Crossing the Tracks #2020

Crossing the Tracks By Barbara Stuber Crossing the Tracks At fifteen Iris is a hobo of sorts no home no family no direction After her mother s early death Iris s father focuses on big plans for his new shoe stores and his latest girlfriend and has no ti
  • Title: Crossing the Tracks
  • Author: Barbara Stuber
  • ISBN: 9781416997030
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Crossing the Tracks By Barbara Stuber At fifteen, Iris is a hobo of sorts no home, no family, no direction After her mother s early death, Iris s father focuses on big plans for his new shoe stores and his latest girlfriend, and has no time for his daughter Unbeknownst to her, he hires Iris out as housekeeper and companion for a country doctor s elderly mother Suddenly Iris is alone, stuck in gritty ruraAt fifteen, Iris is a hobo of sorts no home, no family, no direction After her mother s early death, Iris s father focuses on big plans for his new shoe stores and his latest girlfriend, and has no time for his daughter Unbeknownst to her, he hires Iris out as housekeeper and companion for a country doctor s elderly mother Suddenly Iris is alone, stuck in gritty rural Missouri, too far from her only friend Leroy and too close to a tenant farmer, Cecil Deets, who menaces the neighbors and, Iris suspects, his own daughter Iris is buoyed by the warmth and understanding the doctor and his mother show her, but just as she starts to break out of her shell, tragedy strikes Iris must find the guts and cunning to take aim at the devil incarnate and discover if she is really as helpless or as hopeless as she once believed Lyrical, yet humorous, Barbara Stuber s debut novel is the unforgettable story of a girl who struggles to cast aside her long standing grief and doubt and, in the span of one dusty summer, learn to trust, hope, and ultimately love.
    Crossing the Tracks By Barbara Stuber
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      487 Barbara Stuber
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    1. Barbara Stuber

      In the fourth grade Barbara Stuber co authored her first book a Diotionary sic of nonsense words Early spelling challenges resolved she now weaves those words into short stories and novels When not writing, Barbara is an art museum docent, drawing inspiration for her characters and honing details of setting and plot from the museum s vast resource of portraits, landscapes and sculpture Barbara lives in Kansas City with her family, about two hours from the good folks of Wellsford, Missouri Crossing the Tracks is her first novel.

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    1. John Griffith Jack London, an American author, journalist, and social activist, has quoted remarkably about HOBOs , i.e homeward bound They were hobos, and with every word they utteredIt all spelled adventure Let me be clear one thing, homeless people are not exactly hobos , hobos are interesting with lots of experience in life Hobos have got a direction in their life and generally people coin Hobo in a negative way, but it s actually a positive word The author, Barbara Stuber has shown that in [...]

    2. Before I ramble on about how come I think you should give this book I try I wanted to give a mention to the cover It s beautiful but than that I liked that it s illustrated and you can tell the cover artist put some time and effort into it It reflects the story and I appreciate that That vast blue sky showing opportunity and crossing into something new is what the story is about What happened to those kinds of covers I m afraid these sorts of books get overlooked quite a bit, getting lost behin [...]

    3. Crossing the Tracks, by Barbara Stuber is a gem of a book.Barbara Stuber s award winning first novel lives up to its promise of beautiful writing and fascinating narrative storytelling From the opening scene of a five year old Iris playing beneath her mother s coffin to the home of Dr Nesbitt in Wellesford, Missouri, where Iris has been sent by her busy father to work the 1926 rural landscape and atmosphere is perfect This is a wonderful historical novel that you savor as you read Ms Stuber s wr [...]

    4. After Iris mother died, her father no longer has time for her, immersed in his growing shoe business When the business is about to expand to Kansas City, her father hires her out to a farm family without informing her first much less asking her opinion So Iris is sent to care for an elderly woman and her doctor son in rural Missouri She leaves behind her best friend Leroy and any illusions about her father caring about her The move to the country turns out to be the best thing that could have ha [...]

    5. This was really a lovely read I enjoyed seeing the Atchison and small town Missouri of almost a century ago And learned some fascinating historical trivia how women of the time purchased Kotex, for example Who knew The book wears Stuber s historical research lightly, but you can tell that she really dug into that research Iris is a believable and likeable heroine I think a lot of teenage girls will identify with her feelings of frustration and helplessness early in the book and will love her all [...]

    6. Five year old Iris hides beneath her mother s coffin It s just her and her emotionally distant father now Ten years later her father, preoccupied with his shoe store and preparing for remarriage, sends her away to work for a country doctor and his elderly mother Crossing the Tracks is a beautifully written story set in 1920 s Missouri It s about grief and loss, love and loyalty and redefining the meaning of home and family I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it.

    7. What a beautiful book The writing is impeccable, the characters are superbly real I love Iris and Mrs Nesbitt and Dr Nesbit and Leroy and I hope Barbara Stuber has her next book finished and it comes out tomorrow Even the bad people are human.

    8. What a wonderful read Not just a coming of age story but a story for any age Beautifully written, with a soft but vivid way to describe every character.

    9. I m really not good at writing reviews I always intend to elaborate but usually just say, I loved it or something like that So I thought if I tried to write something while the book is fresh in my mind, it would help.Set in the 20 s, Iris is 15 years old and her mother has been dead for 10 years She lives with her father, who is very distant and seems to only care about his shoe store business When he hires her out for the summer to care for a doctor s elderly mother in another town, she is unde [...]

    10. The main character, Iris, was a fifteen year old girl living in Atichson, Kansas in the year 1925 Her mother had died of tuberculosis when she was 5 and her father, after a string of girlfriends, had found someone special Celeste Iris was being sent away to work for the summer in Wellsford, Missouri and not very happy about it perfectly healthy father has mistaken me for a piece of furniture that doesn t fit in his house, his life, any This was a beautiful book The writing was poetic and evocati [...]

    11. A quarter of the way into this I really wanted to like it because it s so beautifully written and is local to me, but wasn t sure I d be able to make myself care enough for the character and her issues that seemed a little too removed from what I can relate to and bordering on the softly mundane Three quarters of the way through I d been reminded how powerful subtle understatement can be with a little time, because I was completely involved in Iris s life, found myself feeling what she felt as t [...]

    12. I keep trying to find something eloquent to say, and I really can t This came following a few very disappointing reads, and it made them all worth it wow Gorgeous language, with stunning imagery and incredibly painful moments And this is such a wonderful story of pain, the pain we carry inside of ourselves and the ways we inflict it on each other, and the ways we don t, the ways we transcend that pain And even refreshingly, it s a story about women women and their friendships and their strength [...]

    13. Finished this a week ago and forgot to log in here Written by a local author who came to our book club, is absolutely charming, and who talked about the fine art connections to the novel very interesting Having said that, I m just not sure this should be a YA novel While the themes are relevant to teens first period, first love, father taking a new wife and not juveniles incest theme , I don t think that many teens are interested in reading historical fiction of this nature If my book club is an [...]

    14. While there are many things I find bewildering about this book it is, as it acknowledges, kind of morbid, for instance it is exceedingly well crafted and well worth a read, if you don t read exclusively feel good stories It is also BLESSEDLY SHORT Which is, I suppose, part of the well craftedness In theme, setting, characters, etc, it s sort of a logical YA followup to Richard Peck s country historical fiction books A Year Down Yonder etc.Recommended generally if you aren t bothered by plenty of [...]

    15. A charming novel set in the frontier of Kansas in the 1920 s Ten years after her mother s death, fifteen year old Iris is sent by her emotionally neglectful father to be a companion for a Doctor s elderly mother Using her common sense, and with the support of her unlikely new friends, she learns about life, love and loss I loved this well written and emotionally charged novel Appropriate for grades 4 and up.

    16. This was beautifully written The characters were vividly alive and I admired Ms Stuber s talent I don t know why but the feel of the story reminded me of Old Yeller , Where the Red Fern Grows , and The Yearling It has a classic feel of growing up with hard loses and with emotions that were hard to define.

    17. Lovely coming of age novel I don t usual read YA literature, so this was a first for me Though the protagonist confronts much tragedy, she has a great sense of humor and a wonderful best friend I especially liked the letters in the book from the teenage girl to her father and to her friend, as well as the very comic ones from her father s fianc e The ending was very moving.

    18. The author, Barbara Stuber is a college friend and this is her first novel I loved the story Iris is a strong girl who learns about herself and her mother after being sent away by her father I am so impressed with her writing.

    19. I got to read this book as it was being written, and what an honor to see how Stuber developed these characters into people I cared about And the writing is simple, yet stunning Beautiful all the way around.

    20. A quick yet quite fulfilling read The relationship between Iris and Mrs Nesbitt was not what I would have thought it would be Usually it s an old crotchety woman and a girl that has to win her over, but this was refreshing Loved it

    21. Great story by a local author Met her at the Nelson last Saturday for a tour of the art that influenced some of her descriptions of characters and settings Very interesting.

    22. Reading Crossing the Tracks informed me about the manic life of Iris Baldwin This story captivated me every page of the book Ever since Iris, a teenage girl of the 1920 s, lost her mother to tuberculosis, she is left with her self absorbed father to look after her Mr Baldwin had a substantial life image to pursue than to care for Iris He made arrangements for Iris to live and work on a farm with the Nesbitts, an elderly woman and son who is a doctor Meanwhile, Iris s father takes the road to Ka [...]

    23. I loved this book The characters are well developed and the story is tender Several lines spoke of grief in a way that made me lose my breath with their accuracy, and yet, the themes of love, trust, resilience and hope resonated with me as well This is a coming of age story with heart and with characters I ll remember for a long time.

    24. This book was great I loved the characters and all the conflicts they faced The book was really good and went by extremely fast It was set in the early 1900s, so it felt like it was a bit of a rip off of Anne of Green Gables, but other than that I would highly recommend this book to anybody who likes historical fiction.

    25. Loved this book Read it 3 4 year ago and still remember it It s a nice, quiet read a tale of a coming of age story for our young heroine Don t worry She finds her place in the world.

    26. First off, let me say that I d been waiting around three months to read this one, and over that time, it was still pretty much 1 on my To Read pile You can look at my dedication desperation towards scoring myself a signed copy here and winning This is one of the rare cases for me I was immediately drawn in to this book because of its trailer you can watch it below It sounds like it has the makings of a born to be classic Now, did that expectation hold up I m glad to say it did It definitely play [...]

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