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I Love My Purse By Belle Demont Sonja Wimmer I Love My Purse Charlie loves the bright red purse that his grandmother let him have One day he decides to take it to school First his father then his friends and even the crossing guard question him about his str
  • Title: I Love My Purse
  • Author: Belle Demont Sonja Wimmer
  • ISBN: 9781554519545
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I Love My Purse By Belle Demont Sonja Wimmer Charlie loves the bright red purse that his grandmother let him have One day, he decides to take it to school First his father, then his friends, and even the crossing guard question him about his strange choice After all, boys don t carry purses They point out that they, too, have things they like, but that doesn t mean they go out in public wearing them But CharlieCharlie loves the bright red purse that his grandmother let him have One day, he decides to take it to school First his father, then his friends, and even the crossing guard question him about his strange choice After all, boys don t carry purses They point out that they, too, have things they like, but that doesn t mean they go out in public wearing them But Charlie isn t deterred Before long, his unselfconscious determination to carry a purse starts to affect those around him His father puts on his favorite, though unconventional, Hawaiian shirt to go to work his friend Charlotte paints her face, and the crossing guard wears a pair of sparkly shoes Thanks to Charlie, everyone around him realizes that it isn t always necessary to conform to societal norms It s important to be true to yourself With its humorous, energetic illustrations, this book is ideal as a read aloud or as a text for emerging readers It can also be used as a starting point for a discussion about gender roles.
    I Love My Purse By Belle Demont Sonja Wimmer
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    1. I love I Love My Purse Charlie made a decision to take his new purse to school because he loved it He demonstrated incredible confidence in his decision despite what everyone around him said to him Charlie s confidence then influenced everyone else to do what they really wanted to do Truly excellent book that I can t wait to share with my class this year

    2. Cute book that says it is OK to do out off the norm things like take a purse to school when you are a boy The illustrations s have a nice French feel that i love A fun Little book.

    3. What I like about this book is that it happens in the real world No one is trying to protect Charlie from a world that doesn t undestand why a boy would love a purse It is his grandmother s purse, and it carries cool things, and why not carry it.Charlie doesn t give into peer pressure He just keeps carrying his purse around, when no one else thinks it is a good idea, when they say, well, if you can do that, what would stop me from doing something else strange His response is, well do so, and the [...]

    4. Although I ve known plenty of guys who carry purses, they re not usually bright red as the one featured in this picture book happens to be After Charlie s grandmother gives him her purse, he decides that it s time for it make its debut outside of the safety of his home and brings it to school Despite the naysayers in his life, including his loving father who questions his choice and suggests attire that he considers appropriate, and his classmate, Charlotte, who questions why he s wearing the p [...]

    5. Charlie loves his purse and chooses to bring it to school, even though his dad, the crossing guard, his classmates, etc all say that boys don t carry purses Charlie s enthusiasm for his accessory encourages those around him to try things they like, too, without worrying about what other people might think This is a fantastic book for kids about embracing who you are and not conforming to everyone s expectations Highly recommended.

    6. YAAAAAS CHARLIE, WEAR A PURSE IF YOU WANT TO WEAR A PURSE I love how Charlie kept his identity and options limitless with his response to everyone asking why he wasn t acting like the rest of them Maybe tomorrow, insert name , but today I m sticking with my purse.

    7. This was an insightful children s story, as it explored themes of appearance and conformity, with the message that all individuals should have equal opportunity to express themselves.

    8. Originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader.I Love My Purse is a sweetly whimsical book aimed at children and younger readers K 2, Lexile 560 At 34 pages, hardcover format, it s the right size and length for a solo reading session with a colorful message that isn t preachy or threatening.I loved the way that Charlie, who s a normal, active, friendly and fun kid, influences the people he meets in his everyday life by being himself The book could so easily have been strident or unhappy, and it [...]

    9. Charlie loves his bright red purse that his grandmother gave to him One day he decides to wear it to school Everyone around him questions his choice of a purse because after all boys don t have purses they wear baseball caps and sneakers, carry worms in their pockets and toads in their backpacks, ride skateboards and read comic books Charlie s answer is, I love my purse I m carrying a purse, Cause I want to That answer is good enough for him because you see Charlie is a boy who is comfortable in [...]

    10. Charlie loves the bright red purse given to him by his Grandmother One day he decides to wear the purse to school His father sees him and tells him that boys don t carry purses Charlie reminds him how much he loves his inappropriate Hawaiian shirt.At school Charlie hears of the same type of comments from friends, teachers and even the school crossing guard When they ask why he is carrying the bright red handbag, he replies Because I love my purse This children s book has wonderfully expressive [...]

    11. I won a green elf hat by answering three questions in a trivia contest As I type this review, I m wearing my brand new green elf hat It s the holiday season I m an adult I can do that.Charlie s bold decision to bring a purse to school raises all sorts of eyebrows and commentary He s not wearing it to make a statement or in defiance of tradition or gender He s wearing it because he likes it It s a pretty purse and holds all his stuff I can relate Hasn t everybody got a cute accessory that we don [...]

    12. Charlie decided one morning to take the bright red purse that his grandmother had given him and wear it to school His dad noticed immediately and mentioned that boys don t carry purses, but Charlie continued down the stairs with his purse His father thought about the Hawaiian shirts he would love to wear to work At school, a girl in his class noticed the purse and told Charlie that boys don t carry purses Charlie carried on The girl started to wonder about wearing face paint to school At lunch, [...]

    13. What happens when someone does something somewhat out of the ordinary, and the people around him try to talk him into not doing it, but he continues to do it anyway, because it obviously makes him happy They get the idea that they too can do the things they love to do and that their happiness can be spread around This is a wonderful, beautifully illustrated, funny, joyous, insightful, inspiring book about a boy who loves carrying stuff in his grandmother s big red purse People around him questio [...]

    14. I love this book Charlie made a decision to take his red purse that his grandmother had given to him to school instead of wearing backpack He loved his purse and was not worried what everyone else thought His reasoning and confidence gave others he knew the confidence to do what they really wanted such as wear a hawaiian shirt to school, or wear your glittery shoes This story not only builds confidence to be who you really are, but also shines a light on gender stereotypes In this story, Charlie [...]

    15. In this heated political climate with social issues regarding gender roles making news in the mainstream media, I found this story, in picture book format, to be a welcome selection option for my public library shelves Having walked the tightrope trying to balance our collection to please ALL patrons in a public library setting HA , I have no second thoughts about adding this title to my ordering list.The story is simple and positively shows how everyone s unique tastes and quirks help make the [...]

    16. I love this book I love Charlie, and how, instead of getting defensive when people question his love for his purse, he simply tells them he wears it because he likes it and wants to I don t have kids but am always on the lookout for fresh, diverse books for my niece, and I think this is a great one The main character is a role model who doesn t let other people pressure him into conforming just because it s what s expected, and by the end of the book, he s inspired a few people to be themselves [...]

    17. I am in love with this book Charlie has a big, bright, red purse that his grandmother gave him One day he decides he s going to carry it And he doesn t let what anyone else says about it affect him He likes it and he wants to carry it And his attitude is infectious and spreads, as his classmates starting doing things they really like as well It doesn t matter what your are supposed to do, do what makes your happy.

    18. Charlie loves his purse This is a positive amazing book that really made me smile I know many kids and adults who know someone who has had a special purse or bag that they love oh so much It seems like kids love purses and cowboy boots as must have fashion pieces so it was nice to see it written about.

    19. Thank you Net Galley for the book to review.Charlie chooses to take his bright red purse to school His grandmother gave it to him and he loves it In spite of the comments the people around him make he carries his purse with confidence An interesting look at a child being himself in spite of gender norms.

    20. Great story about being different and remaining unfluffed by the reactions of other kids, influencing others not just other kids to tap into what they love as well, be it make up, shirts or sparkly shoes Wonderfully illustrated by Sonja Wimmer Sweet Highly recommend Thanks to NetGalley for providing this ebook for review.

    21. This is such a good book It not only has a great story about being different, it has some brilliant illustrations the book tells you how it doesn t matters what others think and to just be yourself no matter what age you are 5 stars from me

    22. What a great message about breaking gender stereotypes about what boys should be wearing or doing and what girls wear or do Simply the character Charlie says to everyone who passes him cause I want to.

    23. Adorable story about being yourself and enjoying the things you love regardless of what others think I think a little boy especially a POC enjoying his purse is a great central character for a story for children Subverting gender roles gender norms.

    24. This is a bright, light, and fun tale that can serve as a good starting point for talking with kids about the silliness of prescribed gender roles or simply about being oneself in spite of criticism from others.

    25. a great book to start conversations with young kids about celebrating individual choices and moving beyond boys and girls clothing.

    26. Despite the objections of almost everyone, Charlie wears a purse because he likes it and others are inspired by Charlie.

    27. I love this book Self acceptance, acceptance of others, being who you are All the beautiful things in life that people of all ages should learn and put into practice.

    28. Well intentioned, but but naive and idealistic A child who tried this approach might get a very different and unpleasant outcome More for modeling how to react than what to do.

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