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Collected Short Stories By Robert Graves Collected Short Stories Beautifully varied widely eclectic these selections cover among other topics an heroic protest at prep school Treacle Tart a con artist who uses the art of escapology in real life situations a m
  • Title: Collected Short Stories
  • Author: Robert Graves
  • ISBN: 9780140184846
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Collected Short Stories By Robert Graves Beautifully varied widely eclectic, these selections cover, among other topics, an heroic protest at prep school Treacle Tart , a con artist who uses the art of escapology in real life situations, a man who claims the power to kill with his voice The Shout Most of the stories, including such improbable ones as Kill Them Kill Them , The Whitaker NegrBeautifully varied widely eclectic, these selections cover, among other topics, an heroic protest at prep school Treacle Tart , a con artist who uses the art of escapology in real life situations, a man who claims the power to kill with his voice The Shout Most of the stories, including such improbable ones as Kill Them Kill Them , The Whitaker Negroes A Toast to Ava Gardner are, the author insists, true Written between 1924 1962, each stands on its own but together, as autobiography, this collection makes a fascinating companion to GOODBYE TO ALL THAT, Robert Graves famous account of his life at Charterhouse School as a young officer in WWI.
    Collected Short Stories By Robert Graves
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      Robert Graves

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    1. Robert Graves

      Robert Ranke Graves, born in Wimbledon, received his early education at King s College School and Copthorne Prep School, Wimbledon Charterhouse School and won a scholarship to St John s College, Oxford While at Charterhouse in 1912, he fell in love with G H Johnstone, a boy of fourteen Dick in Goodbye to All That When challenged by the headmaster he defended himself by citing Plato, Greek poets, Michelangelo Shakespeare, who had felt as I did At the outbreak of WWI, Graves enlisted almost immediately, taking a commission in the Royal Welch Fusiliers He published his first volume of poems, Over the Brazier, in 1916 He developed an early reputation as a war poet and was one of the first to write realistic poems about his experience of front line conflict In later years he omitted war poems from his collections, on the grounds that they were too obviously part of the war poetry boom At the Battle of the Somme he was so badly wounded by a shell fragment through the lung that he was expected to die, and indeed was officially reported as died of wounds He gradually recovered Apart from a brief spell back in France, he spent the rest of the war in England.One of Graves s closest friends at this time was the poet Siegfried Sassoon, who was also an officer in the RWF In 1917 Sassoon tried to rebel against the war by making a public anti war statement Graves, who feared Sassoon could face a court martial, intervened with the military authorities and persuaded them that he was suffering from shell shock, and to treat him accordingly Graves also suffered from shell shock, or neurasthenia as it is sometimes called, although he was never hospitalised for it.Biographers document the story well It is fictionalised in Pat Barker s novel Regeneration The intensity of their early relationship is nowhere demonstrated clearly than in Graves s collection Fairies Fusiliers 1917 , which contains a plethora of poems celebrating their friendship Through Sassoon, he also became friends with Wilfred Owen, whose talent he recognised Owen attended Graves s wedding to Nancy Nicholson in 1918, presenting him with, as Graves recalled, a set of 12 Apostle spoons.Following his marriage and the end of the war, Graves belatedly took up his place at St John s College, Oxford He later attempted to make a living by running a small shop, but the business failed In 1926 he took up a post at Cairo University, accompanied by his wife, their children and the poet Laura Riding He returned to London briefly, where he split with his wife under highly emotional circumstances before leaving to live with Riding in Dei , Majorca There they continued to publish letterpress books under the rubric of the Seizin Press, founded and edited the literary journal Epilogue, and wrote two successful academic books together A Survey of Modernist Poetry 1927 and A Pamphlet Against Anthologies 1928.In 1927, he published Lawrence and the Arabs, a commercially successful biography of T.E Lawrence Good bye to All That 1929, revised and republished in 1957 proved a success but cost him many of his friends, notably Sassoon In 1934 he published his most commercially successful work, I, Claudius Using classical sources he constructed a complexly compelling tale of the life of the Roman emperor Claudius, a tale extended in Claudius the God 1935 Another historical novel by Graves, Count Belisarius 1938 , recounts the career of the Byzantine general Belisarius.During the early 1970s Graves began to suffer from increasingly severe memory loss, and by his eightieth birthday in 1975 he had come to the end of his working life By 1975 he had published than 140 works He survived for ten years in an increasingly dependent condition until he died from heart failure.

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    1. A lovely collection from another era A slightly mixed bag of stories otherwise I would have given it a higher star rating However, if you want a short story with the ultimate unexpected sting in the tail Old Papa Johnson has to be one of the best ever And if you want a comic, gothic horror love story Week End in Cwm Tatws is wonderfully dead pan and understated.

    2. I read this collection during intercession of the first year in seminary having enjoyed Graves historical novels since my father, who had read them shipboard during the war, had introduced him to me as a high school student Owing to having taken Latin there and developing a taste for classical history and culture, my favorite stories were those dealing with ancient Rome.

    3. I visited Mallorca last Spring and rode the bus from Port de Soller up to Deia and visited Robert Graves house museum I had read quite a lot of his work previously, including The White Goddess that remarkably inspiring mad book Since then I have sought Her out in many different places and often found Her At the time of the visit I was reading The Golden Fleece which is a wonderful example of Graves learned reinterpretation of the variations of the myths he searches out coupled with a hard look a [...]

    4. Premda sam ovu knjigu uredio i pripremio za tisak, odlu io sam napisati par rije i ovdje, jer smatram da su u itavom Gravesovom opusu njegove pri e prili no zapostavljene pa mo da na ovaj na in uspijem nekome skrenuti pa nju.Knjiga je podijeljena u tri ciklusa Engleske , Rimske i Pri e s Mallorce Svaki ciklus sazdan je od zasebne poetike i motiva, a ak se razlikuju i stilom Me utim, sve pri e sadr e prepoznatljivu Gravesovu ironiju kojom autor uspijeva trivijalne detalje pretvoriti u odsudne mom [...]

    5. Graves pi e nepretenciozno, ali pametno i duhovito ba onako kako to rade dobri piscijiga ima dio u kojem donosi pri e iz postratne Engleske, dio o starom Rimu i pri e s Mallorcevi dio knjige ima mra nih elemenata i ina e kod Gravesa ima puno crnog humora, to mi se svi a Rimske su pri e genijalne iskri ave i ponekad urnebesno smije ne Mallorca je zabavna i ponekad misteriozna ja sam u knjizi ba u ivala.

    6. Aunque este tipo de lectura no es mi estilo, reconozco un buen escritor cuando lo leo Nunca ser capaz de comprender completamente como alguien es capaz de subyugarte con s lo unas palabras.

    7. These short stories range from funny, charming, and somewhat poignant The French Thing , Christmas Truce , The Myconian , The Viscountess and the Short Haired Girl , to pretty good Old Papa Johnson , Earth To Earth , Epics Are Out Of Fashion , Evidence of Affluence , A Toast To Ava Gardner , to not extremely interesting in content or style An Appointment For Candlemas , 6 Valiant Bulls 6.All in all, Graves just writes in a way that always feels calm and sincere, and he always is able to laugh at [...]

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