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The Scent of Rain and Lightning By Nancy Pickard The Scent of Rain and Lightning Engrossing lyrical and suspenseful The Scent of Rain and Lightning captures the essence of small town America its heartfelt intimacy and its darkest secrets where through struggle and hardship peop
  • Title: The Scent of Rain and Lightning
  • Author: Nancy Pickard
  • ISBN: 9780345471017
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Scent of Rain and Lightning By Nancy Pickard Engrossing, lyrical, and suspenseful, The Scent of Rain and Lightning captures the essence of small town America its heartfelt intimacy and its darkest secrets where through struggle and hardship people still dare to hope for a better future For Jody Linder, maybe even love.One beautiful summer afternoon, from her bedroom window on the second floor, Jody Linder is unnerveEngrossing, lyrical, and suspenseful, The Scent of Rain and Lightning captures the essence of small town America its heartfelt intimacy and its darkest secrets where through struggle and hardship people still dare to hope for a better future For Jody Linder, maybe even love.One beautiful summer afternoon, from her bedroom window on the second floor, Jody Linder is unnerved to see her three uncles parking their pickups in front of her parents house or what she calls her parents house, even though Jay and Laurie Jo Linder have been gone almost all of Jody s life What is this fearsome thing I see the young high school English teacher whispers, mimicking Shakespeare Polished boots, pressed jeans, fresh white shirts, Stetsons her uncles suspiciously clean visiting clothes are a disturbing sign The three bring shocking news The man convicted of murdering Jody s father is being released from prison and returning to the small town of Rose, Kansas It has been twenty six years since that stormy night when, as baby Jody lay asleep in her crib, her father was shot and killed and her mother disappeared, presumed dead Neither the protective embrace of Jody s uncles nor the safe haven of her grandparents ranch could erase the pain caused by Billy Crosby on that catastrophic night Now Billy Crosby has been granted a new trial, thanks in large part to the efforts of his son, Collin, a lawyer who has spent most of his life trying to prove his father s innocence As Jody lives only a few doors down from the Crosbys, she knows that sooner or later she ll come face to face with the man who she believes destroyed her family.What she doesn t expect are the heated exchanges with Collin Having grown up practically side by side in this very small town, Jody and Collin have had a long history of carefully avoiding each other s eyes Now Jody discovers that underneath their antagonism is a shared sense of loss that no one else could possibly understand As she revisits old wounds, startling revelations compel her to uncover the dangerous truth about her family s tragic past Engrossing, lyrical, and suspenseful, The Scent of Rain and Lightning captures the essence of small town America its heartfelt intimacy and its darkest secrets where through struggle and hardship people still dare to hope for a better future For Jody Linder, maybe even love.
    The Scent of Rain and Lightning By Nancy Pickard
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      287 Nancy Pickard
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    1. Nancy Pickard

      Nancy Pickard is an American crime novelist She received a degree in journalism from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri and began writing at age 35.She has won five Macavity Awards, four Agatha Awards, an Anthony Award, and a Shamus Award She is the only author to win all four awards Her novel The Virgin of Small Plains, published in 2007, won an Agatha Award She also served on the board of directors of the Mystery Writers of America.

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    1. Onvan The Scent of Rain and Lightning Nevisande Nancy Pickard ISBN 345471016 ISBN13 9780345471017 Dar 320 Safhe Saal e Chap 2010

    2. I was browsing in my library s fiction stacks one day when I came across Nancy Pickard s The Scent of Rain and Lightning Let me just say I was smitten from the start as you ll never meet a bigger sucker for a great cover or even better title I ve been cruelly disappointed using this method to ferret out books in the past, but I ve also stumbled upon some real gems.I grew up in the Maritimes of Canada Newfoundland to be precise a craggy, fogged in island rock that s bathed in the sun s rays about [...]

    3. Thank you Another First Reads win I particularly wanted to like this book because it was a freebie from first reads However, I found the plot trivial and predictable, the characters unbelievable and the ending wrapped up just a little too neatly without enough substance to warrant it I d be specific, but I don t want to ruin the plot line for those who haven t read the book But, just let me say this Pickard s story didn t hold me in suspense like a good mystery should She establishes early on w [...]

    4. I received this book as a FirstReads giveaway Initially, I was drawn to the cover and the title if you know me at all, you know that there s nothing I love than thunderstorms and a good book so I was thrilled when I won this one, even before really knowing what it was about I knew it was a kind of cold case mystery, and that was enough to get me to request the book Well, along with the gorgeous cover, that is.The edition I read is an Advance Reader s Copy, so there were some grammatical, punctu [...]

    5. I read this book because it got starred reviews from both Booklist and Publisher s Weekly, but after reading it I can t help wondering at those accolades The prose is not particularly poetic, the characters though likeable enough are not compelling, and the plot is not that engaging I had no trouble setting it aside when it was time to go to bed, and I m the type of person who is easily and thoroughly absorbed by a good story.I wonder whether the reviewers at Booklist and Publishers Weekly were [...]

    6. 3,5 stars.It was better than I expected, especially because it was not a recommendation, but an Black Friday bargain.The Scent of Rain and Lighting was a fast read The characters were not as rich as I d preferred, but they managed not to ruin the story The scenarios were wonderful, though I could easily picture the places in my mind.The solving of the mystery felt a little forced to me, and the ending aside from the reveal , predictable.In short, it was a good read but no masterpiece And it didn [...]

    7. I absolutely loved Nancy Pickard s The Virgin of Small Plains A Novel of Suspense, but this book is even better Nancy is a magician at making you feel what her characters are feeling and at weaving enough suspense into her writing that you just know that something dreadful is going to happen on the next page, and you have to get to it to find out what She uses different viewpoint characters who only see part of what s going on and understand even less, and lies, and hidden objects to draw you in [...]

    8. This novel reminded me a lot of the novels of Joshilyn Jackson portraits of deep south, family mysteries and so on and for a while I thought it would live up to Jackson s novels, but unfortunately, it doesn t There s some good writing here, and the reveal did honestly surprise me, but it sort of falls apart at the end I was raising eyebrows at the sudden reveal Yes, a tie clip at the rocks reveals everything No, maybe he didn t lose it just going out there, it obviously reveals he s a murderer O [...]

    9. A young woman 26 whose father was killed 23 years ago and whose mother went missing, presumed dead, finds out that the murderer has been set free and is coming back to town We now go back in time to 1986 and learn about all the events that took place leading up to the infamous crime Once we have all the information regarding the events of the past, the author takes us back to the present to see how the story unfolds This is a mystery so not too much can be said here I am not one who reads the st [...]

    10. It started out strong, but it just fizzled out towards the end It was almost as if the author didn t know how to bring the story to a powerful close.

    11. Several recent mystery stories from Laura Lippman have delved not only into the whodunnit aspect of crime fiction, but also the impact it has on the characters and the community Following that trend is Nancy Pickard s The Scent of Rain and Lightning On a hot afternoon, Jody Linder is visited by her three uncles to let her know that Billy Crosby is being released from prison Billy was sent to jail 23 years earlier for the murder of her father and on suspicion of doing something to her mother Jody [...]

    12. MAY BE SPOILERSRose, Kansas, the Linder Ranch, and the Linder family.Jody Linder was left an orphan at the age of three, and the man who had been accused of killing her parents 20 years ago was being released from jail on this hot, muggy, rainless day in Rose, Kansas Her uncles arrived together at her home to tell her the news.The story then moves from the present back to the events that led up to the murder of Laurie and Hugh Jay Linder The Linder family owned a huge cattle ranch, and every fam [...]

    13. While on some levels I did like this book, as a whole I found it to be mostly disappointing It started out as a typical whodunnit and while it could have actually been a good one, about three quarters in it felt like Ms Pickard ran out of steam It ended so abruptly, without any real sense of closure for any of the characters or any explanation of how their lives were affected by the unexpected ending I just didn t feel satisfied I kept expecting to gain some insight into the main character s min [...]

    14. In accordance with FTC guidelines, I ll begin with the disclosure that I won a copy of this book through First Reads program.Review Pickard s novel is my first first reads selection I was drawn to it by the description of Pickard s writing as blurring the lines between mystery and literary fiction To label this short novel as literary fiction stretches the definition of the term a bit She does have some nicely turned phrases e trotted back to her truck, feeling as if something within her had bot [...]

    15. Some writers ease the reader into their story, but Nancy Pickard dives right in with The Scent of Rain and Lightning By page six, she has set up the framework of her novel and by the end of the first chapter, the reader is hooked on a tale of murder, mystery, family and love.Jody Linder is infamous in the town of Rose, Kansas On a dark and stormy night 23 years earlier, someone shot and killed Jody s father her mother disappeared and is presumably dead From that night on, three year old Jody Lin [...]

    16. I was captured and enraptured by The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard I haven t read anything by Pickard in years but perhaps it s time to fill in the gaps Nancy Pickard is an Edgar winning author so I think I was expecting of a who dunnit when I picked this up There is a murder and you do want it to be solved and justice to be served in the end Where the story really shines is in its exploration of family with all their flaws Set in Rose, Kansas, we meet The Linder Family, well kno [...]

    17. What a fantastic bookI had no idea until the very last chapter what had happened and who was responsible for this cold case night and so many people in the small town of Rose affected in such awful ways Every bit as good as Pickard s last book, The Virgin of Small Plains.I was hooked from the first page and was on the edge of my seat until the last page I had no idea of who the villain was until the very end.d cannot imagine why anyone would think this book was predictable Pickard has a wonderfu [...]

    18. I won this book in the first reads giveaway I loved this book I am a hard core mystery fan and this wasn t a typical mystery They way that the book is laid out it starts out as of a story about the murder and then progresses into a who done it The characters were very well described and you felt that you had a clear idea of who each person was and what they stood for The story kept you hooked the whole time Some people in their reviews said that the characters were not believable, but I would d [...]

    19. Won this on This was an enjoyable read At first I thought the characters were pretty predictable and they kind of are, but there s some pretty surprising twists towards the end even if they aren t totally believable.There s not much to say without ruining the book.

    20. Jody s parents were murdered over 20 years out and now the killer is out of jail Only maybe he didn t do it The emotional struggle and depth of characters kept me hooked I loved this book

    21. Nancy Pickard, The Scent of Rain and Lightning Ballantine, 2010 In the end, as I ve mulled this over I finished it about two weeks ago and have been letting it stew , I feel like I should have liked The Scent of Rain and Lightning a lot than I actually did I ve been reflecting on this, and I ve come spot up against a conundrum that I haven t yet quite figured out how to solve But deadlines loom, and thus I m writing the review instead of letting the book stew a bit In any case, the conundrum i [...]

    22. Mmm okay I am in a book club with my two sisters I will not name them here, partly because I want to protect their privacy and partly because I already feel badly enough about making them share genetic traits I m the oldest of the three girls and am an omnivorous reader Granted, I might not like everything I read, but when I ve got the shakes from word withdrawal and need to read something I don t let finding only a small fold out on Playtex tampon application get me down Toxic Shock is real, fo [...]

    23. I don t remember where I first saw a description of this book, but something about it kept drawing me back to it and I finally decided it was time to give in to the urge to read it And I am so glad I didOn a night in 1986 on a small Kansas town, the lives of the Linder family were forever altered Three year old Jody was left an orphan after her father was murdered and her mother disappeared, presumed dead Jody s grandparents, aunts, and uncles sheltered Jody from the worst of the investigation a [...]

    24. This novel starts with a 26 year old woman in a small Kansas farm town learning that the man who was convicted of murdering her father the same night that her mother went missing, presumably also dead was being released from prison, largely about concerns about the fairness of the original trial The book then flashes back to 23 years earlier and details the events and the people involved in the death and disappearance.The first half of the book was just great, Pickard does a great job creating f [...]

    25. Nancy Pickard takes us to Rose, Kansas where a man s conviction of murder has been overturned and he is returning back to the scene of the crime That shakes up the whole town but especially the family of the man who was killed and whose daughter in law is still missing Their daughter Jody takes us through her story and finds things may take her down a very unexpected path.Colin Crosby, the son of the man convicted of murder had a very interesting story as well His father treated him terribly but [...]

    26. I get a lot of used books from my friends and family, but nothing is better than getting a brand new book Similar to getting a new dress, which as the third girl in my family of six children did not happen very often when I was a child.I enjoyed this book very much I started reading and spent several nights up late to get past the next big event The story is written about a small town called Rose, Kansas Jody Linder s father was murdered and her mother disappeared when Jody was a young child Jod [...]

    27. I enjoyed Pickard s The Virgin of Small Plains and thought I would give her another try I guess I like contemporary mysteries than I want to admit and need to stop being a book snob I don t care for the shallow characterizations and action packed mainstream thriller genre But I have come to appreciate the work of writers like Kent Krueger, Nancy Pickard and in particular Tana French When I want something that is entertaining enough to keep me turning pages in the wee hours, has a bit substance [...]

    28. I haven t read a mystery in a while and I m so glad I did This book, start to finish, is terrific Here is one that I thought, well, I d just do the first chapter and see if it s interesting, but then I was hooked One chapter I couldn t put it down.Excellent writing Interesting characters The plot pulls you, keeps you reading and and yet there aren t any car chases or lots of running around It s just a well developed plot that is rolled out in such a way that you find yourself trying to figure ou [...]

    29. I liked this book but I didn t love it, although I m not sure that I can put my finger on exactly what was missing For some reason, I just did not connect with any of the characters except for Belle, who made me chuckle because she s the same way with her mom that I am with my own The female lead characters were relatively strong for the most part, but the males were just one dimensional descriptions on a page As for the murder mystery itself, I felt like the author dropped too many in your face [...]

    30. I found The Scent of Rain of Lightning to be a very enjoyable read The author s third person POV writing is such that it s meant to be savored Her story telling is eloquent and concise as she weaves a mysterious tale of love and betrayal that intertwines the lives of two families for over two decades Some predictability and an abrupt ending kept me from rating the full five stars However, if you enjoy subtle mystery in your fiction, lots of questioning in a slow building plot with tones of roman [...]

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