Lion Boy: Petualangan Dimulai #2020

Lion Boy: Petualangan Dimulai By Zizou Corder B. Sendra Tanuwidjaja Lion Boy Petualangan Dimulai Charlie Ashanti bukan anak biasa Ia bisa berbicara bahasa Kucing Ia menganggap kemampuan itu biasa saja tapi saat ibu dan ayahnya menghilang ia hanya bisa mengandalkan Kucing Dengan tekad menemukan o
  • Title: Lion Boy: Petualangan Dimulai
  • Author: Zizou Corder B. Sendra Tanuwidjaja
  • ISBN: 9789792222746
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lion Boy: Petualangan Dimulai By Zizou Corder B. Sendra Tanuwidjaja Charlie Ashanti bukan anak biasa Ia bisa berbicara bahasa Kucing Ia menganggap kemampuan itu biasa saja tapi saat ibu dan ayahnya menghilang, ia hanya bisa mengandalkan Kucing Dengan tekad menemukan orangtuanya, diam diam Charlie menumpang kapal Sirkus besar yang berlayar ke Paris Di kapal ia bertemu enam Singa angkuh dan anggun, yang butuh bantuannya Dengan bahayaCharlie Ashanti bukan anak biasa Ia bisa berbicara bahasa Kucing Ia menganggap kemampuan itu biasa saja tapi saat ibu dan ayahnya menghilang, ia hanya bisa mengandalkan Kucing Dengan tekad menemukan orangtuanya, diam diam Charlie menumpang kapal Sirkus besar yang berlayar ke Paris Di kapal ia bertemu enam Singa angkuh dan anggun, yang butuh bantuannya Dengan bahaya mengancam dan ketidakpastian membentang di depan, mereka bersama sama menempuh petualangan terhebat sepanjang masaC 823
    Lion Boy: Petualangan Dimulai By Zizou Corder B. Sendra Tanuwidjaja
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    1. Zizou Corder B. Sendra Tanuwidjaja

      Zizou Corder is Louisa Young and Isabel Adomakoh Young, whose names are too long to fit on the front of a book.Louisa is a grown up and has written five grown up books Isabel is a kid and has written mostly schoolwork.The original Zizou is Isabel s lizard, only he spells it Zizu They Have written five books together the highly acclaimed Lionboy trilogy, Lee Raven Boy Thief and Halo.They live in London Only one goes to school.

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    1. Well I finished it I d really describe this as fantasy adventure Though if I m honest it doesn t really feature many of the ingredients I personally consider are required for the fantasy adventure recipe I write fantasy adventure The Last Dragon Slayer is currently Free on most Ebook Retailers , to me the genre is about dragons, dwarves, elves, dungeons and battles, with a sprinkling of magic So what makes this fantasy adventure Well, it s clearly set in some sort of post fossil fuel future The [...]

    2. Charlie s parents are kidnapped, and Charlie goes searching for them, traveling with a circus, and becoming the LionBoy for a lion act But the lion tamer doesn t know that Charlie can talk to cats Charlie and his lion friends decide to escape the circus and strike out on their own to find his parents.What a fun book Just a romping, rollicking adventure story with lots of layers to it I read this book all in one day it s an easy read and really captured my attention The plot even surprised me a f [...]

    3. Read this one with my daughter Neither one of us were thrilled with the book We discussed it and found that we were both fairly bored On the bright side it did help her meet reading goals at school.

    4. This book has been sitting on my shelf since middle school and honestly I wish I read it back then because I think I would have enjoyed it I mean, it s great It has a POC as the main character and that s something I always love because we need diversity in books Plus he can talk to cats I m thinking that was the reason I picked this book up all those years ago That or the shiny cover.I finished it pretty quickly, so I mean it didn t take up a lot of my time, but I just don t think I read this [...]

    5. I like how the athor make the coverpage with a lion and the title LION BOY I also liked how the author start talking about how the kid start talking too the animals but only the family of the cats, specially with the lions.The bad part was that the parents of the kid were rapted because they trated to invent a posion that was for the alergickis of the cats In the book the kid go to a circus and know that he can talk to the lions so he scaped with them to a place and find a king The book is very [...]

    6. The book LionBoy by Zizou Corder was an amazing book It is about a kid named Charlie who has parents that are scientist Charlie also has a special trait where he can talk to cats It all starts when some kid named Rafi who kidnaps his parents because they were working on some cure to asthma So Charlie goes on a huge journey to try and find them First, he joins a circus that is going to Paris because a cat told him that two strange men were talking about bringing them to Paris At the circus he mee [...]

    7. 2.5 3 stars I think I would have really liked this as a kid I found the writing a bit simplistic and as if the author s viewed the audience as a bit slow I could really tell that it was aimed for young children by the language alone Main character Charlie didn t have much depth, nor any of the other characters really.Other than that, I had two issues with the book 1 It s never explained how the cat language sounds What do other people hear when Charlie speaks to the cats It really bugged me, bec [...]

    8. Dit boek valt in het genre avontuur en spanning maar ook duidelijk fantasie Het is een echt dierenverhaal De hoofdpersoon is Charlie Zijn ouders worden ontvoerd en algauw moet hij zelf vluchten In zijn zoektocht naar zijn ouders wordt hij geholpen door katten, hij spreekt namelijk Kats Hij beleeft de grootste avonturen De schrijver weet de lezer al snel in het verhaal te trekken en de schrijfstijl spreekt tot de verbeelding Dit is echt een boek voor de emotioneel fantastische lezer Coillie, blz [...]

    9. Kisah ini dimulai di London bertahun tahun yang akan datang Adalah Charlie Ashanti, bocah lelaki berayahkan Aneba Ashanti, ilmuwan asal Ghana Afrika dan beribukan Magdalen Start, juga seorang ilmuwan, asli Inggris Maka, Charlie berkulit kecoklatan hasil berpaduan ayah ibunya.Seperti anak lainnya, Charlie sekolah, bermain, dan senang bertualang Ia memiliki keistimewaan yang tidak dipunyai oleh seorang anak atau bahakan orang dewasa sekalipun yakni, mampu berbahasa kucing.Sejarahnya begini ketika [...]

    10. Great story telling, I appreciate the diversity, and I love the settings The characters lack depth and the writing is average at best, but I still appreciate this book for what it is Will jump into the second book now

    11. Charlie Ashanti s parents are brilliant scientists, and they are on the brink of finding a cure for asthma The world should be rejoicing, but the people who profit from selling asthma medications are not too thrilled That may be the reason they ve kidnapped his parents and Charlie finds himself in deep danger Charlie has a special gift, though, he speaks Cat And, through this special ability, he is able to enlist the aid of cats everywhere to send secret messages to his parents and communicate w [...]

    12. A perfectly charming book Probably not the best word charming to lure a young audience, but really, this is a wonderful book for readers who want pluck and teeth and who are not yet ready to abandon courage and hope I love the way way the author a duo, I think, with an odd pseudonym made the fanciful real and the real fanciful The premise is ridiculous, though the evil corporation angle will appeal in a tangible way to lefties And Charlie, the brave Lionboy, is full of brain and brawn and small [...]

    13. This was a pretty good book It was about a boy who has a very unique gift whose parents are kidnapped, and how he has to go after them and the adventures he has along the way.Maybe it s for people a bit younger than me I m not sure I m not the best judge of that either, coz I ve read books before that are for younger than me kids and I don t mind reading books like that if they have a good plot So yeah It depends on you

    14. This book is little hard for me to focus they have lot s of hard word and i need to search the word that i don t know,but in different way it good to improve my english language This book are fun interesting at the beginning but later on it kind of bored,it like stay at the same place for ever and i seem not so excited any the interesting in this book are secret and story line,like they trying to help his parent back.

    15. Lupa kapan tepatnya pertama baca seri ini, udah agak lupa malah sama ceritanya Tapi yang aku inget dulu aku suka banget sama serial ini Jadi pengen baca ulang lagi.

    16. I have to give this two stars for effort the plot promises well, the characters are diverse, and it s a collaboration between a mother and young daughter But it really doesn t work for me on multiple fronts The authors do fairly well in creating distinct cat personalities for the domestic cats, but the lions think and speak just like people The chance met saviors are not believable, even within a fantasy adventure We are in a post carbon world ruled by a corporatocracy and suddenly a king with r [...]

    17. Charlie comes home to find his parents are missing They are scientists working on an important cure and a big company wants to control it.Rafi tries to grab Charlie too but Charlie outsmarts him and takes off in search of his parents He has lots of allies the cats as his parents did a favor for all cats years ago and Charlie happens to speak Cat.The action keeps the tension up throughout the book Every time Charlie seems to make progress, a glitch appears When problems come up, solutions aren t [...]

    18. I read this while sick and it brought me much joy This mother and daughter team have devised a fantastic world, a zippy plot, and a charming protagonist to carry us along through it all It s whimsical and deeply absorbing, just what you need when you aren t feeling your best and you need a bit of inspiration This novel does not stand alone we re left at the end at a safe resting point, but still mid adventure, mid quest, not even having really examined our true villains yet I can t wait to read [...]

    19. If you like intelligent characters, dystopian societies, and felines, you will want to read Lionboy This book offers an assortment of memorable characters ranging from highly intelligent and insanely talented to downright dumb I really like the protagonist, Charlie, because he is believable and relatable as a character Charlie is intelligent and resourceful, but he still makes judgement errors that are appropriate for a child his age.

    20. Charlie s parents are kidnapped and he is left with Rafi Charlie has a bad feeling so as he packs his bag he knows that hes not staying As soon as everyone is a sleep Charlie runs away He hides out on a boat and joins the circus with the help of his friends the lions he tries to save his parents from whoever kidnapped them.

    21. Sejarah mencatat, hanya Nabi Sulaiman lah yang mampu berbicara dengan para hewan Tak pernah ada lagi nama seseorang yang tercatat setelah beliau, yang mengerti bahasa kucing apalagi di saat yang sama teknologi handphone telah berkembang dengan pesatNamun tak ada ada hal yang tak mungkin jika semua hal tersebut terjadi di negeri fantasi Hal hal apapun diijinkan sehingga tak perlu bertana bagaimana kejadian aneh,ajaib dan yang tidak masuk akan, bahkan konyol sekalipun dapat terjadi dengan mudahnya [...]

    22. A fairly fast paced adventure involving a boy who speaks cat, a circus ship and group of lions I wasn t a fan of the ending, and will be interested to hear what the kids think Interestingly, this was written by a mother daughter team.

    23. If I were reviewing only the first third of this book, I d call it one of the best books I ve read in years The worldbuilding was amazing so good that I was in awe of the authors Zizou Corderis the pseudonym of mother daughter British writing team Set in a very near future version of our world, all sorts of alternate sciences alchemy, voodoo, native magics work, but the author handled it in a way to make them seem commonplace One sentence went something like His mother was in the kitchen putting [...]

    24. While riding with the circus we can imagine hearing the roar of the lions that young Charlie Ashanti had befriended on his wilde adventure to find his parents In this story the reader is taken on anadventre with a young African boy named Charlie who couldn t be happier with his Mom and Dad He is a smart, intelligent boy who finds at a very young age he could speak to cats of all kinds With a child like that Charlie s parents worry about people finding out and treating their son differently, but [...]

    25. My rating 4 out of 5I really enjoyed this book I think young adults will too because Charlie is at such a young age when his parents are taken from him, yet he has the courage to venture out and search for them The book is well written and features large print that makes it a quick and easy read What makes this book especially neat is that Zizou Corder is the shared pen name of English novelist Louisa Young and her daughter Isabel Adomakoh Young Plot summary The first in a series of three, Lionb [...]

    26. This was one of my favourite books of my childhood I read it when I was about 12 and I loved it so much because it was so appealing to me It is about a boy called Charlie whose parents are kidnapped Charlie is a strong character, smart and resourceful, but the most interesting thing about him is that he can speak Cat Both now and when I was a child, cats have always been my favourite animal so I thought that Charlie was immediately very cool Another thing that I loved about the book is that, dur [...]

    27. This book came highly recommended to me by numerous students who read it before me, and I did find that the plot drew me in While I thought that Lionboy was going to be a fantasy novel based on the blurb on the cover A zinger of a story, told with a J K Rowling like blend of humor, drama, and headlong plotting the Washington Post it turned out to border on dystopian science fiction Charlie s parents have been kidnapped by the Corporacy, an economic power player that even the British government d [...]

    28. There are a couple of things that Lionboy does very well It possesses a very unique premise and contains a very strong male lead However, beyond this it has a lot of problems.Firstly, this novel is marketed as having appeal for children and young adults but personally I don t see it It s a children s book, plain and simple The language and plot structure are far too simplistic to have any real appeal for an older audience.The pacing is painfully slow in places Although the start and end of the n [...]

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