that was lost in Doppelgangster is back The plot about Vodou , zombies, and bokors is okay, but gets a little too predictable for my liking Luckily, the author writes well enough to lift it up a level and ends up entertaining, and at times interesting.Now for the bad news the humor isn t as fr [...]

    3. Sometime actress Ester Diamond is back and again a magnet for supernatural trouble and the first paragraph gives hints of what s to come zombies, voodoo, aborted human sacrifices Unsympathetic Magic is all that and lots of magical mayhem with a touch of humor as Esther tries figure out who s responsible for raising the dead and for what nefarious reason I really enjoy this series, Esther is a lot of fun and not your typical kick butt tough UF herione she s an actress who somehow always manages [...]

    4. This story wasn t bad, but the info dumping was annoying Plus I am getting sick of the obvious red herrings in the plot lines.

    5. I m really enjoying this series Love that it s narrated by Graphic Audio It s zany and silly and over the top but it works for me Still hard to put this into a single genre, but part urban fantasy, part romance, part mystery, part Nancy Drew, part zombie apocalypse, part paranormal Mixes together very well.

    6. This book is very well written While it has it s downsides, they are quite a bit outweighed by it s good points IMO.Worth noting This is the first Laura Resnick book I ve read, so if she recyles jokes gags storylines, or whatever, I m not gonna be aware of it Some things are better the first time, so this is that for me.So speaking of firsts, the first thing I noticed is that it s obvious the author did research on the main topics and themes she writes about before during the writing of the book [...]

    7. Rating 3.0Genre Fantasy Review Unsympathetic Magic is the third book in the Esther Diamond series It follows Dopplegangster by two months in the series time line Esther, a part time actress and waitress at Bella Stella s, has been cast to play Jilly C Note, a bi sexual hooker, junkie, and police stooge in the TV show The Dirty Thirty Not something her parents are proud of, but, Esther has bills to pay, and needs to eat.Esther is still apart from her almost ex boyfriend Detective Connor Lopez aft [...]

    8. This is the third book in Laura Resnick s Esther Diamond series The first book is good, and the second was great, this one sort of landed in the middle of both of those Fun and interesting, better written than the first, but it didn t have the same uniqueness as the second book It s going to be hard to top that second book though, in terms of creativity.In this book, Esther is working on her guest appearance on a TV cop show called The Dirty 30, but then the lead actor gets sick During the break [...]

    9. Jewish actress Esther Diamond is playing the part of a homeless prostitute for a TV show when she witnesses a man attacked by gargoyles, his hand torn off completely Shockingly enough, the police assume the hysterical, half dressed woman in Harlem at midnight, raving about murderous gargoyles, is high on drugs and arrest her They change their minds when they find the severed hand, several days decomposed Esther s ex almost boyfriend Detective Connor Lopez thinks she was the victim of a cruel pra [...]

    10. In this one Esther has scored a small part on a cop show called The Dirty Thirty While out on location for some filming one night she sees a guy get attacked by things that look like gargoyles After much confusion and misunderstanding based on her costume when Esther finally tells the police that the guy said his name was Darius Phelps They investigate and find out Darius died three weeks ago Lopez thinks someone is playing a prank, Esther and Max think its a zombie and someone involved in Vodou [...]

    11. In this third book the main character finds herself in the middle of a magical mystery once again this time in Upper Manhattan Esther finds herself walking the streets of Harlem in the early morning hours after an emergency temporarily shuts down production of The Dirty Thirty, a Law and Order type TV show about the corrupt cops of the 30 Precinct In costume as a junkie prostitute, she runs into a man being attacked by what looks like two gargoyles and jumps in to help him Of course, with Esther [...]

    12. I SO WANTED TO LIKE THIS BOOK SPOILERSPaperback There s a point in Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Willow quickly summarizes to Oz, that not only are vampires real, but Sunnydale is on a Hellmouth The wheels turn in Oz s head as he thinks of what he has just witnessed and he nods saying, Actually, that explains a lot It was time for Oz to learn the truth in the storyline.That did not happen in this book Lopez is still in the dark about Esther s world Let s face it, he s a smart guy, but has become [...]

    13. Struggling actress Esther Diamond is back as the calamities of her everyday life collide headlong with the rising of the dead This book does an excellent job of introducing new threads and interweaving old ones, all with a riotous humor that had me laughing out loud and I m a tough sell for audible laughter Esther s escapades pile atop each other and play out in a convincing and engaging fashion, and it all feels like the inevitable if hilarious result of what came before.Only two things kept me [...]

    14. I have completely enjoyed my time with the first two books in the series, DISAPPEARING NIGHTLY and DOPPELGANGSTER my reviews and UNSYMPATHETIC MAGIC is even so It s a little darker and not as much humor as in the previous two, but I think it s my favorite of the series And I will likely say that for the next one as each book is read by me I love watching Esther keep forging ahead in all that she does to keep acting, pay the rent, try for a normal life with all that she knows about having to fig [...]

    15. I think the Esther Diamond series will be my go to books for when I travel Time passes very quickly once I get going, which was true even for this one which seemed to be a bit longer than the previous two Unlike the previous two covers, the cover of this book pretty much describes the tone of the whole series and I m happy to see the artist is now into the spirit of things This is much better than yet another variation of current typical urban fantasy gothic pin up cover that s so ubiquitous.Thi [...]

    16. I finally found a copy of the first novel in the series Now, maybe, some of the references to past events will make sense Meanwhile, I continued reading the series.I liked the previous novel At first I couldn t figure out why until Esther mentioned getting a postcard from Lucky who was summering in Italy That was my clue I miss Lucky He s a fun, likeable character I like his twisted view of the world and his romantic pragmatism His influence on Max and Esther rounds out their characters.Speakin [...]

    17. Poor Esther, even when she gets a good role something bad happens While she is playing a hooker on The Dirty Thirty TV show zombies, angry spirits and a voodoo curse threaten everything Enter Esther s sometime boyfriend Connor Lopez, a New York City detective and Dr Maximilian Zadok , a 350 year old sorcerer whose day job is to protect New York City Again this is a set up for disaster Connor does not believe in magic and Esther is right in the middle of a plot full of good and bad magic Will the [...]

    18. In this third book in the series, Esther has snagged a spot on a popular TV show and is filming in Harlem When the show s star gets sick, Esther has some time to kill This is never a good thing On her way to snag a snack, she encounters a man being attacked by some sort of unearthly creatures When she goes to the man s aid, she relizes that the creatures have ripped off his hand, ick, and there is no blood Hmmmm Zombies, mambos and big snakes ensue as Esther, Max and a crew of helpers fight to s [...]

    19. Having read the first two parts of Resnick s Esther Diamond series, I knew I was going to enjoy this book Lots of funny and engaging characters populate this series My personal favorite is Dr Maximillian Zadok He s very spry for a 350 year old mage And Esther herself is as spunky and strong as any urban fantasy protagonist This particular chapter deals with elements of voodoo while Esther juggles two part time jobs while pursuing an acting career As in the other novels, she runs into trouble up [...]

    20. Two and half starsThis is a fun series on the whole and I like the main characters but this book could have benefited from losing about 75 pages There was just too much exposition on voodoo and voodoo culture and it weighed down the middle of the book Another thing I d like to see resolved, one way or another, is the relationship with Detective Lopez His being kept out of the supernatural loop to preserve his standing as the die hard skeptic is starting to lose its charm What s so hard about tak [...]

    21. I thought, based on the picture on the cover bad idea, I know that this book might be a bit like the humor by Esther Friesner However, it somewhat misses the mark.Esther, aspiring actress, is shooting on location when events conspire that have her run into a voodoo zombie Quickly she is immersed in voodoo this and that, and the story finishes with what is actually quite an exciting battle to save the world from evil voodoo gods.But where this story might have been a fresh take on supernatural ur [...]

    22. Book three in the Esther Diamond urban fantasy series This series is quickly becoming one of my favorites and I feel like I m just going to keep repeating myself with each review.Laura Resnick has a great gift for fun characters and great dialog and she does a great job introducing different cultures and magic systems to modern New York and making them feel real and like they fit The way she introduced Voodoo and zombies in this story felt natural and respectful and was somewhat educational I am [...]

    23. Urgh, this one is my least favorite among of the series Why Because it is SO GOD DARN BORING Unlike the first two, there is lack of humor or wacky screwball action What I have is pretty much a long, detailed description about the Voudou ritual, and it is so slow paced Even until than half of the book, nothing happens And I miss Lopez so much He only appears like in the beginning, then gone missing, buried under all those conversations about Voudou, and not available until half of the book has p [...]

    24. The further along I get in this series the I realize that Resnick has actually done something special with regard to her main character heroine, Esther Diamond, in the urban fantasy genre Esther is not some super talented magical being, she s not the hottest thing since the coffee you burned your mouth on this morning, every male in the universe isn t lusting after her, she s not some super ninja with amazing combat skills, and she s not the smartest thing since Einstein She s virtually a compl [...]

    25. I guess voodoo is a bit my speed than gangsters, because I enjoyed this book than the previous one I found the background exposition on Voundoun a bit tedious, but I did a paper on Santeria in college, so was fairly familiar with it Once again I knew who was doing it long before the characters figured it out, so if you re looking for a mysterious mystery, this ain t it Once again I was wrong about the accomplice, but this time the author s answer made less sense than mine Lopez returned yay an [...]

    26. This time Esther Diamond has taken a guest spot on a gritty cable show called the Dirty Thirty as a transvestite drug addicted hooker In the meantime she gets in the middle of an evil Voudun ritual She must call on her trusty friends Max Zadok, Nelli, and of course the hunky cop Connor Lopez to figure out the dark scheme before people get killed This was just okay Resnick continues her trend of telegraphing the villain way before the ending making things way too predictable I also didn t like t [...]

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