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Capu By Sienna Mynx Capu In July a new tourist friendly Las Vegas attracts the rich and infamous for high rollers decadence For young business savvy Shannon Shae Dennis Vegas is prime for her business adult entertai
  • Title: Capu
  • Author: Sienna Mynx
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  • Capu By Sienna Mynx In July 1994, a new, tourist friendly, Las Vegas attracts the rich and infamous for high rollers decadence For young, business savvy Shannon Shae Dennis, Vegas is prime for her business adult entertainment Shannon employs the most beautiful temptress in the country and caters to the nightlife Life is good, and money is flowing Shannon is living out her dream CarloIn July 1994, a new, tourist friendly, Las Vegas attracts the rich and infamous for high rollers decadence For young, business savvy Shannon Shae Dennis, Vegas is prime for her business adult entertainment Shannon employs the most beautiful temptress in the country and caters to the nightlife Life is good, and money is flowing Shannon is living out her dream Carlo Giordani, a ruthless enforcer for the Battaglia Mafia clan, has traveled to America to reunite with the beautiful and elusive Shannon For of the excitement and fun loving adventure she once wet his sexual appetite for during her brief visit to Southern Italy Their passion explodes No sexual desire is left unexplored As his heart becomes irreversibly connected to hers, there is a dark side to Las Vegas that only Carlo could have foreseen An evil watches, waits, and one by one Shannon s girls begin to disappear as young girls are found murdered on the Vegas strip Is there a serial killer And what is his connection to the free spirit Shannon Dennis Carlo must race against time to save her and her friends for a predator unseen And in the process convince the woman he desires that being a man of violence doesn t mean he s incapable of love Publisher Warning Capu has strong adult themes, graphic violence, explicit language and scenes, F F scenes, and child abuse subject matter
    Capu By Sienna Mynx
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      Sienna Mynx is your naughty writer of Paranormal, Contemporary, and Historical Interracial Romance for readers that love the bad boy s but desire to be the women that tame them A current resident of south of Georgia, Sienna Mynx has just emerged into the e publishing arena Her novellas reflect her thirst for romance told from a fresh perspective with the diversity she craves in erotic Romance Explore and Enjoy.

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    1. The guy on this cover looks like the love child of Jim Morrison and Ridge Forrester Bold and The Beautiful

    2. This review contains mild spoilers I didn t enjoy this installment, but not because of the reasons some other readers are having I am not the type of romance reader that needs a nice tidy conclusion to every love story If the author gives me a clear and rational path to why things work out the way that they do, I am perfectly alright with a happy for now or even a parting of ways Sometimes failed relationships in a romance, especially within a series, leads to genuine happiness with someone else [...]

    3. This is one of my favourite series However, this story has left me reeling, I cannot lie I have been waiting to read Carlo and Shae s story for so long I was rooting for this couple The story is totally full of drama but it had a lot of love and caring from the couple towards each other Admittedly both parties come into the relationship from a place of brokenness However, their love should have been able to heal that brokenness I agree that each person has to love themselves first but the love o [...]

    4. Update 10 20 17 currently free Capu BattagliaCarlo and Shae met in the previous installment of the Battaglia series They are both flawed, but interesting characters Carlo has a thing with his boss woman than creeps into the relationship he starts with one of her best friends Shae is a wild party girl, that might not fit in as easily as the rest of the women in his world This is a great story but lost a half star with some of the resolution of the side plot I felt Shae was too street smart for so [...]

    5. Are u kidding me I sat and read this book really enjoying the story, even though Shae got on my freaking nerves Low and behold, they still didn t get together.It s bad enough it takes years for the books in this series to get published, but to have such a BS ending really makes me angry That s the reason for the 1 star review.

    6. The book is good I would give it a four star but I didn t like the ending It s too depressing I don t read erotic romance to have a sad ending I like conflict but not a sad ending I know the Shae and Carlo story isn t over and they will be revisited again in La Dolce Vita but waiting another two weeks is painful And I know that the next book won t concentrate on their story as much as Gio or Lorenzo or even Catalina and Domi So I am disappointed.I really feel for Carlo He is always getting hurt [...]

    7. Why all the raving reviews when this book wasn t that great Then I thought of how long we ve been waiting for this book to come out We were all a bit desperate to read this.This was not memorable.I did not like it I did not like the execution of the plot I was not entertained, I was not on edge while reading it, there was no wow factor and frankly, I just did not feel any chemistry between Shea and Carlo Carlo seemed different in this book, and yes, I know he is in love and all that but he was s [...]

    8. Outstanding emotional rollercoasterOMG I still have tears in my eyes after reading this book I have wanted Sienna to write Carlo s story from the very beginning In fact I undercover badgered her about writing him pleaded and Damn near begged for his story I asked her many times how could she NOT write Carlos story Then Sienna did and write a hell of a story she DID The 2 broken souls Carlo and Shae were perfect fit for each other Their time in Vegas was a wild one and yes Carlo did look out and [...]

    9. Twas fabulous, but not without failings This was a very entertaining, fast paced read Shae and Carlo s love story is a beautiful tragedy for two broken souls, sometimes love is not enough Was Marietta always that unpleasant I m quite taken back Was Shae even her friend Also, this was too tame to be a dark erotic thriller , so don t get your hopes up too high on that score After reading the entire series once The backstory for Shae changed, there were some inconsistencies compared to the one we [...]

    10. Worst Ending of AllI could only give this two stars I did not care for the story line as part of this series and I thought better of Carlos If this was a stand alone and not a part of the Battaglia series that would have made it better I was hopping he got his own book and was highly disappointed If it was not time to end this story why write it It left me on a cliffhanger not wanting to read any about Carlos when I really wanted to see him happy I can t believe I waited for a cliffhanger.

    11. The ending of as total BS I love this author and the whole series but this book was so powerful and full of emotions, the ending was shocking to me Am hoping there is a book 2 for Carlo, because he just keeps losing every time Anyways the ending also felt like the author got tired of writing and rushed everything with that Cliffhanger Carlo and Shae are my favorites after Giovanni and Bella.

    12. This was not what I hoped forWhile I absolutely love the Battaglia series by Ms Mynx, I was floored by the ending to Capu I couldn t put the book down I wept for Carlo and Shae and I really, really wanted them to have their HEA especially Carlo but I guess the author knows best I am hoping that their story changes in the upcoming installments Oh, and I wanted to punch Marietta in the throat

    13. Carlo s war was a loud kind of silence He learned to accept pain and understand that pain would be a best friend to him in life Torn apart one two many times physically and mentally He learned not to hope throughout life, but just to take things as they came until her.Shae turned her back on her own private war a long time ago Still that didn t stop the visions or voices within her head from surfacing from time to time She lived on a cloud of self doubt and unworthiness covered up by an illusion [...]

    14. Not one of her better books I really didn t like this book and I like most of this authors books I really wanted Shannon aka Shae and Carlo to get their HEA I understand why the book ended the way it day Hopefully, Shae and Carlo will find their way back to one another but who knows Maybe there s another book on the horizon for them after they learn to love themselves so they can love one another I really don t like Marietta and Lorenzo They are both very selfish I hope they can mature and learn [...]

    15. Another great continuing saga of the Battaglia clan Carlo s story really needed to be told I loved his character in the Battaglia series and now love him even now that I understand what has shaped him to be the person he is There were times I wanted to shake Shae but after learning of her background, I began to understand her better The relationship between Carlo and Shae was an unhealthy, obsessive kind of love It could develop into a better union but they both need to really face the demons [...]

    16. This wasn t my favorite Sienna Mynx book, but it was still pretty good I think the author did an excellent job developing the heroine, but the hero fell flat for me The heroine was the life of the story She was fun, flirty and strong willed The hero was brooding and sexy, but that s it Carlo and Shea s connection was lost on me unless they were in the bedroom Carlo did show a softer side in this book and I loved the ending when he fell apart I have a feeling when these two reunite, that s when t [...]

    17. No no no non t end like thisOMG This was so good Two broken people in love with each other Both of them really in love for the very first time Both of them needing to deal with their personal demons that keeps Shae from taking a chance How could she do Carlo this way OMG I felt Carlos pain and I wanted to shake the crap out of Shae I can t wait for La Dolce Vita They have to get their HEA, they just have to Carlo loves so hard and deep, they just have to.

    18. Damaged LoversGreat read Two damaged individuals coming together for a love only they can understand I kept wanting to skip ahead to see the end, only when there, wanted in a good way.

    19. I liked this I like it because I get what it was suppose to be I understand that it was a excerpt from the main Battaglia story I understand that they are both messed up people who love each other but it is not the time for them to be together I understand that Shae and Carlo are not x,y or z so I do not compare them to z,y, or x I know what a novella is I get why Shae did what she did I know that HEA s don t always happen in real life so I appreciate an author daring to put that reality in a no [...]

    20. Best by far, love it Carlo didn t interest me at first and I couldn t stand that he wanted Marietta, but when Shea came into the picture I started to feel his heart They are two wounded souls that deserve Love Marie is just jealous and selfish she shouldn t find any HEA Carlos so sexy and rough around the edges good guy loves the family and very loyal Please let him have Shea he truly loves her Shea should have a really talk with Marie and show her messed up ways Shea and Carlos deserve to be to [...]

    21. Never Fails to ImpressI love the developer of Carlo in this story His growth and depth of character makes you appreciate the good things Shannon Shae definitely made me want to smack her a few times but I m glad she was able to admit her shortcomings Great read, would definitely recommend if you like bad boys, mafias, suspense.

    22. More please Wow This was such a powerful book The roller coaster of emotions I m speechless I feel for both Carlo and Shea and I want them to find happiness with each other.

    23. So sad for bad boy Carlo and so mad at messed up Shae Let s hope things turn around for them somewhere down the road.

    24. I would ve given CAPU five stars, but man, my heart hurts too much I love Carlo and Shea together I really hope future books, have a better ending for them Fingers crossed AhhhhhhhMs Mynx, Please don t make Carlo end up with anyone else Only Shea PLEASE You can t bring Luther Vandross into their relationship and have them break up Nope You sealed their fate together the moment you wrote the LV part

    25. Good read only problem I have with it is it ends with a cliffhanger and I m not sure when the next installment will be released.

    26. Welcome Back This novel is the long awaited, exciting return to the Battaglia series This sets the pace for the rest of the series that I am anxious to read This story primarily focuses on Carlo and Shae s story and their tumultuous life.When Carlo visited Shae in Las Vegas, a new set of adventure that was dangerous and exciting It certainly had me turning the pages I am somewhat disappointed with the ending although I m confident that it will all fall into place.

    27. I just finished reading Capu today by Sienna Mynx and it is excellent The Battaglia series is one of my favorite series It is a standalone novel but I think it might be better to read the rest of the Battaglia series first before reading this book because the series is nothing short of amazing and because you need to understand where Shae and Carlo are coming from, that could just be me I am a start from the beginning and grow with a series kinda gal I still think the book is enjoyable without t [...]

    28. I dislike you for making me love them About a year ago, I remember Sienna stating that Carlo was going to find his match Shae wasn t it but because she had gotten request that people wanted Carlo to be with a black woman She filled that request Now the last book, I just thought Shae and Carlo were just hooking up Nothing serious, I was prepared for the love of his life to show up Then Sienna decides hmm, I m going to write this novela to torture my readers Because that s what I felt in this book [...]

    29. After a VERY long wait since book 5, A, was released in 2015, I ran to buy read Capu and was thoroughly engrossed by the story I like Carlo, Shae, and Carlo Shae together They have a wonderful chemistry that is both charming and hot Capu is a quick read but rich in details and character development The suspense was done well and then ending left me wanting .Side note Marietta continues to get on my nerves She and Lo also continue to deserve each other and that s not a compliment I can t wait for [...]

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