Out of the Ashes #2020

Out of the Ashes By Hailey Turner Out of the Ashes War never leaves a soldier behind Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin is still healing from his brief stint as a prisoner of war While his physical wounds have mended the emotional scars left behind are sl
  • Title: Out of the Ashes
  • Author: Hailey Turner
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  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Out of the Ashes By Hailey Turner War never leaves a soldier behind Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin is still healing from his brief stint as a prisoner of war While his physical wounds have mended, the emotional scars left behind are slow to disappear Eager to prove his resilience in the face of lingering trauma, Alexei is determined to complete his first mission in three months and get back into the fielWar never leaves a soldier behind Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin is still healing from his brief stint as a prisoner of war While his physical wounds have mended, the emotional scars left behind are slow to disappear Eager to prove his resilience in the face of lingering trauma, Alexei is determined to complete his first mission in three months and get back into the field but he s not forging ahead without his lover Nightmares will always linger Agent Sean Delaney s recovery from trauma is slow going than he would like, but he pushes through in order to return to active duty and not be left behind But every decision he makes leaves him feeling like he s gone two steps forward and one step back when it comes to Alexei The guilt Sean feels from what they both endured still colors his interactions with the man he loves Trying to overcome it is difficult and exhausting, making Sean question his place in Alexei s heart Holding on is the hardest thing to do The ties between Alexei and Sean were frayed by the enemy s hand Mending what s been broken between them will require a depth of honesty neither man is ready to face just yet But if they don t, they risk losing a future together neither wants to let go Out of the Ashes is a 28,000 word novella that follows directly after In the Blood in my Metahuman Files series and builds off of events in that book It is recommended that you read In the Blood first before reading Out of the Ashes There are explicit intimate scenes that are not suitable for readers under the age of 18 within the novella.
    Out of the Ashes By Hailey Turner
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    1. Everything took time, after all, and surviving was a journey It always would beIS WAS BETTER THAN ANY THERAPY After everything a certain someone side eyes the author made Alexei and Sean go through in In the Blood, both the guys and us readers okay, at least I needed quite some time to recover Even if some tender approaches have already been made at the end of the previous book, it was pretty obvious that Alexei and Sean in particular would have to go a long way to feel safe in their own skin an [...]

    2. I have a tough relationship with this series Not my favorite, but the writing is solid and the initial world building and the fantastic camaraderie between the Metahuman team picked my interest In the last book In the Blood, I felt frustrated because there was too much action for my taste and nothing about the aftermath of the terrible ordeal two of the MCs, Sean and Alexei, went through Fortunately, this short story is a much needed at least for me addition.It s tough to see Sean lost in the pa [...]

    3. I am normally not a big fan of novella s, and when I can I usually skip them.But when I found out why there was gonna be an in between novella, I gladly made an exception it This is my fav couple after all After everything they have been through in the previous book, it was very nice getting a little follow up, to see how Alexei and Sean were recovering It seems like Sean is struggeling a bit harder than Alexei is, and seeing them both so lost broke my heart Thankfully Alexei once again proves h [...]

    4. 4,5 stars I simply had to race through this I had to know how Sean and Alexei get over their problems after going through the most traumatic experiences in book 4.What can I say Alexei is SWOON WORTHY For some reason the way Hailey Turner writes his Russian accent does things to me It s always so to the point, simple and honest and at times absolutely hilarious But here Alexei also shines through his complete loyalty to Sean and his commitment to their relationship, even when the going is tough. [...]

    5. My beautiful cinnamon rolls My sun and stars My darling clementines My Alexei and Sean Yes, I m aware that this level of obsession with fictional characters borders on disturbing and desperate, but guess what Out of the Asheswas an intense and immensely satisfying follow up to In the Blood, the fourth installment in Hailey Turner s utterly riveting Metahuman Files series Unlike many of my fellow readers, I wasn t that angry with Turner despite the torture both literal and figurative suffered by [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars This was a much needed novella with the way things were left for Alexei and Sean And a nice tide over until the next Metahuman Files book.

    7. I LOVED THIS.Okay, so like I enjoyed Sean and Alexei before this I really, really liked them I don t know if I loved them, but I knew I didn t love them quite as much as Jamie and Kyle.That changed with this short or at least, they ve now come super close to Jamie and Kyle for me This made me go from really liking and enjoying these two together to loving them.They go through a bit of a rough patch, understandably, after they were both tortured in the last book I assume that isn t a spoiler if y [...]

    8. 5 Stars This novella was everything I loved everything about this There is action, romance, heart break, anguish, two sexy heroes and the right mix of all the elements.Sean and Alexei are dealing with a lot The aftermath of their traumatic nightmare has affected them deeply Sean is helpless against the guilt and Alexei is feeling helpless due to his inability to help Sean The rest is how they overcome what s plaguing them I loved this novella I loved that we see how they overcome their problems [...]

    9. A Joyfully Jay review 4.75 starsAfter the events of In The Blood, I was very glad to see this follow up novella focusing on Sean s recovery and his and Alexei s relationship They were horribly tortured, and they ve had to work through the aftermath Healing takes time, and I love that Turner has given it the respect it deserves Sean says it best when he thinks Healing is never linear and never easy Even though Sean knows, intellectually, it wasn t his fault, that doesn t stop him from feeling tha [...]

    10. An important follow upI think it was a good choice to make this a novella The characters needed to deal with the aftermath of the events of book 4, and though there was a mission and a little action, it was mostly focused on their healing and relationship There were no magical, overnight fixes here, which is realistic, and made me appreciate the result even after the tough journey to get there.

    11. Here we follow Alexei and Sean as they recover from the trauma of their last mission and attempt to rebuild their relationship which has been damaged almost irrecoverably by the emotional scars.Hailey has a way with words and builds the excitement gradually through to a thrilling conclusion during this short story Truly heart stopping.

    12. 4.5 Stars After everything they have been through in the previous book, it was very nice getting a little follow up, to see how Alexei and Sean were recovering But be aware that this book can t be read as a standalone You should definitely start with book 1 in this series In The Wreckage I highly recommend this series Read Wendy s full review on DirtyBooksObsession

    13. Reviewed here by The Blogger Girls This review may contain spoilers if you have not read this series up to this novella.When I d heard that a Metahuman Files novella was coming out, I was like, yay, cool But, when I d learned it was about Sean and Alexei, I knew it was going to be a heart breaker and I was going to drop everything and read it I could not wait to see how they ve recovered from their last mission, one that had them captured and tortured We know that Sean was struggling with guilt [...]

    14. It s no secret to those who know me in the book world that I love everything about the Metahuman Files series I have been rooting for Alexei and Sean from the moment Sean first appeared I knew all that tension would explode at some point, and when they finally got together in book 3, In the Shadows, I was absolutely thrilled Little did I know their love would be tested quite as harshly as it was in book 4, In the Blood My heart was broken for what these men endured, and when Hailey Turner announ [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this short read It is a follow up for the last Metahumans Book, so my suggestion is to read that book first because if not then this book will make no sense what so ever For those that have already read the last book, this book is definitely a welcome addition in my opinion I always wondered how Sean and Alexei would recover after everything hey both suffered in their previous book so I was very happy to find out that Hailey Turner was writing this book This book is focused on [...]

    16. Once , Hailey has done it again This book was just amazing Normally I m not one to read novella s in the middle of a series, but this one I feel like you have to read it Hailey does an amazing job showing the steps of PTSD that one would go though, and the recovery that anyone who has gone though the stuff that both Alexei and Sean has It was such a wonderful, slow build up that wasn t rushed at all A lot of books that has recovery in it, its almost like it just happens, where this one didn t do [...]

    17. Let me start by saying that I loved this novella Alexei is most best Sean is a badass woobie Where the flaming heck are Alexie s pancakes, woman That man deserves pancakes DIn all seriousness, Hailey has done it again with this novella Given how In the Blood ended this book was also extremely needed Don t get me wrong, I loved In the Blood but OMG the angst, the ouchies, the sheer emotional trauma that Ms Hailey inflicted on me left me needing this book Not to say that Out of The Ashes was a cav [...]

    18. Caught between love and guilt, Sean is struggling in his recovery process Alexei only wants to love Sean but it s getting harder and harder to watch him pull away each time he tries to express that love What are two men to do when trauma threatens to smother their affection Sean and Alexei were captured by someone from Sean s past and their torture was horrific Even worse, their torturer put Sean in a position so severe that he wouldn t dare speak for days after their rescue Feeling responsible [...]

    19. This was a nice novella that delves deeper into Sean and Alexei s heads after the events of book 4 We knew what they were going through at the end of book 4 and where their heads were at, but this novella dug a little deeper and showed us the repercussions three months down the line, when Sean and Alexei are both back on active duty.I loved that this story focused on Sean and Alexei without the interference or meddling of their teammates The addition of Liam was welcome comic relief when things [...]

    20. I was left with a lot of questions about Alexi and Sean, both as a couple and as individuals, after the harrowing events in the last book The author gives us this opportunity to look into their minds and hearts as they struggle with the aftereffects of the situations in In the Blood They know that what they are suffering from is PTSD But identifying and overcoming are two very different things We are led through their thoughts, as they stutter and backtrack, yearn and fear We are shown that even [...]

    21. The perfect healing novella We as readers needed to see the struggles that Sean went through in the aftermath of what happened As well as both of them moving back to where they were before it all happened and knowing that their love was still strong A healing love A perfect addition to this amazing series.

    22. This was a great bridging novella between books 4 and the upcoming book 5.You can FEEL the angst from the PTSD that both Alexei and especially Sean have from events that occurred during book 4.Hailey has put these two through hell and it has taken a lot for them to try to get back on an even keel.I can t wait to see what Team Alpha will get up to in book 5

    23. Well, Hailey you ve done it again this is a terrific in between book well, it is a terrific book no matter the description or the length novella smovella READ IT Alexi and Sean s recovery and MINE from their last book thank the literary gods where ever they may be for this drops us right back in the action and in case you haven t read any previous books in this series catches you up while keeping the story going I hope there are many many MANY stories coming for the Metahumans and us mere morta [...]

    24. Hailey Turner knocked it out of the park with this one, I m not normally a fan of novellas, however as this one is part of one of my go to reread series, I had to read it Hailey Turner put Sean and Alexei through hell in In the blood and I really really wanted to see what happened next Without giving away a spoiler, Hailey turner takes the destruction she left in her wake after IN THE BLOOD and puts the pieces back together The journey isn t easy and there is one character I would have quite che [...]

    25. This novella was sorely needed because In The Blood left Alexei and Sean in a very bad place This story covers the aftermath of their torture and their continued healing on their journey back to each other I loved it, they may have been battered but they were never broken.

    26. I read this book days ago and I needed a few to calm down and gather my thoughts before I penned a review I found this novella emotional and very personal to read on a number of levels.Firstly, I m Massive fan of Hailey Turner and I adore her Metahumans series, as soon as her works appear I ve bought it, I love her stuff that much As a fan of this series I m totally loving hard on our boys, Jamie, Kyle, Alexei and Sean I ve read the series a couple of times because it s just so damn good And rea [...]

    27. Out of the Ashes, a Metahuman Files Novella, by Hailey Turner, gives a heart wrenching, painful, inside seat to the guilt, insecurities, and past hurts that continue to hover in Sean s mind months after his last mission with Alexei.In the Blood, book four is a must read prior to this novella in order to understand the magnitude and the depth of pain Sean and Alexei endured when their last mission together turned into the most horrendous nightmare imaginable.Now, months after and back together, a [...]

    28. This is the fifth book in The Metahuman Files Series Although it is a shorter book to bridge book 4 and book 5 So it is really Book 4.5 And you really do need to read the previous books especially book 4 In the Blood They are totally worth reading and you will understand Out of the Ashes better for it A sensational book the writing was amazing The plot was entertaining and it was steady throughout the book I found the story and characters wonderful The characters were well developed and thought [...]

    29. This novella was exactly what was needed, such a sweet love letter to the fans A way to show Alexei and Sean healing from the trauma of book 4 But we still get all the elements that make this series amazing with action, romance, angst, sarcasm, and hot sexy times I m not even a big fan of the sci fi UF genre, but I love this series so much Which to me is a mark of excellence, when you can have fans that don t typically read books like this, absolutely love them This one also has the same amazing [...]

    30. ExcellentI love this series The future world Hailey Turner made is so well built and described its believable The characters are people you can t help but become emotionally invested in The quickly developing plot and faced paced action are so compelling I have to stop adulting until I ve finished each book of this series The only downside is the length its a novella so I expected a short read but I still didn t want it to be over but was enough to tide me over till I can get my hands on the nex [...]

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