ER Vets: Life in an Animal Emergency Room #2020

ER Vets: Life in an Animal Emergency Room By Donna M. Jackson ER Vets Life in an Animal Emergency Room Orbis Pictus Honor ASPCA Henry Bergh Honor AAAS Subaru SBF Prize Finalist School Library Journal starred review A bird breaks its wing A newborn foal slips into a coma A cat clings to life after an a
  • Title: ER Vets: Life in an Animal Emergency Room
  • Author: Donna M. Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780618436637
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ER Vets: Life in an Animal Emergency Room By Donna M. Jackson Orbis Pictus Honor ASPCA Henry Bergh Honor AAAS Subaru SBF Prize Finalist School Library Journal, starred review A bird breaks its wing A newborn foal slips into a coma A cat clings to life after an arrow s shot through its chest.Filled with poignant stories and behind the scenes photographs,ER VETS follows the drama and excitement of the emergency and criti Orbis Pictus Honor ASPCA Henry Bergh Honor AAAS Subaru SBF Prize Finalist School Library Journal, starred review A bird breaks its wing A newborn foal slips into a coma A cat clings to life after an arrow s shot through its chest.Filled with poignant stories and behind the scenes photographs,ER VETS follows the drama and excitement of the emergency and critical care unit at one of the country s leading veterinary hospitals and brings to light the courage and compassion it takes to be an ER vet.
    ER Vets: Life in an Animal Emergency Room By Donna M. Jackson
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      Donna M. Jackson

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      Donna M. Jackson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the ER Vets: Life in an Animal Emergency Room book, this is one of the most wanted Donna M. Jackson author readers around the world.

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    1. Recent surveys of pet owners have revealed that people view their pets as members of their family, and an eye opening 73% of respondents have indicated that they are willing to go into debt to provide for their pet s well being After learning about these responses, author Donna Jackson spent time with the doctors and staff at the James L Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado This university is home to one of the country s leading veterinary hosp [...]

    2. For a child who is interested in veterinary medicine, the book may be interesting, but there are several problems with the text The language used in this book is inconsistent and by in large, not appropriate for the audience For example, the author makes little attempt to define words such as lethargic in text, yet uses the terms pee and poop instead of urinate or defecate Beyond that, the text simply seems clumsy and the quotes the author uses to illustrate her points are not in a child s langu [...]

    3. I never realized before how much our relationship towards animals has changed in such a relatively short time From just taking care of livestock which served a need to maintain the ability of people to work to today where we consider pets part of the family and will take necessary medical measures to ensure their health and well being ER vets and specialists are a relatively new thing This book tells of the vets at a premier veterinary hospital in Colorado It tells of some of their success stori [...]

    4. I tried to read this and I couldn t Now I m left wondering if the people who rated this book read the same book I did.It s not often one finds such a redundant book And let s be honest here, we re talking reading writing about animal medicine How, exactly, does one make that repetitive Jackson manages it, and manages it well.I couldn t even give this to my soon to be 7 year old daughter because she would be able to point out problems Now, here s some honesty again, I don t care how smart your ki [...]

    5. I LOVED this book I am a huge animal lover and this book made me cry at certain parts This would be a perfect book to recommend to anyone considering becoming a veterinarian IT has all types of facts such as what different doctors do, real life stories of animals being sick injured, what not to feed a pet, how to deal with a death of a pet, and many others This book contains so much information and the pictures all go along with the stories I loved even just looking at the pictures of all the cu [...]

    6. This was very informative While I had some general knowledge, it is exciting to learn that this is an active and growing field of knowledge and work The chapter on the illness and recovery of the foal, Raising Cain last name of the owners was extremely well done.

    7. Jackson supports her brief review of emergency room maneuvers with historical tidbits, daily encounters, and animal factoids Good quality pictures are used throughout to support ideas presented and highlight how animals are at the center of all actions A pet first aid kit content list, publication and web site list, critical terms and index are provided Teachers could easily incorporate material into lesson plans for older grade school and middle school students.

    8. ER Vets Life in an Animal Emergency Room, which was written by Donna M Jackson in 2005, was a contender for the Orbis Pictus award in 2006 Any animal lover will enjoy this book, as it covers everything about an animal emergency room Every day there are dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and rabbits that need medical care Of course there are so many other creatures that face health problems, and this informational book details everything that one needs to know The first story is of a german shepard that [...]

    9. 1 This book is an informational book.2 This book is about what is it like in an ER for animals It gives different stories about different animal emergencies and also teaches the reader about different concepts and terms about the ER for animals 3 A I thought this was a really accurate informational book because it had really strong elements throughout it that would classify it in the genre that it is I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading this book B This book was a very appropriate informat [...]

    10. Non fiction is a genre where what you are reading is real Some types of non fiction are, sports, history and science Non fiction can be in the form of documentary movies, realistic books, or biographies The book, ER Vets, is about emergency room veterinarians and the animal emergency room Many types of animals are treated in the animal ER including dogs and cats even chinchillas, snakes and turtles.The book is organized by chapters Each chapter is about a different topic For example, there is a [...]

    11. Genre NonfictionAwards 2006 Orbis Pictus Honor Book AwardAge Group Primary IntermediateSummary This book was a soup to nuts look at an animal emergency room It included a history of veterinary science, a description of when an er visit is necessary, methods to deal with the death of a pet, and several case studies of different animals There were a lot of pictures that demonstrated the clinical capabilities of a 24 7 veterinary hospital Evaluation I gave this book four out of five stars because i [...]

    12. ER Vets by Donna M JacksonCategory InformationalOkay, this was not my favorite book However, I am not an animal person at all But, reading the book for reviewing purposes I have to admit it has a ton of information about animal care I can totally see students that are animal enthusiasts being engrossed in this book for a few hours They would find the information interesting and the photos lifelike The book details what happens when an animal needs care at an animal emergency room There is even a [...]

    13. This is a thorough look at emergency room medicine for animals There are several case studies two dogs, python, cat, foal A brief history of veterinary medicine, how to assemble an animal emergency kit, warnings of toxic treats and tips to tell if you pet needs critical care help break up the hospital drama A male and female vet are profiled Lots of books and websites for further study are recommended There is a glossary, source notes and index An excellent book for interested kids Criticisms Th [...]

    14. I won an ARC of this book I thought this book offered a lot of good information It talked about the history of ER vets, how to become a vet tech vs an actually vet It also had several stories included in there on what could happen in an ER I read a similar book with either 3rd or 4th graders last year who loved it, so I have no doubt that there would be interest There was also a first aid kit list for pets in the back There was a lack of text features mainly, bolded text There was a glossary whi [...]

    15. This book is highly visual and offers a behind the scenes look at an emergency animal hospital in Colorado Photographs range from the saddest ever Basset hound to heartwarming Shelley, a dog recovering from being hit by a car, to somewhat graphic There are examples of X rays and action shots of surgeries It shows how a German shepherd s life is saved, but how a snake could not be Other than just learning about what goes on in this animal hospital, there is a chapter on the history of vets and pe [...]

    16. Junior Book LogInformational BookSource TextbookER Vets This story gives readers the true inside scoop on the job of ER vets I chose to read it with a girl I babysit because her dream is to become a veterinarian She has a passion for animals and this book helped she and I both see that not everything dealing with animals is all cute and fuzzy It definitely provided information about the various scenarios that vets encounter, and also described multiple procedures that must be followed in order t [...]

    17. ER Vets Life in an Animal Emergency Room is a nonfiction novel This book is intended for intermediate and adult readers This book made me cry because I hate seeing animals hurt, but it is very compeling seeing what the vets do everyday to save someone s animals life The book shows behinds the scenes photos of what goes down when an injured animal comes into PET ER This book was rated a 5 star rating The novel had photos which are always a A in my book These photos where heart stopping seeing how [...]

    18. ER Vets Life in an Animal Emergency Room was written by Donna Jackson and intended for the intermediate reader It is a work of Non Fiction.From triage to treatment, this books walks us through a day in the life of an animal emergency room From a dog with bloat , to a cat with a tumor in his lung, to the Airedale who got a little to close to a porcupine, the book explores tests and outcomes of pets including snakes, hedgehogs, and rabbits.I m a science nut and pet lover so I loved this book The a [...]

    19. ER Vets Life in an Animal Emergency Room was a contender for the Orbis Pictus award in 2006 and I can see why It is the perfect book for an animal lover describing what goes on in an animal emergency room from who works there, what the different jobs do, what one should do in certain situations, all while telling individual stories about animals who need medical care Anyone who liked perts will enjoy this book because it teaches us all about an animal emergency room It explains everything we nee [...]

    20. Stories of animal emergencies involving a dog hit by a car, a snake with hypothermia, a newborn foal in critical condition, and are detailed in this engaging and visually stimulating book Photographs of animals in various states of distress and treatment appear on each page Straightforward text includes a brief discussion of veterinary medicine and an average day in the life of an animal ER Each chapter includes first person quotes from vets and pet owners, fostering a sense of urgency and real [...]

    21. The setting of the story is sett in modern days in a veterinarian hospitale main characters are a black and white 6 month old lab named Shelly and, a python named Lucy The story is mainly about how the ER Vet handle the trageties of Shelly and Lucy Shelly is hitt by a car and rushed to the hospital in pain As soon as Shelly arrives to the hospital the doctors start surgery On Her and 2 years later is perfectly normal Lucy is Left over night in a freezing cold car and the next morning is rushed t [...]

    22. This book was very organized with information to help the reader The author gave me information that Will help me in the long run with animals I saw many pictures that went from surgeries to broken bones to heart a brain problems I would recommend this book to anyone because it was a very fast and easy read with many pictures and captions Also, I would mostly recommend this to animal lovers like me.

    23. A really good nonfiction book for younger readers about being a vet, specifically an ER vet Readers will learn what these vets do There are many real animal photos in this book but nothing too graphic for a young reader The book is also very entertaining and is a good book for a kid considering being a vet to read.

    24. This book is about an emergency vet office in Colorado There are examples of different surgies and xrays I enjoyed this book because kids can get an in depth look at the life of a vet It can lead the kids to know what they want to be when they grow up.

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