Rayuela #2020

Rayuela By Julio Cortázar Andrés Amorós Rayuela Un libro nico abierto a m ltiples lecturas lleno de humor de riesgo y de una originalidad sin precedentes La aparici n de Rayuela en conmocion el panorama cultural de su tiempo y supuso una ve
  • Title: Rayuela
  • Author: Julio Cortázar Andrés Amorós
  • ISBN: 9788437604572
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rayuela By Julio Cortázar Andrés Amorós Un libro nico, abierto a m ltiples lecturas, lleno de humor, de riesgo y de una originalidad sin precedentes.La aparici n de Rayuela en 1963 conmocion el panorama cultural de su tiempo y supuso una verdadera revoluci n en la narrativa en lengua castellana por primera vez un escritor llevaba hasta las ltimas consecuencias la voluntad de transgredir el orden tradicionalUn libro nico, abierto a m ltiples lecturas, lleno de humor, de riesgo y de una originalidad sin precedentes.La aparici n de Rayuela en 1963 conmocion el panorama cultural de su tiempo y supuso una verdadera revoluci n en la narrativa en lengua castellana por primera vez un escritor llevaba hasta las ltimas consecuencias la voluntad de transgredir el orden tradicional de una historia y el lenguaje para contarla Es quiz s el libro donde Cort zar est entero, con toda su complejidad tica y est tica, con su imaginaci n y su humor.Cort zar empieza por proponer un acercamiento activo al libro y ofrece varias posibilidades de lectura el lector ha de decidir optar por el orden de lectura tradicional Seguir el tablero de direcci n Remitirse al azar Despu s lo lleva a dos lugares distintos Del lado de all , Par s, la relaci n de Oliveira y la Maga, el club de la serpiente, el primer descenso de Horacio a los infiernos y Del lado de ac , Buenos Aires, el encuentro de Tr veler y Talita, el circo, el manicomio, el segundo descenso Viaje hacia delante, viaje hacia atr s Viaje inici tico, sin duda, del que el lector emerge tal vez con otra idea acerca del modo de leer los libros y de ver la vida Un mosaico donde toda una poca se vio maravillosamente reflejada.
    Rayuela By Julio Cortázar Andrés Amorós
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      347 Julio Cortázar Andrés Amorós
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    1. Julio Cortázar Andrés Amorós

      Julio Cort zar, born Julio Florencio Cort zar Descotte, was an Argentine author of novels and short stories He influenced an entire generation of Latin American writers from Mexico to Argentina, and most of his best known work was written in France, where he established himself in 1951.

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    1. Table of InstructionsThis review consists of two reviews The first can be read in a normal fashion Start from 1 and go to 12, at the close of which there are three garish little stars which stand for the words The End Consequently, the reader may ignore what follows with a clean conscience.The second should be read by beginning with 1 and then following the sequence indicated at the end of each sentence or paragraph For example, if you see 24 , then proceed to paragraph sentence 24 which is conv [...]

    2. Rayuela, libro terminado muy despaciosamente, rele do muchas veces por partes, le do al rev s y al derecho, de la mitad en adelante o hacia atras Este si es el libro de mi adolescencia, este es el libro de mis as imposibles, este es el libro de mis obsesiones, es el libro que refleja mi estupidez, mi terquedad, mis deseos m s profundos, mis imposibilidades, este libro soy yo El libro que refleja mis trastornos, mis alegr as, mis pasiones, mis penas, mis terquedades, lo que quiero ser y lo que so [...]

    3. I wanted to read this because I had seen it included in some lists of the twentieth century s great novels It is a very interesting book, quite entertaining in places but I can t pretend it is an easy read Before one even starts there is a preamble which explains that you have at least two choices either to read the first 56 chapters in sequence presumably ignoring the rest or to follow an alternative path through the book which is listed at the start and misses out Chapter 55 I opted for the la [...]

    4. 8 years after i read this book, i finally understand why i didn t like it apparently, this is an either or book , but i read it as an and then book.dr claims An author s note suggests that the book would best be read in one of two possible ways, either progressively from chapters 1 to 56 or by hopscotching through the entire set of 155 chapters according to a Table of Instructions designated by the author Cort zar also leaves the reader the option of choosing a unique path through the narrative [...]

    5. Here s a link to the Quarterly Conversation review of Hopscotch, it s really a very good review, and does a fine job elucidating this book s qualities and its value in the realm of literature, if I were to write a proper review of the book it would be a shadow plagiarization of this quarterlyconversation hopsOr you could go read Jimmy s review, which, as I ve said below, is one of the finest and most fun reviews here on do yourselves a favor and get to know Jimmy s writing review showFor me, thi [...]

    6. To enter in Hopscotch, one must accept the rule of the game one throws a stone and by hopping one jumps from box to box Then perhaps, if one is skilful, patient and persevering, one will reach heaven So I read by jumping from one chapter to another, according to the non linear order proposed at the beginning of the work by the author himself And I must say that it is a disturbing experience the reader must constantly interrupt himself in his reading of the novel which constitutes the first part, [...]

    7. I have never been wrong about a novel I was about Hopscotch A baffled first reading took place seven annums past, and a vexed and unfair one star review lingered on my profile for a half that period until three years ago the shame , when I suspected there to be to Cort zar and issued a partial retraction for the slander Recent encounters with Cronopios and Famas and A Manual for Manuel showed me that Cort zar was in fact an essential writer of some magical powers, and a cheap encounter with th [...]

    8. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH I had to read this for a book club I read about 80 pages of this and threw it across the room Wish I didn t Maybe I could ve gotten for it when I traded it in pretentiousness wrapped uptight faux beatness What I remember expat intellectuals crying over jazz records having an artistic time in paris Well read guy pines for girl who doesn t catch all his references but, you know, feels things The cover blurb makes it look like it will change your life and then make sandwiches fo [...]

    9. 1 A General Idea is Enough First Impressions When I started reading this novel, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the writing 871 Each short chapter seemed like an extrapolation on a single image in a photo album or a contribution to a literary almanac Unlike a chronological album of holiday snaps, it didn t seem to matter much in what order the images were displayed I adapted to jumping around the chronology pretty quickly.The first part of the book was a panoramic view of the domestic live [...]

    10. No es sencillo escribir sobre Rayuela porque ste definitivamente no es un libro com n ni para todo el mundo Por empezar, hay dos formas posibles de lectura siguiendo la gu a del principio del libro que nos hace saltar de atr s para adelante entre los 155 cap tulos, o leyendo de corrido y en versi n m s breve del 1 al 56.Me pareci una genialidad el sistema y un l o b rbaro tambi n Es muy original e inteligente, y me gust a n m s cuando, mir ndolo con m s atenci n, me di cuenta de que ese desorden [...]

    11. Hopefully no spoilers but this book really cannot be spoiled.This book is most likely a 5 star book When I do a reread and read the 100 extra chapters I am sure I will have a much greater opinion of this book than I already do I started not really caring for Cortazar s style in the first two chapters and 56 chapters later I am a convert Some good powerful stuff was done here and not just the language but the themes and the ideas were mind blowing.I loved The Club and didn t find them as bad as o [...]

    12. romanda bizzat bahsedildi i gibi klasik yazarlar retmek, romantik yazarlar anla lmak istiyor nc ihtimalde ise okurla yol arkada l talebi olan yazarlar var okur bu se eneklerin hepsinde yazarla anla mak durumunda yazar retiyorsa renmeye al acak, yazar anla lmak istiyorsa anlamaya al acak, yol arkada l istiyorsa yazara arkada olacak cortazar seksek te okuru bu anla mas n bozmaya zorluyor nce, daha romana ba lamadan iki farkl okuma bi imi oldu unu belirtiyor, b r kitaplar gibi bir kitap okumak iste [...]

    13. I ve been looking for symmetry in places, likely as not unlikely Counting every crack in the ceiling OCD, counting the walls to see if there s a third wall to break, carpet burn for the crawling knees Missed one and have to go back and start from the beginning OCD Hopscotch is about thinking The ugly patterns rug burn patterns Probably ugly orange carpet that was recalled in the 1970s and perverted loops Don t think that, take two steps back or one leap forward I found break your mama s back hol [...]

    14. La nota di Cort zar all inizio di Rayuela spiega come questo libro possa essere letto in almeno due modi il primo tradizionale, ordinato, dal capitolo 1 al 56 e senza capitoli aggiuntivi l altro apparentemente molto sperimentale, partendo dal capitolo 73 e seguendo di volta in volta le indicazioni per saltare da un capitolo all altro Lui stesso ha scritto il libro in modo quasi involontario, rendendosi conto soltanto dopo la stesura di diverse parti che queste potevano essere raccolte per formar [...]

    15. He went back to sleep like a person who is looking for his place and his house after a long road in the rain and the cold.I should pen an untimely aphorism detailing my experiences with Hopscotch This is not that effort It appears that I read the linear, sequential version of this novel in my mid 20s I suspected such about midway through my spirited reading of this last week A phone call to Stephen J Powell confirmed it Apparently I gave Mr Powell a copy of the novel and raved about it for week [...]

    16. From the Other SideIn my teensHopscotchhad a status of cult novel and maybe still it has To its popularity in Poland contributed such accurate and reckless translation that even Cortazar had said once jokingly that he would love to know what translator really had written there Along with Dostoyevsky and Camus it was my youthful reading I loved that existential climate, these days spent on wanderings, night s never ending conversations on art, philisophy and life, in fumes of cigarettes, washed d [...]

    17. A estas alturas creo que todo lo que uno pueda decir, incluso pensar, sobre Rayuela ya lo han dicho o pensado otros Dicho lo anterior, decir que la novela me ha gustado, mucho Nada hab a le do de Cort zar hasta la fecha y esta novela es un artefacto narrativo deslumbrante y subyugante por muchos motivos Lo he le do siguiendo el tablero de direcci n, leyendo todos los cap tulos, con la edici n de C tedra, donde el pr logo de casi 100 p ginas resulta muy interesante y provechoso, y donde las abund [...]

    18. Many writers of the twentieth century tried to make literature resemble many other things Thus Julio Cort zar turned his novel into a children s game Hopscotch so that a reader would be obliged to leap from chapter to chapter like a flea.Writers go in a voluntary exile not to see exotic places they seek birds of a feather, they want to be in a flock of those who would understand them and reciprocate under the eaves of vomity nights of music and tobacco and little meannesses and all kinds of exch [...]

    19. O experien literar dificil , complex , cu dou variante posibile de lectur Cartea nu se cite te cursiv, ncep nd cu pagina 1 si termin nd cu ultima, ci se urmeaz indica iile autorului acum sari la pagina 116 acum treci la Capitolul 8 acum cite te Capitolul 2 , acum revino la pagina 1 etc i fiecare din cele dou variante de a o citi are propria ei poveste, propria tr ire, propriul mesaj, diferite de ale celeilalte, pl smuindu i astfel propriul otron, cel personal i extrem de intim.Pun ile se multipl [...]

    20. Rayuela es distinto a todo lo que le hasta ahora Cort zar va mas all , no solo por el plus de poder leerlo desordenado, va mas all en la forma de narrar Es un escritor especial, con cada rengl n te hace pensar las cosas desde otro plano Es un grand simo observador, tiene esa habilidad que tienen los ni os y los grandes artistas, de ver una cosa y a partir de ella descubrir millones Los humanos normales perdemos esa habilidad cuando crecemos, Cort zar la mantiene intacta Leer este libro es una op [...]

    21. Coming up with an adequate reaction to Hopscotch involves a bit of a paradox For instance, try this Hopscotch is a really great book, but I would have liked it if I didn t hate it so much How about this, Hopscotchis a bore and a struggle to get through, but it s also one of the most brilliantly breathtaking books I ve ever read The best analogy I can think of to explain this reaction to Cort zar s novel is that Hopscotch like an incredibly great computer or device application with an interface [...]

    22. And bamos sin buscarnos pero sabiendo que and bamos para encontrarnos Bello, bello, bello Uno de mis libros favoritos que leer a mil veces, ordenado y desordenado.

    23. Six weeks later There are lots of reviews to read about Hopscotch here so these are just my impressions A much read and highly rated book I ve given it four stars because six weeks or so after finishing it, it s still with me Plenty of images plenty of questions plenty of nostalgia The principal character, Horacio, is apparently on a quest He, and all of his Parisian friends, are looking for something in life What is he searching for Is he searching for himself He would not be searching for hims [...]

    24. En una entrevista, Cort zar expon a que su mayor sorpresa despu s de publicar Rayuela fue que este encaj m s con la juventud que con los lectores de su generaci n A m me sorprende que esto le sorprendiera Yo me enamor de l en mi juventud Despu s he cuestionado muchos de sus planteamientos, pero ello no ha impedido que me siga magnetizando su libertad, su pasi n, y la forma tan maravillosa de exponerlas Rayuela es una novela inclasificable, que se escapa de cualquier an lisis, un libro que se lee [...]

    25. 4.5 stars.Must one stay in the center of the crossroads, then, like the hub of a wheel What good is it to know or to think we know that every road is false if we don t walk with an idea that is not the road itself We re not Buddha, and there are no trees here to sit under in the lotus position A cop appears and asks for your identity card.Only by living absurdly is it possible to break out of this infinite absurdity.Once all roads led to Rome, later they led to Paris.The City of Lights where the [...]

    26. S lo viviendo absurdamente se podr a romper alguna vez este absurdo infinito Cap tulos sin orden especifico, poes a, m sica y met foras, millones de met foras, conforman esta maravillosa obra, en la que Horacio recorre las calles de Par s y nos cuenta de su relaci n con la Maga, una mujer ignorante, pero que, si nos damos cuenta bien, sabe m s que Horacio, porque la Maga sabe vivir Adicionalmente Horacio y la Maga conviven con un grupo de amigos bohemios, con quienes tienen conversaciones replet [...]

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