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Earl Interrupted By Amanda Forester Earl Interrupted Captain Robert Ashton Earl of Darington knows finding a bride in London will not be easy not since he has been notoriously dubbed as the Pirate Earl What he didn t expect was to get abducted and to
  • Title: Earl Interrupted
  • Author: Amanda Forester
  • ISBN: 9781492605522
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Earl Interrupted By Amanda Forester Captain Robert Ashton, Earl of Darington, knows finding a bride in London will not be easy not since he has been notoriously dubbed as the Pirate Earl What he didn t expect was to get abducted and to have his escape go horribly awry when an innocent lady gets caught in the crossfire.Amateur physician Emma St James is on her way to meet her betrothed when she is rescuedCaptain Robert Ashton, Earl of Darington, knows finding a bride in London will not be easy not since he has been notoriously dubbed as the Pirate Earl What he didn t expect was to get abducted and to have his escape go horribly awry when an innocent lady gets caught in the crossfire.Amateur physician Emma St James is on her way to meet her betrothed when she is rescued by an injured gentleman Despite her shock after discovering he is the Pirate Earl, Emma feels drawn to the man who saved her life Duty forces them apart, but when they meet again on the high seas, Darington will risk all his fortune, his name, and even his life to keep her safe.
    Earl Interrupted By Amanda Forester
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      217 Amanda Forester
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      Amanda Forester holds a PhD in clinical psychology and a Masters degree in theology As a psychologist, she has worked as a clinical researcher and a university instructor what they call you when they don t want to give you tenure None of which has anything to do with writing romance novels After trying for many years to stop the internal storylines floating around her head, she finally gave up and wrote one down Now when she is caught daydreaming and talking to herself she can just say, I m plotting a scene for my next novel, which sounds so much better than, I m hallucinating and responding to internal stimuli Amanda lives in the Pacific Northwest with her officer and a gentleman husband and their two remarkably active, naturally brilliant children They share their home with two fiendishly destructive cats and one lazy dog The Highlander s Series represents Amanda s first venture into writing historical fiction, so she would greatly enjoy hearing from readers.

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    1. I fell in love with this series from the first book I adored the tough, smart, and loyal Lady Kate Knowing what she and her twin brother, Robert, endured as children made me want to see them both find happiness I was anxious for Robert s story Especially so because Robert was known as the Pirate Earl Who doesn t love a good pirate romance All that danger, swashbuckling, and romancing on the high seas And I was not disappointed There are so many threads woven into this story creating an exciting [...]

    2. Originally posted at SmexyBooks smexybooks 2018 01 review Robert Dare Ashton, the Earl of Darington, is an English privateer for the Royal Navy His latest score involves incredible wealth when he strips a France freighter of its cargo of gold, silver, and jewels Now plump in pocket, Dare turns his attention to settling down and he begins to look for a wife An impromptu trip with his sister to a wedding results in their attempted kidnapping and him getting shot Lucky for him, help arrives to save [...]

    3. Series The Daring Marriages 2Publication Date 1 2 18This is a daring, fast paced adventure with well developed characters and a tight plot line It sucked me in from the first word and held me captive through the last While this is part of a series two books I believe you can read them in any order even the author says so If you are looking for steam, it isn t in this book but the story is wonderful, the characters relatable and the situations are exciting There is never a dull or boring moment i [...]

    4. Great Story Excellent Narration by Carolyn Morris audible review.This book was so much fun I loved every minute of it It had great characters, loved Emma and Dare They were great together, had great chemistry There is a lot of attraction and desire and the sex scene was extremely mild but very nicely written The story line and plot was great, lots of action, and things happening all the time Carriage crashes, high seas adventures and just a lot of fun There is so much great dialogue throughout t [...]

    5. 4.5 starsRobert Ashton, the Earl of Darington AKA Dare is a successful privateer and his latest prize has just restored his family fortune and now it is time for him to enter society and find a wifeEmma St James days away from reaching her majority and coming into her sizable inheritance But her stepmother and stepbrother are plotting to have her declared insane so they can steal her fortune Emma goes behind their backs and contracts a marriage for herself She flees her home and intends to go to [...]

    6. This was my first book by Amanda Forester, but I really enjoyed this pirate tale Full of excitement and adventure, I was surprised by how it kept my attention throughout It is perfect for someone looking for a fast paced historical romance with less graphic sex scenes The characters are well developed and, even with the aforementioned clean nature of the book, there is still tons of sexual tension and chemistry I also thought it had the perfect amount of time on the sea Many books which proclaim [...]

    7. A fun read The events of this one take place somewhat concurrently with the ones from book one in the series If the Earl Only Knew but as each is focused on a different twin Robert Dare in this one and Kate in the other they could also work as standalones To be honest, I ve forgotten most of the details of the first book already, so it was pretty much as if I was starting here anyway and I did just fine Emma and Dare s story is a sweet romance with than a touch of danger thrown in It was a bit [...]

    8. Highwaymen and pirates ____ 3.5 starsQuite an unexpected Regency romance with a pirate Lord and a young heiress fleeing a nasty step relatives I quite enjoyed it even though it took me so long to read.Emma St James is no shrinking violet and it seems her undeterred faith and her willingness to take action keeps her one step ahead of a nasty fate.Dare, Captain Robert Ashton, Earl of Darington, is a man used to action and mincing about drawing rooms looking for a suitable wife is some thing he s n [...]

    9. After their guardian betrayed them Lord Robert Ashton, Earl of Darington and his sister, Lady Kate were orphaned at a young age and were briefly thrown in debtor s prison Robert made his fortune as the Pirate Earl and now he s decided it s time he looked for a bride Emma St James has always enjoyed life helping her father, but since he died her step mother has been after her to marry her horrid son to get their hands on her inheritance before Emma comes into her majority Emma refuse and she over [...]

    10. This is the second story in The Daring Marriages series and I must say that this one was as wonderful as the first story The author continues to build the world around her characters as much as she builds them and this is what keeps drawing me into their stories.This story is of Robert, Kate s twin brother book 1 and I was looking forward to finding out who ll be the one to catch him Truly, I was pleasantly surprised that the author has found a perfect match for him He needed someone as smart an [...]

    11. The dare is to not fall in love with not only the characters, but the author as well Adventure on the high seas spills over to dry land with a Pirate Earl and an amateur physician Earl Interrupted is an active look at a dangerous love affair that ignites the heart and inspires the soul Any tale that inspires women to be courageous in not only matters of the heart, but following their dreams is A okay with me Robert and Emma steam up the pages of this action packed thrill ride.

    12. Reviewed for herding cats burning soup amzn 2FPXINUBeautiful Endearing I loved Earl Interrupted It s everything historical romance should strive to be and I cannot wait for from Forester.The Gist Dare and Emma have both found themselves dealing with a similar issue the need to marry Simple and straight forward That is until an unknown danger crosses their paths and brings them into each others lives With danger and chaos at every turn they may be one another s only chance at finding safety and [...]

    13. Although this is being marketed as book number two in a series, you do not need to have read the first book in order for this one to make sense I have t read the first, but from the synopsis I did read, it would appear that that story focuses on Dare s sister, while this book focuses on him Speaking just on this story, I feel it fell solidly in the middle of the road for me It had its moments where I was utterly captivated by the events, and moments that I felt dragged on to the point it became [...]

    14. I love pirates and I thoroughly enjoyed this book by a new to me author The story and the characters grabbed me from the beginning I will definitely be going back to read the first in the series.

    15. Earl Interrupted by Amanda Forester is book Two in The Daring Marriages series This is the story of Captain Robert Ashton, Earl of Darington and Emma St James I have read and loved the previous book If the Earl Only Knew but feel this can be a standalone book This book story line runs at the same time as the last book so there is not days or years past since the last book timeline Dare and his twin sister have return after being on the run for so long to keep out of debtor s prison Dare has enou [...]

    16. Rated 4.5 Captain Robert Ashton, Earl of Darington, has returned home at last He has finally made his fortune and is ready to settle down All Dare needs to do is find a bride which will be a challenge with all the rumors circulating about his being a pirate Dare is on his way to a function with his sister, Kate, and his friend, Lord Wynbrook, when something most unexpected happens His sister is abducted right in front of his eyes Dare will not stand for it and rushes headlong into the situation [...]

    17. I really enjoyed Earl Interrupted This was my first read of Forester s but definitely will not be my last Emma St James is living with her stepmother after the death of her father Her father wrote in his will that Emma would inherit the family home when she comes of age As she prepares to come of age and come into her inheritance, her greedy stepmother and stepbrother are coming up with plans to try and take it from her Emma decides to head to America to marry for convenience to escape her home [...]

    18. Captain Robert Ashton, Earl of Darington, the Pirate Earl , has returned to London to find a bride Unfortunately, Dare is comfortable on the high seas than with mingling with the ton and is never obvious when two young ladies refuse his marriage proposal While out in his carriage with his sister, they are attacked by highwaymen Dare manages to push Kate out of the carriage, but in the process, he is shot When the carriage stops, he realizes that the same brutes are now harassing 2 young women [...]

    19. Captain Robert Ashton, Earl of Darington, knows finding a bride in London will not be easy not since he has been notoriously dubbed as the Pirate Earl What he didn t expect was to get abducted, shot and to have his escape go horribly awry when an innocent lady gets caught in the crossfire Amateur physician Emma St James is on her way to America to meet her betrothed when she is rescued by an injured gentleman Despite her shock after discovering he is the Pirate Earl, Emma is escaping her wicked [...]

    20. Captain Robert Ashton, Earl of Darington, the Pirate Earl needs a bride His sister abducted and he is badly injured in the rescue attempt In his escape attempt he manages to save Emma and her maid from attacking thieves and she returns the favor by nursing him and helping him elude the ones that kidnapped and injured him Emma St James trained by her father to be his assistant is fleeing a forced marriage to her step brother, so that he and her stepmother can take her inheritance, when she is res [...]

    21. What an awesome, amazing story I so love a pirate story and this was a PHENOMENAL one I loved Robert Ashton Earl of Darington and Emma St.James their story is one non stop action packed adventure Emma was by no means a society belle she d been isolated and was quite the innocent, but that didn t mean that she was immune to Dare Emma s life has taken a downwards spiral after her father s death he has left all his fortune to her and a small amount to her stepmother, whose not happy about that and [...]

    22. This is the first time I have read a book by Amanda Forester and I thoroughly enjoyed this story I will definitely be checking out books by this author The author caught my interest from the first chapter and held it through the epilogue I liked the main characters of Emma and Dare along with the added intrigue of who was trying to cause Dare harm.This story is a great combination of romance, some mystery, regency history, with a little bit of Christian belief and the Bible thrown in That seems [...]

    23. Earl, Interrupted takes a young girl who is to be forced into an unwanted marriage with her stepbrother and thrusts her into the intriguing world of piracy upon meeting The Pirate Earl, Dare The story has the heroine, Emma St James, practicing medicine which leads to her friendship with Dare Then it becomes a case of mutually saving one another from family, pirates, and traveling across the Atlantic in the process This story had so much potential to be an excellent adventurous historical romance [...]

    24. Emma St James must get away from her stepmother and stepbrother They are trying to get her to marry her stepbrother and have him get her inheritance Away she goes and then she runs into the Pirate Earl , The Earl of Darington The dashing earl is in for a new type of adventure with Emma This swashbuckling tale takes you aboard his ship with plenty of great characters and exciting adventures This book is not classified as a Christian historical romance but it does have many references to the scrip [...]

    25. Definitely a buy book I only took it to four stars, for there are a couple of very slow places in the book However, one of the things I love most about this author is her diverse way of writing I enjoyed her characters I love the fact she has a plot and builds on it This book has so many wonderful elements Romance, suspense, passion, mystery, revenge, betrayal One of the things I like the most about a good read is having layers of things not just sex From this truly talented authors writings, I [...]

    26. I love Amanda forester books I love the characters in this book The book is about Captain Robert Ashton, Earl of Darington, knows finding a bride in London even though he knows that it will not be easy at all since he has is called the Pirate Earl He gets abducted and plans his escape but does not plan on a women getting stuck in the middle Emma St James is an Amateur physician And is on her way to meet her betrothed when she is rescued by an injured gentleman She is shocked to find out she was [...]

    27. After restoring his family s fortune as the notorious privateer Captain Robert Ashton, Earl of Darrington goes to London to search for a bride Instead, he finds unexpected danger and unknown assailants He is shot and left for dead Enter Miss Emma St James, who is running away from an unwanted marriage to her step brother, Who wants her fortune Showing that she is up to the challenge, including saving Darrington life Robert thinks that he has found the perfect bride for him, only to find that he [...]

    28. a pirate Earl he needed to recover his wealth who is now looking for a wife.An orphan lady who finds herself in an intrigue game of her stepmother to steal her inheritance left by her father.When the two end up meeting because of a fluke a kidnapping , they decide to join forces so that each one could get rid of its opponent.Perhaps Darington s, the Pirate Earl, was deadly, but for sure Emma s enemies would do anything to rob her of money and estate.An interesting plot, whose characters didn t [...]

    29. I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI had really been looking forward to this book I absolutely loved the first book in the series While I enjoyed this book I didn t find it quite as distracting as Kate s story The main characters were both well developed but I felt that the relationship between the two of them didn t have a strong base it was very close to being insta love In the end I just didn t love this one It was a good read and an enjoyable dis [...]

    30. A Swashbuckling Romance.This was a book that swept me away into another world We have treason, murder, pirates, scheming relatives, a practical and beautiful lady with medical talents and a privateer Earl in need of a wife A highly enjoyable read, try it for yourself.I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review The opinion expressed here is my own.

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