Dark New World #2020

Dark New World By Henry Gene Foster J.J. Holden Dark New World Society crumbles after an EMP attack and the terrifying nightmare has only just begun Three people from different walks of life each experience the end of America Cassy is a year old prepper and s
  • Title: Dark New World
  • Author: Henry Gene Foster J.J. Holden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dark New World By Henry Gene Foster J.J. Holden Society crumbles after an EMP attack, and the terrifying nightmare has only just begun Three people from different walks of life each experience the end of America Cassy is a 33 year old prepper and single mother, away on business Ethan is a hacker and conspiracy nut living underground Frank is a family man out camping with friends and family When a devastating EMP a Society crumbles after an EMP attack, and the terrifying nightmare has only just begun Three people from different walks of life each experience the end of America Cassy is a 33 year old prepper and single mother, away on business Ethan is a hacker and conspiracy nut living underground Frank is a family man out camping with friends and family When a devastating EMP attack in the middle of the night destroys America s infrastructure, they are propelled on an unforgettable journey across an ocean of chaos to reach safety Safety from an unknown invader and from once fellow Americans now hungry and desperate Dark New World is a prepper story of survival and the fight to retain humanity in the face of an apocalyptic event Best eBook Categories To Describe Dark New World EMP Apocalyptic Survival Fiction EMP Apocalypse Fiction EMP Fiction SHTF Fiction Prepper Survival Fiction Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction No Zombies End of the World Survival Fiction
    Dark New World By Henry Gene Foster J.J. Holden
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      494 Henry Gene Foster J.J. Holden
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    1. Henry Gene Foster J.J. Holden

      Henry Gene Foster J.J. Holden Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dark New World book, this is one of the most wanted Henry Gene Foster J.J. Holden author readers around the world.

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    1. I started this book expecting an EMP survival story and nothing I would have been ok with that, but I was pleasantly surprised to find much It started out a little slower than I expected, but very quickly picked up and I was hooked We aren t given much back story about any of the characters, though somehow it worked The story is told in several points of view, and is done really well It starts out with these characters seeming to be totally unconnected to each other I absolutely love how each [...]

    2. Simply awful Being that I live where the book takes place the characters who are placed as residents in this location is entirely off base This is right wing religious right post EMP crap The characters are like cartoons I listened to this book and the narration was awful at the beginning as the prepper Cassie is about to get raped there is not an ounce of inflection in his voice at the description None of the characters are consistent None are likeable One of the worst I ve read Ugh If it hadn [...]

    3. This feels like a book written by committee The characters are a little flat and the author seems to emphasize the darker nature of humanity on all most everyone that the main characters encounter The book is very short as it is part of a larger series.I struggled to read this If you want to read a good EMP Apocalypse book then the standard is One Second After.

    4. Good survival bookVery good book with some good survival techniques Holden obviously knows about prepping and surviving in dire times This book is not only enjoyable with well thought out characters, but also has good survival skills that some of the characters use and understand You can read this book for the pure enjoyment and also learn along the way I will definitely read the next book in the series I like that the story line is NOT the same as every other book It is very different and to be [...]

    5. This story had a nice premise but lacked in execution The flow in the story feels rushed and the characters feels to close to flat Especially the mother character who apparently is a prepper person who has spent her whole life just waiting for the destruction of society She has a safe house fotress at home, she always travels with wilderness equipment with her She is also stupidly trusting of people and I barely reacted when something happens to her I usually love a good survival story but there [...]

    6. A post apocalyptic story follows a prepper, a grandma with grandkids, a soldier, a family, and a young woman in the days after an EMP shuts everything down It s an exciting take on how people would realize the severity of things and react I have faith in people and was disappointed that people, as well as civilization, devolved so quickly Interesting take, and I will read the second book in the series when it comes out.

    7. I listened to the audiobook version of this title Hm I found myself rolling my eyes and scoffing far too often, while listening to this short novel I can t do than round it up to three stars, unfortunately.The blurb describes this as a prepper story of survival , and that s about right The heroes heroines are preppers, and the whole thing feels like it s very strongly aimed at preppers which is fine I mean, if you re writing a book for preppers, I suppose this is what you get It does feel a lit [...]

    8. Great start to a series Loved the fact that nothing was out of reason or over heroic Female lead was refreshing in the sense that she wasn t special forces or CIA just a mother with insight to have a little precaution and planning for any event Her struggle to get to her family was completely believable and I didn t find myself trying to coach her through her journey in my mind LOL

    9. This book accurately describes the relentless and quick descent into societal collapse when the scenario depicted in the book occurs There is a nice twist in this version, which I won t reveal because of spoilers, but there are many enemies in this Dark New World and survival is far from guaranteed for the well developed characters in this book.

    10. HmmmmDoom and gloom The US is getting its butt kicked EMPs apparently knocked us out, and somebody is attacking I find the attacking hard to believe, but the author wrote this I think people would have been fighting each other because of hunger and fear Still, this is fairly interesting, but I think I ll pass on continuing this series.

    11. Wow amazing bookWow that was an amazing read Frightening realistic how quickly society falls I loved everything about it.I liked the characters and felt there panic and fear Emp attack and soldiers invading Amazing read.

    12. I like thisWell told story of post EMP survival Great characters, although you ll have some of them That s just because they are so realistic I can t wait to start the next book in the series.

    13. Good bookRead all of the books in order to really enjoy Characters are realistic and get better and better Storyline continues to grow and develop.

    14. As always, Kevin Pierce is an excellent narrator I always enjoy his work He s an excellent story teller and does a great job with character voices I love a good post apocalyptic or post disaster story Looking forward to book 2

    15. I like these books, even though they are violent with a decidedly right wing bend.This book is set in the Philly,Lancaster area of Pennsylvaniahome to mess it was neat to know where they were going.Cassie is set for anything.Oddly as soon as the lights go out se figures we re at war.Sadly we are.She will do anything to get back to her kids and mother.We meet friends and foes.Kevin Pierce is wonderful, as usual, as narrator.I was provided this book free by the author, narrator or publisher.

    16. Check out this and all my reviews at Brian s Book BlogAfter an EMP, it really is a Dark New WorldAn EMP has gone off and now power is out everywhere around them Follow numerous people as they try to survive in this ever changing dark new world.The narration was done by Kevin Pierce This is the second prepper series that I ve listened to that Pierce has narrated and I will reiterate that he has the perfect prepper type voice Granted one of the main characters in Dark New World is a female, his vo [...]

    17. Of all the possible ways the world could come to an end, I think this one is the most plausible and likely with the exception of nuclear war I thought the books really unravelled well Essentially, it takes you from the beginning of the EMP and follows several different characters groups as they try to start a new live among the many perils of a collapsing society There isn t a ton of character development because there s too much action going on, but Holden gives you a great sense of who they ar [...]

    18. For me, the best thing about this book was the fact that it could happen An EMP is set off grinding life as we know it to a halt But it doesn t just stop at an EMP, whoever set off the attack, keeps attacking The author portrays what happened and life after the event through the eyes of 3 separate people, Cassy, Ethan and Frank It was just so chillingly realistic that it s hard not to think, what if.Anyway, the plot for such a short book was fast paced and interesting It pulls you in from the st [...]

    19. Society Breaks DownFast This book started with immediate action and didn t stop Cassie wakes up an EMP strike in a hotel room and immediately decides that she needs to get home to her mother and children Cassie just happens to be a preppert a hardcore underground prepper but just enough that she carries a bug out bag and has some property with a nice stash of food laid asidejust in case.The characters in this book are drawn well I cared about them Some of them I cared about enough to want them t [...]

    20. This was a straight forward apocalypse story The ongoing mystery and suspense were done well, but I really could not identify with any of the characters My biggest complaint, however, is that nearly every non main character that was presented was less than moral I suppose I prefer to read stories about communities coming together and helping each other in times of need, as opposed to everyone out to kill each other There s also cursing than is necessary to get the point across really, how many [...]

    21. Story pretty good I m kind of like Mandy mom grandma in story don t care for the language Sometimes it gets carried away and unnecessary A few questions how did the clan get ahead of Cassie so quickly I know she was going round a bout, but they seemed to fly Also, how did Ethan find Cassie when she was injured All book says is he had the equipment, but no explanation Also, if she was so seriously hurt, how were they to leave the bunker so quickly with all of them carrying backpacks front and bac [...]

    22. Good EMP short novelI enjoyed this story as I like E.M.P books This one was much the same as all E.M.P novels are but with some differences The biggest difference being as it seems all the E.M.P books I ve read just tell of the adventures of certain victims and or their families This one actually had attacks by the enemy, which doesn t happen in other novels They just mention that there was an attack of an E.M.P bomb, that they didn t know where it came from This one had air strikes armed enemy [...]

    23. I didn t expect much from this, and didn t GET much it s a pretty standard getting home after disaster strikes story confirming mainly that hungry people aren t usually very nice But it moves along quickly, a good one sitting read for when you want to wallow in dire thoughts about the state of the world Does all right with the very popular multiple points of view approach and the main character was realized enough to make one cheer her along As others have noted, not really too prepper, with the [...]

    24. One of our main survivors, Cassie, struggles to make her way to her mother and children after the grid came down Ethan is a hacker who maintains his existence in an underground bunker trying to keep communication active via his network Lastly, Frank was out camping with family and friends when SHTF Book one chronicles these survivors efforts to maintain their mental soundness, continue to act as sensible human beings, and reach some sort of safety among the chaos Three.pointve for the opener.

    25. Likeable charactersI like the story well enough to read the next one but as far as the prepping parts of the story goes, it s lacking For instance, any woman, or man for that matter who was even a beginning prepper would have had a better get home bag But the characters and the story is good Definitely a different POV from the invaders standpoint for sure The lengths they go to are chilling.

    26. While I enjoyed this book I did have some issues with a few characters choices.A woman who is a prepper immediately trusts everyone she comes into contact with.Despite the fact that she is repeatedly betrayed by them.I did like that the author includes characters who are willing to embrace their darker selves and one who is obviously deranged.The narration was good.I received an audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    27. Next book in series shouldbereadly available When reading electronic one might miss it Then move on to another autherSeries should always be complete before releasing first book Waiting tends to full interest and next book will be forgotten as well as series Sorry you have a good read but I may never come back to this series as it may have been forgotten due to reading another author.

    28. I was glad to discover that this is not your typical EMP goes off, now survive book The plot includes not only the EMP strike, but also an invading force and yet to be confirmed suspicion of advanced notice within the government.It also doesn t hurt that Kevin Pierce is one of the best narrators out there I m eagerly awaiting the second book.

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