Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre #2020

Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre By Rod Glenn Sinema The Northumberland Massacre A winter s tale with a sting There s a newcomer to the small Northumberland village of Haydon a charming novelist and film buff researching a crime thriller about a serial killer on a rampage in a re
  • Title: Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre
  • Author: Rod Glenn
  • ISBN: 9781600471568
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre By Rod Glenn A winter s tale with a sting There s a newcomer to the small Northumberland village of Haydon a charming novelist and film buff, researching a crime thriller about a serial killer on a rampage in a remote Northumberland community The only trouble is, it s a work in progress and it s going to be non fiction 392 innocent men, women and children stand in his way to achieA winter s tale with a sting There s a newcomer to the small Northumberland village of Haydon a charming novelist and film buff, researching a crime thriller about a serial killer on a rampage in a remote Northumberland community The only trouble is, it s a work in progress and it s going to be non fiction 392 innocent men, women and children stand in his way to achieving a sadistic dream As the worst winter in than a century approaches, can two investigating police officers trapped with the terrorised residents stop this monster
    Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre By Rod Glenn
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      Rod Glenn Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre book, this is one of the most wanted Rod Glenn author readers around the world.

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    1. What s the e book equivalent of page turner This book certainly fits into that category An ambitious, vicious whirlwind which hooks you from the first page and is so compelling that you revel in the book s central idea and sail through the work s weaker spots And boy, are there ever weak spots The book falls neatly into two halves the first half deals with the set up of a man trying to kill all 392 residents of a remote village, the second half deals with the crimes which are to cement him as th [...]

    2. I read this book and it s follow up back in October 2010 I recently discovered a third book in the Sinema series and having a recollection of an awesome book peppered with unimaginable blood and gore, I decided to have a second go at the pages and read all three in succession I must admit, it s far better second time round Hannibal Whitman Han , a fictitious person and a film fanatic decides to obliterate a small village of the map somewhere in the county of Northumberland by murdering every liv [...]

    3. This is a story about a man An ordinary man who is a film buff and runs a DVD store He also has a vision of becoming the most prolific serial killer in UK history He does his research, meticulously, and picks a village of 392 residents in Northumberland He packs his bags and goes to stay in the village under the pretext of writing a novel He gets to know the villagers and befriends them Then one snowy night he puts his terrifying vision into practice.Well, this completely blew my socks off Half [...]

    4. From the prologue to the conclusion, this story kept a great pace and flow that provided suspense and horror This reader couldn t put the book down and read it from cover to cover in one sitting Being an American reader didn t matter, as even when the language or dialogue fit the characters residing in Northumberland, it didn t hinder the enjoyment and context of the story It made it realistic From the eyes of the killer, stalking his victims, to the police who discover the horror, each charact [...]

    5. So I finised this yesterday, and I am surpised that it took me that long.I was stuck to my Kindle reading thisLoved it, it reminded me of a couple of fav authors, John Walker and Steven King High praise you may think, but this is one of the best of this genre that I have read I loved the story and what a twisted mind Mr Glenn has, in the best sense of the wordI will not say what happens in the book, but the ending is a real shocker read it you will see what I meanI see on that there is to be seq [...]

    6. What a series The first book takes you on a macabre journey as the main character sets out to butcher a village Book 2 follows on as he embarks on a brutal plan to rid society of SCUM Book 3 take that further as he joins a society to do the same thing but almost legally, until the bottom falls out of the plan Great books which should be read back to back, and they would make a fantastic TV series or film A MUST READ 20 10

    7. Found this book entertaining from start the finish and just read it for the second time The character is well written and you almost end up feeling sorry for him which I am sure is the authors intention.Its shocking in parts and comical in others , it has everything I personally want from a book.Highly recommend reading this.The only concerning bit is that the author reminds me too much of the main character lol sorry glen

    8. Would read another book by the author but there was a lot unexplained in the story I have been associated with law enforcement for over 25 years and I would need a lot detail as to how this could possibly happen I could see maybe with just the main characters but not for the whole town.

    9. Recommended by a friend from work I went online and bought it after she sung its praise I absolutely loved this book and read it in 2 days I just couldn t put it down

    10. Horrifyingly good Was quite disturbing in places Rods imagination is pretty sick I m definitely going to go back and read it again.

    11. A superbly chilling, gut wrenching read at times Almost unpleasant to read because it s so grim at certain intervals there was scope for even gruesome descriptions and the author chose to leave some of it to the imagination thankfully A heavily laid on theme is the film fan aspect and I felt it should have tied in to the events meaningfully linked to a childhood trauma or some such rather than just being a running overlay throughout It got a bit much so I didn t really enjoy all the references [...]

    12. I wish I knew about film culture before reading this book as some of the references were a little lost on me, however the ones that I did get i found enjoyable and the use of them really served as something interesting and different about the piece.I found the plot to be very engaging not very scary, as some of the other reviewers pointed out, but a little gritty in places I was reading this book at the same time as Serial Killers The method and madness of monsters , which is a non fiction acco [...]

    13. Plot summary Sinema is a extremely creepy book revolving around the protaganist Hannibal Whitman, a film fanatic and budding author who decides to take a trip to a village in Northumberland to begin writing his book During his time in the village, he grows to know each and every individual, liking some, despising others, even entering into a relationship with one of the villagers However as the villagers are about to unfortunately find out, the book that Hannibal is writing about mass murder is [...]

    14. A name that is obsessed with movies has come up with the plan to be the most notorious serial killer who murders everyone in a village He comes up with the name Hannibal Whitman and randomly picks a small village in Northumberland From there he follows the different residents around, learning about them while becoming part of this small village Hannibal tests the waters and is a suspect since he is the new person in town But when no evidence is found, he proceeds on to the murder everyone in tow [...]

    15. Sadly this crime thriller is rather run of the mill and like a made for TV movie It is a bit like Eastenders but set in a small remote village in Northumberland It does not raise the bar as a crime thriller and is rather bland What this novel lacks is an author s voice, his writing style is not distinctive It is however an easy read and although it is quite ordinary, you feel that Rod is trying hard But this story is bulked out by to many references to films and songs The planning by Hanibal Whi [...]

    16. I bought it, read it to the end, and failed to get it I enjoy a good thriller, but this seemed to me like a rather pointless and implausible story about somebody killing off hundreds of people for no apparent reason I didn t find it at all frightening.Whilst reading I kept feeling that I was entirely missing the point, and that it would be revealed at the end But if it was, I missed it.However, clearly the book has been hugely successful, so congratulations to the author It s just not for me.Bas [...]

    17. A one man killing machine With no apparent reason to the reader, Han travels to a distant village and plans his murderous rampage of people he hadn t previously known Good story for about the first half of the book then it becomes all blood and gore and no story Many movies are mentioned as well as verses from songs of yore So ya, I liked the first half The second half over the top with one man being able to kill off dozens of others.

    18. Despite the gruesome details I found this story horribly fascinating There were far to many cinematic and musical references for me to get them all, but the author helpfully provides a list at the end.

    19. Writing was okay butSubject matter awful, story follows a cold blooded killer who kills just because he can Horror is not one of my preferred genres and this book was definitely horror.

    20. I loved the concept behind this thriller, and in the whole thought it was good, but there were occasional parts that I didn t find entirely believable, which took the edge off it a bit for me and just stopped it completely absorbing me That said, I ll read the second one at some point I m sure.

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