Save Karyn: One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back #2020

Save Karyn: One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back By Karyn Bosnak Save Karyn One Shopaholic s Journey to Debt and Back Drowning in of credit card debt shopaholic Karyn Bosnak asked strangers for money online and it worked What would you do if you owed Would you A not tell your parents B start your own w
  • Title: Save Karyn: One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back
  • Author: Karyn Bosnak
  • ISBN: 9780060558192
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Save Karyn: One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back By Karyn Bosnak Drowning in 20,000 of credit card debt, shopaholic Karyn Bosnak asked strangers for money online and it worked What would you do if you owed 20,000 Would you A not tell your parents B start your own website that asked for money without apology or C stop coloring your hair, getting pedicures, and buying Gucci If you were Karyn Bosnak, you d do all three.Karyn sDrowning in 20,000 of credit card debt, shopaholic Karyn Bosnak asked strangers for money online and it worked What would you do if you owed 20,000 Would you A not tell your parents B start your own website that asked for money without apology or C stop coloring your hair, getting pedicures, and buying Gucci If you were Karyn Bosnak, you d do all three.Karyn started a funny yet honest website, savekaryn, on which she asked for donations to help her get out of debt Karyn received e mails from people all over the world, either confessing their own debt ridden lives, or criticizing hers But after four months of Internet panhandling and selling her prized possessions on eBay, her debt was gone In Save Karyn One Shopaholic s Journey to Debt and Back, Karyn details the bumpy road her financial and personal life has traveled to get her where she is today happy, grateful, and completely debt free In this charming cautionary tale, Karyn chronicles her glamorous rise, her embarrassing fall, and how the kindness of strangers in cyberia really can make a difference.
    Save Karyn: One Shopaholic's Journey to Debt and Back By Karyn Bosnak
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    1. Karyn Bosnak

      Karyn Bosnak was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago After spending much of her early career as a television producer, she moved to New York in 2000 and became a writer Her first book, the memoir SAVE KARYN based on the website of the same name , received international media attention when it was published in 2003 resulting in appearances on the Today Show and 20 20 Karyn s second book and first novel, 20 TIMES A LADY, was published in 2006 and became the 2011 feature film WHAT S YOUR NUMBER starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans To find out what Karyn s up to, visit karynbosnak.

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    1. Warning, this a pink, girly girly book I struggled with this book I am one of those people who does not understand why on earth someone would pay 600 for shoes or 12,000 for a purse I would buy a car for 12,000 maybe, but not some fashion accessory that will be out of fashion in four minutes.Not only that, but the author doesn t learn her lesson in college when she uses her TUITION money to buy clothes WTF 1600 for clothes in one blow but they were cute , doesn t cut it with me and then she stru [...]

    2. I had a hard time with this one The premises is that the author moves to NYC from Chicago, runs up 20 grand in credit card debt, and then creates a website savekaryn asking for donations to help her pay it In the end, she did get about 13,000 from random people who sent her money She also starts selling some of her things on ebay, and contributes her own money as well She found herself between a rock and a hard place when she lost her job as a producer after 9 11, and from what it sounds like, t [...]

    3. I read this book as last month s book selection for a book club I belong to It was intended to contrast the very sad Billy that we reada contrast it was Overall, I liked the book I did think her narration of the shopping sprees was a bit long And, like other critiquers on this site, I cringed at her spending habits as well as her rationale I meanwho goes on shopping sprees, yet fails to purchase a lock for the door But the book was cute I got annoyed at how every other paragraph started with Any [...]

    4. Personal response My personal response to this book is that it was overall pretty good It did get boring at some points, but then events occurred that made it interesting I ve read it a few times before, so I knew what was going to happen already, so it wasn t as fun as reading a book for the first time Plot summary The plot summary of this book is that a girl named Karyn moves away from home and goes to a big city, New York, to pursue her dreams But then she starts spending a lot of money on t [...]

    5. I had a hard time rating this one The first half of the book was really hard to get through I knew the story would cover how Karyn got into debt, but I didn t realize how painful it would be to watch someone make such stupid choices with their money, or credit cards With that being said, I m sure it was hard to put all that out there, and I can admire her for that The real reason I wanted to read this book was to find out about her website, where she asked strangers for money It sounded interest [...]

    6. The third of my gal about town novels set in NYC God help me, I remember this girl when she launched her website, I even sent her a buck, a packet of kool aid, and a Target gift card with something like 2 on it She annoyed me, but charmed me at the same time So too goes this book She carries you, wide eyed and naive from downtown Chicago to NYC You want to scream at her stop when she buys her first pair of shoes for only 170, but at the same time, you want to continue reading to see what mess sh [...]

    7. Debtwe all have but most of us want to hide it Not Karyn In this great memoir, Karyn details how she acquired debt and ultimately, how she beats the debt In the beginning, Karyn was simply trying to live the life of a New Yorker ala Carrie Bradshaw But what the show failed to tell Karyn and myself is that NYC life is not as simple as a brownstone on a journalist freelancer salary Instead, everything adds up and quickly Although it s easy to say, no Karynn t do it , I often found myself nodding m [...]

    8. I just wanted to wring Bosnak s neck You watch her dissolve into a financially irresponsible moron and you want to put on your own set of high priced, spiky heeled boots of which you only have one pair and kick her in her ass After running herself straight into debt hell, Bosnak goes online and asks for donations from people, some of whom call her out on her idiocy and some of whom take pity, either out of empathy or karma Maybe as a fiscally responsible adult woman, who likes shopping for herse [...]

    9. This was a fairly good memoir, straightforward and honest It was interesting to read how Karyn convinced the world to send her money to pay off her bills However, the story as to how she got in so much debt almost made me hate her, because she was such an idiot I ll cut up my credit cards and keep just one for emergenciesg I have a date and nothing to wear, this is an emergency and I must charge a 200 outfit I wanted to grab this woman by the shoulders and shake her I hope she has sincerely lear [...]

    10. This book wan t terrible or great I picked it up mostly because I was curious as to what kind of person would have the balls to ask strangers to pay off her debt accumulated by buying crap she didn t need and couldn t afford Basically, her spending habits were enough to make me nervous just reading about them The writing was very basic, not all that funny, and she used anywho a few too many times for my taste It was interesting and I do like memoirs, so I don t regret having read it.

    11. This book is an atrocity, but I read it because the writer also spells her name with a y After reading it, though, I m thinking I should change my name to Karen or Karin or maybe even to Angela I would give this book one star, but I hated The Empathy Exams so much that I decided that this book should get stars Also, I expected this book to be an atrocity, so I can t say I was surprised.

    12. The true life shophaholic s journey to debt back s Becky Bloomwood brought to lifeThis was a book that evoked mixed emotions in me I couldn t quite identify with the way she racked up the debt but then I m not one for buying loads of clothes, shoes bags now books I could understand but it was easy to empathise with the feeling of struggling with debt, a feeling a guess we ve all experienced at some point in our livesif not to the degree Karyn did Some of the early parts of the story got a little [...]

    13. Reading this book made me feel better about my own financial predicament I owe some credit card debt and I m doing what I can to pay it off, but it s nowhere near the amount of 20,000 Quite a bit less, actually And I don t buy name brand stuff because it s Gucci, or Pradately have never bought a top that cost 140 I spend that much buying SEVERAL pieces of clothes and I have yet to be branded worst dressed for it Still, Save Karyn was highly enjoyable If I didn t know any better, I d have thought [...]

    14. I loved this book I love to shop and this book has opened my eyes to see just how deadly this can be Top it off I went and messaged the author and had a real live Karyn reply, I was shocked and amazed I loved her book and I will definitely be passing to as many friends as I can Thank you for writing such a great book

    15. I mean, it wasn t particularly funny and, for a lot of the book, I was cringing at the reckless spending I guess that was the point I didn t love this book, I didn t hate this book, but I read it That s all I got.

    16. Although I do not have a gi normous credit card debt, I could definitely relate to Karyn I am also a 20 something girl living in NYC and have definitely felt the push and pull of living here At the same time, I was amazed at what she was spending Her salary was at LEAST three times what I am making now and yet I somehow manage to survive without eating ramen and frapuccinos for meals.I think Karyn would have been a lot better off if she had friends in the city in her income bracket or less, who [...]

    17. I went into this one thinking it would annoy me Karyn Bosnack is the Karyn of savekaryn fame, the woman who ran up 20k in credit card debt after moving to NYC She charged up things like designer clothes, purses, shoes, hair appointments, and bikini waxes She made decent money for NYC six figures in the early 2000s but just frittered it away She was a TV producer and had worked for shows like Jenny Jones, Curtis Court, and the Ananda Lewis Show, the latter two of which didn t do very well This le [...]

    18. Taken from my blog Everything Karyn had ever known in life was in Chicago, so she decided to move to New York to get a brand new start It seemed as if she had a plan, then things started happening like expensive purchases from the stores downtown which were an indirect result to a few things not going right with her move And it just continued happening until her debt was reaching close to her paycheck By this point, there were so many frivolous purchases that it led her to her credit cards being [...]

    19. Karyn Bosnak and I go way back I ve been following her blog for about a year now, and we are friendly on all your standard social networks I read and reviewed her first novel 20 Times a Lady back in March, and this was the first opportunity that I had to read her memoir Save Karyn is the story of how Karyn moved from Chicago to NYC and in the process racked up 20 grand worth of debt In any other circumstance, I would be full of judgment at someone who got themselves in this sort of mess buying G [...]

    20. I like chick lit it s taken me a very long time to admit that I find it fun to live vicariously through these women who seem to always have it together with great jobs, loves, and style Save Karyn started that way then actually came through with a point and a lesson for that I loved it.It started out being silly and frivolous with the heroine Karyn shopping like crazy and spending foolishly on purses and shoes racking up a huge debt of 20,000 She finally realizes she can t pay it back on her own [...]

    21. This sounds like a very odd premise for a book, but it s extremely entertaining.Karyn is a young TV producer who moves to New York to further her career and find out what she wants from life She has a well paid, if stressful job, and starts to live the New York dream Manhattan apartment, a few designer outfits, expensive gym membership and grooming It doesn t take very much moderately high living to plunge her into a frightening spiral of debt, and when she loses her job in the insecure world of [...]

    22. I really love Karyn Bosnak s way of writing, it s always so simple but unique at the same time This book became my source of motivation during the last couple of days After I was done with it, I knew that her lessons did not end where the last words in her book were printed, she imparted it with me This book about a major part of her life is a wake up call to everyone who is probably on the verge of giving up on everything Save Karyn motivates and teaches the value of giving wholeheartedly witho [...]

    23. I ve never been the type to blow money quite so frivolously as Karyn I tend to be cautious, buying sale clearance items, or the store vs name brand, any way I can to save money However even I get sucked into a shopaholic frenzy at times, just not with designer clothes So in a way I could definitely relate to Karyn, especially with just how easy it is to charge something instead of paying cash for it There were times when I couldn t believe what I d just read, the silly things she did to dig her [...]

    24. I remember hearing about Karyn s story, and thinking that couldn t really happen But it happened, and I totally connected with Karyn Her stories of living in Manhattan and splurging on haircuts, cute clothes, and dinners out are all things that I have done routinely since I was in high school And the resultge debt like Karyn s The book makes human a struggle that so many Americans face paying the credit card bills Her take on debt wasn t trivialized like some said , but rather a, oh crudlook at [...]

    25. I just have to say, Karyn rocks When I stumbled upon her website back in maybe 2002 I cannot even remember the exact year I just remember it was funny She was funny I followed her journey of cleaning up her life selling off her shopaholic possessions on eBay I, too, sold on eBay at the time so it was the same feeling of you might bump into them somewhere in the 117 floor building you work in, one day Then she got the book deal I had to purchase the book We even conversed once via MySpace hahahaB [...]

    26. I first discovered this book about 3 years ago and to this day it has remained one of my favourite books It follows the true story of a woman who fell into a great ammount of debt and came up with an unusual yet genious way of paying it off I have owned several copies since as i have lost them due to moving Karyn wrote her memoirs in this amazing story that is inspiring, i had a rough patch with debt which is why i originally purchased this book and i have never looked back, its very uplifting, [...]

    27. After moving to New York City, Karyn Bosnak finds herself living a frivolous lifestyle and charging everything from purses, to shoes, and even her hair This only lasts a short while until she finds out she is drowning in 20,000 of credit card debt To help pay it off, she starts a website called savekaryn and gets an unexpected reaction to it The theme of this book is that happiness can be created through the simple pleasures, not the most luxurious things.The author, Karyn Bosknak s tone is the [...]

    28. What to say Well, the author is funny and there were several parts of this book that made me laugh out loud And while I realize that everyone carries debt at some point in their life, I can t relate to the NEED for big ticket items I could never justify spending 700 on lingerie or several hundred on one pair of shoes But just because I can t relate to her shopaholic ways, the book was still entertaining Maybe because it seems so foreign to me to rack up that kind of debt without panic I do belie [...]

    29. I d really wanted to love this book It started off well, despite the less than stellar writing I liked Karyn, but some of her financial decisions baffled me I have debt myself, and I totally understand the morale boost of shopping However, it was difficult to sympathize with her constant need to purchase insanely expensive items while she was upset over her extreme debt 700 for 2 outfits Ahhh I enjoyed the stories about her cat, Elvis I also liked her determination to get herself out of debt Wha [...]

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