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Easy Nights By Kristen Proby Easy Nights The Boudreaux Series Sexy Intriguing Easy No one said change was easy Savannah Boudreaux knows what it is to hurt To bleed To be afraid that the man she s promised to be true to until death do us part
  • Title: Easy Nights
  • Author: Kristen Proby
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  • Page: 320
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  • Easy Nights By Kristen Proby The Boudreaux Series Sexy Intriguing Easy No one said change was easy Savannah Boudreaux knows what it is to hurt To bleed To be afraid that the man she s promised to be true to until death do us part might in fact separate them far sooner than anyone had ever anticipated But Van also knows what it is to survive To move on To live life to the fullest With five bThe Boudreaux Series Sexy Intriguing Easy No one said change was easy Savannah Boudreaux knows what it is to hurt To bleed To be afraid that the man she s promised to be true to until death do us part might in fact separate them far sooner than anyone had ever anticipated But Van also knows what it is to survive To move on To live life to the fullest With five brothers and sisters and a loving mother as her constant source of strength during the pain and the healing, Van realizes there is little else she needs But some things never change Benjamin Preston sat on the sidelines of the Boudreaux family for years, in love with a woman he couldn t have As the best friend of the Boudreaux brothers since childhood, Ben has seen both tragedies and joys in the family And as a former MMA fighter and Krav Maga expert, Ben s used to fighting for what he wants and winning His hands were tied when Savannah married her high school sweetheart not long after graduation, but now two years have passed since Ben found Savannah broken in her own home.Sometimes what you need most has been right in front of you the whole time Van s convinced that happiness isn t in the cards for her, no matter how right it feels to be in Ben s strong arms and his bed Ben is determined to win her heart and fight for her trust He s promised to protect her, to be her friend But than anything, he wants to finally make her his, and this is one fight he s not willing to lose.
    Easy Nights By Kristen Proby
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    1. Kristen Proby

      Kristen was born and raised in a small resort town in her beloved Montana In her mid twenties, she decided to stretch her wings and move to the Pacific Northwest, where she made her home for than a dozen years During that time, Kristen wrote many romance novels and joined organizations such as RWA and other small writing groups She spent countless hours in workshops, and mornings than she can count up before the dawn so she could write before going to work She submitted many manuscripts to agents and editors alike, but was always told no In the summer of 2012, the self publishing scene was new and thriving, and Kristen had one goal to publish just one book It was something she longed to cross off of her bucket list.Not only did she publish one book, she s since published close to thirty titles, many of which have hit the USA Today, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists She continues to self publish, best known for her With Me In Seattle and Boudreaux series, and is also proud to work with William Morrow, a division of HarperCollins, with the Fusion Series Kristen and her husband, John, make their home in her hometown of Whitefish, Montana with their two pugs and two cats.

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    1. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review A sexy, enticing, sultry romance that will leave you swooning for your very own Benjamin Preston Yes ladies, Kristen Proby reunites us with our favorite New Orleans family, The Boudreaux If you have been following this series, then you are all aware that each sibling have found love and now it s time for Savannah Boudreaux to finally get her own happily ever after just like her siblings Savannah Boudreaux is a survivor of domestic violence [...]

    2. NOW LIVE Barnes NobleEasy Nights is the story I have been waiting for since the start of this series Not only because Ben and Van had such an amazing connection that made me want of them, but because I knew I would love getting to see Van move past her hurt She deserved some good in life and I needed to see her get that Ben and Van s relationship was complicated but once they both stopped being afraid of their attraction they fell into a relationship with ease I really liked that there wasn t a [...]

    3. 3,5 You re Everything Stars You re everything.You are the beginning and the end of me, Savannah I don t work without you This couple got me so pumped since Easy Love and I couldn t wait to get my hands in this book And it was the last of the series, of course Ben and Van s story was picking through here and there in the previous books and that didn t help my situation I was like the guy in the gif in every book of the series until Easy Nights release date was approachingI devoured the book and w [...]

    4. Since reading the first book of this series, I was totally hooked and every new released story was a piece of a puzzle finally being put together and creating such a beautiful picture.I wanted Savannah and Ben s story for such a long time that now having it brought me closure and a piece of mind, because it sealed the series perfectly, exactly like I expected it This couple was kept on pending for such a long time and we readers were given only bits and pieces of the whole story I have to admit, [...]

    5. Absolutely brilliant I ve been dying for this book since I read the very first book of the series I was a lil scared not goin to lie cause I had worked it up in my head But I wasn t disappointed at al I luvd it even than I thought I would Ben and Savannah story as been goin on since the very beginning of this series They have been friends for forever Ben is the best friend of Savannah older brothers and he lived just next door so he is like family But Savannah never saw him that way she has al [...]

    6. I want to hold you I want to be with you And I want to remind you what it feels like to be loved for you For being the wonderful woman you are, and I want to show you what unconditional means Savannah and Ben s story was the perfect conclusion to the heartwarming Boudreaux Series Review to come

    7. 4.25 Perfect Moment StarsI can t believe Van and Ben s story is finally here After wanting this book since the very beginning of the series, now it s here, it revealed to be a bittersweet event, because it simultaneously makes me crazy happy that we finally got these two s story, but sad because it also marks the ending of one of my all time favorite series and family, the Boudreaux Oh, well, that just made me enjoy it that much , and savour every single word.Easy Nights is a emotional, hopeful [...]

    8. I think if my now man had a piercing on his dick because the girl he was dating talked him into getting it I would probably think about that woman everytime I had sex with him.

    9. I have been waiting patiently for Savannah and Ben s story since we first met them in Easy Love the first book in the Boudreaux series so I have been waiting for Easy Nights for over two years along with some of my GR friends.With everything that happened to Savannah this was a relationship that was going to take time, time for her to heal and rebuild her life with the help of her family and friends.Ben has always been in love with Savannah but they were too young as teenagers then college and t [...]

    10. As I try to find the words to do this review justice, I m trying not to break down in tears and become a blubbering mess right now It s no secret that I m absolutely in LOVE with this author, this series, and these INCREDIBLE characters The Boudreaux Series is easily one of the best contemporary romance series out there and that s because Kristen Proby puts her heart and soul into each word she writes She has created this family that was so incredibly easy to fall in love with, that somewhere do [...]

    11. 4 Full Circle Stars Well, this story wasn t quite what I was expecting it to be, but it was still good I thought there would be a lot of angsty push and pull between Savannah and Ben It wasn t that However, the Boudreaux gang was all there Being the close family they are All the reasons I love KP books to much.I was so very happy for Savannah and Ben Their story had been a long time coming It was a great conclusion to the series The epilogue was the sweetest thing Happy reading

    12. I always thought that just having you in my life was enough As long as you were happy and healthy, it was enough to be on the outside looking in, but it s just not good enough any Savannah Boudreaux is not the same person she was two years ago She survived her husband s brutal attack when he tried to kill her, she divorced him and she s been slowly healing herself and getting stronger, getting her sense of self back after so many years of physical and mental abuse And she s even felt desire for [...]

    13. I ve been waiting for these two characters epic love story since this series was first introduced with Easy Love a while back, and EASY LOVE by Kristen Proby didn t disappoint I ve longed to find out how Ben and Savannah end up I knew it wasn t going to be easy, but I was hoping for a happy ending for these two We all knew it would happen eventually but Proby sure made us wait I breezed through this despite some of the hard times our mains had during the read, but I m happy with the turn out fro [...]

    14. 5 Easy Nights Stars Audible Review HERE I have been waiting so patiently for Van s book It did not disappoint I did find somethings to be predictable but all in a good way Ben is just it for her and she for him So this book just makes you have all the warm fuzzies and isn t that how we want a book to make us feel I am sad to see the series bed but so happy everyone got there HEA because this family is pretty fabulous Zachary Webber and his accent made the last 2 books soooooo enjoyable I can t e [...]

    15. 2 stars for the story 1 star as support for all women who survive d abusive relationshipI dedicate this review to my friend Cyndi She asked me some questions about this book, and TBH I would read anything for my beautiful friend Cyndi I wish I wrote a 5 star review for her, and I hope to do it in the future Unpopular opinion major spoilers Warning view spoiler Dear Cyndi, the thing we have in common, apart from many triggers, is the carnal need to understand the motives, the happening and to hav [...]

    16. Oh man I don t even know where to start I amdoing a sum up of the whole series than review of this book I am in January blues shall I say So you know what I did I started to read a Kristen Proby book just wanted a pure escapism and I just love her books for that, not realising how addicting her characters are well I knew this but once I started I couldn t stop so I brought the whole lot and I ve read 6 books within 10 days or so one after the next I ve lived, felt and loved every one of this fam [...]

    17. 4 swoony starsEver since I read the first book in this series, Easy Love, I have been waiting for this book When Ben Porter, best friend of the Boudreaux boys, was there for their sister, Savannah, at her lowest point, the connection between them was clear It s been a long and arduous journey for Savannah, but their time has finally come, and after six books of longing glances and building chemistry, and the rest of her siblings getting their HEAs, I was so excited to finally get my hands on Ben [...]

    18. 5 Worth The Wait Stars The man s lips should come with a warning label May cause light headedness and loss of control You re the strongest person I know, Savannah, and it s a privilege to be with you His love roars louder than her demons You re everything You are the beginning and end of me, Savannah I don t work without you Beautiful Swoon worthy Magical Breathtaking Those are just a few words to describe the latest installment of The Boudreaux Series If you ve been following this series for a [...]

    19. Moving On From The PastFive Winning StarsI was so absolutely thrilled to receive the sixth most amazing and wonderful book, Boudreaux I was so excited to read this book, Samantha s story Such an emotional romantic genuine Such a truly unbelievable book.Looking back over my past life I never thought I d ever make it this far I have suffered a lot, yet now I m happy, with the freedom to live my life the way I want to Sleeping is still uncomfortable to me, but I m safe and happy to be away from my [...]

    20. After the disappointment of Lenas book I ll be honest i wasn t really looking as forward to this book as much as I usually look forward to a KP release And it blew my mind I had perhaps considered after 5 books and a few novellas that maybe this series had lost it s momentum but any preconceived thoughts I had were blown out of the water This book was everything There was love, sweet romance, danger, a real family vibe throughout, giggles and tears And that epilogue had me blubbing like a baby I [...]

    21. amzn 2rleh0s 4.5 starsBEN yes shouting caps I am starting my review off with shouty caps pause I think this book is best read as part of the series due to the build up here the build up that has resulted in BEN shouty caps Easy Nights gives the read the story of Savannah Boudreaux and Benjamin Ben Preston Ben has been around the Boudreaux since childhood as he is best friend with Van s brothers yes here lies the dilemma Ben has sat on the sidelines wanting Savannah for as long as he can remember [...]

    22. 4.5 LOVED IT STARS Review by Lisa KaneAs much as I loved all the books in the Boudreaux series, it s Van and Ben s story that had me salivating with anticipation Ben may be Van s best friend, but he s been in love with her for years When she married another, it just about broke his heart and when he found out her husband Lance had been abusing her for years, he just about killed him for reals It s two years later and Van is finally feeling good about herself She has been taking a self defense co [...]

    23. ARC Provided by the Author and InkSlinger PR Van and BenN AND BEN.I can t lie, this is the book I have been waiting for since the first in the series I have enjoyed, and happily read, all of them up to this one, but I can t lieI have been dying for this one.It didn t disappoint.And, I get it From a character development standpoint, you had to have some distance from the abusive ex husband you meet in earlier books who is her husband when you meet him , who abuses her so badly she is bruised and [...]

    24. Easy Nights is a beautiful story about courage, family and love Ben has been friends with the Boudreaux family since forever, and despite he loves them all like family, he can t seem to feel the same way about Savannah He s loved her from afar since they were very young and his first and second worst days of his life were the day she got married and wheny she called for help after her abusive bastard husband almost killed her Two years have passed since Savannah was free from her worst nightmare [...]

    25. Once again, I ve been Proby ized.This woman just writes the BEST Family Saga s EVER I ve been dying to know just how Kristen would spin Ben and Van s story I think I speak for all fans of this series, and will say that Ben and Van have touched our hearts from the start of Easy Love.And this book delivered d then some Kristen s words slayed me, evoking emotions from deep in the pit of my stomach I read, and read and read Never stopping Never a dull moment.This book warmed my heart And not just th [...]

    26. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceEasy Nights is a story of two people that have loved each other since they were kids, two people that haven t been able to be togetheruntil now and their story is heartfelt and vividly emotional and endearing Easy Nights is the final installment in the Boudreaux series and I have to say that when starting this book, it was quite painful for me because I have fallen in love with this family and I just don t want to let them go but I also hav [...]

    27. A near perfect ending to the series I think its the ending as all 6 siblings will now find their HEA This being honestly the story I waited for most Van Savannah Ben s story.Van has crushed and loved Ben since she was a young teen and we catch a glimpse of it in the prologue Now it is 15 yrs later and 2 yrs after Van nearly died at the hands of a man who was suppose to love, cherish and protect her Her ex husband, Lance She is slowly getting back to the woman she was NO A better version of the w [...]

    28. 4.5 starsIt is finally Ben and Savannah s story I have been eagerly anticipating theirs since the beginning of this series We have seen them circle around each other for years, and everyone seemed to understand what was going on but them They ve actually had crushes on each other since she was fifteen, but he was her older brother s best friend so they never acted on it And then Savannah suffered through an abusive marriage that nearly broke her But two years after the worst day of her life, she [...]

    29. 4 to 4.5 Stars Finally, we get to watch Savannah and Ben connect to one another with intense passion, love, and respect setting a strong foundation for their future However, evil from Savannah s past is not quite finished with her, and when it places itself center stage all those she loves are in danger this book tackles the tough topic of domestic violence and it does so brilliantly we watch as Savannah continues to heal and learns to trust not only others but herself she demonstrates bravery i [...]

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