Elephant Elephant: A Book of Opposites #2020

Elephant Elephant: A Book of Opposites By Francesco Pittau Bernadette Gervais Elephant Elephant A Book of Opposites Introduces opposites through simple text and illustrations of elephants
  • Title: Elephant Elephant: A Book of Opposites
  • Author: Francesco Pittau Bernadette Gervais
  • ISBN: 9780810936997
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Elephant Elephant: A Book of Opposites By Francesco Pittau Bernadette Gervais Introduces opposites through simple text and illustrations of elephants.
    Elephant Elephant: A Book of Opposites By Francesco Pittau Bernadette Gervais
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      459 Francesco Pittau Bernadette Gervais
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    1. Francesco Pittau Bernadette Gervais

      Francesco Pittau nato in Sardegna ma di nazionalit belga Attualmente vive e lavora a Bruxelles autore di numerosi libri per bambini insieme a Bernadette Gervais e proprio alcuni dei loro maggiori successi sono stati tradotti per la prima volta in Italia da Il Castoro

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    1. Review from darrengoossens.wordpress 2016 11 25 well chosen elements elephant elements by pittau and gervais.Here s a novelty I m talking about a kids book Originally published in French as Les Contraires, Elephant Elements is that rare beast, a work aimed at kids which pleases adults but without being sly or condescending.So many childrens books illustrate one word per page, to build vocabulary and teach those first few words How could one word offer scope for wit, style and panache This is whe [...]

    2. I don t know where to begin Perhaps with the cut up elephants, the cut up body parts, or the peeing Or maybe I should start with the butt plug No, for me it has to be the elephant on fire Animal cruelty Let s start there I did not laugh at this book I was shocked I withdrew it from our library because of how horrible it was I have fielded many complaints about books over the years that I thought were a bit silly but never have I been so anti a kid s book myself There were elephants cut into piec [...]

    3. I bought this book for the school library after flipping through the first 6 or 7 pages Looked like a normal opposites book at first glance When I had a closer look speechless Some of the opposites states these elephants go through are pretty twisted While I had a good laugh over corked and uncorked , boy and girl showing peeing styles , other pairs like fresh and rotten , alight and extinguished just left me shaking my head I ended up taking the book back couldn t imagine what the preps parents [...]

    4. I can see how some find this inappropriate , but my 4 year old and 2 year old laughed just as much as I did about this Okay, the 4 year old wants to pick the pieces up and put them together again on the whole versus pieces page, and she will pick favorites on the other pages, but otherwise we enjoyed it.

    5. Absolutely hilarious book as an adult, yet very disturbing when showing my toddler They show an elephant with a zipper opened body with intestines and a reg elephant to demonstrate open and closed Also odd, they show a boy Elephant penis peeing vs the girl elephant with urine coming out of her ass What a teasure Haha That library book was not in our house very long.

    6. This is an odd little opposite book Some might be offended or shocked if they don t know what they are about to read However, compared to traditional opposite books for young children, this text has vocabulary I wish were included in texts for young children.

    7. But of course elephants are the obvious choice for a book of opposites Why wouldn t you use them to demonstrate such concepts as whole vs in pieces, hairy vs feathery and open vs closed A children s book for grown ups and strange children but beware, it has a tragic end.

    8. Bizarre Pittau chose some pretty odd images here Boy vs Girl rapidly shoots into my mind.I ordered this for my library based on reviews, but when I received it, right back to the vendor it had to go I could see the much trouble than it s worth so clearly.

    9. Very clever opposites book with simple and funny bold illustrations of the same elephant displayed in unusual ways including boy and girl and plugged and unplugged which some may find risky and others, like me, may find clever and silly.

    10. I bought this book for both my nephew my goddaughter about 5 years ago after cataloging it for our library I haven t laughed so hard at a children s book in ages Warning, though, I have a very warped sense of humor and not everyone will like it or think it appropriate.

    11. A hilarious explanation of basic concepts using an elephant Very simple Yet I d like to think that it s actually intended for adults as I usually do with children s books.

    12. I laughed so hard at this book What a different concept I wish I had thought of it Kids will love this book over and over and over.

    13. Big and small, square and round, clean and dirty, solid and liquid a playful pair of pachyderms takes on all kinds of unexpected and humorous forms to illustrate a wide variety of opposites.

    14. This books is amazingly French.There are so many interesting spreads as to the nature of opposites.You really just need to read it for yourself to judge.

    15. I can t believe that I read this book and it was in band and there was some super messed up sh t how is this a children s book

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