The Leopard's Prey: A Jade del Cameron Mystery #2020

The Leopard's Prey: A Jade del Cameron Mystery By Suzanne Arruda The Leopard s Prey A Jade del Cameron Mystery A larger than life heroine far ahead of her time Denver Post returns to s Africa where she meets with an ominous warning Jade del Cameron s latest endeavor helping a company collect wild animals
  • Title: The Leopard's Prey: A Jade del Cameron Mystery
  • Author: Suzanne Arruda
  • ISBN: 9780451227614
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Leopard's Prey: A Jade del Cameron Mystery By Suzanne Arruda A larger than life heroine far ahead of her time, Denver Post returns to 1920s Africa, where she meets with an ominous warning Jade del Cameron s latest endeavor helping a company collect wild animals for U.S zoos finds her lassoing zebras and posing as bait for a leopard But the real danger begins when Jade s friends find a merchant s body on their coffee plantation A larger than life heroine far ahead of her time, Denver Post returns to 1920s Africa, where she meets with an ominous warning Jade del Cameron s latest endeavor helping a company collect wild animals for U.S zoos finds her lassoing zebras and posing as bait for a leopard But the real danger begins when Jade s friends find a merchant s body on their coffee plantation Authorities determine the cause of death to be murder Their prime suspect Jade s beau, moviemaker and World War I flying ace Sam Featherstone To clear Sam s name, Jade launches her own investigation, questioning the dead man s partners and clients But nothing can prepare Jade for the journey that lies ahead, as she must make an emergency landing in Sam s plane deep within the vast African wilderness, then risk the long trek back to Nairobi to confront than one kind of brutal killer face to face
    The Leopard's Prey: A Jade del Cameron Mystery By Suzanne Arruda
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      278 Suzanne Arruda
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    1. Suzanne Arruda

      Suzanne Arruda, a former zookeeper turned science teacher and freelance writer, is the author of several biographies for young adults She has also published science and nature articles for adults and children and is a regular contributor to a weekly newspaper supplement An avid hiker and outdoorswoman, she lives in Kansas with her husband, twin sons, and a small menagerie of pets.

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    1. This fourth installment of the series has much the same strengths and general style of the previous books We find Jade back in British East Africa, a few months after the events of the third book, The Serpent s Daughter, and again encounter our old friends from the first two books She s supplementing her writing income by using her lariat and photography skills to help Perkins and Daley, the two partners in a small company that secures African animals for U.S zoos But we sense early on that her [...]

    2. There is never a shortage of adventure in Suzanne Arruda s Jade Del Cameron mystery series Set in colonial Africa in 1920, readers of this series can without a doubt always count on a lot of action, an intriguing background murder to puzzle out, and a genuine feeling of being right there in the time and place on the Kenyan plains.The reader gets up close and personal with the exotic land of Africa at a time when wild animals ran free, and when native tribes such as the Maasai and Kikuyu had stil [...]

    3. The Leopard s Prey was written by Suzanne Arruda.The point of view is third person omniscient The story takes place in a 1920 s modernizing Africa, specifically in the city of Nairobi, which is in the Kenya Colony of Africa The story also takes place in the areas surrounding Nairobi, which includes farms and the African wilderness.The main character of the story is Jade DelCameron Jade DelCameron is a courageous, independent, adventurous, clever young woman She is an American but lives in and lo [...]

    4. Young, fearless Jade del Cameron is back in her fourth African adventure Last time, Jade had traveled to Morocco to meet her mother, but this time she returns to all her friends in Nairobi, British East Africa, now Kenya Coffee farmers Neville and Madeline Thompson are going about their business when they find a body in their newly purchased coffee dryer Jade, who s been earning extra cash helping an outfit trap wild animals for a zoo, gets on the case immediately when her special friend, Sam Fe [...]

    5. First Sentence I ll be fine.Jade del Cameron is a single, independent woman She s a photojournalist, helps wrangle wild animals, rides a motorcycle and is learning to fly Sam, a wounded American war hero, wants to propose but isn t certain Jade is willing to forsake her independence for marriage Sam is suspected is suspected of murdering a local merchant and it is up to Jade to prove him innocent.The book started off well for me The opening scene was exciting and suspenseful.Jade is an interesti [...]

    6. Jade is back in Kenya for this installment She s working with the Perkins Daley Zoological Co to collect wild animals to be transported back to the States for zoos She s helping with the capture and crating as well as taking photographs to document the company s work All of this is really to enable her to earn some money to continue her work for the Traveler magazine After a harrowing night s work, she s relaxing with Neville and Madeline Thompson on their farm Neville has recently purchased a c [...]

    7. This book was okay but got better in the end This is my first mystery novel and my first novel featuring Jade Del Cameron I felt the characters were okay They weren t stock characters but not as developed as I would have liked I think the main reason Arruda didn t do that because there are so many characters involved and after some time I was confused.The plot was interesting and once everything was revealed at the end it did make sense However, I wish that the writing was personal I felt it co [...]

    8. Book four in the Jade del Cameron series finds Jade back home in Nairobi, Kenya In addition to her unconventional work as a reporter and photojournalist, she takes on the job of helping a zoological company collect wild animals for zoos in the United States The work has obvious dangers, but Jade skirts them with aplomb and gains the grudging respect of the men in charge.Mystery and intrigue find Jade quickly when her friends find the body of a local shopkeeper on their plantation The cause of de [...]

    9. Cosy mysteries set in East Africa in the twenties period between the two wars Well researched, period setting but contemporary attitudes and values and a cool heroine the beautiful of course and spirited Jade del Cameron American born, of Spanish mother in New Mexico, she was an ambulance driver with the Allies in France in WW1 Her beau was a fighter pilot and killed She is fiesty, intelligent, beautiful and brave and all the men are after her so there is constant love interest She is based in A [...]

    10. This is the fourth book I have read in this series The first, Mark of the Lion, is by far the best I always enjoy the descriptions of Africa and the native tribes in 1920 However, this story is mystery lite not very interesting for that matter The Heroine, Jade del Cameron, is a campy, larger than life character that always saves the day and is Macho than most men While some aspects of this series are interesting, I could not recommend it to most readers.

    11. Suzanne Aruda reaches back to the post WWI period in Nairobi, Kenya, and paints an interesting picture of a colonial British society, the African country side, and the transitional period between the wars The back story sets up the heroine, Jade del Cameron, as an old fashioned American, patriotic, brave, adventurous, a skilled outdoors person who has grown up on a ranch, learned to ride and shoot, served with heroism in the great war, with a tragic romantic involvement that has left her with a [...]

    12. This book is much like the earlier writing of Elizabeth Peters, as it claims But, it isn t as witty.I did like the way the Heroine is completely independent, working as an animal wrangler and writer in Africa and cruising the landscape on her motorcycle Yet, she falls for a Pilot Hero who respects her for being herself.Their chemistry is good, but not hot.I wanted to see of what the two characters would ve expirienced, if the author had let them take over their scenes.This book has tight writin [...]

    13. Back to Nairobi, this book focuses on recurring characters, particularly from the first two books in the series Still interesting with the details of flying the biplane and catching the animals, it did not capture the adventurer s imagination like the tales of elephants and lions Much less of the supernatural is included in this installment, which was good because it wasn t needed in the storyline My only concern was Jade s justification of rounding up animals for American zoos I realize that th [...]

    14. I still like this series, but I think when you are creating a heroine who is very brave, in addition to being a woman outside her time, you have to be careful that she doesn t go to far over the bravery edge, and I think Jade is getting pretty dang close in this book I like the love interest in Sam Featherstone the man without a leg due to an untold mishap in WWI, and perhaps it is these details that we will learn about later I like the setting, and the fact the author is a a zoo person Recommen [...]

    15. An interesting mystery featuring Jade del Cameron, an intrepid photojournalist living in British East Africa Fascinating glimpses of the society of the 1920s interspersed with descriptions of capturing wild animals to populate zoos and description of the native peoples, including the Maasai warriors Jade and her beau, pilot Sam Featherstone, end up in the middle of a murder investigation while they try to survive the normal hazards of living in Africa man eating leopards, rhinos, malaria, etc A [...]

    16. Ran across this book at the Dollar Store and it caught my eye Set in 1920 s Africa Full of big game, a pet leopard, Hollywood filmmakers and daring do by the Indiana Jones style heroine The story and the description of colonial Africa was interesting This is part of a series however I did not feel I was missing anything by reading this one first It does end with a cliff hanger so I guess that means another book is in the future

    17. Hmmmm, this was not my favorite of the ones a have read yes, there is the formality of writing of the times, but this book just felt stilted to me this go round Who knows, had I read it along with the others I may have looked at it differently Jade seemed to me to be a bit of a caricature this go round as well Almost, too adamant, too overblown in her independence.le sense of humor about much of anything Ah well.

    18. One of my favorite mystery characters Jade works to clear her boyfriend s name in a murder investigation You can t beat the African settings along with the action, mysticism and wildlife Leopard s Prey

    19. In this installment, Jade is back in Kenya This time she s out to defend Sam Featherstone, who is the main suspect in the murder of a prominent businessman in Nairobi This was another enjoyable episode in Jade s African adventures,but there s an underlying theme of sadness as Jade observes the effects of civilization on wildlife, but especially on the lives of the native peoples.

    20. This was just as good as the previous titles in the series although it is also just possible that it was particularly enjoyable because I am struggling to get through two other mysteries just now The final line of the book was something of a predictable cop out cliche, but not bad enough to spoil the fun of the story.

    21. This series is great I love historical fiction with a lot of atmosphere, a bit of mystery, and a plucky heroine As with most fictional books set in colonial Africa, the native population is pretty invisible That is frustrating This book gives a little glimpse that things might change in the next book.

    22. Unlike the last book in the series, I really enjoyed this one The setting and characters were all familiar and comforting and I liked the development of the supporting characters and their relationships The mystery was a bit obvious but good and went very quickly.

    23. Jade del Cameroon is an interesting mix of a person, and I like the setting of these stories in 1920s Africa makes me learn a bit about those times, what Africa was then, what it was becoming, too.

    24. Another good read from ArrudaI always enjoy the Jade del Cameron books I like that Jade is an independent adventurous individual The stories are set in exotic locals that I love reading about, and in a time period that holds a special fascination for me.

    25. Maybe because it s hard to think of collecting animals for zoos, but this one didn t thrill me as much Though it does a good job of showing how human habitation crowds out habitat I swear that I want to smack Jade up the side of the head at times It s not always about you, honey

    26. Murder, mystery, wild animal conservation and movie making in downtown Nairobi in the 20s Fabulous stuff This is whats getting me through the day at the moment Thank God for Jade del Cameron She should be available on the NHS Toast

    27. This book in the Jade del Cameron series took me a little longer to get into The author is very descriptive in writing about Africa and the animals, but the action in the book tends to be drawn out Still an enjoyable read and a mystery that I did not figure out.

    28. Another fun continuation of this great series and the characters and setting just keep getting better and better.

    29. If you like Amelia Peabody, you ll enjoy meeting Jade del Cameron, a wildlife photographer in Africa shortly after WW1.

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