Ill Met by Moonlight #2020

Ill Met by Moonlight By Sarah A. Hoyt Ill Met by Moonlight A world not of this world but in it where a transparent palace hangs suspended in mid air and tiny fairies twinkle here and therewhere a traitorous king holds court before elven lords and ladiesd wher
  • Title: Ill Met by Moonlight
  • Author: Sarah A. Hoyt
  • ISBN: 9780441009831
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ill Met by Moonlight By Sarah A. Hoyt A world not of this world but in it where a transparent palace hangs suspended in mid air and tiny fairies twinkle here and therewhere a traitorous king holds court before elven lords and ladiesd where fantastical tragedies and capricious romances reach out to entangle mortal soulsEnter William ShakespeareThis enchanting fantasy debut begins with the disappearanA world not of this world but in it where a transparent palace hangs suspended in mid air and tiny fairies twinkle here and therewhere a traitorous king holds court before elven lords and ladiesd where fantastical tragedies and capricious romances reach out to entangle mortal soulsEnter William ShakespeareThis enchanting fantasy debut begins with the disappearance of young Will Shakespeare s wife and newborn daughter a mystery that draws the Bard into a realm beyond imaginationd beyond reality Held captive by the devious ruler of the elves and fairies, Shakespeare s family appears lost to him forever But an alluring elf named Quicksilver takes a fancy to Shakespeare and sees a chance to set things right.Can a mere schoolteacher win his wife back from a king Or will Shakespeare fall prey to his own desires and the cunning schemes of the unpredictable elf
    Ill Met by Moonlight By Sarah A. Hoyt
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      102 Sarah A. Hoyt
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    1. DNF 60%, up to Chapter 12Read from April 20 to May 01, 2015Sometimes I read a book and it takes way too long to get into it, but I am so determined to finish it that I don t realize that every time I pick up my Kindle I do it as if it is a chore, a task that I need to complete in order to move to something enjoyable In the meantime, my to read list keeps getting bigger and bigger and I start to wonder whether I ll live long enough to read everything in there.That was pretty much my experience w [...]

    2. Who was Shakespeare s Dark Lady, and where did he get some of his most memorable lines Hoyt tells a tale of a power struggle amongst the elves, in which young Will Shakespeare he s just nineteen at this point and his family get sideswiped.Quicksilver, a young elf who is mostly male but sometimes female, is the rightful heir to the throne of the elvish kingdom, but he s been displaced by his elder brother This seems reasonable, when we first meet them, because while the brother s arrogant, Quicks [...]

    3. I got about a third of the way into this book before I had to set it aside The concept was irresistible Shakespeare versus the fairies I think there s a story in here, but it suffers from first novel syndrome The writing is something like florid and close to purple , but the result is that everything described seems like a set piece on stage from one angle, it looks magnificent, but step a little to one side and you see the front and the lumber propping it up The author tries much to hard to sho [...]

    4. The concept creating a story that is to be read as if it were the acts of to play was enjoyable And the idea that Will Shakespeare got the ideas for his plays from another reality, the world of elves and fairies is very close I found it interesting that the elves who are so beautiful can have anything they want but real emotion eludes them It is true the the author borrowers from just about every Shakespearean play known but is all works al least in the audio book because the story is read byJas [...]

    5. My God, I remember this being bad I generally try to give a book at least 100 pages before I give up on it I hated everything about this so much I d be surprised if I made it 50 Shakespeare, indeed.

    6. One day, a young William Shakespeare comes home from his teaching job to find his wife, Nan, and infant daughter, Susanna, missing Stick figures have been left in their beds, which means that they haven t just left, they ve been kidnapped by elves Having no idea what to do or who to see, Will starts to think that his wife and child are gone forever.Meantime, at a nearby elven castle invisible to humans, Titania and Oberon, the King and Queen, have been murdered Their younger son, Sylvanus, has t [...]

    7. Have you ever read a book for a second time and gotten so much out of it than you had the first time you read it That s how Ill Met by Moonlight was for me I think I read it first in 2003, and enjoyed it, but I m not sure I sensed just how clever the book actually was Quicksilver is the youngest son of Titania and Oberon, by rights the heir to their kingdom after their mysterious deaths However, his older brother Sylvanus holds the throne, and has taken a mortal woman, Nan, as nursemaid for his [...]

    8. Quicksilver is a faery version of Prince Hamlet He is the rightful ruler of his people, but his inheritance has been usurped by his murderous brother He can only wreak revenge and claim his birthright with the help of a mortal, and Will Shakespeare seems like just the man for the job Luckily, Quicksilver has a gender shifting talent, and Will is much intrigued by Q s female aspectWill has an agenda as well his wife has been kidnapped by the aforementioned usurping king, to be a nurse to the king [...]

    9. A surprisingly good take on how Shakespeare may have found inspiration for several of his plays I had tried reading this book about a year ago and didn t make it past the two page prologue, but upon trying it again this year, I was immediately immersed into young Will Shakespeare s world and found myself staying up late to read this one The book does suffer from slipping in and out of Shakespearean language, but otherwise a great first novel, and a wonderful take on Shakespeare s inspiration.

    10. A very intriguing alternative history of William Shakespeare that interweaves British fairytales with true facts of the Bard s life A fun read.

    11. About 3.5 stars which I pushed up to 4 being a Bard fan Here young Bill, a schoolteacher, arrives at home to find wife and baby missing, beginning an adventure in the forest home of elves who have their own political struggle to deal with There are many references and quotes from the plays and I liked the characters and story There is pondering than action but enjoyed it Certainly a different take on S s Dark Lady.

    12. William Shakespeare, aged 19 or 20, a small town schoolteacher, comes home one day to find his wife Nan and his infant daughter gone A small log lies in baby Susannah s crib, giving him the only clue to their whereabouts they ve been snatched by the Fair Folk.Quicksilver, heir of Oberon and Titania, comes home to find his his parents murdered and his throne usurped by his brother, Sylvanus He enlists young Will in a scheme of revenge, with Nan as both bait and reward.Alternating between happenin [...]

    13. This book asks the question what happened during Shakespeare s lost years and comes up with an answer of a fantasy nature A young Will comes home one night to find his wife and daughter gone, and his search for them will take him to the lands of the fairy and back again.Impression I should have read the description, I don t know why I didn t Maybe I did at the time I added it to my wishlist Regardless, this was not what I expected when I actually read it The writing is good enough, and the idea [...]

    14. Sarah A Hoyt may have the chops, knowledge, and research backgroup to write a very historically reasonable aside from the faeries protrayal of Shakespeare s early life, but, this book did not deliver Shakespeare enthusiasts may enjoy sifting through the plot and various dialogue sequences to find and place the Shakespearean works But, for me, this was distracting The references I noticed, seemed heavy handed and took away from the flow of the language infusing too much flowery to Hoyt s modern [...]

    15. Obviously, I couldn t put it down Historical fantasy fiction A young Will Shakespeare and the fair folk Easter eggs of quotes sprinkled throughout A very fun read for anyone familiar with the works of the Bard, but the story would work even for someone less so A very enjoyable and engrossing story.As much fun as this was, I do think it could ve done without the conceit of the narrator in the first and last chapters The story stood up well enough on its own without trying to give it storyteller w [...]

    16. I enjoyed the author s subtle interweaving of speeches from Shakespeare s plays into the dialogue between characters The passages were fairly well known ones, but I still enjoyed finding them throughout The dialogue in this novel, however TERRIBLE It felt as though Hoyt didn t much experience writing conversations and the characters came across as very one dimensional because of it The dialogue being stilted also affected the flow of the plot I had picked this up b c it had both Shakespeare AND [...]

    17. I am a huge Shakespeare fan and am always up for a good fairy story, so naturally I was very excited to find this book The story started well and sparked my interest, but from the moment the elf prince was introduced it went downhill The Shakespeare we know and love is here portrayed as a snivelling boy who doesn t know right from left and certainly incapable of writing the foundation of western literature, and to top it all off, Hoyt dares to present an angsty bisexual elf as Shakespeare s infa [...]

    18. i think that having a really good working knowledge of shakespeare s plays enhances the reading of this book a whole hell of a lot it s still enjoyable without say other friends who read it but i think that seeing all of the items that point to things that will occur in the plays is like getting all the inside jokes hoyt brings off something that i think is a tricky concept shakespeare is a character in her book which could be really mawkish if she tried to write as though he had spoken the way [...]

    19. This book tried be like a play, including having each chapter be a scene There were many references to Shakespeare s plays in the text though I m sure I missed a lot of them Ultimately it didn t work for me because the chosen style resulted in lots of running around and talking a lot in the manner of Shakespeare s plays than Shakespeare himself and his contemporaries probably did While fairies may reasonably speak that way, Shakespeare as a young man probably didn t The story had some interesti [...]

    20. Apparently I read this awhile ago not only did I read it, but I own it, and now have two copies because I picked this copy up used for like 1 Oops Anyway, it was a long time ago that I read it, so I didn t remember much, so the reread didn t feel all that much like a reread I liked this it was interesting, and sweet, and I liked the slight Tam Lin thread at the end And all the quotes from Shakespeare s plays worked into the dialogue was a cute touch.More excitingly, the sequel which I definitely [...]

    21. I think this book is ill served by its cover it s the title alone which impelled to pick up this debut book by Sarah Hoyt.All I ll say that the first half is splendid and not just for readers of romantic fantasy Startlingly well written with unpredictable reversal after reversal and enough emotional angst for two or three books The second half, although equally well written, was a tad too predictable This contrast between the two halves I ll just put down to first book inexperience.

    22. I actually listened to the audiobook version narrated by Jason Carter on a long road trip last week It was Mr Carter s rendition of this book that kept me enthralled and glossed over the shortcomings in the writing repetitive phrasing and use of adjectives for example Highly recommend the audio version as opposed to the written one.

    23. Sweet, earnest story about a couple of self centered manboys who eventually grow up and learn true love One of whom is William Shakespeare and the other being a shapechanging gender switching elf prince No delicious yaoi occurs, unfortunately But it was okay, on the whole, if a bit heavy on the Shakespeare theme in both plot and prose.

    24. Based on the ratings of others, I was almost pessimistic to begin this book, but the synopsis on the back cover had me too intrigued not to read it I LOVED it There was a great respect for Shakespeare s stories and his fictionalized life The fantasy that was created around it was also fun and enjoyable It makes me want to dive in and read Tempest or Midsummer Night s Dream all over again

    25. DNF With my fondness of Shakespeare this should have been a good match for me, but I found it unreadable It just so failed to catch my attention I don t think I made it than twenty page in, and I don t even remember the content of those twenty pages.Two stars instead of one because I don t remember it being actively bad, just boring.

    26. This historical fantasy combines two subjects that I absolutely love Will Shakespeare and Fae However, it was so slow that I just couldn t really get into it The climax was good, but the rising action was a very gradual slope that did not make for exciting reading.

    27. I thought this was an imagined history of likely events during one of Will Shakespeare s undocumented times But it was silly fairies have kidnapped his new wife and child Little references to many plays are dropped in but not in a coherent sense.

    28. Nice take on a fusion of Shakespeare s possible early life with things from his plays and possible inspirations in the form of elves from faerieland Etc Fun and written with the idea of trying to be similar to the plays in terms of style of writing.

    29. A tough book to rate, nothing about the book appeals to me except the author wrote a short story in one of my favorite authors universe Shakespear, elves, fairies, love, not interested BUT this book held my attention page ten thru finish so give it a five and maybe read another book from Sarah

    30. This is a very joyful book After Dhalgren it really refreshed my spirits Shakespeare s wife is stolen by elves With the help of a very wronged elvish prince, he precapitulates the Shakespearean oeuvre as he attempts to win her back A lot of fun.

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