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Pulse Points By Jennifer Down Pulse Points The characters in Jennifer Down s Pulse Points live in small dusty towns glittering exotic cities and slow droll suburbs they are mourners survivors and perpetrators In the award winning Aokigahara
  • Title: Pulse Points
  • Author: Jennifer Down
  • ISBN: 9781925355970
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pulse Points By Jennifer Down The characters in Jennifer Down s Pulse Points live in small dusty towns, glittering exotic cities and slow droll suburbs they are mourners, survivors and perpetrators In the award winning Aokigahara , a young woman travels to the sea of trees in Japan to say goodbye In Coarsegold , a woman conducts an illicit affair while her recovering girlfriend works the overnightThe characters in Jennifer Down s Pulse Points live in small dusty towns, glittering exotic cities and slow droll suburbs they are mourners, survivors and perpetrators In the award winning Aokigahara , a young woman travels to the sea of trees in Japan to say goodbye In Coarsegold , a woman conducts an illicit affair while her recovering girlfriend works the overnight motel shift in the middle of nowhere In Dogs , Foggo runs an unruly gang of bored, cruel boys with a scent for fresh meat In Pressure Okay a middle aged man goes to the theatre, gets a massage, remembers his departed wife, navigates the long game of grief with his adult daughter.
    Pulse Points By Jennifer Down
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      Jennifer Down Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Pulse Points book, this is one of the most wanted Jennifer Down author readers around the world.

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    1. 4 She wanted it, and we all went, Yeah, and Fog said, Fat c d we all said the way we remembered it till we were sure it was right Foggo had some rough years I think it f ed him up when his dad died But he came good Last I heard he was a senior constable working at the Swan Hill station Swan Hill is a Melbourne cop shop without Foggo, I feel quite certain , but Down shows us how he and his mates obviously escaped any charges by making sure they remembered right Foggo is just one of many memorable [...]

    2. Pulse Points is a collection of short stories by a very talented young Australian author, each giving a unique window into a moment of time in an ordinary life Except those lives are not ordinary, but reflect the full range of the human condition from love and joy to grief and loss Each story is brief but complete and somehow each voice is individual and fully realised Many of the characters are underdogs living on the edges of society but their fears and feelings are universal My favourite stor [...]

    3. If Jennifer Down s acclaimed 2016 debut novel Our Magic Hour was a love letter to Melbourne, her new collection Pulse Points is a letter to love itself.Down covers a lot of ground in this collection the titular opening story, in which a couple fail to save a man and maybe themselves a sister s pilgrimage to Aokigahara Japan s suicide forest a father and a daughter trying to find their way back to one another Fundamentally, they are studies of human experience than they are plot driven stories, [...]

    4. This is a beautiful collection of stories, capturing precise moments of sadness, fear and loss The title story and Aokigahara are probably my favourites, but there are moments in each of them that grab you by the heart.

    5. After reading Jennifer Down s first novel Our Magic Hour last year, I was keen to read her short story collection Pulse Points, which showcases her range and talent Though Down s stories travel from regional Victoria to Middle America and Japan, they are distinctly Australian and overwhelmingly about class Gretchen Shirm, Australian, Books of the Year 2017 All the rapture and calamity of youth Jennifer Down is a writer of rare insight and heart Carrie Tiffany Down s evocation of Audrey s grief i [...]

    6. A very strong collection of intense, distinct and memorable stories I love Down s writing and she doesn t disappoint here I was hoping to read Melbourne in some of the stories after loving her depictions in Our Magic Hour but it wasn t to be Every story hits its emotional mark and I m still reeling from some of them.

    7. Jennifer Down has a knack for capturing the lived experiences of such a large multitude of people, but never does the inclusion of varying ages, sexualities and backgrounds feel tokenistic or forced, such is the three dimensionality Down accords to each character Most of the stories are discomfiting in the best way possible and the characters sit with you for a long time afterward Another stellar book from Down, who is fast cementing her place as one of my favourite Australian writers.

    8. Precise and beautiful prose, with an emotional clarity and intensity that is breathtaking Each vignette is fully realised, a snapshot into the lives of different people, with a thread of melancholy running throughout Some of the endings felt a little rushed or abrupt, but I can understand the intention to follow the unfinished nature of real life All of them left me wanting Looking forward to reading from such a talented writer.

    9. Jennifer Down has the ability to write from so many different perspectives Each story in this collection is incredibly compelling in it s own, unique way I couldn t put it down Here s one of my favourite moments of the book Wes didn t mind feminists so much He believed in equal pay, he just didn t know why they needed to be so shrill about everything Sometimes it seemed to him as if Kirsten saw everything as an attack He didn t understand all the emancipation Years ago he d said to Miranda, I th [...]

    10. I was initially wooed by the sumptuous cover on Pulse Points it reminds me of something I might find on a dress at Gorman , and the fact that Down s novel, Our Magic Hour, was a 2017 favourite of mine And while I enjoyed the titular story, it was the second story, Aokigahara, that reminded me that the term velvet hammer should be applied to Down s writing Aokigahara tells of a young woman s journey to the suicide forest in Japan all of the unsettling emotion, honesty and glorious sentences that [...]

    11. These stories are, in a word, extraordinary The writing is sparse but carries such emotional heft I adored Our Magic Hour and I m so pleased that this follow up is just as wonderful Down is truly an incredibly talented and perceptive storyteller.

    12. One of the best short story collections I ve read in a good while Each story a convincing universe I did not want to leave, but then there was another.

    13. Wonderful collection of short stories that contain complete worlds Down has a knack for evoking a lot of emotion in few words, and capturing realistic moments in people s lives These stories don t always wrap up neatly, but nor does life itself They showcase the loveliest and ugliest parts of humanity, and are sketched carefully and with utmost precision Some of these stories worked better for me than others, but overall this is a mature, assured collection with a wisdom beyond the author s twen [...]

    14. Pulse Points is a collection of short stories full of vulnerable characters attempting to navigate the gutting actuality of existing with love, grief, fear and rage Not all the stories are sad but each one has a hushed intensity that leaves you affected Set in dusty towns, big cities and sprawling suburbs of Australia, the States, England and Japan, Jennifer s stories are almost about what she leaves out than what she puts in The short story genre is one of the most difficult to master, yet as [...]

    15. An excellent book of short stories Down has this poignantly simple writing style that I find extremely moving I think Down was found her voice in short stories and hope that she continues to write in the future Each piece was cleverly written and the book had an underlying theme of melancholy and love which put it all together My favourite stories were We Got Used to Here Fast and Vox Clamantis but the standout piece was Coarsegold, which was a beautiful ending to the book I can t wait to read [...]

    16. I m partial to short stories but this collection exceeded all of my expectations Jennifer Down is a remarkably talented writer Each story is a perfectly enclosed world the characters doing their level best to just keep going in a serendipitous world marked by mayhem and straightforward sadness She interrogates disappointment and emotional dishonesty with unnerving clarity How fantastic that this world class talent is Australian, and young, with the promise of so many books to come I m a big fan [...]

    17. I ve said many time that short stories rank high on my list of favorite things to read Pulse Points covers all the feelingsALL OF THEM Sadness, lost, heartbreak, loneliness, grief.As is often the case with story collections there are highlights and some that lack an emotional impactever, Pulse Points is consistent in poignant slice of life moments that evoke feelings that last beyond that end of the story I m still thinking about Aokigahara and Turncoat Thanks to NetGalley, Jennifer Down and the [...]

    18. This collection is painfully authentic, and beautifully written These stories are about the small moments that wreck us There s an impressive range of voices, from a teenage girl in New Mexico to a middle aged father in Melbourne, and I believed all of them the awful male protagonist of Dogs would have been particularly hard to pull off, but that story is unflinching and so worth a read Strongly recommend, especially to those who don t get short stories or don t read them enough.

    19. This collection is another reminder of how excellent the short story form can be Down s collection of lives, each at a pressure point of some variety, are written with clarity and are well grounded in reality, with true, aching voices Inside are portraits of grief, rage, love and fear, many filled with those small jolts of recognition only found when reading an Australian author s work.

    20. Having deservedly gained an adoring audience through Our Magic Hour, Down s follow up achieves something equally impressive, though quite different, to that first book Its stories vary widely, but also share themes around grief, holding on or letting go , and the beating parts of what it means to be human the pulse points Full review on blog samvanzweden 2017 10 20 r

    21. Jennifer Down has incredible range as a writer Every story in this collection was a completely different perspective on the world There were a couple of stories I really liked Turncoat , about a couple struggling with depression, and Vox Clamantis , about exes who go on a road trip to visit a dying relative.

    22. Jennifer Down s new collection is fantastic The stories drag you along many times waiting till the last line to sucker punch you and leave you speechless There were some clear stand outs such as Aokigahara and Pulse Points Overall a highly accomplished work A

    23. just wonderful and often heartbreaking stories that are their own small glimpse into complicated and mundane and excellent lives.

    24. This is a collection of stories that provide accounts of people s life experiences, especially their trying moments My first mistake was to attempt to read it in one sitting I realized that I understood the book better when I read one story at a time and gave myself ample time before starting the next one.Some of the themes here are grief, love, family, friendship, loss, trust and empathy.I also found the book title to be appropriate for the stories because I know pulse points as the places on o [...]

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