Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ #2020

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ By John Piper Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ Who is Jesus Christ You ve never met him in person and you don t know anyone who has But there is a way to know who he is How Jesus Christ the divine Person revealed in the Bible has a unique excelle
  • Title: Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ
  • Author: John Piper
  • ISBN: 9781581346237
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ By John Piper Who is Jesus Christ You ve never met him in person, and you don t know anyone who has But there is a way to know who he is How Jesus Christ the divine Person revealed in the Bible has a unique excellence and a spiritual beauty that speaks directly to our souls and says, Yes, this is truth It s like seeing the sun and knowing that it is light, or tasting honey and knoWho is Jesus Christ You ve never met him in person, and you don t know anyone who has But there is a way to know who he is How Jesus Christ the divine Person revealed in the Bible has a unique excellence and a spiritual beauty that speaks directly to our souls and says, Yes, this is truth It s like seeing the sun and knowing that it is light, or tasting honey and knowing that it is sweet.The depth and complexity of Jesus shatter our simple mental frameworks He baffled proud scribes with his wisdom but was understood and loved by children He calmed a raging storm with a word but would not get himself down from the cross.Look at the Jesus of the Bible Keep your eyes open, and fill them with the portrait of Jesus in God s Word Jesus said, If anyone s will is to do God s will, he will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority Ask God for the grace to do his will, and you will see the truth of his Son.John Piper has written this book in the hope that all will see Jesus for who he really is and will come to enjoy him above all else.
    Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ By John Piper
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      John Piper is founder and teacher of desiringGod and chancellor of Bethlehem College Seminary For 33 years, he served as senior pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota He grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, and studied at Wheaton College, Fuller Theological Seminary B.D , and the University of Munich Deol For six years, he taught Biblical Studies at Bethel College in St Paul, Minnesota, and in 1980 accepted the call to serve as pastor at Bethlehem John is the author of than 50 books and than 30 years of his preaching and teaching is available free at desiringGod John and his wife, Noel, have four sons, one daughter, and twelve grandchildren.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.

    196 thoughts on “Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ”

    1. This was almost a three star book, but not because it wasn t good In fact, it might have been almost five star if I didn t read it all in one sitting between ten and midnight.That being said, this book isn t what I expected I was looking for Seeking and Savoring, but Piper offered Jesus Christ Which I suppose isn t a bad thing If the book had been titled A Concise Theology of Jesus Christ, then it would had delivered what it promised, and scored four, if not five stars.As it was, the didn t to [...]

    2. In classic Piper fashion, this short treatise lays out the groundwork from the Scriptures, the many ways we ought to find ourselves in awe of the magnificence of the Lord Jesus Christ I really hope to revisit this once a year for the rest of my time, this side of eternity Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ is there anything we could do of significance

    3. In the middle of the last century the British writer C S Lewis got it shockingly right A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher He would either be a lunatic or else he would be the Devil of Hell You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill Him as a demon or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God But let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great human teacher He has not left that open t [...]

    4. In what is seemingly to me typical John Piper, we have some important ideas presented in thin, unsupported, fairly redundant ways giving us a hopeful yet bemusing package Mr Piper s inability to sustain any thought perhaps makes him ideal in today s age of no attention spans, but I m not sure catering to the weaknesses of one s audience is an ideal mark of authorial stewardship Obviously the basic premise of knowing and delighting in Christ and better is true and important It s hard to argue wi [...]

    5. It s rather seldom that I give a book five stars And it has become pretty rare that I read books which fall under the Christian Living genre Naturally I have read a number of books on theological topics however, I ve grown a bit wary of them, partially because of all the superfluous reviews on back covers as well as additional ones on the inside Other than that, it seems that some include shameless plugs for other ministries with which the author or his friends are associated These sorts of thin [...]

    6. I was overall unimpressed with this book It was full of truth about Jesus, but I found it pretty dull and definitely wasn t led to Savoring Jesus I was very disappointed Also, I was a little put off by Piper saying Jesus was always happy His reasoning was that the opposite of happy is gloomy and gloomy isn t glorious I m just not sure I agree with that To be fair, he did talk about Jesus grieving and weeping, but tried to reason that he was happy while grieving It just didn t work for me.

    7. i read this in one night, but i want to read it again slowly it is a very short book and pretty easy to understand but not always This is a must read for any Christian Piper goes through what it means to see and savor Christ, and makes God look really magnificent in a short amount of pages.

    8. An articulation of thirteen aspects of who Jesus is It left me longing for of Jesus Quick and easy to read Helpful for thinking through how to articulate who Jesus is to someone who does not know Him.

    9. This actually made me think a lot of Look and Live by Matt Papa It is well written, simple, and glorifying to Christ Every word is in praise of Him, pointing to His glory It lacks specific practical applications, but if you read it with an open heart, the applications find you.How do you see Christ How does the way you see Him impact how you live and speak and think I walked away from this book seeing even beauty in my Savior than I had before Which is a pretty cool, thing, I d say.

    10. The title of this book says it all The reason for man s existence is to see and savor Jesus Without this as your core goal in life, you can t grow You can t parent You can t work You can t live well This life is only a short fleeting moment in eternity If you don t desire to know Jesus above all, you need to ask yourself why Eternity hangs in the balance To reject Jesus and seek only to serve self in this world, has dire implications But to seek to know and enjoy knowing the One who crafted our [...]

    11. John Piper concludes his book by saying, There is no important issue in life than seeing Jesus for who he really is and savoring what we see above all else 123 Throughout the book he explains that we exist primarily to see, savor, and show the glory of God Each chapter analyzes a different attribute of Christ, and John Piper s hope for the book has been fulfilled because reading these thirteen chapters has been like viewing a diamond through thirteen different facets 122 Which of course, Christ [...]

    12. This is a marvelous and rewarding book to think through carefully It is one that, if understood by the head, cannot but transform the heart.For the One who is the whole of redemptive history, how well do we really know our God in His divinity and in His humanity Christ is infinitely complex than we are want to admit, mostly because we do not know Him well enough This is a look at Christ through spiritual eyes, one which begins from the correct premise that if one does not savor Him, one has not [...]

    13. This is a wonderful book to use as a side devotional as the chapters are really short and there is a beautiful prayer at the end of each one It was a really easy read that was saturated with the Word A good reminder that Jesus is so much than we realize.

    14. This is a short book on thirteen aspects of Jesus Christ I think it s a good read, especially if you are looking to articulate and sharpen your beliefs on Jesus Whether you agree 100% with this book, or not so much, I think it s a good way to think through your own beliefs in Jesus.That being said, there was not much of anything I disagreed with It was such a great book to take time on and jot notes down for later reference Each of the chapters are short enough it wouldn t take much time to read [...]

    15. A great book about Jesus Christ Piper has gone to the Bible and used Scripture to show Jesus Christ In the last chapter of the book Piper has explained in a marvelous way what he has tried to do He says As imperfect as my writing is, compared to Scripture itself, I still hope that reading these thirteen chapters has been like viewing a diamond through thirteen different facets The Bible itself is the only authoritative description of the diamond of Jesus Christ I hope in the end you will turn fr [...]

    16. I started this book, but haven t completed it yet What I have read though is typical John Piper laying it out there in black and white The reason we don t live lives that honor God is b c we don t love Him and we don t know Him fully See the Word John 14 those that love me keep my commands Jesus said that John Piper just reminds us that if we truly know God we will see and savor Him for all eternity

    17. A book that can be read and reread numerous times, it is so full I read the 13 chapters over a period of time, some than once, somewhat as a devotional If we see Jesus for who He really is, how can we but savor Him Piper here is both simple and deep the book is not long, but it is excellent.

    18. I would venture to say that this is one of Piper s best works.Though short, the book is inundated with Scripture references and examines Jesus with a simple clarity that makes it an ideal introduction to studying the Biblical Christ.

    19. This is an amazing book It shattered my mind about who Jesus is Growing up i knew Jesus from sunday school and what my parents taught me when i was older i never bothered to read the Bible our only source of getting to know Jesus for all its worth This book portrays the Jesus of the Bible.

    20. A good, quick read written in the familiar style of Piper A little heady at times, but not terrible The bite sized chapters and prayers make it ideal for a daily devotional I read it in preparation for Christmas and found it very fitting for that, though it could also be used around Easter as well If you enjoy Piper, you ll enjoy this, though if you re expecting a longer, exhaustive approach to Jesus, this will disappoint It s made to be a topical, introductory, devotional sort of book for pers [...]

    21. Piper lays out 13 chapters on aspects of Jesus for an individual to meditate on Piper saturates his book with scripture references and summarizes each chapter with a short prayer at the end.The afterword has a quick blurb on how one, presumably a skeptic, may know Jesus, namely through going the tedious but worthwhile effort of researching and examining the historical evidences This book was recommended to me by a friend who knew that I m not normally a fan of John Piper, however in context of d [...]

    22. I couldn t get very far in this book The author seemed to lean heavily on the this is all about God s glory, not about you you worm aspect of grace.Don t get me wrong God is God and people are people There should be no confusion about who is divine But my personal struggle is not Who s in charge, God or me or Who s important, God or me It s Does God love me Do I matter to him To quote a fragment of the book We are all starved for the glory of God, not self No one goes to the Grand Canyon to inc [...]

    23. A friend of mine let me borrow this book and I immediately thought, Oh, I can finish this in a day But I quickly realized I wanted to savor each of the thirteen chapters So I added it onto my morning reading time One chapter, at a time It s reach in appreciation for Christ as well as packed with scripture reference I think this book would be great for any speaker pastor to use as a resource to display the attributes of God A great book to turn back to.

    24. Beholding is believing This was a great book to help me behold my Savior Jesus Christ When I delight in him as true and beautiful and satisfying, Jesus is honored and I am freed by joy to walk the narrow way of love This book has given me new insights into Jesus Christ It is chock full of scripture and gives me so much to ponder This is one book that I will keep on my shelf to look back on again and again.

    25. This is a fantastic devotional book Many daily devotional books I have read have been somewhat surface level and trite, but in this book Piper explores the depths and riches of who Jesus is in profound and concise ways that s just enough to meditate on, digest, and be changed by throughout the day.

    26. The book was alright, I appreciate his dedication I found it hard to read through however Usually I enjoy christian reads, they usually have a capturing effect, I can t say the same with this one I did enjoy the one chapter about the trinity, and his explanations behind it.

    27. Quick chapters jam packed with Scripture pointing to different facets of the character of Jesus Christ I read one a day and enjoyed the meditations and prayers at the end.

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