The Silver Moon Elm #2020

The Silver Moon Elm By MaryJanice Davidson Anthony Alongi The Silver Moon Elm Scaly skin family fights s tough being a teenage dragon Jennifer was just starting to get comfortable in her own skin scaly as it is She should have known that as half weredragon half beaststalker
  • Title: The Silver Moon Elm
  • Author: MaryJanice Davidson Anthony Alongi
  • ISBN: 9780425215265
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Silver Moon Elm By MaryJanice Davidson Anthony Alongi Scaly skin, family fights s tough being a teenage dragon Jennifer was just starting to get comfortable in her own skin, scaly as it is She should have known that, as half weredragon, half beaststalker, things don t stay normal for too long Following through on a promise made to her mother, Jennifer agrees to go to Crescent Valley, where Jennifer and her father fiScaly skin, family fights s tough being a teenage dragon Jennifer was just starting to get comfortable in her own skin, scaly as it is She should have known that, as half weredragon, half beaststalker, things don t stay normal for too long Following through on a promise made to her mother, Jennifer agrees to go to Crescent Valley, where Jennifer and her father find refuge with other weredragons, and where they meet Xavier Longtail Xavier, a powerful elder dragon, doesn t believe in peaceful co existence, and after he stirs up trouble in her family, Jennifer wonders if he isn t right She s about to go nuts with all the fighting, when her ex, Skip, comes to her rescue and whisks her off to the movies, where she falls asleepWaking up, Jennifer finds her hometown overrun by weachnids, dangerous half werewolves, half spiders Weredragons are long extinctexcept for Jennifer, of course, and the ominous Xavier Longtail, and it s up to them to return the universe to normal Can they trust each other enough to pull it off or are they the last of a dying breed
    The Silver Moon Elm By MaryJanice Davidson Anthony Alongi
    • [E-Book] ✓ The Silver Moon Elm | By Ù MaryJanice Davidson Anthony Alongi
      306 MaryJanice Davidson Anthony Alongi
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      MaryJanice Davidson is an American author and motivational speaker who writes mostly paranormal romance, but also young adult and non fiction She is the creator of the popular Undead series and is a New York Times and USA Today best selling author She writes a bi weekly column for USA Today A Writer s Life and lives in St Paul with her family You can reach her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter MaryJanice s Facebook page facebook maryjanicedavcmillan author maryja

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    1. Trying to bring together dragons, werachnids and beaststalkers, Jennifer Scales is frustrated with old prejudices When she wakes up in a world where werachnids rule supreme and the dragons are nearly extinct, she must discover the source of the enchantment and break it in order to get things back to normal.The characterizations of Jennifer s parents continue to be problematic, with both of them coming off as irrational, overly emotional, and at times cowardly The what if the arachnids won situat [...]

    2. Jennifer Scales is a weredragon, changing into one every crescent moon, then changing back to a human The book starts with her taking a trip to Crescent Valley She s bringing along a beaststalker and a wereachnid, both of which are usually enemies of weredragons.She s there with Susan pure human Catherine weredragon Eddie beaststalker and Skip wereachnid The visit doesn t go well.Xavier Longtail is another dragon His daughter s father was killed by Jennifer s mother when she was a beaststalker J [...]

    3. I loved the first two installments in the Jennifer Scales series I was eager to read this one and excited to find that it seemed a little longer than the previous two In The Silver Moon Elm , Jennifer is trying to encourage alliances between the dragons and the beaststalkers She finds out some things in her parents past that aren t pleasant and could affect some of her current relationships Suddenly the world as she knows it has been changed Jennifer and Skip find themeselves in an alternative u [...]

    4. Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadTooJennifer Scales had the shock of her life when she discovered that she wasn t truly human She found out who she really was right when she began to morph, which was perfect timing for her parents to tell her how she is beaststalker and weredragon To make matters even worse, both the halves that make up Jennifer are at odds with each other Jennifer wants all sides to have peace with one another, and her trip to Crescent Valley shows th [...]

    5. This book will probably appeal to people who enjoy a mix of modern day fantasy, dragons, spiders, and time travel I had a hard time getting into this one Though I read a lot of fantasy, this is my first exposure to were dragons, werachnids, and beast stalkers, with several mixes involved like the half were dragon half beast stalker main character, Jennifer Scales I later realized that this was the third book in the series, but it stands alone pretty well Maybe some of the above concerns would ha [...]

    6. The first half of the book was upsetting to read she was making mistake by mistake and just digging the whole deeper.Also, the otherworld thing was brought out of the blue and seemed rushed and unbelievable.It got better when she stopped looking for allies , which to this point has only managed to get her in the worst situation possible, and started to act.From this point on, it was all action, adventure, surprises and a bit of teenage drama luckly not much, as before.All in all, the book only g [...]

    7. Things go from bad to worse, when Jennifer takes her friends with her to Crescent Valley and they are not welcomed by the Weredragons, her mother fights with her father,and then Jennifer finds out something about her father that has her so angry She ends up sneaking out with Skip for ice cream, falls asleepwhen she wakes up, she finds that things are not the same fact they are very, very different Jennifer struggles through this reality, making new friends, finding many enemies and looking for a [...]

    8. This book is definetly the weakest of the three Jennifer Scales books The concept of an alternate universe is very interesting, but Skip went from being a semi arrogant teenage boy to a stubborn, selfish little prat who can t think of anyone but himself And although swear words in books don t bother me, other books are abound with them then context made it seem false To me, it seemed like the authors were attempting to make Jennifer grow up by adding f bombs here and there This made her characte [...]

    9. This is a book of romance, hatred, and betraed love Jennifer is a weardragon with a little beaststalker mixed in her mother is a beaststalker but doesent kill weracnids werespiders werescorpions and weredragons any because she maried a weredragon Jenifer is the anchent furnace and a 15 year old girl Her ex is a weracnid that can turn into any spider and scorpion which is big enough to eat a cow in 2 bites His mother desides to change the univerce so she can find her dead dauter that is also Jeni [...]

    10. Boy Talk about dysfunctional families The Scales are awful How did they manage to get together in the first place I m not sure if I can take much of this snarkiness Jennifer is a rude, egotistical loudmouth, her mom is a crazy bitch and the dad is a wimp In fact most of the males in this are wimps.The storyline, while kind of interesting, doesn t make up for the characters dialog and actions I felt like quitting the story halfway through, but slogged on to see what happens End of series for me. [...]

    11. I m still not sure how I feel about these books The main character, Jennifer, just seems so mean at times and I can t really relate to her Not that I can relate to a weredragon or anything, but even when I was in the middle of my teenage angst years, I don t remember being that mean And the whole book is just too sci fi for me.

    12. Jennifer brings friends to visit the dragons who are beastmasters, humans and were arachnids in hopes of establishing communications and improving relations It doesn t go well Then things go really bad when Jennifer awakes to a world where a spell has re written history and the dragons are almost extinct And she has to fix things.I enjoy this series, I like Jennifer and her friends.

    13. I still have no sympathy for any character in this book series So much in fact, that I didn t even have the drive to finish this drivel, and I can usualy read anything This concept is good, but needs a different author to truly make it into something good I will NOT be reading any in this series.

    14. Imagine a universe where werearachnids rule, weredragons are nearly extinct, and beaststalkers are running for their lives Jennifer s there, thanks to her former boyfriend They remember the universe they came from, but no one else does Somehow Jennifer has to stop the werearachnid plot and change things back before it s too late.

    15. When I bought this I didn t realize it was the third book in a series And also that this is a book about teenagers even though they are interesting dragon, spider, beast stalker teenagers they still are only 15 years old and that is who the book is written for I read 20 pages and had to give up just too teenagery for me.

    16. Very weird story about alternate universes colliding, also has a bit of an It s a Wonderful Life element to it as well I also thought that the Character of Jennifer was a lot angrier than she was in the last two books, but then I can also relate to the feeling of having everything that you get near fall to ruin and that does tend to make a person angry.

    17. Third book in a series that right now has 4 books This one was very different that the other two some good parts, some bad I m hoping the next book goes back to its core and reads better and fluid than this one did Mixed bag.

    18. This series is one of the best I have ever read This is the last book in the series though, sniffle sniffle This was probably my favorite book out of the three GREAT READ

    19. Aside from a really long, depressing section, I enjoyed this book As usual most things came together nicely in the end I look forward to the unresolved issues being seen to in the next book.

    20. I love the Jennifer Scales books, but I enjoyed this one than the others The whole premise was fascinating, and I hope they build on the ends this book left open in he future.

    21. irgendwie waren die Hindernisse die Jennifer berwinden musste zu einfachine gro es tam tam wie in andren B chern, alles ist Uhr gerade Wegs in den Scho gefallen.

    22. This was the 3rd book in the series and I really enjoy these books It s unlike any other series I ve read The alternate universe was weird and I was sorry about Skip at the end.

    23. An interesting what if alternate universe scenario Jennifer finds herself in a world without beaststalkers or dragons It ll be interesting to see where the next book leads too.

    24. This started out as a normal Jennifer Scales story and turned a little weird in the middle It left me with a lot of unanswered questions that demand another book which should be released soon

    25. Very good read, good story Interesting characters and well written Keeps your interest throughout Would recommend reading this book o The author weaves a very compelling story.

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