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Jinx By Margaret Wild Jinx Do not get to know me Do not ask me out Do not love me Be warned Jinx doesn t start out as Jinx at first she s dull safe boring Jen Jen who always hands her homework in on time Jen who never stays
  • Title: Jinx
  • Author: Margaret Wild
  • ISBN: 9780689871177
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jinx By Margaret Wild Do not get to know me Do not ask me out Do not love me Be warned Jinx doesn t start out as Jinx at first she s dull, safe, boring Jen Jen who always hands her homework in on time, Jen who never stays out late, Jen who can always be counted on When Jen s first boyfriend dies, she thinks she s unluckyuntil her second boyfriend dies too Jen is Jinx now a cursDo not get to know me Do not ask me out Do not love me Be warned Jinx doesn t start out as Jinx at first she s dull, safe, boring Jen Jen who always hands her homework in on time, Jen who never stays out late, Jen who can always be counted on When Jen s first boyfriend dies, she thinks she s unluckyuntil her second boyfriend dies too Jen is Jinx now a curse, a promise of bad luck, a girl who s angry and alone, who can t get close to people any.Can Jinx find her way back to being Jen again
    Jinx By Margaret Wild
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      190 Margaret Wild
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      Margaret Wild has written than seventy books and has been published around the world Her numerous awards and distinctions include the Children s Book Council of Australia Picture Book of the Year Award for Jenny Angel, illustrated by Anne Spudvilas The Very Best of Friends, illustrated by Julie Vivas and Fox, illustrated by Ron Brooks In 2008 she received the Nan Chauncy Award for an outstanding contribution to children s literature in Australia A Bit of Company and Going Home, illustrated by Wayne Harris, were published in 2009 by Walker Books Australia as part of the Walker Classic series Margaret Wild was the winner of the 2011 Lady Cutler Award.Vampyre is a finalist in the 2012 Aurealis Awards in the CHILDREN S FICTION told primarily through pictures category.Australian children s book author.enpedia wiki Margaret

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    1. I absolutely loved this book I first read it with my sister and a dear friend reading over my shoulder I then have lovely memories of reading it to my best friend when we were about the age of Jinx s character, and I then read it to my mother, who was so moved by the end of it that she was close to tears It s that good.The plain verse structure of this book is so easy to read, and adds a real artistic quality to the story It also really allows the reader to get into the heads of the different ch [...]

    2. Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadTooJinx formerly Jen has really bad luck with relationships to say the least Her first boyfriend dies and she gets upset but eventually gets over it Then her second boyfriend dies and now she is Jinx, not Jen Her teachers, friends, and her parents all call her Jinx She says that if you go out with her you will die Before she started dating, she was boring old Jen who never stayed out late and always turned her homework in on time Now she is all alone, boyfr [...]

    3. Quite some months ago I started writing poetry It s something that started out as an experiment but has turned to a passionate hobby by now I tell a story of my life in my poems It helps me to deal with something so very personal of my past This also boosted my interest in poetry of all kinds I like classy Shakespeare as well as modern poetry style like Amanda Lovelace.Recently, I was at my best friend s place and she handed me over Jinx Since you re so interested in poetry lately and write so m [...]

    4. Jen is good girl who becomes a troubled teen All she wants is to be loved But when her boyfriend Charlie dies in tragic circumstances, she starts drinking in order to escape After a series of unfortunate accidents, Jen is nicknamed Jinx Jinx, they say, but she likes it and takes it as her new name Will Jinx ever find happiness and find her way back to Jen This novel in verse is written in a simple, yet lyrical manner, and is full of interesting characters Jen s father the Rat who abandoned her w [...]

    5. Jinx by Margaret WildThis book was different compared to what I typically read The story was written in verses, similar to a poem It is about a girl named Jen who has two sides Her good side is Jen and her changed side is Jinx She thought of the name Jinx because she thought that every boy she dated had died because of her Ever since her first boyfriend, Charlie, died she was in grief and was depressed Charlie died by committing suicide He felt as if no one liked him However, along the road of h [...]

    6. Jinx is poetry book It had great themes such as death and guilt The main character has a couple of boyfriends though out the book Her first one commits suicide, and she blames herself because she never had a clue She thinks it was her fault because she should have known what was going on with him The second one isn t really her boyfriend because she doesn t really like him,but when he ends up dying she feels like it is all her fault again ,and that she is a bad person, so she starts calling hers [...]

    7. This is such a beautiful example of the craft of the verse novel for young adults Wild who is one of Australia s most diverse and gifted writers for both children and adults draws us so completely into the world of her embattled protagonist, and uses the form and function of the verse novel to its fullest effect here the switches in style, form and point of view all combine to reveal the layers of a life, rather than a straight out linear narrative Her central characters are beautifully realised [...]

    8. SummaryJinx by Margaret Wild is a young adult novel written in verse about a teenage girl who believes she s jinxed.Jen has always been the good girl, who was well behaved, did her homework and studied hard When Charlie, Jen s boyfriend, dies, Jen starts rebelling When Ben, her second boyfriend, dies, Jen thinks she s cursed and gives herself the nickname Jinx Jinx wonders if she can ever go back to being Jen, or if she s cursed forever Her friends and family are also dealing with problems of th [...]

    9. POETRYJen is just a reagular girl who does her best to be good After two of her boyfriends die, she realizes that there s something wrong, and that s when she becomes Jinx She wonders if there s any way she can get back to the girl she was before This book had a lot of emotional content in it that I think was enhanced by the fact that it s written in verse The amount of loss was a little surprising to me but it also made me like it .

    10. hmm was okay i guess, it was sad how not everyone got a happy ending, but i guess thats life.i kind of liked the way it was written in poems though it took me a while to figure out the poems change perspective so i was kinda confused throughout the start of the novel collection of poems i liked the unique ness of the plot and the way it was written expressed i.e in poems SPOILER ALERTi wonder what happened to connor did she tell her parents and what about serena didn t the author say she was kin [...]

    11. Jinx is an authentic and touching story about a teenage girl living in Sydney s suburban inner west Jen as she is initially known wants to do all the things any regular teenager would hang out with her friends, have sex with her boyfriend, and stop her mother interfering in her life But after a sudden and unexpected loss, Jen now rechristened Jinx loses herself in grief, alcohol and despair What makes this story work so spectacularly is that it s written as a verse novel a collection of short, n [...]

    12. I read the whole book in about 10 hours Although, I was not a big fan of the book I think the main reason is because I just didn t connect well with the book.

    13. Jen is the main character in this book Her parents had divorced and her father remarried Stella She had one sister, Grace, she has Down s Syndrome Life is wonderful to Jen after she starts to date Charlie They had been great together, but one day she had been tell that Charlie committed suicide She then went wild for a while until she met Ben Eventually she and Ben were together But soon Ben was killed, because he had been called SHORT by a guy name Hal After that, Jen renames herself Jinx, beca [...]

    14. Really enjoyed this coming of age verse novel about Jen who becomes Jinx and then Jen again Spoiler alert Jen takes on the name Jinx after her first boyfriend suicides and the second is killed in an accident Ironically, she heals by falling in love with the boy who was partly responsible for the second boyfriend s death The characters in this novel were wonderfully drawn especially the little sister Grace who has Downe s Syndrome and yet a wonderful insight into human behaviours I also liked the [...]

    15. Jinx by Margaret Wild It captures your attention right from the beginning I feel like I can connect to this girl, Jen.Jen s first boyfriend died, maybe a little unlucky Jen s second boyfriend died, was it than just being unlucky Since that day, Jen was called Jinx Cursed, filled with bad luck.Jen is lonely and can not seem to find closeness in people around her.I said I can connect to that because I feel like sometimes in life, there are many hard times Friends not being there for you when you [...]

    16. Jinx is a very creative book it is a poem so it ends quick.But she changist alot throught out the book The important thing about this book is about how Jinx expresses her feelings.In the hole book is pretty much about drama Its all about jen Jinx She is very important in this book cause every thing that happens she has to do something with it One question i alwayst had through out the book was why does Jen change to a evil visios Jinx After every thing that happend in her life she becomes evil a [...]

    17. This book was an emotional roller coaster for me and it was just another piece of evidence that nobody is perfect, everyone has problems I really like this style of writing too, in the poetic way I went to read this a few years ago but I didn t understand why it was written like it is and I thought it would be complicated To find out only years later that it s one of the most accessible and easy to read books ever written but mature too It shows that people you love will leave and some may never [...]

    18. This book was great I had to read it for school and iI thought oh, it ll be boring like most of those books we read in school But than, I startet And I got used to the form the book s written And I was ABOLUTELY surprised.SPOILER Most of the time, while reading I was depressed, because Jen had always so bad luck I thought it was weird, that she let everyone call her jinx I mean Who wouldn t get crazy, when two boyfriends of yours die And than she meets Pete, and you think, that she will lose him [...]

    19. I read this some time in middle school and I adored it It influenced my own poetry Which, in hindsight, was absolutely horrible, heh I d like to re read this and see what I think of it now that I m not an angsty teenager I ve graduated to angsty 20 something Much different dynamic, I think When trying to source this book again, I described it as full of morbid free verse poetry, I think it was in a story format and switched perspectives I don t remember any of the plot, though I didn t even reme [...]

    20. As Jen starts with her boyfriend, she s happy with him But until some shocking news comes, she sad and hurt That was her boyfriend who just died Here is where the JINX part starts, she thinks she s unlucky but she soon finds out that she s JINXed Margaret Wild s writing is awesome She s great, she really knows how to make the readers feel the way the character feels Her words were so bitter and so painful I actually was shocked with some of the parts in the book The way one of her boyfriend dies [...]

    21. I saw this at the library and picked it up because it s a novel told in free verse, which, hey, that sounds interesting Gave up after 40 pages.The problem for me was that the poetry itself wasn t particularly good, or even engaging in and of itself Why not just use a fragmentary episodic short fiction style I mean, unless you re going to write a YA book about teen drauma IN the Cringe style of Awful Teenage Poetry, which would be AWESOME But this wasn t that So I m not convinced that this was t [...]

    22. The first strange thing about this book is the way it is written Rather than regular fill up a page type of writing the book is written almost in poetic form Pages have titles telling who is writing speaking.The main character is Jen Jinx, a fairly typical teenage girl who ends up having two boyfriends die on her Her third boyfriend turns out to be the one that caused the death of one of her other boyfriends which ends up resulting in a rather unusual book in many ways.It s overall a fairly inte [...]

    23. A very impressive young adult novel, written in verse and from various view points It deals with some big topics like love and death, family and divorce, disability and acceptance, guilt and forgiveness to name but a few Wild chooses every word carefully and manages to piece together a novel that shows the dark places of the human soul as well as the light that we all hope is at the end of the tunnel.

    24. Jen is a high school girl who describes her life in poems After two of her boyfriends die, Jen renames herself Jinx and struggles to come to terms with her grief.Amazing It was easy to read and understand and took on a myriad of issues grief, suicide, parental indifference, homosexuality, divorce, and the difficulty of having a sibling who is handicapped A very raw and real book The differing points of view let us see how other people besides Jen Jinx relate to the events of the story.

    25. Its a great way to write the novel, at times i got confused but i found my way back.I enjoyed how Margaret catpured each character in their own way and showed how they were felling well put together.I was a bit upset knowing that both Charlie and Ben had died, Charlie im unsure why he did it and Ben its upsetting knowing that Hal had done it although it was accidental All together i just enjoyed it and glad this book took me 4 5 hours to read FASTED READ EVER

    26. I really enjoyed this book It took me less than two hours to read as it is a story connected by a series of poems about a teenage girl, her family and friends, and the heart ache that comes with growing up.Wild uses several points of view in this novel and touches on issues of depression, broken homes, life as a teenager, life as an adult with kids, death, disability, truth, self destruction, sexuality, single parents and .Definitely worth a read for something different 4 Stars.

    27. This is a poetry book that had inappropriate language for middle school students as well as inappropriate themes The entire plot was very unlikely and not believable The main character seems like a silly girl who is just looking to grow up too quickly, and quite frankly, who has that many boyfriends in high school The book is useful for teaching poetry styles, but the language and themes make it not appropriate for any school environment.

    28. This book was intriguing The story is written in poetic verse from different perspectives This works very well for the serious content that the book covers This is a great book about the hardships teens face growing up such as suicide, homosexuality, substance abuse, divorce, grief, handicaps, etc It is unique because it show the parents point of view as well It was very well done and an easy read.

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