The Sands of Sakkara #2020

The Sands of Sakkara By Glenn Meade The Sands of Sakkara Glenn Meade s electrifying novels capture the intrigue of nations the brutality of war and the heroism of brave men and women The Sands of Sakkara is his most satisfying novel yet a heart pounding t
  • Title: The Sands of Sakkara
  • Author: Glenn Meade
  • ISBN: 9780312971083
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Sands of Sakkara By Glenn Meade Glenn Meade s electrifying novels capture the intrigue of nations, the brutality of war, and the heroism of brave men and women The Sands of Sakkara is his most satisfying novel yet a heart pounding thriller set against the backdrop of wartime Egypt, where a breathless chase across the arid desert explodes, as two people race against time to stop a dark plot in the heartGlenn Meade s electrifying novels capture the intrigue of nations, the brutality of war, and the heroism of brave men and women The Sands of Sakkara is his most satisfying novel yet a heart pounding thriller set against the backdrop of wartime Egypt, where a breathless chase across the arid desert explodes, as two people race against time to stop a dark plot in the heart of World War IIOnce Rachel Stern was a beautiful archaeologist, until the Nazis herded her behind barbed wire Once Jack Halder lived between two nations Now he is filled with rage, chosen to spearhead a desperate secret mission and to bring Rachel Stern into it Once Harry Weaver was one of America s best and brightest Now he is the only U.S agent who can hunt down the man who was his friend, and the woman they both loved in 1939.In a stunning story that reaches from the teeming streets of Berlin to the feet of the great pyramids, three former friends are about to meet again around a mission to assassinate FDR.
    The Sands of Sakkara By Glenn Meade
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      237 Glenn Meade
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    1. Glenn Meade

      Glenn Meade was born into a working class family in Dublin, Ireland After finishing secondary school he had a tough time choosing between studying theology or engineering, but eventually engineering won out and he studied telecommunications Soon after graduating, he lived and worked in New Hampshire He worked as a specialist in the field of pilot training having had a life long interest in aviation and has also been a journalist for the Irish Times and the Independent.While living in New Hampshire, he persistently tried to interview the famously reclusive author of CATCHER IN THE RYE, J.D Salinger, an effort that only served to vex Salinger, who set his dogs on Meade, who luckily managed to outrun Salinger s hounds and survive He began writing in earnest in the late eighties, when he wrote and directed his own plays, mostly for the Strand Theatre in Dublin, but Meade decided to turn his efforts to thriller writing in the mid nineties His novels to date SNOW WOLF, BRANDENBURG, THE SANDS OF SAKKARA, RESURRECTION DAY, WEB OF DECEIT, THE DEVIL S DISCIPLE, THE SECOND MESSIAH have been translated into twenty six languages, and have enjoyed critical and commercial success.His first novel, BRANDENBURG, about a neo Nazi resurgence in present day Europe, came about when he travelled to Germany to write an article for the Times on the billions in Nazi gold that went missing at the end of the Second World War Quite by accident, he met an elderly former SS officer who told him a remarkable and highly personal tale about his part in keeping a disturbing war time secret That story became the inspiration for BRANDENBURG Several of his novels were also inspired by his journalistic work but inspiration only takes you so far and Meade claims that to produce anything of worth it always comes down to the same three constants hard work, prayer, and putting your imagination through the wringer.Critics have compared the standard of his work to that of Frederick Forsyth, John le Carre, and Tom Clancy, and his stories have tended to be a tantalising blend of fact and fiction SNOW WOLF won the prestigious thriller of the year award by the Japanese Writer s Guild second place went to Stephen King s THE GREEN MILE He has also worked on several Hollywood scripts but Meade confesses that employment in Tinsletown was not a pleasant experience and he has learned to stick to the golden rule for novelists whose work is bought by Hollywood gratefully accept the pay check, walk away and just pray that they don t turn your treasured story into a musical Meade has earned a reputation for meticulously researched stories and has travelled extensively to Russia, the Middle East, Europe to research his novels For RESURRECTION DAY, a highly realistic thriller about a dramatic attack on the US capital by an Al Qaeda terror group armed with a chemical weapon of mass destruction, and completed three weeks before the events of September 11th, he spent many months in Washington DC He interviewed senior White House staff, former Secret Service agents, US Federal emergency planners, and senior FBI terrorist experts, some of whom were later involved in the hunt for Al Qaeda terrorist suspects on US soil One former senior FBI source, John O Neill, who helped Meade, was killed in the September 11th attacks, having resigned from the bureau only months prior to taking up a new post as head of security at the Twin Towers RESURRECTION DAY was published internationally but Meade s then New York publisher considered it too raw a subject for the US, coming so soon after 9 11, and they parted company However, the work garnered rave reviews and much media attention in Europe.Having read the book, Newt Gingrich, then a member of the Hart Rudd commission set up post 9 11 by President George Bush with responsibility for determining future likely terrorist threats against the US was so impressed that he contacted Meade and kindly offe

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    1. Ajanl k, komplolar, suikastler, intikam hikayeleri, ko u turmaca severler i in nerebilece im bir kitap Kitap hepimizin tarihten a ina oldu u insanlar olan Churchill ve Roosevelt e suikast giri iminde bulunmak isteyen bir suikast ekibinden ve onalr n ya ant s ndan bahsediyor Sakkara n n Kumlar kinci D nya Sava d nemine k tutuyor Yazar n notunda da belirtti i gibi bir o u o d nemdeki ki ilerden ve kuvvetli kaynaklardan edinilen bilgiler ile yaz lm romanda zaten baz eylerin tarihi yans tmas a s nda [...]

    2. Gostei mesmo muito 2 Guerra Mundial e baseado em factos reais, passada no Egipto o suficiente para mimE n o lhe dei 5 , porque n o sei se algumas das coisas que achei mais fracas se devem ao autor ou apenas tradu o e adapta o, que quanto a mim deixaram algo a desejar, n o me pareceram especialmente boas Como n o li o original dou o benef cio da d vida ao autor Mas um livro muito bom para quem gosta do g nero Uma hist ria bem contada, embora n o possamos esquecer que o autor jornalista, sobre os [...]

    3. For those of you who have read my book reviews you know that I mainly review Christian Fiction novels This story doesn t have a spiritual thread but is just a fun nail biting adventure It reminded me of the first Indiana Jones movie but on steroids I was hooked from the start and that s saying something since I get overwhelmed by the site of such a thick novel This book has 578 pages that were broken into five sections It didn t seem like a long read at all with so much history, suspense, and dr [...]

    4. This novel has been described as A heart wrenching tale of friendship, love and treachery set against the exotic and intriguing backdrop of wartime Egypt , and that sums up my own experience perfectly The Cairo Code will linger in your thoughts long after you close the pages Nevertheless, I have argued with myself over how to rate the novel The plot gets five stars, no question about it, but I was not convinced the execution was of the same calibre in the early stages of the novel As a Christian [...]

    5. Disclosure Reason for the 5 star rating Sentiment was responsible My dad served in the US army Corps of engineers near Cairo as support for theBritish effort against Rommel before operation Torch was launched I ve seenphotos of the sandbagged Sphinx, the camels, the vehicles, and the general areaduring the war In addition I have fairly intensively studied the history ofmigration and naval warfare in the eastern Mediterranean, which included Africaand descriptions of the archaeology over large pa [...]

    6. I feel like 4 stars isn t enough, but 5 is a bit too much Either way a great read Recommended highly for those that like historical fiction Meade has found his niche of recreating real historical events, and adding exciting, and believable supposition A fascinating sub genre, in any event.

    7. Really enjoyed reading this book Three friends are on a dig in Egypt, two men and a women, the men both fall in love with the women, but is she really who they think she is It is before WWII, one man returns to the USA, and the second to Germany, the two friends are to find themselves on different sides during WWII But what of the girl, Rachel, who is suppose to be a German Jew, and who has been living in a concentration camp, what is her part in this undercover operation to kill the two world l [...]

    8. First half is a bit of a slough to get through, second half finds a quicker pace with some excitement and thrills As one reader mentioned earlier however, the ally intelligence come off as something closer to the three stooges than actual intelligence Out smarted, out gunned,out planned, outmaneuvered for pretty much the entire book, the good guys come off as being a bunch of dumb dumbs than anything Its a wonder Pres Roosevelt actually survived this novel.If you want to read Meade at his best, [...]

    9. I originally thought the characters and situation so blatantly contrived, uhm, cardboard, cookie cutter, no depth, caricatures and the dialogue the same But it grew on me it s strength was the atmosphere of Egypt Cairo during World War 2 Decent suspense, enough to finish it.

    10. Read this novel with a different title, Sands of Sakkara There aren t enough novels about the early stages of WWII set in North Africa Glenn Meade is a fine writer and this novel proves it.

    11. It s perfect book Glenn Meade likes to surprise And I love this guy s book The relationship between the characters is perfect I like Jack Halder He is my hero in book And I admired to their friendship Even it s in war But I think there are slight inconsistencies President Roosevelt got to bombarded Berlin He say he s upset when German and US soldiers killed.I don t believe him Because civilians were living in Berlin too Like in the German camps I ain t trying to criticize the writer Unfortunatel [...]

    12. I received this book from Howard Books Blogger Program for no charge in exchange for my honest review The opinions expressed here are my own.Book Description The international bestseller takes you on a fast paced, nail biting thrill ride from the Great Pyramids in Cairo, to behind the Nazi lines in Berlin, to the very seat of democracy as our hero tries to unravel a plot that could kill FDR and Winston Churchill.To save the Western Allies, he must kill the woman he loves November 1943 Adolf Hitl [...]

    13. Predictable The bad guy wasn t so bad He tried to avoid killing people It was almost as if the author wanted to make the villain sympathetic The other bad guys were your standard bad guys who loved inflicting pain and violence The romance in the story felt forced and rushed There were a few chapters in which the author managed to create suspense But this book in no way should be compared to The Day of the Jackal.

    14. The Cairo Code, by Glenn Meade, was originally published in 1999 under the far interesting title The Sands of Sakkara Why the author or likely his publishers chose to reissue it with such a bland and anonymous title is a mystery to me, but it doesn t change the fact that this remains an entertaining period espionage novel.After opening with the slightly hackneyed framing device of a contemporary journalist uncovering a long suppressed story from World War II, the story quickly flashes back fir [...]

    15. Glenn Meade has done it again In his book, The Sands of Sakkara we are introduced to a series of magnetic characters, but none intriguing than Jack Halder, Harry Weaver, and Rachel Stern As the reader learns, they are in the Sakkara pyramids in Egypt 1939 right before the start of the Second World War Their archaeological work is interrupted when war breaks out Jack Halder, a German American, joins the Wehrmacht, while Harry Weaver joins the US Army Rachel Stern travels by ship to Turkey with h [...]

    16. An American born assassin sent by Hitler to kill the U.S President It beggars belief Weaver put down his Scotch And probably the best American president that ever lived, come to that Halder s mission was meant to change the tide of war for the Nazi s And there was much at stake than when Kennedy was targeted in Dallas The future of the free world, no less And it happened while Roosevelt and Churchill were attending the Cairo Conference in November 1943, one of the most vital Allied conferences [...]

    17. Title The Cairo CodeAuthor Glenn MeadePages 592Year 2016Publisher HowardMy rating is 3 stars.Other novels by Glenn Meade that I have enjoyed were Brandenburg and The Romanov Conspiracy, so when I learned of The Cairo Code being released it piqued my interest The author has a very gifted way of writing historical fiction with suspense, tension, mystery with multiple plots occurring simultaneously While it might sound as if a reader might get lost in the maze of plots, the tale is crafted so well [...]

    18. A genuinely entertaining readRoughly based on a real attempt by the Nazis to assassinate President Roosevelt, this novel simply romps along with pace and panache Originally published in 1999 under the title The Sands of Sakkara , we have a trio of young friends working on an archaeological dig in Cairo in 1939 Johann Jack Halder, the product of German American parents, Rachael Stern, the beautiful and captivating daughter of the professor who is leading the dig, and Harry Weaver, the American li [...]

    19. The Cairo Code is a HUGE book that weighs in at nearly double the pages of most books I review Although publicized as a thriller, I was approximately halfway through it before the action seemed to pick up The author spent much of the first half laying down background information on not only the primary three characters but others who played prominent roles as well I freely admit that there were several times I was tempted to put it away but persevered because I had committed to review it.Overall [...]

    20. I first came across Glenn Meade last year when I read The Last Witness It was an immensely powerful novel, so I was happy to be offered the chance to read and review The Cairo Code What I didn t know until I opened it was that it previously published as The Sands of Sakkara in 1999 I don t mind since I ve not read anything else by Meade, but caveat lectorThe novel starts with a reporter tracking down Harry Weaver after a body in a Cairo morgue is identified as Johann Halder The only problem is t [...]

    21. I suppose that some might find this book suitable light summer reading It was recommended to me as such, and it has certain elements of such a book, being an action filled story of a fictionalized Nazi plot to assassinate Churchill and Roosevelt during WW2 However, I found it unsatisfying The one dimensional characters and the pedestrian prose are to be expected of such novels However, Meade s book goes a step beyond I can t recall how many times his characters would do or say things that didn t [...]

    22. description November 1943 Adolf Hitler sanctioned his most audacious mission ever to kill US President Franklin D Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill as they visit Cairo for a secret conference to plan the Allied invasion of Europe, an invasion which threatens imminent defeat for Germany Only one man is capable of leading the defiant Nazi mission Major Johann Halder, one of the Abwehr s most brilliant, daring agents, a man with a tortured soul and a talent for the impossible.Accompani [...]

    23. A combination of adventure and thriller, The Sands of Sakkara by Glenn Meade is a novel based on fact Set during WWII, it follows the lives of three best friends two men who both love the same woman They grew up together, but when the war broke out they were on opposite sides Espionage, double crossing, deception and betrayal all work together to form a plot that is always unpredictable The first part begins in the present Most of the book is the flashback to the 1940 s in Egypt, and the final c [...]

    24. The Cairo Code, written by Glenn Meade is a story that will get your adrenaline pumping as you quickly turn the pages in an attempt to kill President Roosevelt If that isn t enough to spark your interest, you ll enjoy how Glenn Meade has the ability to take the reader from modern day straight into Germany where the war is going on It is this back and forth, but written well The characters are developed, and you will want to know what happens The book is big and looks like you have a long read ah [...]

    25. As a fan of Novels set during WW2, I was most interested in reading this book, as Glenn Meade, was a new writer to me The plot dealing with the Kidnapping of Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, may ve not been original, but was interesting to say the least I found Meade s description of Egypt fascinating with the customs scenery lifelike The descriptions of the Nazi hierarchy and their desire to monopolize even this country very harsh My only criticism of this book, was that it was too lon [...]

    26. This is my kind of plot It is late 1943 and Hitler s war is not going well Heinrich Himmler and his prot g Walter Schellenberg learn that President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill are planning to meet in Cairo prior to meeting with Premier Joseph Stalin in Teheran This dynamic duo think they have a plan to assassinate Roosevelt and Churchill in Cairo and Hitler is ecstatic as he thinks this would return momentum to the Nazi cause The book is over long as the planning is detailed, complica [...]

    27. Soms is het op het randje Het randje van een ramp Zo ook in dit boek Een Duitse spion krijgt de opdracht President Roosevelt en Churchill om te brengen tijdens een bijeenkomst in Egypte Een Amerikaanse man van de inlichtingen dienst probeert dit te verhinderen Dit speelt zich af in de Tweede wereldoorlog De Duitser en Amerikaan kennen elkaar van voor deze opdracht En dan is er ook nog een Half joods meisje waar ze beiden op verliefd zijn een ook een spil in dit verhaal is Soms ook tegen haar wil [...]

    28. So the book educated me on some interesting real life history The Nazis really did mount an assassination attempt on Roosevelt in Cairo during WWII, which almost worked And there were some brief good bits of archaeology I read this as a beach book as a beach book it was ok, but really needed editing down, the book could profitably been 100 pages shorter 30 pages from the end of the book and he s still taking 2 paragraphs to introduce new characters who ll never be heard from again.less is .

    29. Good historical fiction book about World War II and fictional with non fictional substories maybe someone else couldve wrote it better but a good dive into world history great action scenes, realistic fictional and non fictional characters and a so so plotwould honestly give a 2 stars if provided on the network It started to get corny towards the end during the narrator s journalist s monologue

    30. The Cairo Code is the first book I have read by Glenn Meade It is packed full of action and history There were quite a few historical events that happened in this book that I had no idea really did happen I found myself going to google a few times Fascinating I did enjoy the story, but did find it to be a little too long and I lost focus on it at times 4 stars I received this book from Howard Books in exchange for my honest review, which was given.

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