First Draft in 30 Days: A Novel Writer's System for Building a Complete and Cohesive Manuscript #2020

First Draft in 30 Days: A Novel Writer's System for Building a Complete and Cohesive Manuscript By Karen Wiesner First Draft in Days A Novel Writer s System for Building a Complete and Cohesive Manuscript Finish an outline so complete it reads like a first draft in just days Say goodbye to writing and rewriting with no results Starting and finishing your novel has never been easier First Draft in
  • Title: First Draft in 30 Days: A Novel Writer's System for Building a Complete and Cohesive Manuscript
  • Author: Karen Wiesner
  • ISBN: 9781582972961
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • First Draft in 30 Days: A Novel Writer's System for Building a Complete and Cohesive Manuscript By Karen Wiesner Finish an outline so complete it reads like a first draft in just 30 days Say goodbye to writing and rewriting with no results Starting and finishing your novel has never been easier First Draft in 30 Days provides you with a sure fire system to reduce time intensive rewrites and avoid writing detours Award winning author Karen S Wiesner s 30 day method shows you how toFinish an outline so complete it reads like a first draft in just 30 days Say goodbye to writing and rewriting with no results Starting and finishing your novel has never been easier First Draft in 30 Days provides you with a sure fire system to reduce time intensive rewrites and avoid writing detours Award winning author Karen S Wiesner s 30 day method shows you how to create an outline so detailed and complete that it actually doubles as your first draft Flexible and customizable, this revolutionary system can be modified to fit any writer s approach and style Plus, comprehensive and interactive worksheets make the process seem less like work and like a game This invaluable resource also includes Itemized and flexible schedules to keep you focused each and every day Dozens of detailed worksheets to guide you through the outlining process Completed sample worksheets inspired by best selling novels Tips for outlining projects already in development Brainstorming techniques to keep you motivated Goal sheets for getting and keeping your career on trackMany aspiring and experienced novelists toss out hundreds of pages and waste valuable time before they have a workable first draft of a novel You don t have to fall into this category any With First Draft in 30 Days, you ll have the tools you need to write your masterpiece
    First Draft in 30 Days: A Novel Writer's System for Building a Complete and Cohesive Manuscript By Karen Wiesner
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      Creating realistic, unforgettable characters one story at a time Karen Wiesner is an accomplished author with 118 titles published in the past 19 years, which have been nominated won 134 awards, and has 39 releases contracted for spanning many genres and formats For information about Karen s fiction and series, consult her official companion guide, The World of Author Karen Wiesner A Compendium of Fiction.Karen s multi award winning and bestselling Incognito Series romantic action adventure suspenses has been revised and reissued The upcoming spin off series, Shadow Missions, will include four novellas to be released between 2018 2019.Karen s award winning Denim Blues Mysteries inspirational romantic mystery trilogy with a private investigator, police procedural and amateur sleuth installment is available now Look for the spin off trilogy, Red Velvet Mysteries, to be released between 2021 2023 Karen writes the multi award winning Falcon s Bend Series police procedural mysteries with author Chris Spindler of Auenwald, Germany Books 1 5 and the first two novellas collections have been revised and reissued Look for brand new series titles with FALCON S BEND CASE FILES, Volume III 2018 Karen s multi award winning Family Heirlooms Series inspirational romances is now available Books 1 6 of the spin off series, Friendship Heirlooms Series, are also available Look for Books 7 and 8 to be released in 2018 and 2019 All titles are set in Karen s fiction town of Peaceful, Wisconsin Her inspirational romantic fiction titles, HOME and DESTINY, are also set in her fictional town of Peaceful, Wisconsin are available now and are Peaceful Pilgrim novels Peaceful Pilgrim is an unofficial series in no particular order set in Peaceful, a modern day small community with old fashioned values and friendly people you ll want to get to know and visit often Look for the next three Peaceful Pilgrim novels with ONCE UPON A CLICH , a romantic comedy, coming 2019 THE JOURNEY HOME, the sequel to HOME, 2020 and A PERFECT MATCH, romantic fiction, 2021.Karen s newest series, Bloodmoon Cove Spirits, focuses on ghosts and is set in her fictional Erie County, Wisconsin Books 1 3 are now available Books 4 9 and the first novella collection will be published between 2017 2023 Karen s Wounded Warriors Series women s fiction and Gypsy Road Series contemporary romances have been revised and reissued along with her Angelfire Trilogy contemporary romances The new spin off series Angelfire II Quartet Books 1 4, including ONLY THE LONELY, MIDNIGHT ANGEL, SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT, and PROMISES IN THE DARK are all available now.Karen s writing reference titles include the bestselling FIRST DRAFT IN 30 DAYS and WRITING THE FICTION SERIES The Guide for Novels and Novellas, both available now from Writer s Digest Books Look for BRING YOUR FICTION TO LIFE Crafting Three Dimensional Stories with Depth and Complexity from WDB, release date June 23, 2017 and available now for pre order from and BN FROM FIRST DRAFT TO FINISHED NOVEL A Writer s Guide to Cohesive Story Building is out of print but has been revised and reissued with the title COHESIVE STORY BUILDING THE POWER OF PROMOTIONAL GROUPS details how published authors can set up a promotional group like Karen s own, the now defunct Jewels of the Quill Karen is also the author of the multi award winning ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING The Definitive Guide The Most Complete Reference to Non Subsidy E Publishing and WEAVE YOUR WEB, the promotional companion to ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING The Definitive Guide Both are currently unavailable.Karen s book of poetry, Soul Bleeds The Poetry, Melodies, and Other Wanderings of Karen Wiesner previously released as Soul Bleeds The Dark Poetry and Other Wanderings of K.S Wiesner , is available now, reissued and expanded Karen also writes children s books including KERI IS CUTE CUTE CUTE I CAN

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    1. This book has a persuasive title designed to grab your attention and sell copies A accurate title might be How to Write a Complete Outline for your Novel In 30 Days But I can understand why they didn t go that way Spending 30 days writing an outline doesn t sound very exciting However, when Karen Wiesner talks outline, she s referring to a scene by scene outline that s about one quarter as many pages as the finished manuscript to be And when you finish an outline like this, writing the book oug [...]

    2. An editor once told me that if you re going to take advice on writing, take it either from name bestselling writers or gatekeepers such as acquiring editors or agents not necessarily anyone who writes for Writer s Digest or has taught a writing class By those terms Karen Wiesner doesn t qualify I bought this book anyway for one reason there really isn t much out there that gives you much guidance about how to construct plots, and I had a half written novel on my hands that was stuck Well, there [...]

    3. This book helped me to get my first novel written I m grateful that I found this book I use a slight variation of the outline techniques discussed for all of my novels It s worth checking out for anyone who wants to write their first novel or anyone who has already written several books Everyone can learn something from this book.

    4. My complaints The title is misleading It is not telling you how to write a first draft in 30 days, it s telling you how to create a detailed outline in 30 days The font is tiny I think it s Times new Roman sized 8 9 I m short sighted and so the tiny font made it very hard to read.

    5. Planning a book before writing a book seems off putting to many writers who would rather dive in to Scene One and just see what happens Having written in that manner for my first novel, and then having to spend a lot of time in rewrite, I can say from firsthand experience that pantsing flying by the seat of the pants is definitely one way to write, but not the most efficient way If you are a hardcore pantser, don t bother picking up this book Chances are you re too stubborn to take anything away [...]

    6. Is a lot than a simple what to do on each day lots of short and sweet advice on writing, pretty much everything you need in a very condensed form Strongest point the plot outline Pantsers raises hand will surely benefit, though might find it intimidating at first Encouraging and helpful to have in arm s length Handy method that works Some surprisingly cool advice near the end Not writing a first draft but a complete, detailed outline The first draft is what you ll write based on that And then a [...]

    7. I followed this process pretty much during the month of October, 2011 to outline my first novel, although for the character sketches, I used some questions I found in other books in addition to the ones she suggests I found the book and the resulting detailed outline incredibly useful when writing the actual novel during NaNoWriMo in November I was able to finish my 60,000 word novel on December 1st, having written the 3k word prologue the last few days of October, 54k words in Nov, and the rest [...]

    8. I m mixed about this book There are some things I kind of glossed over because they didn t apply to my type of writing, but the section on re outlining and working on a completed draft was very interesting Going to be attempting to use these methods for a current project So, I liked it, but I don t think it s the right manual for me.

    9. I ve checked this book out twice wanting to like it, but the title is misleading and I don t have the patience for it The title SHOULD be First OUTLINE in 30 Days , because it talks about planning instead of drafting

    10. I read this looking for advice on structuring a longer piece as I ve never written a story longer than 20 pages There were some good ideas presented but the book is about 50% too long many ideas are repeated ad nauseam and there are way too many examples of filling in the worksheets she includes.

    11. I was skeptical when I started reading this book today, but I think it s changed my entire opinion about outlining Worth a read if you re a writer with a couple hours to spare.

    12. I m surprised by all the comments about the book s title being misleading When I originally got this one, I read the blurb on it and knew it was an outlining technique The author also says on the first page you will be creating an outline so complete it qualifies as a first draft What you write with the outline is the first full, and hopefully final, draft of your novel I first used the technique outlined in this book to revise a novel I d written I have since used my own variation of it to outl [...]

    13. After reading and highlighting the inside looks like a disorded rainbow I got a few tips, I have trouble to read to between the lines even in mine own language I will definitely be trying the 30 method but I m not sure when There are a few things that botherd me while I was read this book The continues word reader I will never be writing for readers so that they can be pleased The only I have to please is myself, not some faceless person on the other side of the globe The time management In 30 d [...]

    14. I m giving this book three stars for now because I haven t yet tried out the techniques in it I really like the idea of a structured outline I have a day job, so I need to be as efficient as possible with my writing time However, because of said day job, I doubt 30 days is enough time to complete the tasks Wiesner assigns to 30 days.Also, I m still skeptical that after 30 days, the outline will be sufficiently strong enough to count as the first draft, and that the rest of the writing process wi [...]

    15. I have found this book highly useful, but I can t say that it s perfect Her terminology is garbled and her examples are often too straightforward to clearly express the points she s trying to make Most of all, this is a book about detailed outlining of a novel It actually has nothing to do with writing a first draft The author claims that her outlines are so detailed that they count as a first draft, but I don t buy it and neither do most of her reviewers on.In many ways, this book has been so h [...]

    16. Not so much about writing a first draft, but rather about writing a very cohesive and detailed outline which Wiesner claims takes the part of a writer s first draft Not sure if I buy into it, but I m giving it a whirl I had some quibbles over her habit of repeating certain things way too many times her website, for example once would have been quite enough by the 4th 5th time it felt like self promotion, which was not the point of the book and there was some clunky bits I skimmed, but overall it [...]

    17. I met First Draft in 30 Days when it came riding into my 40,000 words too short first draft on a white charger and delivered the tools to add subplots I am forever grateful.First Draft in 30 Days is the book I love to hate Weisner takes a completely anal analytical approach to laying out a novel which is diametrically opposed to my personality However, ditzy, creative people need to impose order on their work or their books will never become cohesive The story train needs to stay on the track, n [...]

    18. This book is your best weapon if you have an idea in your head but no idea how it is going to morph into novel form It s practical, no nonsense, and forces you to sit down and shape a story I first tried it with a two characters I loved but for whom I had no story, and after a week, there was a novel planned for them I now use these steps for every novel I outline.The second half of the book gets repetitive for me After two brief outlines my fingers are itching to write, so I only use the first [...]

    19. best writer s resource book I ve found yet I plan to use this at the start of every manuscript note the title is misleading, it should be complete outline in 30 days because what you end up with is a plot summary, plot arc, outline and short blurb about every scene which is a lot to accomplish in 30 days Before reading this book I was worried that plotting things out in advance was uncreative with disasterous results for a shelved first novel Wiesner s processess allow for a lot of creativity at [...]

    20. This is the most detailed guide to outlining novels for struggling novelists I have ever come across Her story evolution guide illuminates structure for my whole book, but works equally well for a section of the book, a chapter, or a scene First Draft in 30 Days got me over a difficult learning curve for revision a few years back and I continue to use Karen Weisner s ideas every day I write and for developmental editing work for short fiction and novellas.

    21. I did not love or hate this book, but it did leave something to be desired Her system of completing a first draft, seems to work for her very well, but the method is not universal by any means and would not work for me However, the rating is based on the fact that the title and the content of the book do not match At best, an outline of the novel, not a first draft would be completed after 30 days.

    22. Oh Karen, thank heavens I found you I did so want to write a novel before I turned 80 Now it seems I can write 80 before 80 Let s see, if I m X years old and do 4 5 books a year, then multiply that by the number of years it will take me to reach 80 and, wait how many is that Oh that s right, I m not tellin Let s just say that, with your outlining system, it is theoretically possible So, what do you know about skincare

    23. This is a great book for writers who need structure or a place to begin I started reading it while I was already well into my work in progress I am using it as a tool to clarify my writing goals and to tweak my first draft The details it makes me explore give me a place from which to begin again when the dreaded blank page is staring me in the face I enjoyed the idea so much that I have already purchased her next book From First Draft to Finished Novel.

    24. A lot of writers hate outlining, but this book gives a lot of good tips on making it a faster and less painful process.I think some of the assumptions built into the 30 day shtick could be pretty unreasonable particularly if a book requires a lot of research , but that s of a quibble than a serious fault.

    25. I m beginning to think that these write a book in a month books are all about doing busy work but not doing any writing This book has even complicated busy work than the last write a book in a month that I read.I ll agree with the other reviewer who said this book is mid titled It s First Outline in 30 Days, not draft Skimmed through most of it and returned it to the library.

    26. This looks like a wonderful layout for writers needing lots of ideas for goals, outlining, planning, and scheduling I had a couple aha moments and will try her pointers I look forward to using her worksheet s for revising a couple older manuscripts.

    27. I m very much a type B personality, and this book has helped me SO MUCH in organizing what I m doing and getting my book ready to go without having to do six or seven drafts of a full manuscript This book is a lifesaver.

    28. I don t actually use this book the way she intends it to be used, I use it in conjunction with Randy Ingermanson s Snowflake method to help me flesh out some of my Snowflaking His system just works better for a reforming pantser like me

    29. Another great book by Karen Wiesner I bought this while in the throes of National Novel Writing Month and was happy with the systematic methodology Wiesner offered as one way of power drafting a first draft.

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