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A Merry Heart By Wanda E. Brunstetter A Merry Heart Miriam Stoltzfus is a young Pennsylvania Amish woman once filled with dreams for a future with a man who jilted her Now she is known as the old maid schoolteacher with a heart of stone Could a forbidd
  • Title: A Merry Heart
  • Author: Wanda E. Brunstetter
  • ISBN: 9781597892988
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Merry Heart By Wanda E. Brunstetter Miriam Stoltzfus is a young Pennsylvania Amish woman once filled with dreams for a future with a man.who jilted her Now she is known as the old maid schoolteacher with a heart of stone Could a forbidden romantic friendship with an English newspaper reporter stir the embers of her heart Or, will she follow the traditional path and settle for a marriage of convenienceMiriam Stoltzfus is a young Pennsylvania Amish woman once filled with dreams for a future with a man.who jilted her Now she is known as the old maid schoolteacher with a heart of stone Could a forbidden romantic friendship with an English newspaper reporter stir the embers of her heart Or, will she follow the traditional path and settle for a marriage of convenience born out of the sake of a child Either way, she must find the key to letting go of the bitterness that binds her ability to love A Merry Heart is book 1 in the Brides of Lancaster County series Other books in the series include Looking for a Miracle Book 2, Plain and Fancy Book 3, The Hope Chest Book 4.
    A Merry Heart By Wanda E. Brunstetter
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    1. Wanda E. Brunstetter

      New York Times bestselling and award winning author, Wanda E Brunstetter is one of the founders of the Amish fiction genre She has written close to 90 books translated in four languages With over 10 million copies sold, Wanda s stories consistently earn spots on the nations most prestigious bestseller lists and have received numerous awards.Wanda s ancestors were part of the Anabaptist faith, and her novels are based on personal research intended to accurately portray the Amish way of life Her books are well read and trusted by many Amish, who credit her for giving readers a deeper understanding of the people and their customs.When Wanda visits her Amish friends, she finds herself drawn to their peaceful lifestyle, sincerity, and close family ties Wanda enjoys photography, ventriloquism, gardening, bird watching, beachcombing, and spending time with her family She and her husband, Richard, have been blessed with two grown children, six grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.To learn about Wanda, visit her website at wandabrunstetter.

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    1. Do you like historical theological romantic amish fiction Have I ever got the book for you If you don t like these things, this book is also excellent I recomment making it a drinking game The person across from you takes a shot when the phrase heart of stone is uttered The person to your left takes a sip every time some synonym for old maid or spinster is introduced And EVERYONE takes a shot when the phrase tragic buggy incident occurs I promise you that everyone will have alcohol poisoning by [...]

    2. I had a lovely long insightful review of this all typed up when somehow I knocked against the keyboard and deleted it I don t have the heart to recreat it Suffice it to say that as a non reader of Christian fiction, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this novel of one woman s crisis of faith The characterization of the heroine, Miriam, was good and in depth The other characters, not so in depth The book takes place over a long period of time with just a short scene or so to illustrate what is [...]

    3. A Merry Heart is yet another W.E Brunstetter read, that did kept the pages turning It is not a fast paced action thriller, BUT it does keep your interest and is a calming, inspirational read for the end of the day with lessons to be learned.Admitting I am a fan of novels that are about the Amish, because they were the first genre of books that I encountered that had a Christian theme that was close to I feel on certain subject matters Also they did open a door for me to wonder about things such [...]

    4. Miriam is heart broken when the man she thought she loved has decided to marry someone else She tries not to let it get her down but, two years after he sends her a break up letter she still cant seem to come to terms with it Among trying to get over a lost love, it seems bad luck comes her way when her father has a massive heart attack and dies Shortly after the tragedy her niece, while waiting fro Miriam after school gets struck by a falling tree branch and is in a coma Now it seems all the Mi [...]

    5. Another book that I d give 2 1 2 stars if I could I didn t like who the main character was so bitter for most of the book I also felt that Nick was a bit too flirty for his own good This is yet another disappointing book from Brusntetter, but I wil read the next one to find oru what happens to M Miriam s niece.

    6. I loved this book it was a fast read and very good I didn t want to put it down, it always had me quessing what is going to happen next I will say that I was very suprised towards the end of the book It had such a great ending to it I would recommened it I am starting on book 2 today.

    7. A Merry Heart is book 1 in the Brides of Lancaster County series by Wanda E Brunstetter Other books in the series include Looking for a Miracle Book 2, Plain, and Fancy Book 3, The Hope Chest Book 4.My Honest ThoughtsI have to be honest, I really struggle to like people who are overly bitter Miriam is one of those people I m this way in real life and with my fiction I totally understand that some people cannot help feeling bitter As a fairly optimistic person with a positive outlook on life, bit [...]

    8. A Merry Heart by Wanda E Brunstetter is a life changing intriguing book A Merry Heart is the first book of the four books in the Brides Of Lancaster County series and it is my book of the year Miriam Stoltzfus, a twenty six year old Amish woman in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, seems to be blind to the world around her Every since she was dumped by the man she was courting and madly in love with, Miriam has had a cold heart to everyone Amos Hitly, a man madly in love with Miriam, has had his [...]

    9. Compared to the last author I tried Deeane Gist Brunstetter s writing quality is not as skillful or as flowing Sometimes she had some awkward moments, and sometimes she could have handled situations better in her story particularly with emotion and depth However, despite the fact that Gist seems skilled with words, I felt infinitely interested in the characters and plot of Brunstetter s I cared about both Amos and Miriam I worried about the outcome of their lives And there were several touchi [...]

    10. Wunnderbaar I loved it Based on Proverbs 17 22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a broken spirit drieth the bones what this book is based on I love it so much I couldn t imagine hibernating in bitterness The examples of living with being bitter were written so clearly Nothing helps a bitter heart, except a fresh renewal of allowing God into your heart That is the story, of Miriam You did a great job on describing how it feels to live in bitterness What causes headaches, migraines, and [...]

    11. This book was about a school teacher named Miriam She was heartbroken when the boy she thought loved her left the community and married another and she became bitter and sheltered her heart from any other romance One of her students was her niece, Rebekah whose spine was crushed by a tree while she was waiting for a ride home from school with Miriam Miriam couldn t forgive herself for telling her to wait outside instead of in the school room with her and questioned her faith in God and blamed hi [...]

    12. A Merry Heart is a feel good romance novel Miriam is considered an old maid in her Amish Community She is also the school teacher there Prbably one of the reasons she has never gotten married was because she had a bad relationship a long time ago Amos is a widow with one daughter, and he has always been sweet on Miriam since their schooling together When he starts to pursue her, she wants nothing to do with him Probably the reason I really liked this book was because of how even though Miriam do [...]

    13. I thought this would be a light read, but I was very wrong This book was depressing and frustrating The lead woman was so bitter and hostile that it was impossible for me to want good things for her She was the most pessimistic character I ve ever read Amos deserved so much than begging for love from this bitter woman Redemption came too late I no longer cared about what would happen with her, and honestly, she should have been alone I don t think anyone could have realistically seen past her c [...]

    14. As a fan of writers who write about the Amish, such as Beverly Lewis, I decided to give this author a try Miriam, a young Amish school teacher, is determined not to marry, after being jilted by the man she loved Miriam was a bit annoying initially as she ignores the advice of her friends and family to open her heart to love and also ignores a man who is interested in her However, one starts to root for Miriam to find true happiness and perhaps root for other characters The story was a bit predic [...]

    15. This book was almost painful to read at times Such a downer I wanted to just put it down and not finish it several times But I don t usually stop reading a book, so I trudged through it hoping it would get better The main character in the book, Miriam, was hopeless I wanted to shake some sense into her times than I can count She was a self centered, hardened, cranky young woman who couldn t move on from being dumped by a man who never really loved her I normally pick up a book like this for a l [...]

    16. Fans of Beverly Lewis should find much to like in the novels of Wanda Brunstetter Both authors write gentle and uplifting romances featuring the lives of Amish people This is the first in the Brides of Lancaster County series.If you enjoy the Amish focus of Beverly Lewis s books, you may want to try Wanda E Brunstetter This is the first in the Brides of Lancaster County series, and it is available as an audiobook.Much like Beverly Lewis, Wanda Brunstetter writes inspirational fiction centered ar [...]

    17. Miriam Stoltzfus had loved William Graber all her life and thought they would eventually marry However, William moves away and weds someone else Miriam is nursing a broken heart and has decided that she will never marry She has closed her heart off to the very idea of love Amos Hilty had cared for Miriam for a long time and the widower would like to marry her and create a family with his young daughter, Mary Ellen Will Amos and Mary Ellen be able to break through the ice enclosing Miriam s heart [...]

    18. There was not much character development for the two men attempting to court Miriam It was hard to care for either of them, although I did prefer the man she chose to marry.My biggest beef with the book is Miriam ends up marrying the widower Amos because 1 She loves his daughter and knows the girl needs a mother.2 Miriam s brother is getting marries soon, and Miriam wants to leave the house she shares with him What to do Get married to Amos now she has a home.3 She doesn t love Amos, tells him s [...]

    19. I have just finished a trip through Lancaster, so decided to read this book It felt like I knew so many of the places I was reading about, I could easily relate to Bird in Hand, Lancaster, and so many other places The Author does a wonderful job of describing the area and the beautiful Amish people I thought the book was good, but I felt it dwelt on the main character s unhappiness for far too long However, I did enjoy the book.

    20. I listened to this book in the car over a few days Miriam is the school teacher in her Amish community Some of the children think she is mean She had expected to marry William, who left the area to learn a new trade He found and married someone else, so Miriam was bitter towards men She meets and is attracted to an Englisher, and there is a widower in the Amish community, who has loved her since they were kinder together It s a nice story with a message.

    21. I love how Wanda E Brunstetter writes about the Amish community Miriam s heart has been broken years ago can she finally fill the void that has been there ever since William wrote her and told her he found someone else to love Does she find love again Can she trust another man again Is it Amos the Amish man that has loved her since they were children or Nick the Englisher she keeps bumping into just when she needs someone to talk to.

    22. I enjoyed Wanda Brunstetter s A Merry Heart I could relate to Miriam Stolzfus s struggle with bitterness and learning to let go and trust Proverbs 17 22, about having a merry heart follows her around It seems like every time I turn around I m reminded that Jeremiah 29 11 says God has a purpose for me If you struggle with bitterness, can t get over a lost love, or can t forgive yourself or someone else, you ll relate to Miriam s struggle.

    23. First in the Brides of Lancaster County series Mariam is the local Amish school teacher in her mid 20 s, an old maid , according to her The area matchmakers are working hard to change that though Mariam had thought she would be married, but was jilted by her long time sweetheart so she thinks love will never happen again This is probably a series that should be read in order I believe some of the characters in this book were mentioned in other series by Brunstetter.

    24. I am a fan of Beverly Lewis, another Amish fiction writer I thought I would try another author, so I picked up this book on audio The storyline was predictable, but decent However the writing was frustrating to me Certain phrases were repeated over and over, when characters analyzed their inner feelings it was the same points each time If this story had not repeated itself, it could have been much shorter I think I will stick to Beverly Lewis books in the future.

    25. This is the first time I actually did not like a character in a book Miriam was a complete negative drag for the first 240 of the 261 pages of this book She had finally seen the light which now causes me to have to read book 2 I am concerned this is a bit over the top and will push people on the fence away Pray this doesn t happen but rather is used for good It is certainly all true, just a bit strong and forceful at the end for casual readers Great cookie recipe though.

    26. Brides of Lancaster CountyBrides of Lancaster CountyI enjoyed reading this booking it was simply but still exciting and keeping you wanting continually to find out what happens next I read a lot of Beverly Lewis but this author is is played back you are able to keep up with the characters.

    27. This was a good and very quick read It reminded me of the Amish people I met while serving my mission in Pennsylvania It s not my favorite book, but good enough that I might read the 2nd book in the series Reading about the Amish made me think about my own beliefs, faith, and dedication to the gospel I m glad to have found an author who writes about the Amish people.

    28. The protagonists negativity really started getting on my nerves, but I think that was part of the point I love that it made me step back and take stock of how I look at the world and the blessings that surround me This was a better read depth and character development than some of the other Amish novels I ve read I ll be finishing the series.

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