The Wizard Lord #2020

The Wizard Lord By Lawrence Watt-Evans The Wizard Lord The Wizard Lord s duty is to keep the world in its delicate balance He must govern lightly to protect his domain from power hungry interlopers such as certain wizards who previously fought to rule th
  • Title: The Wizard Lord
  • Author: Lawrence Watt-Evans
  • ISBN: 9780765349019
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Wizard Lord By Lawrence Watt-Evans The Wizard Lord s duty is to keep the world in its delicate balance He must govern lightly to protect his domain from power hungry interlopers, such as certain wizards who previously fought to rule the world But if the Wizard Lord himself strays from the way of the just, then it is up to the Chosen to intercede.The Chosen ones are the Leader, the Seer, the Swordsman, theThe Wizard Lord s duty is to keep the world in its delicate balance He must govern lightly to protect his domain from power hungry interlopers, such as certain wizards who previously fought to rule the world But if the Wizard Lord himself strays from the way of the just, then it is up to the Chosen to intercede.The Chosen ones are the Leader, the Seer, the Swordsman, the Beauty, the Thief, the Scholar, the Archer, and the Speaker Each are magically infused mortal individuals who, for the term of their service, have only one function to be available to remove an errant Wizard Lord, whether by persuasion or by stronger means Breaker, a young man of ambition, has taken the mantle of Swordsman from its former bearer who wished to retire Never did he realize that he would be called to duty so quickly, or that the balance of power in his world would be so precarious.He had a duty to perform A world to save.So why does he still have doubts not just about himself, but about the entire balance of power
    The Wizard Lord By Lawrence Watt-Evans
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      325 Lawrence Watt-Evans
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    1. The story of an epic adventure without much in the way of adventure The main character himself points out on a few occasions that the journey our heroes are on isn t like the tales told of the grand adventures of the previous time when the worlds chosen heroes were gathered to fight a mad wizard lord In fact, let me see if I can sum up the cycle of the story s plot The Chosen We re walking We re walking Stay together people Evil magic is encountered The Chosen This shouldn t be This must be the [...]

    2. A really good premise that was sadly bogged down with a lot of repetitive dialogue, much in the way of walking, and nothing really happening Gathering the 8 chosen happens and talk of taking out the mad wizard lord, but nothing really in the way of action If you enjoy lots of walking and talking about doing things, but not actually doing them in book one I realize there are two other books in the series , then this book is right up your alley I recommend it for Lord of the Ring fans You all are [...]

    3. This series is a VERY DEPRESSING deconstruction of the chosen one s trope common in fantasy literature It s well written, inventive, and very different from most fantasy out there.

    4. In a fractional rating system I d give this a strong 3.5.I liked it quite a bit and was sorry to see it end On the other hand, I m glad that it ended relatively decisively Cliffhanger endings annoy me, unless the next installment is immediately available.I m not going to do an extensive review, but there are a few things that I want to talk about There may be will be some spoilers here You Have Been Warned.First, a general note am I the only one who perceives a point at which LWE books changed I [...]

    5. This is probably one of my favorite books in terms of deconstructing the fantasy trope of prophecies and chosen ones and those RPG esque teams of adventurers with very specialized roles Here, this magical world is so strangled by the red tape put in place by the wizards and their magically picked Wizard Lords that the heroes are basically chosen by committee and have magical ler that give them their specialized abilities, and we watch the journey of a newly appointed Chosen as he learns just wha [...]

    6. I got The Wizard Lord as a gift after buying the third book in the series, The Summer Palace, at a small, used book store It seemed interesting, so I bought it, knowing it was the third installment because things just don t stick around in used book stores, you know I had pretty high expectations for the first book since it appeared to be hinging on a very big premise and an epic adventure Alas, after turning the final pagewell, I wasn t impressed.It saddened me how little the story offered in t [...]

    7. Via The Obsessive Bookseller at nikihawkesAs the writer of my all time favorite Dragon series, The Obsidian Chronicles, Lawrence Watt Evans had never failed to entertain me in the half a dozen books I ve read from him so far In fact, I liked him so much that I immediately went out and purchased every book he had on the market at the time an impulse I have not yet regretted Until now.I have to say, for such a fantastic idea for a book, this one took a lot of time to get going A hundred pages in, [...]

    8. Watt Evans The Wizard Lord is a book I happen to pick up at random at my local library Again, it was mistakenly shelved in the adult section, but it is actually a young adult book With that said, I thought it was great The funny part is, I can t exactly describe why Something made it hard for me to put down.I liked the concept of the eight talismans of The Chosen The Beauty, Swordsman, Scholar, Leader, Speaker, Archer, Seer, and Thief The idea is that these eight exceptional people keep the Wiza [...]

    9. Why is it that whenever I buy a series all at once, it always disappoints me The cardinal sin of The Wizard Lord, all other gripes aside, was that it was boring There was no urgency to the Chosen s quest they wandered leisurely about a vague, ill defined world until they rather listlessly decided that perhaps they should attempt to save the world, you know, now that it was convenient for them Further, the villainous Wizard Lord was disappointingly one note in his madness, and his attempts to thw [...]

    10. This book is probably the most realistic example of how people would behave in a magical realm Unfortunately, that makes for very unrewarding escapist reading Although it is overall a well written and interesting piece, it is also studiously uninspiring This world is full of characters who are completely absorbed by self interest The main character trudges along doing the thankless job of being a hero with a band of Chosen who accepted a ceremonial job because it supposedly provided some form of [...]

    11. First ofThis book is about a young man named Breaker, who finds himself training to become one of the Chosen, the Swordsman, in fact He wants to take on this important role, but finds it a difficult task, that he is constantly doubting The Chosen, by the way, are those who keep the realm of Barokan safe from mad wizards gone rogue Their s is a very important task, and the Council of Immortals give them magcal powers to fulfill it, making them the absolute best in their field of expertise This is [...]

    12. I HATE THIS BOOK.Honestly, I have never before stated a thing like that, but it is true There is NOTHING good that I have to day about this If I could give a negative rating, I would, but one is the lowest I can give I could spout venom about this books for quite a while, but I have better things to doke try and get back the hours I spent reading it all of it only to get the end and feel cheated and hateful.So that s all I have to say.e from the fact that if I had a copy of this book, I would bu [...]

    13. Got this from the dollar store and was very pleasantly surprised Not only that, but I picked it mostly for the cover Struck me as an interesting world with an unusual theme read the book liner, I was like huh , and a refreshingly sober, no nonsense protagonist clearly, simply envisioned Although it was kinda slowish starting, it keeps you hooked enough to keep turning pages till the end Disappointed that it isn t a 9 book series, like you d figure from the intro, I still want to read the rest 3 [...]

    14. A wonderful idea, I really liked the setup to this story, the plot was too thin though There are 8 Chosen who are supposed to keep the Wizard Lord in check, each with special powers that are tied to the Wizard Lord via talismans The setup is nice, the world is described well, though not in much detail, but the plot is too simplistic and transparent The story flows well but the end is highly obvious, maybe a little too much foreshadowing is used here I like the story, a quick, simple read that I [...]

    15. Is it a classic that holds up to HG Wells or Ray Bradbury Hardly, but it is a good read for fellow fantasy lovers The plot is well thought out, and the characters are engaging The story itself moves at a somewhat drawn out pace I felt the author could have shaved off about twenty pages of writing Although, perhaps with better use of language the book did lack a certain creativity in its sentence structures the book would not have seemed overly long I wouldn t place it in my to read again list, b [...]

    16. OK, so as this is a Lawrence Watt Evans book I had fairly high expectations, cause I have loved all of his other books, but I gotta tell you, this one fell way below his level of writing It was very choppy, and the characters didn t act like I would have expected them to, but not in a natural way either It just didn t make sense some of the stuff they said and did.Overall, disappointed Not sure if I will read the rest in the series or not.

    17. I really disliked this book.It started off with a strong premise, but failed to deliver on any of it The characters were extremely thin, the dialog was awful, and many of the plot points were parroted from many other much better fantasy series, from the Hobbit to the Wheel of Time, to the Shannara books.There were several times I just wanted to put the book down and never open its cover again, but I willed myself to finish it Hopefully other entries in this series are better.

    18. Decient book, I like the idea the author put forth here Threre are eight chosen heros to be summoned when the ruler of the land goes bad, who happens to be an all powerful wizard A little slow in some parts but all ans all a food book I ve purchased the next book Of the series and normally don t unless I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

    19. The plotting isn t great and the characters are fairly wooden, but I found the world building made this one worth 3 stars Although the spirits resembling Shinto kami are not the focus of the book, they are pervasive and integral to the working of this world Wish the author would have done with the premise maybe he will in later volumes.

    20. Lawrence Watt Evans never disappoints This is a great story with wild creativity and lots of fun There is a real life quality to his characters that brings the reader into the story in a personal and refreshing way What would it be like to be a sword wielding, magically enhanced, superhero, guardian It is a lot of fun to see it from the inside.

    21. this filled my requirement for Fantasy adventure for the month, it wasn t the best of its genre that I have read but it wasn t boring and it was quick and clean.I liked, I m most likely read 2 in the series.

    22. Interesting idea Interesting world these characters live in Good enough writing that I wanted to read the rest of the books, unfortunately, the 3rd book of this trilogy isn t out yet I like other books by this author better.Rather intellectual rather than action packed.

    23. I will start reading this tonight probably 4 21 08 and I got it because I say the second book at the library and thought that it sounded really good but it was the second book of a series so I had to find the first book before reading it Hopefully I like it.

    24. It seems a lot of people found it annoying that the characters in the book seemed like ordinary people and reacted as such Personally I found this to be a very refreshing way to tell the story I very much enjoyed the story and am looking forward to continuing it.

    25. It s interesting that an author was just as good in the eighties as today But is it telling that the stories are just as bland Seems to be a writer who likes to expand upon a simple thread for the course of a whole book Not terrible, but forgettable.

    26. This book has been lingering on my thoughts forever and I just rediscovered it.I really enjoyed the premise, but I really cannot remember any of it, and I m 90% sure that I think it ll be atrocious if I read it now.

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