The Negotiator #2020

The Negotiator By Avery Flynn The Negotiator Wanted Personal BufferOften snarly workaholic executive seeks buffer from annoying outside distractions AKA people Free spirits with personal boundary issues excessive quirks or general squeamishne
  • Title: The Negotiator
  • Author: Avery Flynn
  • ISBN: 9781633759589
  • Page: 414
  • Format: ebook
  • The Negotiator By Avery Flynn Wanted Personal BufferOften snarly, workaholic executive seeks buffer from annoying outside distractions AKA people Free spirits with personal boundary issues, excessive quirks, or general squeamishness need not apply Salary negotiable Confidentiality required.Workaholic billionaire Sawyer Carlyle may have joked he needed a buffer from their marriage obsessed mom,Wanted Personal BufferOften snarly, workaholic executive seeks buffer from annoying outside distractions AKA people Free spirits with personal boundary issues, excessive quirks, or general squeamishness need not apply Salary negotiable Confidentiality required.Workaholic billionaire Sawyer Carlyle may have joked he needed a buffer from their marriage obsessed mom, but he didn t need a waiting room filled with candidates to further distract him Thanks, bro But when a sexy job applicant shooes his mom and the socialite in tow out of his office, Sawyer sees the genius of the plan And the woman In fact, Miss Clover Lee might just get the fastest promotion in history, from buffer to fake fianc This free spirit might look like hot sunshine and lickable rainbows, but she negotiates like a pitbull Before Sawyer knows what hit him, he s agreed to give up Friday nights for reality tv, his Saturdays for flea markets why buy junk still baffles him , his Tuesdays and Thursdays for date nights aka panty losing opportunities if he plays his cards right And now she wants lavender bath salts and tulips delivered every Monday Yup, she s just screwing with him Good thing she s got this non negotiatable six weeks and she s gone rule or Sawyer may have just met his match
    The Negotiator By Avery Flynn
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    1. 4 You re you and I m me Stars Hang on to your knickers ladies, the Carlyle brothers are in town, and boy do they know how to endear themselves to you Although The Negotiator gives us Sawyer s story, I was just as intrigued by Hudson, and will say straight off the bat that I hope the author has his story in the pipeline especially after the little tease she left us dangling with in the epilogue for this story I never would have guessed you didn t have any experience working with your hands This w [...]

    2. A rich brotherly prank between the Carlyle family, leads to the free spirited Clover Lee to apply for a position as Sawyer Carlyle buffer between himself and his mother Sawyer s mother has plans to get him married off and is throwing every socialite she can find at him While Sawyer just want to focus on business and growing his family s legacy.Appearing as complete opposites, the chemistry between Sawyer and Clover makes for highly entertaining reading Not only are Clover quirks laugh out loud f [...]

    3. Oh boy did the negotiator suck NO, NOT THE BOOK, the negotiator himself He was out witted, out talked and, definitely, out maneuvered by one hell of a smart, sexy and funny woman Sawyer Carlyle met his match when he met Clover Lee and she let him know it every chance she got.I loved this story I laughed, cursed and then laughed some as the story unfolded Jane Clover Lee was magnificent Sawyer Carlyle was an ass But, when they got together and negotiated the terms of their agreement, they never [...]

    4. The Negotiator by Avery Flynn This is the story of Jane Clover Lee and Sawyer Carlyle Clover has applied for the job of buffer that Sawyer s brother put in the paper Clover likes to be independent and doesn t want a permanent job So with those two things she has ended up doing a lot of odd jobs like a snake milker So Clover thinks this will be the next new experience for her Sawyer is the oldest son of a very large business that is family owned His father has died about three years ago and now h [...]

    5. I don t have much of a review in me for this.I was kinda disappointed It felt like a big, that s it , than anything.For a book that s called, The Negotiator, there wasn t a lot of negotiating Sad, cause that was my favourite part of the entire book Clover outsmarting and beating Sawyer at his own game.Apart from the masterful negotiating it was pretty run of the mill really, I did like that final proposal though, kinda daring xD Ah yes The steam was high in this one PNot sure if that s true wit [...]

    6. The ignorance of some Great review here And I sympathize with her I ve seen many times my language and country being completely wrong portrayed with ridiculous translation and wrong information review show

    7. Caffeinated Dates with The NegotiatorFirst Date I loved how our first date began and right away I adored, quirky, activist and adventurer Jane Clover Lee Sawyers Mom has decided he needs to be wed and has been driving him crazy with a parade of potential partners Mrs Carlye is a force and Sawyer s younger brother unbeknownst to him decides to help him out by running an ad for a personal buffer The set up is hilarious and how Clover got the job had me grinning and settling in.Second Date They say [...]

    8. DNF 13%.This is one of those superficial books that is all about the superficial Good looking rich powerful hero that looks good on paper, whom is arrogant, conceited, self important and weak I mean, he is a grown men who needs a female to run interference with his mumhand packed much Sorry, a Mummy s boy gets all the disdain from me Flaky heroine whom is weak, inconsistent and insecure.I understand this is fiction, but I find it annoying when the plots doesn t make logical sense, and facts are [...]

    9. The book synopsis seemed promising but the book was anything but it First, the author attempted to seem worldly in her knowledge of other countries languages but failed Singapore for instance is a first world country with English being the language of instruction in the country Yes we do speak other languages but English is the first language of most people If you ve got an education in Singapore, you would know that it is all in English other than if you were learning a foreign language related [...]

    10. I m afraid there was a general sense of superficiality that made it hard to me to get to the end of the story When I read the blurb I really though I ve found a story that would entertain me for a few carefree hours It couldn t keep my interest alive instead.

    11. This review was originally posted on un Conventional BookviewsThe Negotiator kept me company with laughter and steam on my way to and from work Fun, hot and feisty, it kept things light Story The Negotiator helped me laugh while commuting which is not that frequent an occurrence really I leave the house before it s light out, and arrive very early at work to prepare things Getting prepared with Sawyer and Clover made everything lighter.Because his mom was always setting him up with socialites, S [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed THE NEGOTIATOR by Avery Flynn and highly recommend it The premise, is basically the fake engagement so the busy workaholic billionaire can avoid his mother s marriage traps where two people who seem opposite in every way are perfect for one another and eventually find their unexpected HEA Sawyer Carlyle is the oldest son who feels the full weight of the responsibility of his family and of his family s business after his father s recent and unexpected passing His mother is wo [...]

    13. 4.5 starsThe Negotiator was such a good read.I loved the storyline, the characters Sawyer and Clover were fun, sweet, quirky, passionate and watching their relationship develop kept me turning the pages, loved them Sawyer and Clover were both such wonderful and entertaining characters They made me laugh, they made me sad, they touched my soul with their honesty and heart and they frustrated me with their stubbornness These two were total opposites but the time they spent together the they foun [...]

    14. New to me author, Avery Flynn blew me away with her latest release, THE NEGOTIATOR This was such a FUN, ENTERTAINING, and SEXY read I was surprised how quickly I fell for Sawyer and Clover Two VERY different personalities coming together and developing something truly special This was truly some unputdownable goodness Sawyer Carlyle, are you trying to flatter your way into my panties Are you even wearing any Quick wit, hilarious banter, and sizzling hot chemistry made this a romance you do not w [...]

    15. This is a laugh out loud, sweet romance which I thoroughly enjoyed Sawyer Carlyle is a workaholic billionaire whose mother is determined to have married to one of the young ladies she keeps introducing him to He loves his Mum but struggles to get her to let him lead his life how he wants and preferably without all the potential bridal candidates she keeps presenting to him His brother advertises for someone to act as a buffer, someone to prevent those endeavouring to distract him from his work e [...]

    16. This is my first book by Avery Flynn, and I enjoyed every minute of it She s definitely going to become an automatic one click author for me Sawyer Carlyle, workaholic billionaire, is perfectly content in his I see the bigger picture life Unfortunately his mother has gotten it into her head that her oldest son needs a wife So she sends a steady parade of potential socialite candidates his way He dodges and dives but nothing seems to deter his Mom until a joke ad placed by his younger brother for [...]

    17. I was looking forward to reading this book coz the blurb had me hooked and I was not disappointed Clover Lee is a free bird She loves traveling around the world with no strings attached When she s hired by Sawyer to act as a buffer between him and his marriage focused mother, it s just a job financing her upcoming trip to Australia By evening though, she s his fake fianc I love these tropes Well they are scorching hot together but so wildly different as people Can they overcome their ideals and [...]

    18. This book is truth in advertising, it really is a hot romantic comedy It s sexy, steamy, yet sweet and funny It was my first Avery Flynn story but it won t be my last The Negotiator was a fun, fast read that also had a serious side, dealing with family expectations and how adult children view and interact with their parents, or as Clover puts it, dealing with serious mommy issues.Clover and Sawyer are opposites in some ways and similar in others They both love negotiating, not just big business [...]

    19. um so this was cute but I couldn t connect with the story plus the whole foreign language turrets thing was distracting and I didn t see the point I mean the girl just spewed random foreign words out of her mouth at random times and none it made sense to me also a little research on the whole what language foreign countries actually speak wouldn t hurt before you write that into a story spoiler alert Malay is NOT the main language of Singapore so why would it be useful in negotiations I dunno, e [...]

    20. I loved the lady balls Clover had, she didn t take crap from anyone especially Sawyer, don t complain about what I wear, she said, her voice tight and a little higher than normal It s not like most people who specialize in temp jobs have closets full of ball gowns and formal dresses I liked that Clover could drive Sawyer crazy, eff this He pushed back from his desk and strode to the door This was his house He could tell her to be silent Order her, really He was the boss I absolutely loved this b [...]

    21. 4 5Safe readI really enjoyed this book Great build up from connection Lust Love H not a man whore neither are virgins No ow Drama push and pull h was fantastic Super funny and kept H on his toes loved how the mother was so set against her then 100% on her side h was sassy and tough HEA with epilogue but I wanted

    22. This book was cute I fell in love with Sawyer and Clover Sawyer needed a buffer to save him from his matchmaking mama So his crazy brother, sends an add for someone, to come to his rescue Enter Clover, she needs a temporary position so that she can save money to go to Australia Sawyer is about to send all the buffers in his office away, since he thinks it ridiculous and that he does not need one, but when his mother enters with two candidates, Clover gets up and sends his mother away Sawyer is s [...]

    23. A workaholic billionaire needs to keep his mother off his heels, especially when the search for a wife gets tiring, tedious and damn inconvenient The solution A personal buffer, an off the cuff job ad that brings the unlikeliest of candidates to his office and into his life, in an effort to throw off the women his snooty mother keeps shoving at him From a personal buffer sounds like a flaky job opening I d probably apply for after losing my life s calling to a hurried, fake engagement, Clover Le [...]

    24. Sweetly sexy, fun and engaging romance Highly entertaining, fun, sexy, sweet, emotional and engaging romantic journey.Swayer Carlyle is a sexy, clever, driven and taking on the world as the new head of his family company His little brother publishes an add for a personal buffer to help fend off the hopeful future Mrs Carlyle candidates his mother keeps sending his way Clover Lee is a sweet, sexy, charming and a drifter never staying in one place to long, temp jobs are her favorite and the person [...]

    25. Avery Flynn kicks of a new series with The Negotiator and if you are looking for a book with the perfect amount of fun, steam and romance then look no further because this is the book for you.I fully admit to devouring this book twice since I got it and I m fighting the urge to pick it and read it again, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book So much so I m having trouble writing this review because I don t think I can do it justice.The Negotiator is so much fun to read that it should come with a warni [...]

    26. 3.5 starsThis was a cute take on the fake relationship trope Sawyer works way too much and is than a little clueless when it comes to women He desperately wants to avoid the set ups his mother keeps creating for him and his brother helps by posting an add for a personal buffer and screens the candidates all men and 1 Clover Lee I enjoyed these two together Clover helped bring Sawyer out of his workaholic world and show him there could be to life at the same time he showed her a version of rela [...]

    27. Everyone knows I m not a man who waits when I ve decided what I want I really enjoyed readingThe Negotiator Sawyer and Clover were fantastic, endearing and entertaining Sawyer is a successful business man who is fierce and gets always what he wants However, he has one weakness his mum His mum is desperate to find him the perfect fianc e, despite the fact that Sawyer has no interest at all His brother Hudson decides to find a buffer for him.Clover applies and immediately clicks with Sawyer Their [...]

    28. L histoire est certes pas des plus originales, mais j ai bien aim Les h ros sont loin d tre parfaits, ils voluent c est meugnon, lui c est le bachelor le plus en vue et il porte des lunettes et pas juste pour faire geek et elle, elle jure dans toutes les langues xDLe tome 2 est sur le petit fr re sarcastique et je vais me jeter dessus illico

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