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Lost Man's River By Peter Matthiessen Lost Man s River Peter Matthiessen is one of the few American writers ever nominated for the National Book Award for both fiction and nonfiction When his novel Killing Mister Watson was published in the reviews
  • Title: Lost Man's River
  • Author: Peter Matthiessen
  • ISBN: 9780679403777
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lost Man's River By Peter Matthiessen Peter Matthiessen is one of the few American writers ever nominated for the National Book Award for both fiction and nonfiction When his novel Killing Mister Watson was published in 1990, the reviews were extraordinary It was heralded as a marvel of invention a virtuoso performance The New York Times Book Review , and a novel that stands with the best tPeter Matthiessen is one of the few American writers ever nominated for the National Book Award for both fiction and nonfiction When his novel Killing Mister Watson was published in 1990, the reviews were extraordinary It was heralded as a marvel of invention a virtuoso performance The New York Times Book Review , and a novel that stands with the best that our nation has produced as literature Los Angeles Times Book Review Now Peter Matthiessen brings us the second novel in his Watson trilogy, a project that has been nearly 20 years in the writing A story of epic scope and ambition, Lost Man s River confronts the primal relationship between a dangerous father and his desperate sons and the ways in which his death has shaped their lives Lucius Watson is obsessed with learning the truth about his father Who was E J Watson Was he a devoted family man, an inspired farmer, a man of progress and vision Or was he a cold blooded murderer and amoral opportunist Were his neighbors driven to kill him out of fear Or was it envy And if Watson was a killer, should the neighbors fear the obsessed Lucius when he returns to live among them and ask questions The characters in this tale are men and women molded by the harsh elements of the Florida Everglades an isolated breed, descendants of renegades and pioneers, who have only their grit, instinct, and tradition to wield against the obliterating forces of 20th century progress Speck Daniels, moonshiner and alligator poacher turned gunrunner Sally Brown, who struggles to escape the racism and shame of her local family R B Collins, known as Chicken, crippled by drink and rage, who is the custodian ofWatson secrets Watson Dyer, the unacknowledged namesake with designs on the remote Watson homestead hidden in the wild rivers and Henry Short, a black man and unwilling member of the group of armed island men who awaited E J Watson in the silent twilight Only a storyteller of Peter Matthiessen s dazzling artistry could capture the beauty and strangeness of life on this lawless frontier while probing deeply into its underlying tragedy the brutal destruction of the land in the name of progress, and the racism that infects the heart of New World history.
    Lost Man's River By Peter Matthiessen
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      346 Peter Matthiessen
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    1. Peter Matthiessen

      Peter Matthiessen is the author of than thirty books and the only writer to win the National Book Award for both non fiction The Snow Leopard, in two categories, in 1979 and 1980 and fiction Shadow Country, in 2008 A co founder of The Paris Review and a world renowned naturalist, explorer and activist, he died in April 2014.

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    1. Lost Man s River is the second novel in Matthiessen s Watson Trilogy But in this 1997 work, he approaches the story from a different direction Lucius Watson has heard the rumors about his father Edgar J Watson Could they possibly be true Was he a pillar of the community, killed by a mob of townspeople because they were envious of his success Or, was he a cold blooded killer, publicly executed out of fear for their own safety Rooted in the legend of the Watson killing, Matthiessen has created a s [...]

    2. My Grandmother passed this book on to me along with Killing Mister Watson the last time I saw her it must nearly twenty years ago now She always had an uncanny ability to find books for me, regardless of my stage of life This was no mean feat, as although we spent considerable time together when I was growing up in Winnipeg, my family moved away when I was quite young So for her to be able to figure out what I would like at 12, 22, and 32 years of age with increasingly infrequent contact is pret [...]

    3. This is the second book of an amazing trilogy set in south Florida by an important American author the author was so deep into this story that he rewrote the trilogy into a one volume version, Shadow Country, which won the National Book Award in 2008.The first volume of this, Killing Mr Watson, is told from multiple viewpoints, the second volume is follows the life of Mr Watson s third son, Lucius, as he attempts to puzzle out the character and life of his much loved father Was Mr Watson the kil [...]

    4. When I travel I see some people in the subway or on a street and I think to myself that I would like to know about themwhere they livewhat they like and disliked who they mingle with This book is a fictional account of such meetings, except these are long lost family members from multiple marriages and illicit relationships from years gone by Matthiessen is a great story teller and makes you want This is not a short book, and the length allows the author to introduce so many characters that it [...]

    5. I really tried to stay with this book, reading almost half way through, but it just didn t go anywhere for me I kept wondering where the story was going It just didn t come together for me I have to get into the main characters for a book to keep me captivated Again, this didn t even come close.

    6. Sequel follows Killing Mister Watson with the story of his son, Lucius, trying to find out the truth of his father s life and death He doesbut he must be about 80 years old when he does Time passes very slowly in the SW Florida everglades country and somethings are best left alone I give it only three stars because it is a 350 page story but it takes the author 500 pages to tell it I also had difficulty with the chronology of the story Some of the characters witnessed the death of Mr Watson in 1 [...]

    7. I m a big fan of Mattheissen, both is fiction and non , but this one was really strange Granted, I didn t red the first part of the Watson trilogy There is essentially no plot, just an aggrieved son trying to salvage his murdered father s reputation The theme is memory and how fickle it can be, plus an examination of what is truth Lucius goes from faulty informant to faulty informant Too many characters and their connections just confused me I wish he s just taken NO for an answer no, E.J wasn t [...]

    8. Sawgrass, shell hammock, tree line, sun, water, sky, wall of clouds on the horizon, mangrove As reader I stood in the middle of this, lost, peering in every direction for rescue That s not to say I didn t like it I did Matthiessen s a wonderful writer, able to describe landscapes, the movement of birds, wind on the water poetically, able to detail characters and their motives clearly Give yourself some time when you read him you ll be impressed But there are too many characters It s a simple sto [...]

    9. 1 2 for the novel, for George Guidall s masterful narration this novel is about storytelling and therefore should be listened to as an audiobook.This is book 2 in Mr Matthiessen s WATSON TRILOGY In LOST MAN S RIVER the main theme is Truth or TRUTHINESS what should we believe is true Is truth democratic, meaning the belief of the majority trumps the belief of the one Is a historian s conclusion veracious than an ancient redneck s eyewitness account of the same incident Are racists reliable eyewi [...]

    10. Excellent writing For me, this is the type of book you read slowly, not the type you cannot put down I have put it down and picked it up again for about three months now, in between reading other books Still, I do keep picking it up It is full of accounts of many different people of an incident that happened in the past, along with many of their extraneous memories of the time, and sometimes it drags on a bit You wander into someone s house somewhere in the backwoods of South Florida, settle dow [...]

    11. Matthiessen tells a great yarn that holds strong in no small part due to the intimate knowledge of the land, history, creatures, lore, speech, names, and people who inhabit the places he guides the reader through along the way Stitched into this vivid landscape is a timeless theme of humans struggling with their past, their present, and the truth and myths of both This theme will cut deep and ring a deep sounding in the heart and mind bays of anyone who has contemplated the contradictory nature [...]

    12. Reading Lost Man s River was like being lost at a family reunion for a fortnight On and on the old forgotten stories are repeated and repeated with a different slant each time The writing is wonderful The locale is memorable Sometimes I think he went too far with too many characters resulting in a certain lack of focus for the good of the story Everything was resolved in the last 2 3 chapters I did like the ending.

    13. Lost Man s River Shadow Country Trilogy 2 by Peter Matthiessen Random House 1997 Fiction This is the second book in the Shadow Country trilogy In this volume, Lucious Watson, second son of the assassinated Edgar Watson, shows up in the Everglades asking dangerous questions about how and why his father was shot by a mob of neighbors and townsfolk Is this innocent information seeking, or do these questions have a darker ulterior motive My rating 8 10, finished 1999.

    14. Incredibly boring Don t know what happened because Killing Mister Watson was so good.This book was like throwing dead batteries at cows while listening to the live story of George Burns, narrated by George Burns, all the while having that guy from Wild America whimper about the destruction of the Everglades.Good bye Mr Matthiessen.

    15. I love reading anything by this author Lost Man s River portrays the life of Edgar J Watson, who lived in the Florida Everglades at the turn of the century It was hard to follow at times, but well worth the effort to stay with it This is a fine book that is the second in a trilogy.

    16. I really wanted to like this book but maybe I must give Peter Matthiessen another shot, if when I can find a copy of The Snow Leopard the book that was recommended by the person who said Matthiessen was wonderful.

    17. I normally love Matthiessen Killing Mr Watson is one of my all time favorite books Not sure what happened here

    18. Follow up to Killing Mister Watson 2nd in the trilogy with a lot of characters which seemed confusing until your into the book and all the relations click Well written but a bit too long.

    19. FINALLY, I finished it This one was of a slog than Killing Mr Watson, but I m so stuck on the story that I have to immediately start the third and final book in the series.

    20. An interesting follow up to Killing Mr Watson It could have used tighter editing in some sections but I love Matthiessen s characters and writing.

    21. I don t typically find Matthiessen s fiction as compelling as his nonfiction It s still an interesting story, though.

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