The Lightkeeper's Daughter #2020

The Lightkeeper's Daughter By Colleen Coble The Lightkeeper s Daughter With the lies of the past behind her Addie finds love and discovers her true Father Addie Sullivan leads a quiet life in a northern California lighthouse She mourns the death of her father and endure
  • Title: The Lightkeeper's Daughter
  • Author: Colleen Coble
  • ISBN: 9781595542670
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lightkeeper's Daughter By Colleen Coble With the lies of the past behind her, Addie finds love and discovers her true Father.Addie Sullivan leads a quiet life in a northern California lighthouse She mourns the death of her father and endures her mother s bitterness, until the night a storm brings an injured stranger and a dark secret to her home The man insists she is not who she thinks she is, but ratheWith the lies of the past behind her, Addie finds love and discovers her true Father.Addie Sullivan leads a quiet life in a northern California lighthouse She mourns the death of her father and endures her mother s bitterness, until the night a storm brings an injured stranger and a dark secret to her home The man insists she is not who she thinks she is, but rather Julia Eaton the child long lost and feared dead by her wealthy family Seizing the chance to be reunited with the Eatons, Addie leaves her lighthouse home but decides to keep her true identity a secret until they can unravel the mystery.Addie loves the Eatons palatial home tucked away among the California redwood forests She feels secure with the jovial family, adores the young boy who is her charge as governess, and finds romance with his father John, a young widower But sinister shadows overtake Addie s joy As dusty rooms and secret compartments give up their clues about her past, Addie finds a faith and a love she could never have guessed To embrace this new world of promise is to risk her life but to run away is to risk losing the greatest love she s ever known.
    The Lightkeeper's Daughter By Colleen Coble
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      USAToday bestselling author Colleen Coble lives with her husband, Dave, in Indiana She is the author of dozens of novels including the Rock Harbor Series, the Aloha Reef Series, the Mercy Falls Series, the Hope Beach Series, the Lonestar Series and two Women of Faith fiction selections, Alaska Twilight and Midnight Sea She has than 2 million books in print.

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    1. I don t know if I ll be able to convey just how badly written edited constructed this book is but boy will I make a valiant effort If I could give this a negative star rating I would choose a 10 for don t bother save yourself the trouble money and just say NO before you start banging your head on the wall after every chapter I even had a dream before I finished the book about writing a review giving it a negative star review because, yes, it IS that bad If I hadn t been participating in a book r [...]

    2. UPDATED REVIEW finished reading this yesterday, and here s my grand opinion a much better book is in here somewhere, nearly completely obscured by the flim flam coble has potential as a writer, but she needed to start with a simpler story her ambitious enthusiasm results in a drowning, flailing mess my advice, which is oh so expert, would be to cut this down to about 50 pages as a writing exercise back to the basics, ms coble 1.5 stars, because i finished it and it made me want to visit lighthou [...]

    3. update was five stars just to tell you I don t know what day I started this so I love love LOVED the mystery aspect super awesome not unpredictable but like just enough so you like guessing and guessing and guessing And I made a family tree for this one This has crazy family connections but once you get it you are fine I am not super in to the romance but I did like the writing And the characters where really well developed and written and interesting I am sorry I don t have to say But I did no [...]

    4. The ONLY thing that keeps this from being a 1 star review is that I know the fictional town of Mercy Falls is based on the very real and very beautiful town of Ferndale on California s historic Gold Coast Apart from that, I was shocked at just how dismal this novel was The writing was laughable at best, so stilted either from style or severe editing that it read like a classic Dick Jane or See Spot children s book The references to Scott Joplin leapt off the page not because they were well writt [...]

    5. This is a pretty good book I listened to the audio book this time through and I must say the narrator left a little to be desiredThe romance had me rolling my eyes in good natured mockery at times, but it wasn t too bad PThe mystery suspense was actually really good Not surprising, considering who the author is I have always enjoyed Colleen Coble s writing It s been a while since I last read this book and some elements of the story took me by surprise all over again I did like the epilogue, thou [...]

    6. Addie Sullivan isn t who she thinks she is And it explains so much while at the same time opening up a whole new realm of questions When a man claiming to be her uncle discovers Addie scraping by with her widowed, lighthouse keeper mother he shocks her with truth that soon snowballs Addie is the daughter of an influential family, the Eatons Two decades ago she was presumed lost in a shipwreck along with her biological mother Convinced by her new found Uncle Walter that she should keep quiet abou [...]

    7. This is a very poorly written and edited book Punctuation is all over the place Everything jumps around, and I mean everything From point of view whose point of view is the book told from I don t know Setting Story plot A character is introduced as Mr Soandso, no first name And then, all of a sudden, we are on a first name basis, and I had NO idea who we were referring to Addie was ship wrecked as a 2 year old This was stated several times And then, all of a sudden, she was ship wrecked as a 5 y [...]

    8. My overall impression of this book was very good I would like to share some things I liked and others I thought could be improved upon The historical fiction setting and historical details of the early 1900 s, including the realistic social struggle and varying attitudes between different societal classes, the clean romance between two of the main characters, and the suspense mystery element of the story were all well done and, in my mind, definite pluses The areas that could have perhaps used s [...]

    9. This book started out a bit rocky for me and continued to be so to the very end For almost fifty pages at the start of the book, I couldn t figure out what relation Addie and John were Right off, we are shown the story of how two year old Addie was found after a shipwreck and how her whole world get s overturned when she discovers as a young woman that she is quite possibly the lost daughter of a rich family She is caught between being plain old Addie and being Julia Eaton, the heiress of a fort [...]

    10. In my opinion, this book is actually a Romantic Suspense, as well as a Historical Romance And, I absolutely loved it The Lightkeeper s Daughter will keep you guessing until the very end There really were no slow parts in this book, and I could have read it in one sitting if everyday life didn t interfere If you ve never read any of Colleen s books, this is a great place to start I also recommend that you read her Rock Harbour series.There isn t much I can say about this story without giving away [...]

    11. The Lightkeeper s Daughter was an incredible story and I loved it Full of romance and mystery, it kept me reading and I couldn t put it down Seriously John was the dreamiest hero ever I loved him and how he treated Addie She was a great heroine, too She loved the Lord and it was evident in her life The spiritual thread in this book was excellently inserted and made the book just that much better It didn t feel forced, but very natural I loved how Addie s respect for the hero made him want to be [...]

    12. This is the first book by Colleen Coble that I have read It was a very enjoyable read I started in the morning and I was done by the end of the day I even went to a movie and ran errands in between After finishing this one, I am looking forward to in the Mercy Falls series.Addie Sullivan is shocked when she finds out that she is the thought dead daughter from a wealthy family The man she believed to be her father passed away 5 years earlier and the woman who said she was her mother has never lo [...]

    13. This book was kind of like a bad car accident I didn t want to keep reading it, but I couldn t force myself to stop A romance mystery I didn t know those even existedThe writing was atrocious and I really question the amount of research the author did to qualify this as historical fiction There were only fleeting details that could have been attributed to any particular time period I also found it increasingly annoying that story lines were completely glossed over, as though an in depth discussi [...]

    14. This was a simple and sweet romance mystery I enjoyed the time period and the highlighting of the protagonists faith in God This was a clean read The downside the writing was a trifle too romancy for my tastes, not to mention that I enjoy a bit tension in a budding romance I wish the author hadn t felt the need to remind us every couple pages of the couples attraction towards each other I found the plot interesting yet muddled as it wound around in odd directions I could be wrong but it seemed [...]

    15. I would have read this sooner if I had known this would be so good There is mention of God and prayer in this but not enough to distract from the story which turns out to be a romantic mystery.After a steamboat explosion, a two year old heiress is washed up on shore and taken in by the local lighthouse keeper Twenty three years later, her uncle arrives to reveal her true identity but did her mother, Laura really die in the steamboat accident At first Addie is introduced into the Eaton household [...]

    16. Words cannot describe how awful this book was Horrible writing, cheesy dialogue, bad character development, plot less story line with a stupid and predictable ending This is supposed to be a Christian fiction book, but the Christian portions came across as un natural and fake I will not be reading any books by this author and I suggest that you don t waste your time I would recommend books by Tamera Alexander instead if you are looking for good Christian fiction.

    17. this was not just a great historical fiction work but also an excellent suspense novel I was delighted with how Addy interacted with her new family and John The fact of little Edward s epilepsy was treated with compasson and empathy and not used as a crutch by the author and the way she wrote about the shepherd Gideon behaving like a therapy dog and hero was ingenious I also loved all the twists and turns of the mystery of who was attacking Addy and Walter and the real culprit behind the boat si [...]

    18. The Lightkeeper s Daughter by Colleen CobleThis story had mystery right to the end, you will want to read the story of Addie Sullivan She lives with her mother in a lighthouse A man comes to the lighthouse after seeing a picture that he thinks might be the little girl in his family that was lost on a stormy night when a ship sank She was found on the shore by the lightkeeper and he decided to keep her She never knew he was not her real father until this man showed up and then Pandora s box was o [...]

    19. Addie aka Julia, 26 years old shipwrecked when she was 2 years old, raised by the lighthouse keeper husband wife a mysterious benefactor paid them for her care and their secrecy her father died, her mother, who was never warm to her, is even colder she sews, she heals, she took a correspondence course for her degree, she is isolated, she loves her dog Gideon, she wears a locket that had her grandmother s face in it, with a steady belief in God s providence until her uncle Driscoll comes to the l [...]

    20. I have never read a book by this author I have read Christian Fiction before, I have liked them and I must also say I ve never really read historical fiction either Also, there is romance in there So, that being said As soon as I picked up this book, I was not able to put it down At the beginning of the story the author sucked you in There were some things I thought that were consequentially that made it seem unlikely Some of the things were that a gentleman fell down the steep hill and he just [...]

    21. Some of the notes I ve made throughout my progress with this book 1 Naive heroine More like idiot.2 Repetitive expressions, inappropriately modern English words for the early 20th century.3 Why does he keep comparing his dead wife to her To elevate her to the eyes of the reader Believe me it s ineffective and a major turn off for this bookSTLY, God moved them about at his will If her Maker intended her to marry John, it will happen If that wasn t his plan, she d have to find a way to accept it A [...]

    22. After ready the Sunset Cove Series by Colleen Coble, which I thought were amazing, I was quite excited to start this series Well NO this book was not as good as the first series I read It started off really slow, and I found had no real story line to it IT WAS AWFUL Honestly the entire first half of the book was a bore to read and I barely made through it The only semi good part of the book was the few chapters before the end, where the suspense that I really liked in the Sunset Cove series kind [...]

    23. This is book 1 in the Mercy Falls series by Colleen Coble This was my first novel by Colleen Coble, and I enjoyed it very much The story drew me in right from the start The one negative thing that I do have to say is that I did have a hard time keeping all of the characters straight in the beginning Sometimes a character would be referred to by their first name, and other times by Mr ____ or Mrs ____ Just a little confusing, but not too major to detract from enjoying the story.The setting was be [...]

    24. The Mercy Falls series, by Colleen Coble, has consumed the small amount of free time I have had over the last week or so I have thoroughly enjoyed them all Image The first book, The Lightkeeper s Daughter focuses on Addie Sullivan who finds out that she is not who she has always thought she was She travels to Mercy Falls to discover her true heritage, by living in her real father s house without telling them who she is While she hides her identity, she finds that truth is being hidden from her a [...]

    25. Set in the early 1900 s, The Lightkeeper s Daughter is a story of romance and unconditional love Addie Sullivan, raised as the lightkeeper s daughter finds out when she is twenty five years old, that she is actually the daughter of a very rich man Brought into the man s home to serve as a governess for his grandson, while her history is being investigated, Addie falls in love with the little boy A child with epilepsy, who the grandparents love deeply, but are also ashamed of, Addie loves the lit [...]

    26. This book was suggested by our reading group and I m so glad it was This was the first book I have read by Colleen Coble but I enjoyed it very much Now I can t wait to read the others in the Mercy Falls Series Addie who was a child tossed to the sea, lived a lonesome seclued life as the light keeper s daughter in Mercy Falls, California One day a long lost Uncle arrived in Mercy Falls who would change her life forever She set out on an adventure to find her family and hopefully reclaim the love [...]

    27. I truly enjoyed this book It had a good amount of mystery and kept you reading to find out what happens next It is clean and good for young people to read It is a feel good story with many twists and turns I like the fact that I did not have a clue what was going on until than halfway through the book because the author gave a hint of something but not enough info to give it away LOVED it It was not what I thought it would be Its a good book and I think all will enjoy it There were a few things [...]

    28. I loved this book There was enough mystery, intrigue, romance and adventure to keep me turning the pages until I reached the end The ending surprised me than I thought it would and I always enjoy that from a book I wasn t sure what to expect when I first picked up this book but I would gladly read it again and again To me, it is one of those books that, even though you already know the ending, is worth reading than once to make sure you didn t miss a thing The characters and scenery were vivid [...]

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