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The New Policeman By Kate Thompson The New Policeman Who knows where the time goes There never seems to be enough time in Kinvara or anywhere else in Ireland for that matter When J J s mother says time s what she really wants for her birthday J J deci
  • Title: The New Policeman
  • Author: Kate Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780061174278
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The New Policeman By Kate Thompson Who knows where the time goes There never seems to be enough time in Kinvara, or anywhere else in Ireland for that matter When J.J s mother says time s what she really wants for her birthday, J.J decides to find her some He s set himself up for an impossible task until a neighbor reveals a secret There s a place where time stands still at least, it s suppos Who knows where the time goes There never seems to be enough time in Kinvara, or anywhere else in Ireland for that matter When J.J s mother says time s what she really wants for her birthday, J.J decides to find her some He s set himself up for an impossible task until a neighbor reveals a secret There s a place where time stands still at least, it s supposed to J.J can make the journey there, but he ll have to vanish from his own life to do so Can J.J find the leak between the two worlds Will a shocking rumor about his family s past come back to haunt him And what does it all have to do with the village s new policeman .
    The New Policeman By Kate Thompson
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    1. Kate Thompson

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Kate Thompson is an award winning writer for children and adults.She has lived in Ireland, where many of her books are set, since 1981 She is the youngest child of the social historians and peace activists E P Thompson and Dorothy Towers She worked with horses and travelled in India before settling in the west of Ireland with her partner Conor They have two daughters, Cliodhna and Dearbhla She is an accomplished fiddler with an interest in Irish traditional music, reflected in The New Policeman.While Kate Thompson s children s fiction is primarily fantasy, several of her books also deal with the consequences of genetic engineering.She has won the Bisto Children s Book of the Year Award four times, for The Beguilers, The Alchemist s Apprentice, Annan Water and The New Policeman The New Policeman was also awarded the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize, the Whitbread Children s Book Award and the Dublin Airport Authority Children s Book of the Year Award for 2005.

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    1. This book changed my life.When I was about nine or ten, my grandma bought this book, having seen a review of it in The Times when it first came out I m not sure what she thought would interest me probably the music, since I ve been brought up in a musical family but it certainly worked.I was amazed at the entire world Kate Thompson had taken from mythology an interpretation of the sidhe that I d never seen before I loved how she mixed Tir n a n g with the modern day world, how her human characte [...]

    2. J.J Liddy, the main character of Kate Thompson s novel The New Policeman, has a problem there never seems to be enough time in the day In fact, there seems to be decidedly less time With barely enough hours in the day for school and his music, J.J has no time left over to contemplate the shocking revelation that his grandfather may have been a murderer To make matters worse, this time problem seems to affect everyone in Kinvara.When J.J s mother reveals that she wants time for her birthday, J.J [...]

    3. There never quite seems to be enough time to do everything That s always been a problem, but it s been getting worse lately Everything always feels rushed, and there is no time just to wander along slowly and relax When J.J s mother idly wishes for time for her birthday, J.J decides to find her some But how can he find her time when he barely has enough time of his own to do the basics, like schoolwork let alone to find out if the local rumors about his grandfather being a murderer are true But [...]

    4. I am remarkably underwhelmed by this one Due to the super short chapters and one page musical compositions in between them, I found myself turning pages what felt like every 2 seconds, which got annoying Also, it takes nearly half the book for the pace to pick up and for you to discover just what the heck the story is about to begin with The last half is better than the first, so if you stick with it you ll be rewarded with a decent story and resolution, but overall I m not sure I d recommend th [...]

    5. What would you do if you could add hours to your day Time is a scarce commodity in the County Galway town of Kinvara, Ireland Fifteen year old J.J Liddy, a musician from a long line of musicians, wants to help his mother have her only birthday wish to find time As a musician and farmer, Liddy and his family are already connected to the magic that is old Ireland, where fairy rings are kept intact, and musicians are considered antithetical to the Catholic Church So when J.J sets off into the old [...]

    6. The residents of Kinvara, a small town in Ireland, feel as though time is slipping away from them nobody has enough time, and it just seems to be getting worse When J.J s mother asks for time for her birthday, J.J sets out to find it for her and finds himself caught up in a world of fantastical creatures out of Irish mythology This has an interesting set up, but it takes forever to get going, and never caught my interest that much I will admit that this is partly a grouch on my part the chapter [...]

    7. A book about time and where it is going This book has very short chapters that open with the musical score for traditional Irish music It s a shame that the book didn t come with a CD of the songs The Irish setting, with the main character playing the fiddle since the age of five is captivating as is the setting of Tir na Nog, the land of eternal youth Time is being trapped into Tir na Nog, and the fairies there are starting to age Also time is being lost in our world and life gets and frantic [...]

    8. I didn t enjoy this very much For one thing, the chapters were, on average, a page and a half long The disjointedness this caused made for uncomfortable reading Secondly, is anyone else getting the feeling that authors and script writers are becoming lazy and rewriting old stories with a new take or remaking old films far too much I get the impression that this author thought, Tir na nOg, now that is a great idea How can I twist this superstition into an yet another idea for a book I m sad to se [...]

    9. Possibly the quickest 400 page book I ve read A fast, light read with enough depth to leave me guessing I d figured that A was B or was C B but not that A was B was C Not so fussed on the cliched Corrupt Catholic Priest, even if it was excused with JJ went to mass every Sunday he had a lot of respect for priests, just not this one but kudos to Thompson for having the guts to bring the Church Magic debate into a kids book even if the Church lost this time A very good read.

    10. Wonderfully written, great atmosphere, but somehow it _just_ missed the mark The language is fabulous you have the sense that you are listening to an Irish storyteller but maybe that s the problem You are listening to someone telling a story in the pub, and it s just a great yarn, but doesn t have the depth of a serious novel Do you think I just felt that I wanted .

    11. REQUIRED TEXT, FAIRY TALE, ALA NOTABLE BOOKThis is such a fun book A tale of running out of time and missing socks It is set in Ireland and is full of music and faerie people A fun read for any age I need to get my violin out and learn the music that is publishe between each section.

    12. Nice paranormal story of a young Irish fiddle player who tries to find out how time is leaking out of the world.

    13. REQUIRED BOOKRating The New Policeman by Kate Thompson is a fantasy novel that takes place in present day Ireland about a boy named JJ Liddy, a musician whose family, although well renowned in their community for their musical prowess, had some controversy in the past when a priest by the name of Father Doherty disappears after taking his great grandfather s flute While interesting in itself, what makes JJ s story even interesting is that there is a phenomenon where time just keeps disappearing [...]

    14. J.J ends up in faerie lands, Tir na nOg, to be precise, when his mother asks as her birthday wish for time Tir na nOg, known as the timeless place, has a problem, a leak, and time is getting in little by little and changing what was once changeless The faeries agree that J.J can have all the time he wants for his mother and for anyone else in his land if he can find the leak and do something about it J.J s quest leads him on a strange adventure through Tir na nOg where he encounters incredible [...]

    15. According to the Independent, The New Policeman is a beautifully original book I agree with this statement, but like the Independent, have nothing better to say about the book or the writing It is original, but as many original things are, it is nothing special It is not a good idea, it is an original idea Or maybe it is a good idea, but her execution of it was poor The plot was somewhat ridiculous The novel appears to exist in the world we know until all of a sudden the main character is transp [...]

    16. They often say you shouldn t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of this book, don t judge it by its title While the book sounds downright boring at first, the reader will quickly find that the title has little to do with this brilliantly imaginative story Irish boy JJ Liddy and his family are naturally gifted music players with a hidden secret that JJ struggles with Along with this struggle, the town is always in a rush, wishing for time On his quest for the missing time he discovers th [...]

    17. YA Thompson, KateThe New Policeman F Time seems to be spinning away faster and faster J.J Liddy promises his mother he will get her the birthday gift she truly wants time J.J is a gifted musician from a family with a music tradition His grandfather was famous for his flute and fiddle music and, it was whispered, for killing a priest On the land his family owns is an ancient fort with a souterrain or underground room J.J discover that the souterrain contains the passage into the Land of the Fair [...]

    18. Read this a few yrs ago and really enjoyed it plot was especially strong and original, and I certainly sympathize with the characters feelings of never having enough time.

    19. The New Policeman Reveiw by Lauren RedmondTitle The new PolicemanAuthor Kate ThompsonPublisher Red FoxDate 2006Genre YA Fantasy, Irish fiction,Rating 4 5 starsTime has run out in the Irish village of Kinvara So much so, JJ Liddy has no time for his schoolwork, Irish music, ceilis and the sudden revelation that his great grandfather murdered the village priest His mother wishes for time for her birthday which seems like an impossible task for JJ until eccentric German neighbour Anne Korff finally [...]

    20. J.J Bryne is a teenager that loves music, dancing, and hanging out with his friends He is both the average teenager, but also an Irishman with a rich history and culture behind his mother s family, the Liddys Their small town in Ireland is known for c ilis in which the entire village would gather together and play and dance to songs performed by fiddles and flutes One normal week of school, J.J gets invited to go into the city and rave with his friends However, he stops at his aunt s house along [...]

    21. I got this book and its sequel, The Last of the High Kings, for probably a dollar or so at a library book sale It ended up sitting on my shelf for a few years because, while I was interested enough to buy it, I guess I couldn t muster enough interest to invest the time into reading the first one I m glad I finally got around to it This was a really fun middle grade novel set in Ireland, and it centers around a boy named J.J who feels stretched too thin in a world where there is simply not enough [...]

    22. I hate to give this book such a low rating it was entertaining both Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz spring to mind for comparison The author s interest in music tends to overshadow the plot a bit as it reads, at times, like a primer on the history of Irish music and folklore I was disappointed that the author seemed unsure as to whether it should be informative or whimsical, for adults or for children perhaps with a bit of editing tightening I could have scored it highly but overall an enjoyable [...]

    23. I loved this book and this is the first book I have read by this author, however, I will read Has current time and another world It was easy to keep straight what world someone was in This book is set in Ireland with dancing and music The relationship with the new policeman is very clear by the end of this story I liked and cared about the characters and what happens to them An enjoyable read.

    24. It s soooo easy to question the placing of time because there isn t time left for us to do everything we want However, this novel takes us into the likes of Tir na n Og, the land of eternal youth, the one place that helps J.J Liddy understand his cultural heritage and appreciate all that he has Sometimes we have to live a place to find ourselves, and that is what happens in this book.

    25. I liked this book It was a nice, quick read and reminded me of when I was a little girl and I still believed in fairies, magic portals, etc If I were to have any complaints, it would be that I probably would ve appreciated it when I was younger.

    26. What a fun, surprisingly fast book to read about a modern day teen who travels to the Celtic otherworld to seek a way to give his mother time in her hectic life It also solves one of the greatest mysteries known to present day man.

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