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Record of a Night Too Brief By Hiromi Kawakami Lucy North Record of a Night Too Brief The Akutagawa Prize winning stories from the author of Strange Weather in Tokyo In these three haunting and lyrical stories three young women experience unsettling loss and romance In a dreamlike adv
  • Title: Record of a Night Too Brief
  • Author: Hiromi Kawakami Lucy North
  • ISBN: 9781782272717
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Paperback
  • Record of a Night Too Brief By Hiromi Kawakami Lucy North The Akutagawa Prize winning stories from the author of Strange Weather in Tokyo.In these three haunting and lyrical stories, three young women experience unsettling loss and romance.In a dreamlike adventure, one woman travels through an apparently unending night with a porcelain girlfriend, mist monsters and villainous monkeys a sister mourns her invisible brother whom onThe Akutagawa Prize winning stories from the author of Strange Weather in Tokyo.In these three haunting and lyrical stories, three young women experience unsettling loss and romance.In a dreamlike adventure, one woman travels through an apparently unending night with a porcelain girlfriend, mist monsters and villainous monkeys a sister mourns her invisible brother whom only she can still see, while the rest of her family welcome his would be wife into their home and an accident with a snake leads a shop girl to discover the snake families everyone else seems to be concealing.Sensual, yearning, and filled with the tricks of memory and grief, Record of a Night Too Brief is an atmospheric trio of unforgettable tales.
    Record of a Night Too Brief By Hiromi Kawakami Lucy North
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      Hiromi Kawakami Lucy North

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      Kawakami Hiromi Kawakami Hiromi born April 1, 1958, is a Japanese writer known for her off beat fiction.Born in Tokyo, Kawakami graduated from Ochanomizu Women s College in 1980 She made her debut as Yamada Hiromi in NW SF No 16, edited by Yamano Koichi and Yamada Kazuko, in 1980 with the story So shimoku Diptera , and also helped edit some early issues of NW SF in the 1970s She reinvented herself as a writer and wrote her first book, a collection of short stories entitled God Kamisama published in 1994 Her novel The Teacher s Briefcase Sensei no kaban is a love story between a woman in her thirties and a man in his seventies She is also known as a literary critic and a provocative essayist from

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    1. Record of a Night Too Brief , the first story in a collection of three, can only be described as a series of dreamlike events It opens with the narrator realising that the night was nibbling into me she starts running and immediately transforms into a horse, with onlookers clapping and exclaiming the Night Horse has arrived She s later forced to eat huge quantities of strange food by an array of gentlemen , chased by a talking monkey, quizzed by a crowd of demanding kiwis, and almost turned into [...]

    2. I received this book in exchange for a candid review.This book is either dreamlike, and if it is then it misses the point, or understandable because it is completely metaphorical I can only take it as completely metaphorical.Each short section depicts the daily life of the Japanese woman her passivity is again and again the subject of the book s femininst outlook, explored either comedically or urgently The translation is entirely up to date Metaphor is defined in the dictionary as a non literal [...]

    3. The first story was an utter chore to get though The second one started out better but then turned into a chore for the same reasons as the first one The third one I was bored and indifferent to I really wanted to like these short stories as I loved Kawakami s other works I really gave up halfway through the second story but persevered simply due to the author I ve given it as 2 instead of a 1 as Kawakami s writing style is still really good just the short stories lack in so much

    4. Kawakami Hiromi has been one of the authors I meant to read of this year I had only read her short story translated in English as God Bless You, 2011 for my Modern Japanese Literature course in my Master s degree last semester , so seeing this story collection published by Pushkin Press one of my favourite publishers I just had to get my hands on it This book consists of three separate stories they re not actually short at all, so I ll just call them stories The first one, Record of a Night Too [...]

    5. Record of a Night Too Brief by Hiromi Kawakami is a collection of three novelettes which, according to the back cover blurb, won the Akutagaw Prize in 1996 This is their first translation and publication in English by the wonderful Pushkin Press who continue to bring fascinating, off beat translated work to the public.The opening piece, which provides the book with its title, is surreal and experimental and yet utterly accessible The story has the most eye catching of openings What was that itch [...]

    6. These are not so much short stories as mini novellas, and each is deep, impenetrable, and gorgeous So why not a higher rating I chose to review this because of my love for the writing of Haruki Murakami, whose surreality has entranced me for over 30 years I can t explain why I couldn t engage with these stories, given their obvious quality, and think that maybe they just went over my head, that the metaphors on display here were based on a Japanese idea of metaphysics that I don t know enough ab [...]

    7. Really liked the title story for sure super weird, fable like, and fun to read I wasn t a fan of the other stories included in this, though The Vanishing Family was equally weird but didn t really hold my attention for some reason, and I just couldn t get into the last episodic story.

    8. I could see the moon, high up in the sky, and I could feel the breeze gently caressing my skin, but nothing of what I was expecting might happen was happening That s exactly how I feel about the three short stories in Record of a night to brief by Hiromi Kawakami, and not in a good way.This was one of the most frustrating set of short stories I ve read in a while Why Because the story line was as nonsensical as the writing was beautiful.Kawakami uses magic realism, and folktales to slowly open a [...]

    9. This volume collects three stories Record of a Night Too Brief, Missing, and A Snake Stepped On All are imaginative, lush, and atmospheric, with that tone of understated emotion that will be familiar to readers of contemporary Japanese literature, such as the novels of Banana Yoshimoto, Yoko Ogawa, and Haruki Murakami I had not read any Hiromi Kawakami previous to this collection My descriptions below technically contain spoilers, though my feeling is that plot is beside the point and informati [...]

    10. via my blog bookstalkerblog.wordpress Maybe the only reason I kept searching for her was because I began searching for her Night chews on all of us at some point in time, and of course with these phantasmagorical metamorphoses the reader can take it as it is or read meaning into every moment There is a reason Schr dinger s Cat from the first story hung out in the the dark closet of my mind for a while How could anyone endure such a state, of having someone there and not there not there and ther [...]

    11. How to describe this stunning, strange, disturbing, chilling, brilliant collection of stories It s part horror, part magical realism, all beauty It ll suck you in and spit you back out much too quickly What I mean is I wanted There s something mysteriously charismatic about the writing I can t quite place my finger on why I loved it so much For some reason, I was getting Alexandra Kleeman vibes here, if that helps explain my immediate liking for it The first story is like a collection of vigne [...]

    12. The cover of this book caught me immediately, the synopsis just sounded too surreal to pass down, and the stories themselves were the perfect mixture of matter of fact surrealism and imagery I wouldn t recommend this as someone s first foray into surrealism, but for those who already know a bit about the genre, whether literary, visual, or both, it s a collection of three well crafted stories.The title story, Record of a Night Too Brief, was my favorite out of the three stories It s compiled of [...]

    13. I received a galley of this book from NetGalley that has not influenced my opinions or thoughts about this book.Record of a Night Too Brief is presented as a volume of three novellas, but it read much like three lengthier short stories Kawakami s stories are presented with very little context, bringing together mystical and fantastical elements to normal seeming situations There are some passages that are clearly obvious women struggling to gain power, to possess their own identities, and how w [...]

    14. I love Hiromi Kawakami s bizarre stories She does slice of life and eerie so well This collection of three novellas often felt like reading one of those crazy dreams we ve all had at some point in our lives The kind that don t make sense at all, but are fun, scary, and adventures You wake up glad they were just dreams, but also disgruntled that life can t be that interesting.

    15. Hiromi Kawakami, best known for her off beat works of contemporary Japanese fiction, received the coveted Akutagawa Prize in 1997 for the strangely dream like short story, A Snake Stepped On , which appears in Record of a Night Too Brief Named after a lengthy short story separated into bizarre, alternate chapters, the short story collection features three works of fiction that are awe inspiring to say the least Peculiar, yet enlightening, Kawakami explores love and loss through the use of magica [...]

    16. Was this book even edited It s so full of grammatical errors, urgh.Also, what on earth did I just finish reading This book was infinitely too strange for me.P.S At least the cover on the book makes sense.

    17. I really liked Kawakami s debut English language novel, but this collection of novellas was simply not for me It takes magical realism to another level entirely, and was too strange for me Not as good as I was expecting, I m afraid.

    18. Thank you to Pushkin Press for providing me with a copy of Hiromi Kawakami s short story collection, Record of a Night Too Brief, in exchange for an honest reviewOT Japanese author Hiromi Kawakami s short story collection, Record of a Night Too Brief, is comprised of three short stories that are surreal and magical Translated to english by Lucy NorthKE DISLIKE Normally, I break what I like and dislike about a book, into two separate areas, but with Record of a Night Too Brief, the likes and disl [...]

    19. So my first dip into Japanese literature turned out to be an interesting experience There s three short stories in this book and all three of them have elements of magical realism and surrealism The book, overall, is well written but I do believe that the translation may have done it some injustice as the writing may seem simplistic at times The first story, also the longest, is a recount a dream the author had This story is divided into sections with the odd numbered sections featuring animals [...]

    20. Surreal tales of melancholy, loss and family, weaving between shifting backgrounds in ill defined worlds Kawamaki s stories read like dream sequences, where nothing is quite what it seems and anything that seems normal can be flipped inside out in the space of a sentence The book is made up of three short stories Record of a Night Too Brief, the title story was my least favourite, simply because I couldn t wrap my head around it It is a series of short sections in which is protagonist travels wi [...]

    21. I received a free ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.3.5 stars.You know when you read something and think ok I know this is probably an objectively good story, I think I m just too dumb to get it That was my entire experience with this book It s not you, it s me It s me that s just too dumb, probably I THINK I got half of it But the other half just flew me right by.Record of a Night To Brief is a collection of three novellas by japanese award winner writer Hiromi Kaw [...]

    22. This is a translation of a book by Kawakami Hiromi that came out in the mid 90s, consisting of three longish short stories, all with a otherworldly bent in the Saunders or Murakami surrealist bent than the Garcia Marquez magical realism way The first, titular story about the bizarre happenings of one woman s night was my least favorite in this one the emphasis seemed to be on the Weirdness for Weirdness itself It s composed of 19 tangentially linked sections the woman and her love interest recu [...]

    23. One of the reason I m not a fan short stories is they ended too fast since they re short I know I m that absurd But I do read anything And this one was cool This book consist of three short stories These three have similar lyrical and mythical lore The stories flow nicely and somehow calmly, yet so intriguing I wondered where and how will the stories end And then it ended, leaving me confused as hell Seriously It was that weird It didn t seem to have any point Record of a Night Too Brief was the [...]

    24. These stories are very unlike the other work i ve read by Hiromi Kawakami they are quite long with extended sentences and flowing exuberant lush images As I had been expecting the haiku quality of brevity and reverberation, it took me a while to get into them However the writing is thought provoking in a different way and the stories will stay with me They feel totally authentic.In A Snake Stepped On she writesI d heard this story from my mother and I remember thinking it was a very odd fable It [...]

    25. As some of you might know this book is part of the Japanese Novellas series by Pushkin Press Therefore I was a bit miffed to learn it is in fact a short story collection Now I am no lit student and I know the jury is still out, but for me a novella is larger than a short story and smaller than a novel You don t get to cheat by chucking three short stories together and selling it as a novella.My second issue is the poor grammar Clearly, English is my second language and you definitely don t want [...]

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