The Dreyfus Affair: A Love Story #2020

The Dreyfus Affair: A Love Story By Peter Lefcourt The Dreyfus Affair A Love Story When a star shortstop falls in love with the second baseman the result is a provocative and rollicking odyssey through an unforgettable World Series Championship season What this does to their lives
  • Title: The Dreyfus Affair: A Love Story
  • Author: Peter Lefcourt
  • ISBN: 9780060975593
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dreyfus Affair: A Love Story By Peter Lefcourt When a star shortstop falls in love with the second baseman, the result is a provocative and rollicking odyssey through an unforgettable World Series Championship season What this does to their lives, families, team, and the President of the US is hilarious, poignant, brilliant, and dazzling fun.
    The Dreyfus Affair: A Love Story By Peter Lefcourt
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    1. Peter Lefcourt

      Peter Lefcourt is a refugee from the trenches of Hollywood, where he has distinguished himself as a writer and producer of film and television Among his credits are Cagney and Lacey, for which he won an Emmy Award Monte Carlo, in which he managed to keep Joan Collins in the same wardrobe for 35 pages the relentlessly sentimental Danielle Steel s Fine Things, and the underrated and hurried The Women of Windsor, the most sordid, and thankfully last, miniseries about the British Royal Family.He began writing novels in the late 1980 s, after being declared marginally unemployable in the entertainment business by his then agent In 1991 Lefcourt published The Deal an act of supreme hubris that effectively bit the hand that fed him and produced, in that inverse and masochistic logic of Hollywood, a fresh demand for his screenwriting services It remains a cult favorite in Hollywood, was one of the ten books that John Gotti reportedly ordered from jail, and was adapted into a movie starring William H Macy, Meg Ryan and L.L Cool Jay that premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.Subsequently, he has divided his time between screenplays and novels, publishing The Dreyfus Affair in 1992, his darkly comic look at homophobia in baseball as a historical analog to anti Semitism in fin de siecle France, which The Walt Disney Company has optioned twice and let lapse twice in fits of anxiety about what it says about the national pastime and, by extension, Disneyland He is hopeful that a major or even minor motion picture will be made from it in his lifetime The book continues to sell well in trade paperback it s in its fifteenth printing, and, as such, acts as a small but steady cottage industry for its author, who, at this point, would almost rather keep optioning it than have it actually made But not really In 1994, he published Di And I, a heavily fictionalized version of his love affair with the late Princess of Wales Princess Diana s own stepgodmother, Barbara Cartland, who was herself no slouch when it came to publishing torrid books, declared Di And I ghastly and unnecessary, which pushed the British edition briefly onto the best seller lists Di And I was optioned by Fine Line Pictures, in 1996, and was quietly abandoned after Diana s untimely death the following year Someday it may reach the screen when poor Diana is no longer seen as an historical icon but merely as the misunderstood and tragic figure that she was, devoured by her own popularity.Abbreviating Ernie, his next novel, was inspired by his brief brush with notoriety after the appearance of Di And I At the time he was harassed by the British tabloids and spent seven excruciating minutes on Entertainment Tonight He was subsequently and fittingly bumped out of People Magazine by O.J Simpson s white Bronco media event of June, 1994 In a paroxysm of misplaced guilt, the editors of People, to make amends, declared it a Beach Read, which helped put the book ephemerally on the Best Seller lists during the summer of 1994 Anecdotally, however, the author spent a lot of time combing the beaches that summer without seeing a single person reading his book.Lefcourt s research on a movie for HBO about the 1995 Bob Packwood canard was the germ for his next novel, The Woody He began to see that the former senator s battle with the Senate Ethics Committee was a dramatization of the total confusion in America regarding appropriate sexual behavior for politicians Packwood became the sacrificial lamb taking the pipe for an entire generation of men Basically, he got his dick caught in the zeitgeist After President Clinton got his caught in a younger zeitgeist, nearly costing him his job, The Woody became all the topical It asks the question What is the relationship between a politician s sexual competence and his popularity in the polls If Packwood had been as smooth as Clinton, he would be the majority lead

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    1. The Book Report The eponymous Dreyfus, baseball star Randy, is an All American Guy with a wife and two daughters We meet him with that family as he opens a strip mall named for him near his suburban California home Randy is a man with a problem, however He s coming to know, at age 28, that he is really a gay man living a straight man s dream life He s fallen in love with D.J Pickett, second baseman to his pitcher the joke here will become obvious in the review , despite the existence of a perfec [...]

    2. I still can t believe nobody told me this book existed Slashing baseball players is a way of life in my household, so it was impossible not to like this book.It wasn t the most artistic writing, but I believe it was intentially unsuperfluous It was, after all, a book about two jocks The protagonist s emotions as he is going through the realization of what he s feeling were dead on I had the same kind of experience, becoming overemotional and crying over the strangest things, before I finally all [...]

    3. I enjoyed the shit out of this tame all american jock star bookbut would have reeeeally enjoyed it with some descriptive man love action.

    4. I think paperbackswap thinks I m a gay baseball player, which is a side effect of having a strong proclivity for Steve Kluger books It makes no difference to me if it means they will be recommending books like this for me.Randy Dreyfus, a star shortstop for the fictional LA Valley Vikings, is a married father of two, who finds himself in the awkward position of falling in love with his second baseman He fights it at first, but gives in to the feeling and he and DJ Pickett start a secret love aff [...]

    5. 3.5 starsThis is a love story between two great baseball players, Randy, a heterosexual White with a gorgeous wife and two kids, and DJ, a Black, gay and single guy It s a kid of Gay For You or Out For You story I liked that Randy s wife really loved him Randy was deeply flawed and DJ was far from a saint The sex was not really graphic but there was enough sexual elements to make the book sexyI didn t like that The book s argument in favor of Randy DJ seems to be that they didn t do anything wro [...]

    6. As a rule I am not fond of satires and this book is to a large extent a satire but what gets me every time I read this and this was the third time, I think is the fact that the subtitle is oh so true It s a love story Nobody in this book gets off lightly and there are cartoonish characters and whacky plot twists and an omniscient narrator not my favourite I hate those smug bastards still, it works Yes, it is largely the fictionalized form of I accuse in full novel length but it also makes me roo [...]

    7. Before Billy Bean came out, there were Randy Dreyfus and DJ Pickett Lefcourt goes for laughs without minimizing the risks these baseball players take to be together Instead of making fag jokes, Lefcourt finds humor in Dreyfus s new love giddiness and by satirizing wide but narrow minded worlds of sports and media.

    8. This might be one of my all time favorite love stories ever I didn t know what to expect but it was a pleasent surprise.

    9. First there was The City and the Pillar Then, Giovanni s Room Now, make room for another classic in the canon, The Dreyfus Affair A Love Story If you have any idea what I m talking about, then you know exactly what I m talking about.Although a openly humorous approach than either Gore Vidal or James Baldwin, Peter Lefcourt nonetheless blows the doors right off of the great American pastime, while at the same time leaving us laughing as the whole world comes crashing down.Randy Dreyfus, star sho [...]

    10. Now I m gong to have to admit that this is a reread, probably for the 10th or 11th time by now and I still love it every time I read it I m actually still waiting for the movie to come since Ben Affleck bought the movie rights to it years ago So Ben if you are reading this, please get to making this movie.Randy is a lot like a few friends of mine, other than they aren t rich and famous He is a guy who is living his life and having to deal with an issue he never really took the time to look at be [...]

    11. It s OKAY to be DIFFERENT That s the message here I learned of this book while reading a magazine about this bestselling novel from 1993 which has been passed around to various movie studios The film version still has not been made but Ben Affleck was interested in playing the lead role I don t know if the film will ever be made due to the controversial subject matter for today s society However, one day it will happen It was an innovative story with a happy ending An All American blonde, blue e [...]

    12. Fantastic book It s very much a book about baseball, and the life of a professional baseball player Randy Dreyfus, the league s preemptive MVP shortstop, just happens to be falling in love with his second baseman, D J Pickett.Dreyfus is a great character completely hysterical, while sympathetic and relatable He kept trying to explain to his shrink how he was feeling using only baseball terminology, which won me over very quickly he even dubbed himself a lefty , wondering if he ll be easily recog [...]

    13. This was a great idea for a satire The world of professional baseball is ripped apart by an affair between a second baseman and a shortstop Lefcourt s idea was that prejudice against homosexuals in late twentieth century America was analogous to prejudice against Jews in late 19th century France With a title that recalls the historic political scandal you expect a novel with some intellectual heft, right No, that is not what you get Instead of a razor sharp satire, which is what this story neede [...]

    14. What I know about baseball you could write on the back of a stamp well we don t play baseball in England and cricket is confusing enough and from the moment I started to read the first page I knew I was in trouble So why did I buy the book, well I bought it second hand and as always I read the back cover Consider the possibilities In the middle of a pennant race, a team s star shortstop falls in love with his second baseman How could I resist So I did a little research on the basics of baseball, [...]

    15. A guy who likes Pia Zadora s breasts can t be gay, right That s a question Randy Dreyfus asks himself several times in the early part of Peter Lefcourt s charming and amusing novel The Dreyfus Affair A Love Story The book was published in 1992, closer to the peak of what could be called Zadora s fame It is a question Randy asks himself with increasing urgency because he has a lot riding on the answer Randy is the star shortstop on a major league team that appears headed to the World Series His a [...]

    16. Surprisingly pretty entertaining considering it was written 25 years ago about a subject that is still relatively taboo in sports today.

    17. The Text, The Dreyfus Affair by Peter Lefcourt was truly an inspiring story about overcomming strugles, and being an outcast This novel talked about the love story of two star baseball players, and how they encounter hatred, and discrimnation due to there sexual orientation Randy Dreyfus the main character in the begining is married and has a loving wife and two daughters However, he becomes depress and is in a state of oblivion because he realizes he is hiding his true identity He is in love wi [...]

    18. When the handsome fair haired blue eyed star baseball player Randy Dreyfus falls in love with his good looking black second baseman Johnson Pickett, known as D.J it unleashes a chain of events the reaches even to the White House Randy is happily married to a beautiful wife, has two daughters and a dog that needs pet counselling, so he is as surprised as anyone when he develops these uncontrollable feelings for his second baseman.When the affair between the two men eventually and inevitably becom [...]

    19. I was recently on a sports baseball fiction kick and was searching for baseball books on I found this one and the synopsis immediately captured my attention the superstar shortstop for a competitive professional baseball team the fictitious LA Valley Vikings falls in love with the team s second baseman.What is the All American athlete with a beautiful wife and twin daughters to do This book is a light read and achingly funny Poor Randy Dreyfus the shortstop who lends his name to the title and DJ [...]

    20. A very enjoyable read about the love affair between two baseball players and the repercussions on their careers when it is discovered It begins with Randy Dreyfus, confused by his feelings for his team mate and becomes a story about the difficulties they face when they are caught in the act Lefcourt includes lots of different viewpoints so that you can see how prejudiced attitudes are justified by supposed concern for the American way of life Even the president gets involved, first calling for t [...]

    21. It s a gay romance in the world of baseball What if the team s star shortstop, married with two daughters, falls in love with his second baseman That s the story of Randy Dreyfus, the main character of this book He thought himself completely straight until he fell in love with his teammate D.J He s unsure about himself at first, but he finally finds out that D.J is gay and, though D.J warns him of the problems of such a relationship, they fall into it All goes well until they re videotaped and w [...]

    22. This book cheered me up immensely It s about a Major League shortstop who suddenly realizes that he s falling in love with his second baseman It s one of my favorite slash clich s the slow tease of that first stirring attraction the one guy teaching the other all he knows and it builds really nicely The writing s kind of slap dash trashy, but I actually found the central romance to be rather sweet, and it s about baseball, a gay romance involving baseball, and that s just an unstoppable combinat [...]

    23. I sought out this book had to special order it from library because of its similarities to the novel I am currently writing This is a wonderfully sweet story about two major league baseball players who fall in love They are not only a gay couple but an interracial one I thought the romance was very well developed and the treatment of Gay athletes was very realistic Unfortunately, not much has really changed on that front in the twenty years since this novel was published The only real problem I [...]

    24. Years ago I thought of a great idea for a novel a double play combination in the majors who fall in love with each other I always knew it wasn t my story to write, and was delighted when I found out someone else had undertaken it Peter Lefcourt s comic novel about a man who discovers his sexual orientation after he already has a wife and family is neither politically correct nor literarily weighty, but it s such a good read that I revisit it every few years when the baseball season opens Lefcour [...]

    25. Somewhat of a retelling of the real life Dreyfus Affair, but done within the context of homophobia in baseball.You know As one does.Definitely on the humorous sideThe fact that they were not only both men but that they were of different colors had a visceral effect on Hal Porter He gagged on his burrito Jesus H Christ Faggotry and miscegenation In broad daylight In Neiman Marcus which would explain the, um, shall we say unrealistic ness of some of the characters re actions Both on the over and u [...]

    26. I m a gay baseball fan, so this book was a natural read for me One of the few books I could read over and over In fact the moment I finished my first reading of the book, I immediately started all over again.Obviously written by someone who is NOT gay, it is still a sweet story with likeable characters While seemingly a fairly shallow story, it is deep in that it explores what most of the main characters go through to get to their place of acceptance It is not what I would IN ANY WAY consider a [...]

    27. Read this a few years ago on a recommendation and really enjoyed it An easy, quick read, it s one of the few books I ve read involving a gay romance that doesn t end in tragedy I loved seeing the main character struggle with the realization that he suddenly bats lefty , and the extra bonus of having an interracial m m couple The fair treatment of Randy s wife was also a very pleasant surprise One weak point, however, was a lack of character development of D.J who intrigued me but who I felt just [...]

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