Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades #2020

Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades By G.A. Henty Byron Snapp Winning His Spurs A Tale of the Crusades A story of medieval life that follows the remarkable adventures of young Cuthbert de Lance a lad who serves as a page to an English nobleman during the Third Crusade
  • Title: Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades
  • Author: G.A. Henty Byron Snapp
  • ISBN: 9781887159135
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades By G.A. Henty Byron Snapp A story of medieval life that follows the remarkable adventures of young Cuthbert de Lance, a lad who serves as a page to an English nobleman during the Third Crusade.
    Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades By G.A. Henty Byron Snapp
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    1. G.A. Henty Byron Snapp

      George Alfred Henty, better known as G.A Henty, began his storytelling career with his own children After dinner, he would spend and hour or two in telling them a story that would continue the next day Some stories took weeks A friend was present one day and watched the spell bound reaction of his children suggesting Henty write down his stories so others could enjoy them He did Henty wrote approximately 144 books in addition to stories for magazines and was known as The Prince of Story Tellers and The Boy s Own Historian One of Mr Henty s secretaries reported that he would quickly pace back and forth in his study dictating stories as fast as the secretary could record them.Henty s stories revolve around fictional boy heroes during fascinating periods of history His heroes are diligent, intelligent, and dedicated to their country and cause in the face, at times, of great peril Henty s heroes fight wars, sail the seas, discover land, conquer evil empires, prospect for gold, and a host of other exciting adventures Along the way, they meet famous personages In short, Henty s heroes live through tumultuous historic eras meeting leaders of that time Understanding the culture of the time period becomes second nature as well as comparing contrasting the society of various cultures.

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    1. When this adventure begins, Cuthbert is a boy of fifteen living at home with his mother in Norman England He hears information and is able to warn the outlaws living in the forest, among whom he has relatives, of an impending attack by the Earl of Evesham, who resents their killing his deer without permission The forest men are reconciled to the Earl, however, when Cuthbert summons their help to rescue the Earl s daughter from a kidnapping by a nearby vindictive Norman nobleman After Cuthbert pa [...]

    2. The thing I don t like about G.A Henty is that he usually seems interested in teaching history than in writing a good story In The Dragon and the Raven, for example, he spends a lot time talking about the battles between the British and Danish people than about the actual plot For me, at least, that got a little boring But Winning His Spurs is balanced there s still plenty of history, but it s mainly a series of fast paced adventures in the life of Cuthbert, an exceptionally brave and resourc [...]

    3. its boring beyond beleif Half life 3 will come out before i finish this book i pick the book up and put it down instantly in short its boring as watching to yaks waiting for there paint to dry on their fur.

    4. Simple, in the Right WayThis is my first foray into the writings of Henty, With Lee in Virginia being my intended next target Henty is simple in style, and makes quite plain where the plot is going with transparent foreshadowing throughout But Henty knows how to capture truth, goodness, and beauty He knows substantive glory He writes in The Boy Knight a tale like that of St George and the Dragon This book is a celebration of chivalry, loyalty, valor, and winning the woman upon much hard work It [...]

    5. This is a critique that I wrote as an assignment I hope it s helpful It was a good book, just as I said, but not one of my all time favorites Cuthbert, a young boy, aspiring knight, and prodigal page, begins his journey to win his spurs during the crusades and on the way grows to be a man and ultimately saves his country Winning His Spurs A Tale of the Crusades, first published in 1882 and written by G A Henty, is a historical adventure novel set during the Third Crusade It follows the travels o [...]

    6. G.A Henty 1852 1902 was a writer of children s historical fiction, who began his career as an author after a friend heard him telling bedtime stories to his kids Like many Victorian authors, he s out of favor these days, but my parents found this book at an estate sale.Cuthbert is fifteen when the story begins, a lad of mixed Norman and Saxon blood during the reign of Richard I Richard the Lionheart This gives him ties to both his late father s cousin, the Earl of Evesham, and his mother s relat [...]

    7. Winning His Spurs is an amazing book, detailing the life and adventures of a young Saxon Norman page during the Third Crusade Usual gallantry, adventure, and chivalry follow the antics of this very courageous and spirited young warrior.This was the book that first inspired me to write my own medieval series and was the book that made me keep trying to be a good writer no matter what For the most part, historical accuracy predominates the storyline However, I did catch one or two questionable fac [...]

    8. I love a lot of G.A Henty s works This is one of my favorites, covering a period of time during the crusades Though a bit stiff in style Henty died in the early 1900s , the adventure is exciting, the romance palatable, and from what I ve read in other sources, the history is relatively accurate I would suggest this book to history lovers, readers of Verne, Hugo, Conan Doyle, or Turtledove or someone looking for a good adventure book outside the spectrum of popular fiction.

    9. Fun and very informative tale set in the time of King Richard, Robin Hood and his merry men And in grand Henty fashionwhere else can a young boy gain favor with the King of England, come up with cunning idea s in battle, come back from the war an earl at only 16, take back his castle from a villain, and marry the girl

    10. I really liked this book I haven t read it to the kids yet as I think the subject matter such that they need to be a bit older.It is well written and fast paced The main character is someone you can really like and cheer for Great historical context and would be a great addition to a study of the Crusades Best used during the middle school junior high years.

    11. Henty books are always super informative and epic in scope The language is challenging, especially to read aloud which is how I have read 2 of the 3 Henty books on my shelf , but it s worth wading through the detail and the dated language to learn a slice of history very well.I consider Henty s books to be valuable reading listening for my children.

    12. I read this for my Omnibus class and they give intros to each book we read In their intro they say that Henty has the marvelous gift of writing historical fiction Ummm, a lot of people have that gift, and Henty is definately not one of my favorites His heroes are so incredibly perfect that they re annoying kind of like Elsie Dins and his prose is a bit stiff.

    13. I am learning that I am not a huge Henty fan I probably shouldn t have publicly admitted that I love his desire to inspire young readers in bravery and honor and to teach them history while weaving a fictional thread through it I just have a hard time following his style of writing I m glad I read it, but this may be my last Henty.

    14. Absolute Henty Some of the stuff here is really good Richard and John are loads of fun The ending got exciting and then fizzled Perhaps the best thing about this book is the character arc of the sidekick.

    15. The setting and view of King Richard was kinda cool but the kid was like bleh and it was unrealistic Robin Hood s guest appearance also made me happpy but other than that just wasnt fun to read the adventures were kinda repetitive really.

    16. Distinctly remember the bravery of the christian knights just before they were beheaded In some cases this was of course true but Henty s world view was so steeped in militant Christianity I m not sure I would swing with it now

    17. G.A Henty s book was weak on the history, and a little brief on the relay of events It also felt like he was just copying the story of Robin Hood with the character Sir Cuthbert, until Robin Hood actually shows up It s not a bad book, but Henty has written a lot better.

    18. Henty s stories are always good, and this was no exception This is the story of a boy who succeeds beyond his wildest imagination through hard work, determination, courage, and inventiveness A great character building story written a century ago, but still applicable in its moral lessons.

    19. Read this aloud to the kids We always enjoy reading Henty together wonderful language, and great historical backgrounds His books, if you read too many close together, definitely will start to sound alike rather formulaic Enjoyable nonetheless.

    20. Very much an early twentieth century boy s adventure book It is, however, quite interesting in how it brings in facts and details to fill out the historical picture A good enjoyable read.

    21. This Henty book took longer to get into than the King Alfred oneoverall, too fantastic for believability but a fun adventure book for a young male reader, the aim of Henty.

    22. Winnning His Spurs I haven t read it, but Winning his Spurs is a famous quip about the Black PrinceFrom the 1346 Crecy Campaign Nothing to do with the crusades

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