Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Vol. 7 #2020

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Vol. 7 By Hayao Miyazaki Nausica of the Valley of the Wind Vol Hayao Miyazaki was a budding filmmaker in when he agreed to collaborate on a project with the popular Japanese anime magazine Animage This was Nausicaa which would make Miyazaki s reputation as
  • Title: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Vol. 7
  • Author: Hayao Miyazaki
  • ISBN: 9781417654345
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Library Binding
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Vol. 7 By Hayao Miyazaki Hayao Miyazaki was a budding filmmaker in 1982 when he agreed to collaborate on a project with the popular Japanese anime magazine Animage This was Nausicaa, which would make Miyazaki s reputation as much as his 11 films and TV shows Set in the far future, Nausicaa visualizes an Earth radically changed by ecological disaster Strange human kingdoms survive at the edge ofHayao Miyazaki was a budding filmmaker in 1982 when he agreed to collaborate on a project with the popular Japanese anime magazine Animage This was Nausicaa, which would make Miyazaki s reputation as much as his 11 films and TV shows Set in the far future, Nausicaa visualizes an Earth radically changed by ecological disaster Strange human kingdoms survive at the edge of the Sea of Corruption, a poisonous fungal forest Nausicaa, a gentle young princess, has a telepathic bond with the giant mutated insects of this dystopia Her task is to negotiate peace between kingdoms battling over the last of the world s precious natural resources Nausicaa took Miyazaki 12 years to create, in part because he worked with few or no assistants, doing both the writing and drawing using a meticulously detailed style that critics have compared to the work of the French artist Moebius.
    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Vol. 7 By Hayao Miyazaki
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    1. Hayao Miyazaki

      Hayao Miyazaki was born in Tokyo on January 5, 1941 He started his career in 1963 as an animator at the studio Toei Douga, and was subsequently involved in many early classics of Japanese animation From the beginning, he commanded attention with his incredible ability to draw, and the seemingly endless stream of movie ideas he proposed.In 1971, he moved to A Pro with Isao Takahata, then to Nippon Animation in 1973, where he was heavily involved in the World Masterpiece Theater TV animation series for the next five years In 1978, he directed his first TV series, Conan, The Boy in Future, then moved to Tokyo Movie Shinsha in 1979 to direct his first movie, the classic Lupin III The Castle of Cagliostro.In 1984, he released Nausica of the Valley of Wind, based on the manga comic of the same title which he had started two years before The success of the film led to the establishment of a new animation studio, Studio Ghibli, at which Miyazaki has since written, directed, and produced many other films with Takahata All of these films enjoyed critical and box office successes In particular, Miyazaki s Princess Mononoke received the Japan Academy Award for Best Film and was the highest grossing about US 150 million domestic film in Japan s history until it was taken over by another Miyazaki work, Spirited Away.In addition to animation, Miyazaki also draws manga His major work was the Nausica of the Valley of Wind manga, an epic tale he worked on intermittently from 1982 to 1994 while he was busy making animated films Another manga, Hikoutei Jidai, was later evolved into his film Porco Rosso.

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    1. I need six stars for this volume.No, I need sixty.I can t even begin to react to this The story, the incredible and wonderful characters, the world and its mind blowing history to describe and evaluate them is beyond my capabilities.What I will say is this This series was finished long after the movie we all know and love was released And while said film was the start of something wonderful Studio Ghibli, to a large extent , I wish the manga had been finished first.If the film followed the manga [...]

    2. This review is for the entire 7 vol series I wish I wasn t restricted to giving just 5 stars to this cruelly ignored masterpiece.Seldom have I been so hooked to a book and enraptured by its power, epic storytelling with a strong human touch Not since Brave New World and Heart of Darkness books that are considered among the best of the 20th century have I pondered so much on the ending and the philosophical questions raised by it It is naive and almost degrading to classify this as just another s [...]

    3. This review will be for the series as a whole I have, of course, watched the movie version of Nausicaa Which made the first volume and half of the second fairly familiar territory for me But once you get past the halfway point of the second volume, and into the ground the movie didn t cover, the story grows exponentially More characters, and a much, much bigger story A lot of the questions that I d had about the setting after watching the movie are answered in a satisfying way in later volumes.I [...]

    4. A very disappointing end to what would be a pretty good seriesWhat s it about I honestly couldn t tell you which is the main problem I m gonna get into later.Pros The art is very well done Great job there There s some pretty good action scenes throughout.Some of the WTF parts of the book that are actually done well Sometimes WTF parts of a book are just convoluted bulls which there is a bit of but some parts are well done WTF moments Cons The story is convoluted Don t get me wrong, I think I sor [...]

    5. After 1,000 pages of this, I can say that it s really quite brilliant It s easy to see how it influenced things like Final Fantasy and a host of other things It s actually the first manga I ve ever read, and I sort of have a hard time believing anything will be much better If you ve only seen the film, it s worth reading this The film is sort of a condensed version of the first two volumes, that consolidates a lot and skips a lot of the coolest things, I think It s a great adventure story and su [...]

    6. My second book of 2018 was actually seven books this review is for all seven volumes the seven volumes that make up Hayao Miyazaki s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind So depending on how you count them, I m either way ahead of schedule or slightly behind.Miyazaki is my favorite active filmmaker tied with the Coen brothers , but this is my first time reading any of his manga work This is by far his largest and most ambitious work in the medium, an effort that took him than twelve years to compl [...]

    7. Great ending I actually bought Vol.7 years before the rest of the series found it in a local bookstore, and learned a few days later they are unable to order the rest because it was out of print I tend to do stupid things when in a bookstore, like buying the second or last book in a series and then asking about book one.It was a long wait, but in the end totally worth it.

    8. Este review es de los 7 vol menes del manga Tengo que volver a ver la pel cula porque hace varios a os que la vi pero el manga es mucho m s complejo y largo, cada p gina tiene muchos paneles y texto y aunque a veces me cuesta agarrarle el ritmo a comics tan llenos, este es Miyazaki y es un trabajo que le tom 12 a os Dir a que es su trabajo m s filos fico, trata sobre el horror de la guerra, la condici n humana, la naturaleza y el significado de la contaminaci n y la corrupci n Como siempre, los [...]

    9. Though it has similar plot to The Odyssey, it doesn t end exactly the same way Something to consider when writing a story with similar themes, it would do well to remember where you want to end up when you re finished Beautiful

    10. Hayao Miyazaki s art is wonderful I have long loved Nausicaa the movie and really enjoyed the books They are way complicated than the movie, but I liked getting to know Nausicaa better Any hardcore Studio Gibli fan should read this series.

    11. Wow A traumatic and weighty ending with some dark, grisly scenes.The tragedy of war builds to a destructive peak and some familiar faces fall prey to the chaos sniffle Nausica makes some shocking discoveries, can she maintain her composure Utterly amazing series.

    12. This story as a whole is so beautiful and amazing I love the movie and some part of me wished that the love interest remained the same as the movie This is a story that I just want to reread over and over.

    13. Chaque tome est meilleur que le pr c dent Quelle aventure, riche et profonde, d finitivement l une des meilleures BD que j aie lues lire absolument.

    14. I love the movie of this series I liked the first graphic book of this series I thought that he had a great story going And then it started to drag It got reeeeeally long, and I kinda got sick of it I thought the writer concentrated on unimportant things a lot as the book went on Less about Nausicaa and about everyone else Thats all fine and good, but then again, the story IS supposed to be about her And no offence, but about half way into it, I got the feeling that the author was a hard core e [...]

    15. I often feel I was a bit spoiled for manga My first encounters were this, Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind, Akira and Lone Wolf And Cub These blew most comics of any type and from any region completely out of the water, but with manga in particular I always ended up comparing them unfavourably with these three, and they usually came up short, though admittedly lots of otherwise great manga turned skeevy, let us us say, which I found off putting I shall have to see what I can find via the libra [...]

    16. In effetti Nausica della Valle del Vento come tutte le grandi narrazioni ha il merito di avventurarsi in un world building molto curato, che inventa unit di misura nuove usate appositamente da questa nuova civilt che cresce e prova a sopravvivere in un mondo post apocalittico, cos come da segnalare la precisione con cui sono tratteggiati gli equipaggiamenti dei soldati, la flora e la fauna di questa Terra inquinata che ha un panorama da mondo alieno.Una delle particolarit pi lampanti di Nausica [...]

    17. Well, this ended abruptly, but whatever it was so good, I hope mangaka can write this kind of story This is a five star manga despite of its ending There are details that I sometime skipped because for me, the first reading is all about the plot and the main characters When I got deeper, this series is not just plot driven, but also character driven The historical and fantasy setting are full of fantastical elements, however when I read it, all these pollution and corruption are too relatable, [...]

    18. Hayao Miyazaki How could I possibly describe this creative genius Ever since I discovered his existence, his breathtaking masterpieces have rooted themselves deep inside of my mind and heart His works resonate with me, they leave a mark, they produce emotions and sensations so beautiful, so unique, that I can t even explain them His storytelling is astounding, the worlds and characters he creates are so rich and fascinating, and his art is stunning Nausica is one of the best things I have ever r [...]

    19. Bon, j ai la flemme d entrer les six autres volumes, et apr s tout, ils forment un tout.J avais achet , il y a quelques ann es, la version japonaise de cette BD zut, il me manque le tome 7 Plus tard, j ai achet la traduction am ricaine en comics, mais j ai d arr ter avant d avoir tout.Je suis donc heureux d avoir mis la main sur la traduction fran aise.En pesant mes mots, je dirais que ce livre est un chef d uvre.J adore le style graphique, tranchant pas mal sur une bonne partie de la production [...]

    20. An amazing series Probably my fifth reread but you get something out of it every time I m just disappointed it finished I wanted to know what Nausicaa did next The movie is wonderful too, but the graphic novels carry on from where the film leaves off Miyazaki moves away from the rather black and white mentality of the movie and because of it the comic has so much depth Nausicaa is a wonderful heroine, too You sometimes hear complaints that she s perfect and what s sometimes called a mary sue I [...]

    21. Nausica and the God Warrior that she accidentally awoke must go on a quest to seal the Crypt that preserves the technologies that kings and emperors have used over the years for evil, but it seems that even now, her way isn t easy.And so Nausica s story finally comes to a close, with a message that is very Miyazaki ian in nature, and somewhat reminiscent of Laputa The warning in the tale is reminding us where arrogance can lead and to avoid thinking that we have all the answers and can fix the w [...]

    22. A stunning end to a wonderful, tragic but beautiful tale A very stark criticism of humanities effect on the environment and the planet in general as well as cutting inspection of society how we seem doomed to repeat them same tragic mistakes over and over This book was a bitter pill to swallow not only the last of the series but also the most brutal a number of favourite friends were lost and the conclusion, while brave, did not select a certain success but rather a gamble that things will turn [...]

    23. The concept is fascinating even though it was full of allegorical messages The action sequences are brilliantly done are the real highlights of this manga Some of the characters e.g Kushana desreves their own series Unfortunately, the ending was really disappointing as it didn t explain a lot of things Most of the characters lacked the emotional depth I really didn t get to care about them.I forgot to mention that the manga s plot is different than the film s which makes it a must for every fan [...]

    24. these books are great for miyazaki fans and for people who like graphic novels in general you can see a lot of the same themes you find in his movies it deals with the impact humans and industrialization have on the environment these books are set in a type of post apocalypse when the earth is trying to heal itself of the pollution made by humans at the height of their civilization it s relevant and artistic my only complaint is that sometimes in scenes that have heavy action, the drawings can b [...]

    25. enjoyed the quiet interlude when Nausica was recuperating from injuries in a dreamy paradise, which allowed Miyazaki to make less cluttered panels, and gave me a break from the explosions and dismemberings In the end, this final episode contained too many explanations, but the plot neuroticism wasn t irritating enough to undo the good impressions left by Miyazaki s pen and the magickal ease with which it makes a whole planet out of a drawing of a flying machine and some trees Maybe only Moebius [...]

    26. I would like to re read this series because when I read it the first time I absolutely loved it but I was also very confused on a lot of the stuff that happened that right now I ve pretty much forgot all of the plot Reading this series you can tell why Miyazaki is a film director instead of a manga artist he has big ideas and his drawings are so complex that it s hard to follow in a manga at least for me than on film.Having just recently seen the movie and loved it, the movie also cleared up a l [...]

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