Undead and Unwelcome #2020

Undead and Unwelcome By MaryJanice Davidson Nancy Wu Undead and Unwelcome Sassy and quirky with heaping doses of paranormal romance MaryJanice Davidson s New York Times best selling Queen Betsy series sinks its teeth into fans and never lets go Here Betsy must return the
  • Title: Undead and Unwelcome
  • Author: MaryJanice Davidson Nancy Wu
  • ISBN: 9781440720031
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Undead and Unwelcome By MaryJanice Davidson Nancy Wu Sassy and quirky, with heaping doses of paranormal romance, MaryJanice Davidson s New York Times best selling Queen Betsy series sinks its teeth into fans and never lets go Here Betsy must return the body of her werewolf friend Antonia to her own kind in Cape Cod And who knows how the wolves will greet her Then there s her half sister the devil s own daughter who is feeSassy and quirky, with heaping doses of paranormal romance, MaryJanice Davidson s New York Times best selling Queen Betsy series sinks its teeth into fans and never lets go Here Betsy must return the body of her werewolf friend Antonia to her own kind in Cape Cod And who knows how the wolves will greet her Then there s her half sister the devil s own daughter who is feeling her oats and beginning to raise a little hell.
    Undead and Unwelcome By MaryJanice Davidson Nancy Wu
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      MaryJanice Davidson is an American author and motivational speaker who writes mostly paranormal romance, but also young adult and non fiction She is the creator of the popular Undead series and is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author She writes a bi weekly column for USA Today A Writer s Life and lives in St Paul with her family You can reach her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter MaryJanice s Facebook page facebook maryjanicedavcmillan author maryja

    469 thoughts on “Undead and Unwelcome”

    1. If you skip this book, Betsy puts it best you didn t miss much Just me picking a fight with a bunch of werewolves, getting stabbed, Sinclair kicking the crap out of my stabber, me waking up, and then everyone taking off We also get blurbs from Marc s diary Yes, a grown man who writes a diary and starts each entry with Dude, insert eye roll here The only good part of the book happened away from Betsy because her sister, Laura, is starting to embrace her evil side.

    2. Well, well, well Queen Betsy is at it again Sorry to say there s no shoe shopping in Undead and Unwelcome , MaryJanice Davidson s latest However, Betsy and Sinclair DO learn a bit about werewolves and BabyJond Betsy s sister, the daughter of Satan Sound funny Oh, the whole series is a side splitter Picture a self absorbed, shoe loving, fairly normal, not so bright, teetering on 30 woman She goes out on her birthday, has a horrible time, gets hit by a car, and wakes up a vampire not just any vam [...]

    3. Once upon a time, there was a paranormal series about an unlikely vampire queen named Betsy The series was irreverent, clever, sexy, and funny Somewhere between the first book Undead and Unwed and this current entry, something happened Perhaps Mary Janice Davidson has run out of ideas and this series should have come to an end a couple of books ago The eighth book in the Queen Betsy series, Undead and Unwelcome, takes characters that I used to love and gives them very little in the way of plot T [...]

    4. This book was funnier than past ones have been, but that by no means says that it was a fabulous book I give it a 2.5 It wasn t There was hardly anything to the book If this book was spaced like normal books, it probably would only take 100 pages or so It is a fast read because the font is huge and it is spaced funny The first half of the book was a reintroduction to the characters I realize that accidents happen and people pick up books out of order and such I know I have done it in the past bu [...]

    5. Way too short to sell as a hardcover novel Again with the large font, wide spacing and nearly blank pages Again with the unnecessary re hashing of earlier events in the series, leaving precious little room for new story.2.5 stars maybe, since it s better than the previous book It has a mildly interesting and suspenseful plot It s not as funny as MJD s usual stuff the series is getting darker Her acknowledgments in the beginning are funnier than anything in the novel.Sinclair has become really bo [...]

    6. 5 Stars I actually liked this one much better than the previous two I loved the extra focus on Laura and it looks like her story line is just starting to get good It was also a rare pleasure to get into Marc s head a bit My absolute favorite and will read again and again I strongly recommend It has outstanding qualities The characters are wonderful and surprising and multi dimensional The writing is luring, engaging, and well crafted enough to keep me interested from cover to cover and beyond Th [...]

    7. I know a lot of people have been disappointed in the last couple of books I am not one of those people I read this series to laugh and to cheer up It s nice to read a silly book every once in awhile It took a little time getting used to, but I eventually loved the story being told from two POVs We get Betsy s heart broken I don t know what to do story We also get Dr Marc s HILARIOUS commentary on how Laura has LHDM Yes, the acronyms were a little perplexing at times But, once I thought about wha [...]

    8. I really enjoyed the first five or so books in the Betsy Taylor Vampire Queen Series Now I m just slogging through hoping that MaryJanice Davidson wraps this up Undead and Unwelcome picks up where Davidson s bleak Undead and Unworthy left off Betsy and entourage are taking the body of werewolf Antonia back home to her pack on Cape Cod In the process, they hope to make things right with their furry counterparts and avoid a vampire werewolf war While that sounds like a plot that would fit into the [...]

    9. Undead and UnwelcomeI m happy to say that this book is a much faster and better read than the last few I really liked this book, I ve read all of this series and loved it at the start but found by book 6 I liked it but I wanted something new This one has parts where it s not just her as the protagonist and speaking from her point of viewrst Betsy has to take the body of her werewolf friend Antonia who died in protecting Betsy to Cape Cod where the Wydham werewolves live It turns out not so easy [...]

    10. Good story, but I felt it wasn t as good as the other books in the series.I liked when Becky was getting mad because she couldn t understand the e mails And Laura was just so funny She wanted to get rid of all the vampires, but she forgot that her sister is the queen of the vampires.

    11. I have read two other books by Davidson, and they weren t bad, so I decided to give this one a try Betsy Taylor, Vampire Queen of the Undead, and her husband Sinclair, are flying to Cape Cod with the body of her friend, Antonia, who died saving Betsy s life apparently in the previous book, which I have not read Antonia was part of a werewolf pack who were not comfortable with her presence because she had the gift of premonition, but could not change into a werewolf The pack wants answers about w [...]

    12. Warning Rant coming What is going on Doesn t anyone know how to edit any ARE there no editors Do authors NOT KNOW HOW to edit themselves Or are we too afraid to OFFEND people by saying Gee you might want to edit that I am getting TIRED of seeing good books that could have been great or ok books that could have been much better but they lacked editing I am saying this because I am seeing a fun series turn into mind numbing drudgery because the author nor the publisher had the guts to edit Hearing [...]

    13. Does anyone else hate these new covers Some sad parts, some laugh out loud parts, some interesting new info, but on the whole this one was way too short I agree with the reviewer that said this felt like a filler short story It seems as though this was written as a bridge book because I m not entirely sure where Betsy will be going from here The visit with the wolves was wild, and it would be interesting if the vamps had contact with them in the future Laura on the crazy train was rushed but ha [...]

    14. OKis is 2.5 stars So even though it s better than the last book, it s not as good as earlier installments of the series I don t think I m going to read any future Queen Betsy books.

    15. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsThis book begins when Eric, Betsy, Jessica, and the baby must go to the werewolves to take home the one who died Betsy already feels guilty, and they have no idea what to expect with the Pack Betsy learns some things about her baby brother, and she also ends up impressing the werewolves However, she still has a lot of trouble coming her way This book was okay I didn t like the way it switched point of views, that was annoying Other than that I liked it B [...]

    16. I love this series, but this installment was a little strange for me It felt really disjointed for the first 1 3 of the book Betsy felt spazzy to me, like she couldn t keep a thought straight in her head I did like it better than the last because I did not feel angry at any characters Still, I d give it 3.5 stars.The book started with a preview, which I assume was the devil worshipers locating Laura It was a little vague and contributed to the disjointed feeling I got Marc s journal entries also [...]

    17. Wow This series has become one that annoys me, but for some reason I keep on readin 8th book in the series Series spoilers in review In Undead and Unwelcome we find Betsy, Queen of her world, doing what she does best, making everything about her She often says throughout the book self centered me Yeah Her friends even talk about how all about me she can be Dr Mark Spangler stole the show in this one, IMO His journal entries were hilarious Mackin on Sinclair hehe He, Laura daughter of Satan, fate [...]

    18. I am an MJD fan and will continue to be, just like I will continue to follow the Undead series, even though it seems to be on a downward spiral So, yes, Undead and Unwelcome is Book 8 surely, by now, I should be used to how Betsy books turn out I have no issues with MJD s style of writing the haphazard crazy way of writing is fun and suits Betsy s personality Wafer thin plots, I have of an issue with, but even that I can overlook I mean, we all know Betsy books aren t exactly literature I think [...]

    19. The latest installment in this series finds Betsy, Sinclair, and Jessica traveling to Cape Cod to deliver Antonia s body to her family of werewolves After realizing that the vampire community is unorganized and weak in comparison to the werewolves, Betsy finds hereself in the position of having to play diplomat This is done with her usual brand of witty charm, humor, and bitchy honesty.While the gang is in Cape Cod, life at home is not peaceful Betsy s half sister, the devil s churchgoing daught [...]

    20. After reading some of the reviews of this one, I was afraid it was going to be awful Maybe that s why I didn t think it was so bad It was still a classic MJD fun fluffy afternoon read Betsy co have to go deal with Antonia s werewolf pack on Cape Cod, leaving only Tina and Mark behind Once there, they have to contend with a bunch of angry wolves who are convinced that Betsy is somehow responsible for Antonia s death If that wasn t enough, something seems off about BabyJon Hmmm.Back at home, Mark [...]

    21. This series has taken a very mediocre, often annoying turn for me It isn t horrible or unreadable, but I really don t feel a lot of motivation to keep going with the series Queen Betsy has had little to no character development since the very early series Her humorous narcissistic charm has now just become annoying, and I find her grating on my nerves The side characters aren t strong enough to hold me to the series either Those that interest me have very minor roles, and those that have page t [...]

    22. I have to whole heartedly agree with the posters who criticized this book as 1 too short 2 too fluffy 3 unnecessarily spending the first 100 pages rehashing the last 7 books and 4 having a ridiculous number of spelling and grammatical errors I truly enjoyed the first several books in this series but, boy, was this one terrible It eventually did advance the plot a little bit, but the advance was so minor, it should have been a short story, rather than an attempt at a full length book I suspect th [...]

    23. These keep getting sloppier and less interesting this one not only were there several egregious spelling and grammar errors but some plot skips too.if they need a careful editor and proofreader I d happily do it, otherwise, get it together One thing that really bugged me is a lot of it felt like oh, by the way this happened catch up summary for people who may not have read the previous books Really They take about 2 hours to read on a slow day, so if you haven t read them and for some reason are [...]

    24. What a waste of my time Just to sum up what happens Betsy introduces herself and all the characters in the book again , she whines about how people think she s self centered, she has an amazing revelation that makes her feel bad about herself, she verbally spars with Sinclair after explaining why she calls him Sinclair and not Eric , she then makes a few witty comments about her new shoes, and then continues to whine about anything else she can think of.I m pretty much done with this series It s [...]

    25. This book by Davidson is a very interesting vampire book Learned some things about vampires and others by reading this books The characters are interesting and the plot certainly was different Enjoyed reading the book and I think others will too.J Robert Ewbank author John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms Wesley s Wars To Whom It May Concern and Tell Me About the United Methodist Church

    26. Better the second time around even though Betsy is still a bit grating personality wise I really like the pack They completely stole the spotlight in this book Hopefully, they show up in future books or MJ will write some additional books about them.

    27. another great book in the series I was a little lost at the beginning but once I realized what was going on i just got better I really love the humor

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