Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams #2020

Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams By Nick Tosches Dino Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams From dealing blackjack in the small time gangster town of Steubenville Ohio to carousing with the famous Rat Pack in a Hollywood he called home Dean Martin lived in a grandstand guttering life of
  • Title: Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams
  • Author: Nick Tosches
  • ISBN: 9780385334297
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams By Nick Tosches From dealing blackjack in the small time gangster town of Steubenville, Ohio, to carousing with the famous Rat Pack in a Hollywood he called home, Dean Martin lived in a grandstand, guttering life of booze, broads, and big money He rubbed shoulders with the mob, the Kennedys, and Hollywood s biggest stars He was one of America s favorite entertainers But no oneFrom dealing blackjack in the small time gangster town of Steubenville, Ohio, to carousing with the famous Rat Pack in a Hollywood he called home, Dean Martin lived in a grandstand, guttering life of booze, broads, and big money He rubbed shoulders with the mob, the Kennedys, and Hollywood s biggest stars He was one of America s favorite entertainers But no one really knew him Now Nick Tosches reveals the man behind the image the dark side of the American dream It s a wild, illuminating, sometimes shocking tale of sex, ambition, heartaches and a life lived hard, fast, and without apologies.
    Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams By Nick Tosches
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      Nick Tosches was born in Newark, New Jersey, and raised by wolves from the other side Through nepotism he became a barroom porter at the age of fourteen Casting this career to the wind in his quest for creative fulfillment, he became a paste up artist for the Lovable Underwear Company in New York City On January 12, 1972, he went to lunch and never came back, drifting south to Florida, where, among other things, he worked as a snake hunter for the Miami Serpentarium After being bit on the shin one morning, he decided to forsake all further employment, and thus became a writer of poetry and prose.

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    1. Nick Tosches, former writer for Rolling Stone magazine, brings the same in house, smug disdain for any musician not named Jackson Browne or Bruce Springsteen or The Eagles, let alone a prehistoric nonentity like former cool cat, Rat Packer, Dean Martin Contempt hangs over this book like the acrid smell of burning meat when your neighbor gets too drunk to turn his burgers over during a cookout Mix that with a misguided leitmotif something about a multi metaphoric breeze that wafts over Dino at ke [...]

    2. Anyone thinking about writing a biography about Dean Martin, forget about it Dino isn t hard to beat, it s downright impossible The inexhaustible biography on Dino covers every facet of his career, from the Jerry Lewis sidekick days to his great TV show to his surprisingly successful movie career to the goofy Matt Helm spy films, Dino runs 652 pages and never gets boring, just like Mr Martin himself.

    3. It provided quite a lot of information, but I would have preferred a biography that didn t include parts written from Dean s perspective that attempted to convey Dean s thoughts to the reader or at least what Tosches believed Dean thought These sections tended to have an irritating abundance of death metaphors like bad fanfic making a desperate attempt to be philosophical The author also comes across as gratingly racist and sexist, freely using the n word and never referring to women as anything [...]

    4. Dean Martin is an elusive and fascinating character From what I can tell, it would be impossible to write a biography that gets to the core of who he was, so instead Tosches uses Martin s life as an intense and sprawling exercise to take apart all kinds of ideas about America The son of Italian immigrants, Dino Crocetti lived The American Dream to the hilt He followed every empty promise America had to make He saw the whole sham for what it was, and was never ashamed to expose it He hated when a [...]

    5. I grew up in a time when Dean Martin, like Elvis, had ceased to have any relevance I vaguely remember the Dean Martin show, and slightly clearly remember the Roasts, but by and large the stream of time had pretty well carried Dino out of the zeitgeist, at least in San Francisco of the 70 s To this day, RIO BRAVO is the only one out of the very few of his many movies that I have seen of his films that I can ever imagine myself watching again As for his music, I actually prefer Sinatra, and I don [...]

    6. Totally enjoyable book Part straight show biz bio, part impressionistic reverie, part filthy gutter gossip It s an unlikely mix that works perfectly in this case Dean Martin has always puzzled me he sang with such undeniably genuine warmth and yet he also made sure we all knew he never actually gave a f ck Turns out this duality colored all his personal relationships, as well How sad Tosches book is by turns overblown, blunt, purely speculative and meticulously researched And darkly funny That f [...]

    7. I ve been meaning to read this book since it came out 25 years ago A must read for anybody who is interested in the Rat Pack and old Hollywood.

    8. 1 1 2 Lots of information but not enough insight into one of the most famous entertainers of the 1950 s 80 s Singer, actor, ladies man, night club star extraordinaire, his ability to deal with mobsters and not his own life or finances is unbelievable The Jerry Lewis thing is equally nuts, but it sure made them famous, and lots of money that they sure had a hard time keeping Dino turned out to be a very lonely soul, even though it seemed that any woman around was always available A hard book to p [...]

    9. I love Dean Martin, I always will and I won t let this crappy author and his inability to string a simple sentence together ruin my adoration Possibly, he had a terrible editor More likely Mr Tosches simply has no idea what he is doing The book itself could have been 200 pages shorter if he decided that he wanted it to be about Dean Martin and not a lengthy history of organized crime Yes, Dean Martin was supposed to be involved with organized crime but this author did not need to delve quite do [...]

    10. Vactaion 2008 2009 reading, part 3 This book was pretty cool, even though the author was a bit long winded Also the second book I ve read about a Rat Pack member Crazy to see how different showbiz was back then, but how similar it was in many regards movies were mostly just remakes, the press sucked, and everyone was fucking everyone else.Worth checking out, though.

    11. I had SO looked forward to this book, and it is awful It is way too wordy and poetic for my taste I love biographies, and I read a lot of them This one is one of the worst I couldn t even learn anything about Dean Martin because I was too busy deciphering this guy s poetic nonsense Not good.

    12. Fifties and sixties chicanery from Steubenville to Vegas Great subtitle With Nick Tosches, you always get than a straight bio, and especially when the subject is Dean Martin.

    13. Pretty amazing Tosches blows the doors out with research, and he seems to use all of it Every gig, paycheck, movie, TV show, radio show, guest shot, recording session, court appearance, and bowel movement there actually are references to this it s in there Which you d think would be boring Until you start reading Tosches puts a framework around Dean Martin and his life, mainly two things 1 his preference to maintain great distance between himself and others, and 2 the attitude of I don t give a [...]

    14. This was exceptional I ve always been a fan of Dean Martin and read about this biography in a Greil Marcus book It was nowhere to be found locally I finally found it at the U of W Laramie library, which was bizarre At any rate, this was one of the best biographies I ve ever read There was no sugar here, just a lot of darkness The prevailing theme over and over was that no one really knew Dean Martin because he shut himself off from everyone, including numerous wives, girlfriends, his children, a [...]

    15. Acutally that was SO GOOD.I did not expect to like it that much and in spite of a difficult start, I really enjoyed this book between Nick Tosches humble writing and Dean Martin s incredible star system I didn t know much about him, so that was quite edifying We could say he was a man absent from his own life, with too much money and too many women to stay decent, and that made me sad for him Like nobody could ever know him at the end, like he s never had friends Nick Tosches biography isn t rea [...]

    16. Had to skim as I overdosed on contract details, track listings on albums and quotes from movie reviews Did not gain any great insight into Martin s famously aloof demeanor The origin story in Stuebenville and background on Italian immigrants and the mob was all interesting Not sure if all the Italian language flourishes helped or the strange rants Tosches would go on Possibly an enjoyable read if you keep your expectations low and plow through the repetitive bits.

    17. While the information was very interesting, this author writes like a 1950s gangster Really odd Rather than discussing Dean Martin s death in the final chapter we are never told when and how he died he writes nonsense as if he is writing Martin s thoughts sort of a dream sequence that serves no purpose If you can make it through paragraphs of this sort of thing, this book does provide a detailed look at Martin s life.

    18. A look into the life of the king of cool Sinatra might be famous for My Way but, after reading this, it was Dean who would truly personify that song

    19. Dino Living High in the Dirty Business of DreamsFollow the lineage of the so called Cult of Celebrity whatever that is and you won t get much further back than Dino Crocetti Martin was the original famous for being famous face, be it sloshing around in nightclubs, fart arseing across the putting green or squiring some brainless gold digging chorus liner, pursuing all of these well in to his dotage Never afraid to let light in on magic, Tosches burns a hole through the talent myth that preceded, [...]

    20. Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley are arguably the two most influential male singers of the 20th century, with an impeccable body of work between them However, if you asked them who they most admired, they would both give the same answer Dean Martin.Dean Martin was a fine singer of romantic songs, who had the good fortune to work with some of the greatest songwriters and arrangers of the day most notably Sammy Cahn and Nelson Riddle However, it wasn t Martin s voice that made him a legend, it was [...]

    21. This is an interesting book on a very difficult subject Dean Martin didn t really care about anything After his death, his second wife, Jeanne, said he was always content in a void, he s content right now So the author had an almost insurmountable task before him, to make us care about a remote subject.There s quote after quote about how charming Dean Martin was But there s also story after story about his casual cruelty, his passive aggression In one jaw dropping episode, he simply doesn t show [...]

    22. This is unlike any biography you ve ever read Guaranteed I love Tosches well, I love the idea of Tosches than Tosches himself Let s put it that way Some of his books just plain bore the hell out of me They re too pretentious However, he nails it with Dino I love the unique approach a fiction writer such as Tosches has on real life subjects in the past he tackled such luminary subjects as boxer Sonny Liston, gangster Arnold Rothstein and rocker Jerry Lee Lewis Primarily a fiction writer, there s [...]

    23. Took a break from this one after the breakup between Martin and Lewis to read Pynchon and then Algernon Blackwood s The Willows for an appropriately timed Halloween aside When I returned to Martin s post Lewis years, I jumped right back in to Tosches with ease and sadly watched the decline of elderly Martin and his withdrawal from the external I don t have much to complain about regarding the method Tosches uses to write this extensive biography, sometimes drifting into what is supposed to be th [...]

    24. Dino Yeah, this is the biography that re shaped the way celebrity biographies were written It also brought Dean Martin back to the forefront, just three years before he died This is the type of book that can polarize fans, but there is no doubt that it breaks the barriers After this, Dino became a cult god, the Swinger of Swingers for the Generation X crowd.I actually read this again, about 15 years after the first read through It still stands up, although I ve read so many other Dean Martin bio [...]

    25. this book is one of the meanest biography I ve ever read all the people he depicted are manipulative bastards really and man is there a lot of law suits and money going around will probably burst the allusion and allure of showbiz but i think he failed to capture the charisma and relationships of Dean Martin.cially with Jerry Lewis l the book described about their partnership is jealousy,hate and money of course.but the huge success they had was due to how much fun they had onstage and trying to [...]

    26. A wildly uneven read, vacillating between mildly interesting and mundane, with the occasional, but rare, bit of fascinating detail Tosches did a monumental amount of research the bibliography alone is around 40 pages and seemed to feel the need to remind the reader constantly about all the meticulous research he did For instance, there are entire paragraphs listing the recording history of a song Martin recorded, which has no bearing on anything except incidentally, and the momentum of the narra [...]

    27. Would have been a higher rating if Tosches wasn t trying so hard all the time to convince me that he s a badass, and one who shares a moral compass with his subject and he does not have the greatest role model in that regard The tough guy writer thing generally comes off a bit disingenuous overcompensating , but here, it just grates Look at me, I m Tosches, I m an outlaw writer, misogynist philanderers are my kind of people Didn t hear me the first time I ll make it really clear, drop some N bom [...]

    28. The life of Dean Martin is a sad one He was, according to this author, a person who never seemed to connect to anything He had it all he had nothing The author uses a lot of strong language that I assume is to establish a character I could have done without it, but maybe he felt it was needed to get Dean s personality across He also put in a lot of stuff about what songs Dino recorded and were in the top 10, etc much of which I would call filler but was easy to skim over.To me, the story was not [...]

    29. One of the finest biographies ever written, at least of any Hollywood personalities, by one of the best writers currently drawing breath From his beginnings as Dino Crocetti, a two bit hood dealing blackjack at the backwater casinos of Steubenville, through the early taste of stardom as the cool half of Martin Lewis, later misadventures with the Rat Pack and the mafia, as well as adultery, assholery, and alcoholism than the E channel could shake a stick at Ridiculously researched, and cinematic [...]

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