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Stardust By Neil Gaiman Stardust There is a way into Faerie beyond the fields we know and it lies in a village called Wall somewhere in the early Victorian era Every nine years there is a fair on the other side of the wall where
  • Title: Stardust
  • Author: Neil Gaiman
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  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stardust By Neil Gaiman There is a way into Faerie, beyond the fields we know, and it lies in a village called Wall, somewhere in the early Victorian era Every nine years there is a fair on the other side of the wall, where Faerie sells its wares to the mundane Farmer Duncan Thorne had his moment of mad love with a witch s bondservant Tristan, his son, turned up in a basket nine months later.There is a way into Faerie, beyond the fields we know, and it lies in a village called Wall, somewhere in the early Victorian era Every nine years there is a fair on the other side of the wall, where Faerie sells its wares to the mundane Farmer Duncan Thorne had his moment of mad love with a witch s bondservant Tristan, his son, turned up in a basket nine months later Now Tristan is old enough to fall in love, and promises Victoria a falling star This is a fairy story in the tradition of George MacDonald and Hope Mirlees a book of passion and terror and wit which reminds us that Faerie is not a safe place, or a fair one And at its edges there lurk other stories Neil Gaiman s work in comics and television has previously shown his capacity to evoke mystery and glorious magic by telling us just enough and no , but he excels himself here Charles Vess s illustrations, Vess collaborated with Gaiman on key episodes of The Sandman , have charm and occasionally the stars dance, Pan looms from the forest, a witch queen rides a chariot driven by goats and Tristan journeys by candlelight leagues at a step.
    Stardust By Neil Gaiman
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      Neil Gaiman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stardust book, this is one of the most wanted Neil Gaiman author readers around the world.

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    1. Dear Mr Gaiman,Damn you Damn you straight to hell You ve written beautiful faerie stories in your plainspoken postmodern prose, and left my own projected frontiers woefully trodden It has nothing to do with your brilliance Had I been born before you I would most likely be the one writing clever novels about fallen stars and sly gods I would ve, I swear But instead, I was born forty years too late, and your Faerie, Neil, do you mind if I call you Neil Your Faerie, like all of your creations, is a [...]

    2. Inevitably I was reading this against the movie, and I m here to say that I think the movie and the book are both brilliant So ha I love the movie It s absolutely wonderful And I loved the book But they are quite different The novel definitely feels adult Not because it has adult themes just in the overall tone and language The movie is definitely family friendly The movie is wittier and funnier and sillier and faster paced, and the book is slower and whimsical and felt grounded in reality e [...]

    3. A friend gave me this book and I decided to read it before going to see the movie, since I d heard so many rave reviews of the film If the movie hadn t been my carrot, though, I never would have made it through the first chapter, let alone the entire story Let me say that I adore the fantasy genre check my book list , so this is not outside my interest However, in attempting to write a fairy tale for adults Gaimon completely missed the mark Apparently his idea of what makes a story for adults is [...]

    4. The Gaiman I read, the I understand why people are so caught up in the magic he wields Because that is basically what he does He s not an author, he s a magician, painting magic pictures of rich, exciting worlds that come to life so quickly Worlds that somehow seem complexly developed after just two chapters of Gaiman s writing Gaiman is simply a master storyteller He creates moods that permeate entire novels and, whether you happen to be reading his adult or young adult works, he makes you fe [...]

    5. This is the one case, the ONLY case so far Edit not any, Bridget Jones gets the honor too , where I prefer the movie to the book I know it s a sacrilege and you can all burn me at the stake, but it is nonetheless the truth It s also one of the few times I watched the movie before reading the book, simply because I had no idea the book existed And I loved the movie I mean, really, really loved it So of course when I discovered it was based on a book, I rushed to get it Now, please don t get me wr [...]

    6. I hate Tristan Thorn, though I do suppose that everybody has been in his shoes at one point in their life Everybody was young once and everybody has been naively in love with someone they barely know I can t blame Tristan for his natural puppyish passions, he is only seventeen after all, but I can hate him for it nonetheless he is completely unbearable at the beginning as his love sick foolishness knows no bounds Indeed, when Victoria Forester, the woman he thinks he in love with, agrees to marr [...]

    7. 3.5 of 5 shooting stars For a kiss, and the pledge of your hand, said Tristran, grandiloquently, I would bring you that fallen star He shivered His coat was thin, and it was obvious that he would not get the kiss, which he found puzzling.The main heroes of the penny dreadfuls and shilling novels never had these problems getting kissed Go on, then, said Victoria And if you do, I will What said Tristran If you bring me that star, said Victoria, The one that just fell, not another star, then I ll k [...]

    8. There was once a young man who wished to gain his Heart s Desire.This is a charming journey of self discovery by a character who has a dual nature, human and fairy He makes it work, with the assistance of sundry others Beginning his journey seeking his heart s desire, he finds by the time he returns home that what he truly values has changed The characters are wellfairy tale characters and we should not be looking for great depth here There is darkness, evil, and real risk for our nicer types, a [...]

    9. The world building, the characters, the story all absolutely amazing He wondered how it could have taken him so long to realize he cared for her, and he told her so, and she called him an idiot, and he declared that it was the finest thing that ever a man had been called.There s the wonder, there s the intrigue, there s the titch of magic interspersed with ethereal Neil Gaiman has finally caught me on a story.We have Tristian, a product of his father s wandering gaze and a fairy lass, who in a f [...]

    10. 3.5 stars Neil Gaiman and I have a love hate relationship, and I hope that bothers him as much as it bothers me He s a gifted writer and I keep thinking that I ought to love everything he writes, but so far his books have struck me either as so bizarre and off putting that I couldn t get into it American Gods, hauntingly beautiful but kind of confusing The Ocean at the End of the Lane, or having a marvelous setting but being a little on the predictable side Neverwhere.Stardust falls into the thi [...]

    11. There s to this Adult Fairy Tale than meets the eye This beloved new classic is a tight little package for the consideration of any jaded or unbelieving adult out there A fast read, it is pleasurable, readable, crazy with the fusing of real drama with that of a New World or Alternate Dimension.

    12. Since I saw the movie before I read the book, I must preface my review with that fact since a comparison between the two was inevitable and, over, greatly influenced my opinion of the book I loved the movie I liked the book Unlike most book to film adaptations, however, I felt that the movie had character development and details and, indeed, heart and humor I cannot objectively consider the merits of the book because I missed so many aspects of the movie story as I read I just kept wondering [...]

    13. You have to believe Otherwise, it will never happen My first Neil Gaiman book was a disappointment I didn t like this very much It wasn t a bad book exactly, but it was also far from being a good one The characters didn t have much depth, the plot was unrealistic and completely predictable For me this is one highly overrated novel and I don t get what the fuss is all about I still haven t watched the movie but I feel like this could be one of those rare cases, when the screen adaption is better [...]

    14. Quick question how many Daleks does it take to conquer Neil Gaiman Answer I don t know since I am a blasphemous wench and have never seen a Doctor Who episode Nor do I actually know what a Dalek is and what it does.To add to my nefarious ways, I m also not a Gaiman fan though not for lack of trying Clearly, whilst I am a scifi fan I m not the RIGHT kind of scifi fan It s rather like two Star Trek fans meeting on the street So which episode of Enterprise is your favourite The first Trekker asks t [...]

    15. My high expectations for this book the first I ve read of Gaiman s were badly disappointed The writing was poor, the story clich and shallow, and the content problematic I ve read that Gaiman is better with graphic novels, and that seems likely He obviously has some talent, so I m hoping this book is just a miss.One issue I had with Stardust was the writing itself Gaiman tries to write an adult fairy tale with what I think are terrible results The tone is light hearted and sarcastic, but it real [...]

    16. Man, oh man, what a storyThis review is intended for the fully illustrated version We have Tristan, half fairy thanks to his father s infidelity In a fit of youthful passion Tristian promises the beautiful Victoria to bring her back a star But to do that, he has to crossthe Wall Since he s young, dumb and full of love for his sweet, he takes off with nary a thought.And thus begins his harrowing journey.tHe crosses the gap in the Wall and into the land of fairy While he may not have gained what h [...]

    17. This is my second Gaiman book, and it s my favorite so far First, I must say Stardust is one of my favorite movies ever, so I wasn t sure about reading the book But alas, the time came There were some different aspects to the book than the movie, and I really liked seeing the differences I still like the movie better, but Gaiman s writing is so extraordinary It sucks me in and doesn t let go Tristran was a bit of an idiot, but he was also one in the movie, too But I really loved Yvaine, she is a [...]

    18. 3.5 5I really enjoyed this book Even if I enjoyed the movie than the book.I love that this is an adult fairytale I love the comedy aspects of it, but part of it felt like a not totally complete story, whereas the movie really did bring things around.Regardless, I LOVE Neil Gaiman s writing style and storytelling He truly is a master story teller The audiobook was narrated by him and it made the story that much better because of it.

    19. To tell the truth, I didn t believe it was possible My copy of Stardust promises so much just by images on the cover and the volume is so slim, barely reaching 200 pages How will all these events and characters fit in such slim space I asked myself, and started reading on the evening of October, 2nd By 4AM, October 3rd, I learned that not only it is possible, but also that Neil Gaiman is a talented, gifted writer with gorgeous imagination and invaluable, rare talent for recreating the noblest th [...]

    20. Everything about this one just worked for me I loved it The characters, the writing style, the plot, the romance, the magic It was brilliant This edition had a forward explaining that it was written as a fairy tale for adults that would have live in the 1920 s, and it hit the mark so well One of my favorite Gaiman books so far that I ve read.

    21. What a beautiful way to end my reading year And that ending THE PLOTThe stars were laid out like worlds or like ideas, uncountable as the trees in a forest or the leaves on a treeA whimsical and atmospheric story which follows the adventures of an eighteen year old, Tristran Thorn, as he ventures out into the magical world of faerie a world which borders his own little town, Wall And why you ask did he undertake such a journey Well, it s very simple He did it for love.Stupid, blind, nauseating l [...]

    22. I will never understand how this book is so highly rated Never I read this after I saw the film because I thought, hey, I d love to see that explored and see what parts they left out because that film was great Let me tell you, that wasn t what happened How they got that film from this book I will never know All the interesting characters you meet in the film are almost an afterthought in the book, there and gone in a flash I am so disappointed by this book It s been almost ten years since I re [...]

    23. Every lover is, in his heart, a madman, and, in his head, a minstrel Qu libro El quinto que leo de Gaiman y, como siempre, me deslumbr con su habilidad para mezclar una atm sfera oscura con una infantil y, hasta cierto punto, tierna El universo de realidades que crea es de lo mejor que leo en el g nero Al principio se me hizo un poco pesado y, aunque me duela decirlo, aburrido, pero conforme iba avanzando, me atrapaba m s y m s Tambi n no saber bien qu era lo que suced a fue una manera de manten [...]

    24. Nail Gaiman, you bastard, I love you There was once a young man who wished to gain his Heart s Desire Es dif cil describir aquello que te hace realmente feliz , pues, a mi parecer hay muchos tipos de felicidad Sin embargo, les cuento que este libro me hizo verdaderamente feliz, y creo que no hab a estado con una sonrisa as de boba desde hac a mucho tiempo Pero c mo podr a no estarlo , si se trata de un cuento de hadas para adultos, o al menos para los mayores adem s de tener una larga e importan [...]

    25. Zvjezdana pra ina ima pri u koju mi jedino Gaiman mo e u initi zanimljivom, jer nisam ba veliki fan fantasti nih romana, a jo manje tih bajki za odrasle.No, kod Gaimana je to samo povr ina, platno u koje je upleo mnoge male mudrosti koje je ili shvatio ili prepisao odnekud Kako god one su tu i uvijek na pravom mjestu, nikada ne gu e samu radnju i uvijek ih izgovore pravi likovi ili budu u samom opisu Napisane su sa dozom odli nog humora i nepretenciozno.Kod njega se ini da mu ideje i pisanje dol [...]

    26. This book was my favourite read of Neil Gaiman s so far Not that I didn t love the two I had previously read but this was also the first adult book of his that I ve read and that definitely made a difference There was no holding back and I loved the mixture of magic, adventure, intrigue and romance that surrounded this novel Neil Gaiman is ever the clever and witty writer and this came out in a whole new way for me in this adult novel.Tristran lives in the town of Wall that borders the land of f [...]

    27. She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward into the dark sky and watches, with sad eyes, the slow dance of the infinite stars Stardust is what fairytales should be like Otherworldly, strange and dazzling with a dash of dangerous Neil Gaiman s narrative skill is charming and delightful His world building is exceptionally remarkable and as clear as a lush picture painted to life You have to believe Otherwise, it will never happen In Stardust, Gaiman takes us on an unforgettable adventure th [...]

    28. This might be one of the few times I ever say this, but I honestly thought the movie was better

    29. This was a delightful adult fairy tale that had me engrossed from start to finish I picked up the audiobook, which is narrated by Neil Gaiman, and it was wonderful As the saying goes, Neil Gaiman could read me his shopping list and I d enjoy it.

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