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The Dawn's Early Light By Walter Lord The Dawn s Early Light Walter Lord author of such best sellers as A Night to Remember and A Day of Infamy brings to life the remarkable events of what we now call The War of including the burning of Washington and the
  • Title: The Dawn's Early Light
  • Author: Walter Lord
  • ISBN: 9780801848643
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dawn's Early Light By Walter Lord Walter Lord author of such best sellers as A Night to Remember and A Day of Infamy brings to life the remarkable events of what we now call The War of 1812 including the burning of Washington and the attack on Balti s Fort McHenry that inspired the Francis Scott Key to write what would become our national anthem Lord gives readers a dramatic account of how a new senseWalter Lord author of such best sellers as A Night to Remember and A Day of Infamy brings to life the remarkable events of what we now call The War of 1812 including the burning of Washington and the attack on Balti s Fort McHenry that inspired the Francis Scott Key to write what would become our national anthem Lord gives readers a dramatic account of how a new sense of national identity emerged from the smoky haze of what Francis Scott Key so lyrically called the dawn s early light.
    The Dawn's Early Light By Walter Lord
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    1. Walter Lord

      Walter Lord was an American author, best known for his documentary style non fiction account, A Night to Remember, about the sinking of the RMS Titanic.In 2009, Jenny Lawrence edited and published The Way It Was Walter Lord on His Life and Books.

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    1. History, in the arms of a master storyteller, comes alive and takes you back in time The Dawn s Early Light does this in 4 Star fashion, recalling the last half of 1814, the darkest for the young United States and promising easy victory for the most powerful empire in the world, vanquisher of Napoleon Wellington s Invincibles are on their way to chastise Jonathon , the dismissive British name for all Americans Although the young and inexperienced US Navy has scored some early wins in this war of [...]

    2. In telling his story, Lord s work is clearly not intended to be a formal study because analysis and thesis is generally eschewed Lord uses his considerable skills to tell a compelling tale by weaving together often trivial historical detail into an understandable and engaging narrative accessible to a lay reader Compelling and often riveting, The Dawn s Early Light employs a journalistic style that imparts facts while retaining a sense of sensationalism and dramatic color The lack of analysis wa [...]

    3. Until very recently this was THE book to read on The War of 1812, given the publication of several new works on the subject, this may no longer be the case, but for my money, there s no better storyteller than Walter Lord That said, this is not one of his best works, but it s still a worthwhile read, especially for dedicated fans His prose is most effective when he s describing the actual battles, his minute by minute account of the burning of Washington is the highlight of the book The non comb [...]

    4. This book is the first I have read concerning the War of 1812 In this book the author covers the period from August 1814 with the British marching onto Washington Walter Lord offers a spendid account of the fighting at Bladensburg, the burning of Washington and the subsequent campaign against the British The use of first hand account offers a splendid insight into the people, soldiers, sailors and politicians caught up during this period of history A well researched and finely told account of th [...]

    5. Walter Lord s The Dawn s Early Light is an energetic and well written recounting of the Washington and Balti campaigns from the War of 1812 Lord, a Balti journalist and writer best known for A Night to Remember, his book about the ill fated voyage of R.M.S Titanic , deploys his you are there approach to history effectively, capturing well the Americans despair at the burning of Washington, D.C as well as American pride at Baltians heroic and successful defense of Fort McHenry Lord also incorpora [...]

    6. I bought this book at the gift shop at Fort McHenry in 2011 and just got around to reading it It is a non fiction about the battle at Fort McHenry in 1814, the general aspect of the War of 1812, wrapping up with the Battle of New Orleans I laughed out loud in many places from the dry wit and irony of the complete lack of discipline, the bad luck, the plain stupidity of both sides at times God must have wanted the US to be a country because based on all the dumb things we did as well as the arrog [...]

    7. The Dawn s Early Light is an in depth analysis of the battle for Washington during the war of 1812 To a lesser extent it also delves into the battle for New Orleans and the Treaty of Ghent Prose and story trip right along for the first 100 pages than something happens Perhaps it is just my extraordinarily low I.Q on show again, but the minutia of troop movements gets a bit old I think an in depth look at a few individuals including a better of understanding of their personalities would have mad [...]

    8. Walter Lord, like McCullough and Stephen Ambrose, can make history read like a novela war that grows out of the native American threat, expansion, and freedom of the seasa remarkable story of a woefully unprepared US tackling the preeminent world power of the day as told from both sidese focus is on the Chesapeake and New Orleans campaignsort shrift is given to the war in the West and and the invasion from Canadae political can of worms, that is war, is portrayed quite well on both sides of the [...]

    9. This is a must read text for anyone wanting to familiarize themselves with the Chesapeake Campaign during the War of 1812 a.k.a American s Second War for Independence There are many great tidbits in here For example while the nation s capital burned, the Declaration of Independence was safely hidden in Edgar Patterson s empty grist mill across the Potomac River during the pillaging of the White House, British Major General Robert Ross made off with a pocketful of old Madison s love letters and [...]

    10. Great Book to give me some insite into this war that I never really knew much about.My Great Great Grandfather fought in this war I know very little about him but I am trying to earn ILearning about the writing of the great song was something i knew about but this brought it to life for me

    11. Good BookEasy to follow and full of information It is easy to see a great deal of research was done, the book flows well and holds your interest.

    12. Great bookA wonderful history of the War of 1812 and the inside stories on how the battles came about I recommend this book for everyone.

    13. The Americans always cheat us Henry Goulburn, British peace negotiator in ParisEnjoyable and readable popular history of the last year of the War of 1812 Takes the reader into the hearts and minds of the participants Jumps back and forth between the sides, magnifying the crossed purposes and misinformation each side labored under In the end it was not British skill but American ineptitude that settled the matter Minutely researched but reads like fiction Lacks detailed references, so for inform [...]

    14. This book starts a bit slow, but picks up speed and proves to be an entertaining history of the British campaign against Washington and Balti during August 1814 Oddly, the book chooses then to cover the peace negotiations and the Battle of New Orleans These, particularly the battle, seem kind of tagged on at the end The book doesn t cover other battlefronts during the war.By the end of the book, the reader is well acquainted with the key players on both side Plus it features dozens of vignettes [...]

    15. yet another Shelfari review lost to the ages Have rated this book 4 times in the last 20 seconds while trying to write this review, and this is the first time the stars seem to be saved for my review I may have to find another way to collect and preserve my book reviews as this is a major.The book details the battles in the War of 1812 and the eventual 2nd emancipation from the British I had wrongly assumed this would be about the writing of the National Anthem In fact, this book barely touches [...]

    16. I stopped in to see Ft Mchenry last year after promising to do so for 30 years Impressive and highly recommended I asked the park ranger what was the best book to get an overview of the battle and this is how I came to read this book It covers than the battle in Balti For good measure, it covers the burning of Washington D.C and the British journey to New Orleans where they got their buts kicked but good in a battle fought after the peace treaty had been signed This book is well written and it [...]

    17. This is a very clear book about a very confusing time in American history, the War of 1812 While the story covers some of the strategic aspects of the war, its real focus is on the events in the Washington Balti area during the events leading up to Frances Scott Key composing what is now called The Star Spangled Banner The details make much sense to me now than when I was first learning them in school The burning of the original Library of Congress is seen in its full context, both in terms of [...]

    18. I had never read any detail of this war, so learned a lot It did get bogged down in troop movement detail at times The convoluted personal scheming and rivalries sent my head spinning, but the overall story was revealing of the mixed motives and disorganization on both sides i.ebayimg t 1972 THE DAWNS

    19. Frankly, I ve never paid attention to the the War of 1812 Now that I live in the DC Balti area, I wanted to find out about the war and the burning of DC This is a really good read and will give you all you need to know about the battles in this area, the British shelling at Ft McHenry, and how it was the folks in DC, not the British, who burned the place to the ground.

    20. I read this a year ago and can t remember much sad, but true It was a good education in the War od 1812 I do remember wishing there had been just a bit about Francis Scott Key and The Star Spangled Banner, given the title of the book.

    21. Prime source of entertaining and historical data on a longtime nautical hero, the American sailor David Porter David Glasgow Farragut s step father Been a permanent resident of my bookshelf since the early 1980 s.

    22. Excellent account of a forgotten war the War of 1812 and America s improbable victory In most wars, when the enemy captures your capital and burns it down, you tend to lose And yet, we still won.

    23. A fine look at the War of 1812 and few Americans know much it This book is a good and readable way to learn about it.

    24. Pretty good story Not his best, but well worth the time As usual, his research and documentation are superb.

    25. Not really well written, and really slow in its storytelling Also it fails to explain the history to the uninitiated reader Booring.

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