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A Tempest By Aimé Césaire Richard Miller A Tempest C saire s rich and insightful adaptation of The Tempest draws on contemporary Caribbean society the African American experience and African mythology to raise questions about colonialism racism and
  • Title: A Tempest
  • Author: Aimé Césaire Richard Miller
  • ISBN: 9781559362108
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Tempest By Aimé Césaire Richard Miller C saire s rich and insightful adaptation of The Tempest draws on contemporary Caribbean society, the African American experience and African mythology to raise questions about colonialism, racism and their lasting effects.
    A Tempest By Aimé Césaire Richard Miller
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      471 Aimé Césaire Richard Miller
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    1. Aimé Césaire Richard Miller

      Aim Fernand David C saire was an Afro Martinican francophone poet, author and politician.

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    1. Well This was a total waste of my time I get it, it s making a point to the reader But what a way to pervert an old play and make it something nothing like the original I get it It s emphasizing the theme of colonization But REALLY Facepalms I found nothing amusing about this re interpretation of Shakespeare s The Tempest at all As far as I m concerned, Cesaire is another one of those jackass political message driven guys who decided that his greatest gift to the world would be to write crap lik [...]

    2. A Tempest, translated from the original French to English, is a stunning masterpiece in the shadow of the popular Shakespearean play of many years gone In short, almost all of the characters are the same, and the storyline follows along the path of the original Shakespeare version, but this has an African twist that is straight from the heart of emancipation and freedom Amazingly, the author is French born and bred, but while he was active he took many strides towards alleviating the pressure o [...]

    3. I had to read this for ENG 215 So, ick Really This is considered a play This is an insult to Shakespeare s The Tempest It truly is My class is all about colonialism, though it s supposed to be an English Genre class I m sick of this shit.Some people may like this type of play, but I lost interest in it after the God Eshu says he s going to smack someone with his d Gross.I m just not a fan Others may like it, as it is a completely different type of play Just don t try to compare it to Shakespeare [...]

    4. This is a Caribbean adaptation of Shakespeare s The Tempest and focuses primarily on the slave Caliban, using African mythology and Caribbean history to create a hero from a character who, in the original, doesn t really have as defining a role Another instance of taking a piece of traditional, white English literature, and using it almost against the culture that created it.

    5. An adaptation of Shakespeare s The Tempest Set in the Caribbean It s about power About the relationship between the colonizer and colonized It s great It s beautiful It made me cry.

    6. A tempest is a post colonial adaptation and revision of Shakespeare s The Tempest It is regarded as a politicized take on Shakespeare s play C saire depicts Caliban as a black slave and presents Ariel as a mulatto slave, instead of making him a spirit In C saire s play, Caliban is a very important character for he not only represents the whole idea of slavery and resistance but he is also a violent character who expresses his hatred and hostility towards Prospero the Sorcerer and regent of the [...]

    7. Read this for class I enjoyed The Tempest better A Tempest is just a rushed version of The Tempest where enslavement is emphasized In this version, Prospero is made out to seem like of a cruel master who has enslaved Ariel and Caliban and refuses to set either of them free even though he keeps promising too Ariel and Caliban are a mulatto slave and a black slave respectively, rather than the spirit and non human creature they were in The Tempest This is meant to be a commentary on enslavement [...]

    8. Con todas sus fuerzas chocan el sol y la lunalas estrellas caen para atestiguarla moralcon una carga de nervios grises Fragmento Entre otras masacres de Aim C saire Si bien Una tempestad est inspirada en la obra La tempestad de William Shakespeare, presenta divergencias en su construcci n Con la menci n Adaptaci n para un teatro negro , C saire sit a la obra en un contexto diferente, se traslada a Am rica Latina para evidenciar la condici n de la raza negra frente al conquistador Una tempestad e [...]

    9. I understand that this play has great political meaning, and I appreciate it I appreciate it in the same way that I appreciate Uncle Tom s Cabin I appreciate it, but I don t particularly like it.There were times when I enjoyed reading this play, but then it kind of got old and I just didn t really enjoy it any I honestly don t understand this though perhaps after a lengthy in class discussion I will and have no great desire to understand it Perhaps the main reason I find it distasteful is becaus [...]

    10. I was underwhelmed by Cesaire s adaptation, maybe because it was much radical for his time to co opt Shakespeare and directly revise his work into an anticolonial narrative than it is now I felt that the general plot line between Caliban and the rest of the shipwrecked wasn t changed enough, and I was also bothered by the ways in which Cesaire continued the tradition of silencing Miranda, the only female character in the play.

    11. I read this book for class and was not impressed A Tempest is taken from Shakespeare s original work and politicized That s all there is to it.

    12. Usually I like Shakespeare adaptations, but I wasn t particularly a fan of this one A retelling of The Tempest from an anti colonialist standpoint is a great concept, but the execution here fell flat Everything that wasn t there to express the heavy handed theme was just a lazy summary of the plot of The Tempest with watered down versions of the characters Adaptations need to add something new but there is not really anything here for any character that isn t Caliban, Prospero, or Ariel Speaking [...]

    13. A fantastic adoption of The Tempest rewritten during a time in history that is important to the world as we know it today If you haven t read it, you should.

    14. A Tempest on Race and ColonialismBy Samantha Yasui, January 18, 2011This version of the play by Cesaire was a lot stronger in its colonial influences My first impression was that it was obvious in its references to colonization I also thought it to be sarcastic and satiric than the original Shakespearian one, to the point of extreme comedy in reference to the banter Caliban is a lot human in Cesaire s version than in the original even in the way he talks When we first meet Caliban and he argu [...]

    15. It is only when you read Cesaire s version that the colonial tropes and prejudices in Shakespeare s play actually begin to stand out Cesaire takes almost every scene that is steeped in stereotypes about the colonial native, and then writes back to Shakespeare The juxtaposition makes for some fascinating reading.In The Tempest, Caliban features prominently in four scenes He is first mentioned in the middle of Act I, Scene II, when Prospero refers to him off stage to Ariel as a freckled whelp hag [...]

    16. We read this for our cluster course and everything in this class was about colonization and voices of the marginalized Because honestly, at my school, it s indicative those white children learn a thing about their country and the countries outside of a eurocentric view We read Shakespeare s version first and then read Cesaire s And the reviews were mixed and they were mixed for a reason because everyone outside of me and few other minorities could relate to the text of A tempest And those who co [...]

    17. Still not sure what I thought of this I may come back to it, and I m definitely going to have to read some C saire.The reinvented Ariel and Caliban sometimes seemed, to me, to interact sort of clumsily with the white characters other than Prospero who were largely the same as in Shakespeare, though with a bit historical specificity The ending helped bring out connections between them, but didn t totally satisfy me in particular, when Caliban isn t treated as a stupid savage, his interactions w [...]

    18. Aim C saire, poeta francese o meglio martinicano della negritudine Scomparso da pochi giorni, gli sono stati riservati i solenni funerali di stato Socialista, anticolonialista attivo fino alla fine, si era rifiutato di ricevere il piccolo Nicolas Sarkozy quando il signor Bruni, da ministro dell interno, aveva espresso giudizi positivi su una contestatissima legge che stigmatizzava favorevolmente il valore del colonialismo francese.Fra le sue tante opere, questa riscrittura della Tempesta di Shak [...]

    19. i don t know what else to say except i got a thing for the tempest there were two really good screen adaptations of shakespeare in the late 80s early 90s that did it 1 first not film chronologically but in the sequence of this paragraph for effect there s richard the third with the gay who would become gandalf and magneto ian mckellen playing gloucester set in a fascist world war ii england and 2 peter greenaway s prospero s books with sir john geilgud as prospero oo wee prospero s books i know [...]

    20. Having read Shakespeare s The Tempest prior to A Tempest and having read some of C saire s Discourse on Colonialism after, I must say I have a great appreciation for what the play is doing and what it is trying to do By re appropriating the Caliban figure or, perhaps better said, reclaiming him , C saire makes very direct and bold stances on what it means to be enslaved, to be forcibly atrophied by colonialist lack of sentiment, and how freedom and sense can be viewed No doubt many people are of [...]

    21. Aime Cesaire wrote this variation of The Tempest from an Afrocentric, Carribean perspective It is a magnificent achievement Caliban becomes the hero as Cesaire advances a variety of different ideas By changing the perspective, A Tempest explores a lot of issues like rascism and colonialism Prospero becomes the Oppressor and Caliban is the Native wrongly robbed of his ancestral right to rule his own land Ariel is reduced to something of an Uncle Tom To his credit, Cesaire never allows any charact [...]

    22. I gave it five stars because the conversations were timeless and true, things that we still navigate today with just as little understanding The beginning of the book was also extremely funny to me, for whatever reason However, I found myself being vaguely disgusted and disappointed with the treatment or lack thereof of female characters They were stock and useless, and sexual assault was treated as a throwaway, possibly even a joke, by both the author and my professor Overall, I enjoyed this pl [...]

    23. I thought about giving this play 4 stars, because I would probably rate it a 4.5 if half stars were an option The thing I didn t like about this play is how directly political it is Cesaire s project is a distinctly post colonial program, critiquing the colonialist and imperialist ideology in Shakespeare s The Tempest Although I am not usually a fan of directly political drama literature, this play worked really well for me because of how complex the picture of colonialism is here For instance, [...]

    24. This was a super quick read and I liked its rawness and down to earth language I like the point of view better in this one than I did in Shakespeare s real version I m not saying I don t like Shakespeare, because I really do, but I also like seeing his plays done in a modern setting, which is what this is one is done in There is some language in it and I wouldn t recommend it to high school, but college is appropriate for this play, if ever you were taking a class in which you had to read a mod [...]

    25. This was a fascinating post colonial take on Shakespeare Cesaire takes a formerly monstrous Caliban and restores his humanity, leading to a poetic reclamation of identity Unfortunately, the whole island as a microcosm of colonization thing isn t really my cup of tea Broad generalizations only get you so far, especially when you re trying to represent huge populations of the colonized around the world with a single character This means Cesaire gets a bit preachy to the detriment of his writing or [...]

    26. A deceptively simple play C saire is not as much as retelling of The Tempest but is using the familiar tropes found in Shakespeare s play to examine colonialism and its far flung impacts not only on the colonized but the colonizer A question, not really about this play, but in the adaptions of the play The Tempest, why is it always rewritten or reordered that Prospero teaches Caliban language , its Miranda that teaches Caliban their language 1.2.427 431

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