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Holiday Hell By Liz Meldon Holiday Hell There s no greater hell than working retail in December Having completed a highly competitive marketing internship in New York City Elise thought she could handle anything the world had to throw at h
  • Title: Holiday Hell
  • Author: Liz Meldon
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  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Holiday Hell By Liz Meldon There s no greater hell than working retail in December.Having completed a highly competitive marketing internship in New York City, Elise thought she could handle anything the world had to throw at her until the internship didn t lead to a job Savings depleted, she abandoned one of the most expensive cities in the world to move back in with her parents in small town MidThere s no greater hell than working retail in December.Having completed a highly competitive marketing internship in New York City, Elise thought she could handle anything the world had to throw at her until the internship didn t lead to a job Savings depleted, she abandoned one of the most expensive cities in the world to move back in with her parents in small town Middle of Nowheresville Needing to replenish her bank account, she applied to the only place hiring Bennington s Department Store.She just didn t realize that working at the big box retailer full time during the Christmas season would bring her within an inch of her sanity.Enter Jack Tall, rugged, handsome Sweet Funny Kind of a flirt Divorced dad on the hunt for a very specific, ridiculously popular Miss Molly doll that Santa will deliver to his little angel on Christmas Eve He quickly becomes a regular in Elise s toy department, juggling his crazy work schedule with his quest to find the perfect gift And Elise is determined to make his Christmas wish come true, one way or another.Little do either of them realize, what they both need for Christmas this year is each other.Holiday Hell is classified as a one shot erotic short, and is humorous, snarky, relatable, and just a little bit steamy It is a complete story that includes a HFN and a sweet romance with a dash of all spice for the holiday season.
    Holiday Hell By Liz Meldon
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    1. Liz Meldon

      Liz is a Canadian author who grew up in the Middle East She has a degree in Bioarchaeology from Western University, and when she isn t writing about her own snarky characters, she is ghostwriting romance novellas, loitering on social media, or taking care of her many animals.As a freelance ghostwriter, she has written over a dozen books ranging from romance to horror, full length to novella sized A handful are currently on the market, and she stalks their authors with fiendish delight She loves writing realistic characters in fantastical settings.

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    1. 4 Something s in the air this time of year Stars I loved Liz s previous Erotic Short Happy Hour so I was looking forward to reading Holiday Hell.Elise and Jack s story was a quick and sweet coming together It made me remember just how much I hated working retail over the Christmas period, believe me when you have done it yourself you can totally understand why it kills a person s joy for the season I absolutely love Christmas now that I am safely ensconced in an office, but I could totally under [...]

    2. Sweet and Enjoyable ReadA sweet holiday themed romance read that will make you smile and swoon in equal measure Love an entertaining and engaging novella read, and Liz Meldon has given us exactly that.

    3. There s no greater hell than working retail in December Truer words were never spoken Having been in Elise s shoes, I could feel her pull your hair out frustration with her job And let me just say that while her work day woes may seem over the top for dramatic purpose, they are not Working in a toy department at Christmas is a whole bag of crazy and then some Unfortunately, for me, I didn t have the sweet and sexy that is Jack to visit me while on his quest for the latest must have toy From my h [...]

    4. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 4 StarsHoliday Hell was a quick, sweet, and enjoyable holiday read Centering around Elise who works retail And Jack, a father who s mission is to find and buy his daughter a very popular and highly sought after blue haired doll And thus begins Elise and Jack s encounter.Elise isn t very fond of her job Working retail is a pain in general, but working retail during the holiday season is hell In one of many not so good days, Elise meets Jack A s [...]

    5. Rate 4,5 5 starsThe definition of fast, hot and sweet This was the perfect way to get me in the holiday spirit I enjoyed reading this little novella about Christmas, little girls obsessed with blue haired dolls, a dad trying to make his little girl happy, and a retail worker s hell Everyone got their happy ending.Elise sighed dreamily I know I m a real life Santa s elf You don t have to thank me Thank the big guy Unable to stop himself, Jack smothered her words with a kiss thanking her in the on [...]

    6. Holiday Hell was such an adorable novella with the sweetest characters The title is very fitting for the heroine, Elise because that is how she feels about working in retail during the holiday season And as much as she doesn t like her job there is something good that comes out of it and that is meeting Jack Jack is divorced and on the hunt for a particular doll for his daughter, Maya which is where Elise comes into play Their first encounter and of course not their last one is adorably awkward [...]

    7. This was so cute, I want to cuddle the story.Elise aspired to have a high end job that matched her prestigious degree She was well on her way to achieve that goal with her internship with a high rated marketing company But soon she realisedshe was going nowhere and decided to move back home Needing to get her life in order, Elise took up a mediocre job at a department store during the holidays Little did she know what a bad decision it was Then she sees Jack, a handsome sexy flirt who frequents [...]

    8. This was only my second ever holiday read and now I want Even though Holiday Hell focused on all the Christmas craziness leading up to the day, it was an enjoyable short read Meldon portrayed the not very merry side of the holidays and how the season can be a literal hell for people working in retail as well as shoppers especially parents Moreover, the characters were sweet and I m glad they got their little happily ever after.I was still hoping for an epilogue, it would have been especially ni [...]

    9. I received an ARC of this short in exchange for an honest review To be fair to Meldon, I am still getting comfortable in the romance erotic genre Please, read this review with the knowledge that I am not only an amateur reviewer but also that I am new to the genre.I was in the mood for something simple, shallow, and a bit naughty On this criteria, Meldon has delivered just the story for you She has put forth a story easy to read in one sitting and short enough to do this during your lunch break [...]

    10. OH HOW I CAN RELATE to Elise working in a Retail Department store for the holiday season It is CRAZY She was not hired full time as a junior associate at a marketing firm in New York so she had to move back to her home town and take whatever job she could find Luckily for her amidst all the chaos she met Jack who was looking for one specific blue hair colored doll for his daughter Every trip to the store he made he was never able to get there on time when they were put out But each trip he made, [...]

    11. I am voluntarily writing this review for this book I received through arc Elise worked at a department store it was around Christmas time which they had to wear holiday vests It was bad enough that she had to move back to her home town from New York.Jack sits at home while trying to figure out what to get his daughter wanted for Christmas Jack goes to the department store to get the doll but they didn t have one on the shelf Jack meets Elise she tells him to come back next week He came back but [...]

    12. What a perfect quick, witty, hot short story just in time for the Holidays this year I think everyone has had a boss like Elise before and coupled with the madhouse that is most big box stores around Christmas you have a perfect example of her Holiday Hell Enter Jack who is the typical parent who s child sees some hot, new toy on TV and HAS TO HAVE IT Of course the marketing genius know this and only make a limited number of the hot item to generate a buying frenzy I loved the interaction betwee [...]

    13. It s definitely holiday hell when you have to go last minute gift shopping Jack is determined to get his daughter the one gift she clearly wants so much He s lucky that despite some changed holiday arrangements there s some holiday romance in store for him One particular scene I wouldn t have expected to take place in a particular environment Then again it fits well within thee plot It s a good and well written short story which I d rate about 4.5 stars I read an advanced copy of this title.

    14. What a fantastic, hilarious, romantic short read for Christmas I laughed till I cried Elise s boss Penelope was certainly the boss from Hell Jack Lewis divorced single dad just wanted the blue haired Miss Molly doll for his much loved daughter and woe and betide him if he doesn t get It It was a perfect naughty but nice short read from a fabulous author This is my honest review of an ARC I received.

    15. Short but good readVery short good read This book reminds me of shopping for that specific toy one of my son s wanted and the frustration of forever looking but not succeeding sometimes It is also a look into what crappy jobs retail personnel have during the most joyous of seasons for the consumer but not the retailers Quirky, cute, spicey quick read I look forward to on this couple Warehouse scene hot and love that heroin had such spunk

    16. Liz Meldon hit this one out of the park I can so relate to the retail nightmare But the best part of the book was when Elise first meets Jack When she smelled his expensive cologne, I was hooked Read this no stop Great ending No spoiler here Just have to read this great short romance It would be wonderful if Elise and Jack s love story continued to unfold.

    17. SWEET read Great character development, storyline and everything, including standard written English Maybe if enough of us beg, pretty please, the author might consider continuing this story It is sweet, touching, and funny, with the right amount of tension and steam, and it brightened my day.I received a free cooy of this book in an exchange for an honest review.

    18. Nice story It is cute and sweet I enjoy Ms Meldon s writing She has a great sense of ones personalities This book is touted as an erotic short Well, it is short but it felt contemporary to me than erotic I know Ms Meldon can write some hot steamy scenes that will get your juices flowing Check out her book Finn This is an honest and voluntary review of an ARC.

    19. I am volunteering to leave a review for an ARC of this book Really enjoyed this holiday short, and would love to read about Elise and Jack s budding romance I just loved how Liz built the characters Jack is endearing The warehouse scene, hmmmmm, you ll have to read it for yourself Can t wait to read from Liz

    20. As with her other writings, this erotic short short by Liz Meldon, was nothing short of deliciously hot and satisfyingly sensual fun reading as her two characters struggle to keep finding each other, and when they do, boy do the sparks ignite This is a voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

    21. Awesome I really liked this story and the characters It was upbeat and interesting I felt like I knew the characters I would like to see about Jack and Else They make a good couple Great

    22. Short, sweet, steamy read Disgruntled customers, underappreciated employee, frantic daddy, elusive Christmas gift all combined in this fun story This is about the ups and downs of the holiday season and will there be a HEA I voluntarily read an ARC and this is my honest review.

    23. Short and sweet story This was a sweet short story I was expecting it to be a bit hotter and erotic than it is I know the pains of working retail during the holidays so i could relate And the warehouse scene

    24. This is a clear case of truth in advertising Yes, it s short but boy or boy is it dreamily erotic I actually meant to type steamily but autocorrect got it right it was dreamy too Really well done fun If your in the mood you just can t go wrong with this one.

    25. This was such a cute holiday read It was nice and short, so perfect when you want something sweet and simple to fit into your crazy holiday schedule The characters were great, and I loved Jack If you re looking for a quick holiday love story, this one is for you

    26. I love this story I worked at Wal Mart during Christmas season in the toy section in my past and how Liz described it was exactly how I felt You will enjoy the flirting and circumstances The story had no lags and read like a movie in my head You will definitely enjoy this book.

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