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The Perfect Kiss By Anne Gracie The Perfect Kiss To rescue her friendGrace Merridew s childhood has made it hard for her to trust men and in three years on the marriage market her senses have never been stirred So she makes plans for a life of adve
  • Title: The Perfect Kiss
  • Author: Anne Gracie
  • ISBN: 9780425213452
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Perfect Kiss By Anne Gracie To rescue her friendGrace Merridew s childhood has made it hard for her to trust men and in three years on the marriage market, her senses have never been stirred So she makes plans for a life of adventure instead to see the moon rise over the pyramids of Egypt and dance amid the marble ruins of Greece But first she has to help a friend.She must enter the lair of theTo rescue her friendGrace Merridew s childhood has made it hard for her to trust men and in three years on the marriage market, her senses have never been stirred So she makes plans for a life of adventure instead to see the moon rise over the pyramids of Egypt and dance amid the marble ruins of Greece But first she has to help a friend.She must enter the lair of the Wolfe.Grace s timid friend is being forced to marry Dominic Wolfe, who stands to inherit a huge estate if he weds The Wolfes have a terrible reputation, and if there s one thing Grace cannot stand, it s a bully Her friend begs for help to escape this marriage, so Grace acts as the plain and mousy chaperone on their visit to the groom to be But when they arrive, nothing is as they expect, and Grace is scandalized to find herself being pursued by a big, bad Wolfe with dishonorable intentions.
    The Perfect Kiss By Anne Gracie
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      I ve always loved stories Family legend has it that I used to spend hours playing in the sand pit, with a dog on either side of me and Rocka the horse leaning over me, his head just touching my shoulder, while I told them stories I have to say, dogs and horses are great audiences, apart from their tendency to drool occasionally But people are even nicer.In case you imagine we were a filthy rich horse owning family, let me assure you we weren t The horse period was a time when my parents entered a let s be self sufficient phase, so we had a horse, but no electricity and all our water came from the rain tank.As well as the horse and dogs, we had 2 cows Buttercup and Daisy and one of them always had a calf , a sheep Woolly, goats Billy and Nanny dozens of ducks, chooks, and a couple of geese, a pet bluetongue lizard and a huge vegie patch I don t know how my mother managed, really, because both she and Dad taught full time, but she came home and cooked on a wood stove and did all the laundry by hand, boiling the clothes and sheets in a big copper kettle Somehow, we were always warm, clean, well fed and happy She s pretty amazing, my mum.Once I learned to read, I spent my days outside playing with the animals I include my brother and 2 sisters here and when inside I read For most of my childhood we didn t have TV, so books have always been a big part of my life Luckily our house was always full of them Travel was also a big part of my childhood My parents had itchy feet We spent a lot of time driving from one part of Australia to another, visiting relatives or friends or simply to see what was there I ve lived in Scotland, Malaysia and Greece We travelled through Europe in a caravan and I d swum most of the famous rivers in Europe by the time I was eight This is me and my classmates in Scotland I am in the second front row, in the middle, to the right of the girl in the dark tunic Sounds like I was raised by gypsies, doesn t it I was even almost born in a tent Mum, Dad and 3 children were camping and one day mum left the tent and went to hospital to have me But in fact we are a family of chalkies Australian slang for teachers and Dad was a school principal during most of my life And I am an expert in being the new girl having been to 6 different schools in 12 years.The last 4 years, however, were in the same high school and I still have my 2 best friends from that time No matter where I lived, I read I devoured whatever I could get my hands on old Enid Blyton and Mary Grant Bruce books, old schoolboys annuals I learned history by reading Rosemary Sutcliffe, Henry Treece and Georgette Heyer I loved animal books Elyne Mitchell s Silver Brumby books and Mary Patchett and Finn the Wolf Hound And then I read Jane Austen and Dickens and Mary Stewart and Richard Llewellyn and Virginia Woolf and EF Benson and Dick Francis and David Malouf and Patrick White and Doris Lessing and PD James ande list is never ending.This is me posing shamelessly on a glacier in New Zealand This is me in Greece with my good friend Fay in our village outfits The film went a funny colour, but you get the idea I m the one in the pink apron I escaped from my parents, settled down and went to university.To my amazement I became a chalkie myself and found a lot of pleasure in working with teenagers and later, adults I taught English and worked as a counsellor and helped put on plays and concerts and supervised camps and encouraged other people to write but never did much myself It took a year of backpacking around the world to find that my early desire to write hadn t left me, it had just got buried under a busy and demanding job I wrote my first novel on notebooks bought in Quebec, Spain, Greece and Indonesia That story never made it out of the notebooks, but I d been bitten by the writing bug My friends and I formed a band called Platform Souls a

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    1. I did like this book It was funny and cute But, you don t want to hear about that Let s talk about what I didn t like That s much fun So, Grace, the youngest sister in this series has finally grown up and is looking forward to getting her fortune so that she can travel But, her best friend, Melly, is contracted into marriage with a man she s never met and begs Grace to disguise herself as her companion to meet this guy and find a way out of the marriage Grace dyes her hair brown, and puts fake [...]

    2. Grace disguises herself as a companion to her bff Melly while on her way to meet Melly s fiance, Dominic Dominic is unmoved by Melly but gets hotpants over the companion That s literally the entire book Dom has hotpants over Grace Grace has hotpants over Dom Exit left, pursued by a bear 1 WOW Katie pretty much summed it up when she said, This is a story about two people who fall into lust There s no real sense of connection between them just a lot of burning loins And it s distracting in a way, [...]

    3. Anne Gracie went back to her roots with the last book of the Merridew Sisters with shades of the first book the Perfect Rake in the pages of the Perfect Kiss.This was such a delightful read through and through, with great humor and a nice sensual level between Grace and Dominic.Dominic was such a great hero with a quick sense of humor that made you laugh out loud at times, but could withdrawn into himself from the pain that still lurks from his childhood Going back to a home he never knew brings [...]

    4. The Perfect Kiss is the last story in The Merridew Sisters series It should have been at least as good as the other three The good Dominic s story and his actions towards the end view spoiler The way how he sneakily just waited in the carriage is lovely hide spoiler The villagers were a nice touch too.The uncomfortable for me the talk of the marriage to Melly went too far into the book This isn t a love triangle story, though Dominic s way of thinking is explained The bad Melly and her father I [...]

    5. The Perfect Kiss Is yet another beautiful love story that revolves around Dominic Wolfe the young aristocratic dole heir of the late Lord Wolfe, whose dying wish was to to destroy Dom s all chances of happiness as a revenge on the young boy s mother,who had left their broken marriage and runaway to the sands of Egypt,instead instructed by the will,he was only,AND ONLY allowed to inherit the ancestral home once he marries meek,bookish mellie which he has no problem in doing until ,that is he meet [...]

    6. The worst book of this writer, very disappointing For the entire novel, there are sexual tension and innuendos instead of the plot No characters No actions Just kisses and lewd thoughts galore, a couple or of bed scenes, and my pet peeve the instant and irresistible lust The heroine shags her best friend s fianc without even a glimmer of remorse, and he seduces her without compunction too They both should ve been ashamed of themselves, the way they acted like rutting beasts in heat I so looked [...]

    7. I m really glad Gracie s story is the last one because I enjoyed it very much Gracie is her usual outspoken self She tells what she means and doesn t care who she s addressing I loved that she was true to herself There was no keeping secrets, no prolem fronting anyone, even Dominic especially Dominic Domic was her other half and I liked him very, very much, except when he started with his desire for revenge Thank God there is where Gracie comes And shakes his believes to the foundation She s alw [...]

    8. wow the whole series was simply breath taking i enjoyed absolutely every book in this series loved absolutely every hero D and heroine too xD what fascinated me the most is that every hero and heroine was so different from others all of them were individuals and all of them and really different stories too.Prudence had a perfect rake for a husband and some scary encounters with her grandfather.Charity had a calm totally unrakelikely duke and pretty calm love story too xD she was a side story of [...]

    9. While I do have a couple of misgivings about certain interactions between Wolfe and Grace, I liked them well enough in the end Enough to get emotional

    10. While I m a fan of the first three installments of the Merridew Sisters saga and a huge fan of the first, The Perfect Rake , The Perfect Kiss just didn t do it for me The plot at this point is redundant since it was used in all three predecessor books, and I had a rather difficult time connecting with Grace as I found her to be rather dull Dominic came off as kind of creepy Don t get me wrong, I generally liked him as a character, but there were times that I just sort of wanted a carriage and fo [...]

    11. I m so disappointed I want to cry I had to skim to finish the book The only funny scene is the one with uncle Oswald at the end of the 20th chapter, so if you can brace yourself and get there, it will be worth it I m not a great fan of love triangle or false identities plots The big misunderstanding dragged for too long, and I felt like Grace was every bit of a hussy to fool around with her friend s fiancee never mind Melly was not in love with Dominic this was just not ok When Grace finally rev [...]

    12. DNF at pg 62 A hero that despicable set on sexually harassing our heroine no matter what is not worth any of my time.

    13. The horizon all around mebreathed out perfumeannouncing her arrivalas the fragrance precedes a flower.IBN SAFR AL MARINI, POET OF ANDALUSIA

    14. This is a story about two people who fall into lust.Yeah, they say I love you and all, but the descriptions were about their intense physical attraction, not really about what they LIKE about each other And when they meet, he thinks he s a servant and grabs her and kisses her and yeah, that s an uncomfortable power dynamic.Plus, the obstacle ended up being kind of silly It started out okay, but it shouldn t have stayed an obstacle for as long as it did Though it s not really long, at all, as ev [...]

    15. Actually, I wrote a long review but I lost it because of my password issue.Anyway, it was avarage until the last qurter part And I got very bored the harem and 3 wives part Also I should sya that I m Turkish and I ve never heard a name of Kadije and I m not sure it s a Turkish or Ottoman name.

    16. I found our hero to be jackass than alpha Still, overall the characters are charming And the plot, while formulaic, has enough little touches to go down easily.

    17. I wished the deception didn t last as long, but this was a solid final part of the series But ugh, that epilogue had me ugly cute crying

    18. DNf because I was so annoyed by the characters The hero is an asshat He thinks it is ok to seduce the hired companion of his fiancee Not only betraying his admittedly not romantic promise to his fiancee, which is one thing, but also aggressively going after a servant, who is not really in a position to say no And when she does, he completely ignores her I kept waiting for her to draw her knife or chuck boiling water at him Instead she sighs at his kisses and thinks they sizzle.And she had so muc [...]

    19. There aren t too many books I read that bring me to tears, but this ending certainly did in a good way Grace is determined to help her friend out Melly has been placed in marriage contract with Dominic Wolfe and she absolutely doesn t want it Grace pretends to be her companion as they travel to Dominic s ancestral home Grace instantly falls in love with the house and the man Dominic for his part wants prickly Grace and is determined to have a white marriage with Melly Melly wants kids and knows [...]

    20. The first half of the book is delightful, but the second half is not, unfortunately The level of treacly sentimentality and goody goodyness just got higher and higher until I almost couldn t stand it Scenes that should have been in the book, like the arguments with Melly s father that finally convinced him to drop the bethrothal to Dominic, were briefly described in a completely inadequate off hand, oh, BTW style Instead the reader is given a totally implausible and in your dreams scene in a hom [...]

    21. This book is about the youngest of the five Merridew sisters Grace, the brave, valiant, endearing bloodthirsty child all grown up Her book should have been the great symphonic ending, the fireworks at the end of a terrific show Because the other three books were really good, and I couldn t wait for Grace to grow up and have her own romance and HEA The book was not bad, because I don t think Anne Gracie can write a bad book But, it was disappointing because it was just okay I thought the other th [...]

    22. The final book of Anne Gracie s The Merridew Siters seriesI have mixed feeling with this book On one hand I like the interactions between all the characters, not only the leading two, but the secondary ones as well The book was fun and at time made me chuckle a lot, at times it was so sad, especially part about Dominic s childhood.However, I feel that this book missing something I m not sure what it is Probably because Dominic Grace somewhat resembled Gideon Prue from the first book,, which I ad [...]

    23. The ending does it for me I don t think I like the Dominic character but I warm up to him because of his devotion to Grace Grace gets a bit too weepy and I prefer a stronger heroine Nevertheless this is wall told and full of interesting characters.The first in this series with Gideon and Prudence is by far my favorite and I adore Hope and Sebastian s story and I have reread them many time The last two in this series are entertaining, but just don t quite do it for me.

    24. ltimo da s rie e acabou em grande estilo.Grace cresceu e se tornou uma mo a encantadora, forte e muito inteligente.A primeira vez que Dominic a v , j a quer para ele, e avisa Voc ser minha Claro que ele n o tinha ideia que ela era uma lady, e para ele isso n o importava, lady ou acompanhante, ele a queria do mesmo jeito

    25. Una historia de regencia llena de enredos, divertida a veces, poco cre ble lotras Me hubiera gustado que Dominic se hubiese resistido m s a cambiar, o que el conflicto que los separaba fuera algo m s que las ganas de venganza de l De todos modos, es una novela entretenida para pasar el rato.

    26. Definitely a keeper I really enjoyed this one.d though it was part of a series it was definitely a stand alone Great chemistry, great secondary characters and humorous as well Loved it

    27. This book is a total disappointment of the highest order Pure total torture to my nerves Grace Merridew is one of my favorite heroines in this series so naturally i expected a lot And what s is it s the final installment of the Merridew Sister s Series So of course, one would expect the author to cook up something really good in this one since its the last book Oh Grace, poor girl, Anne Gracie didn t do her justice Ever since in the first book Perfect Rake when Grace kicked Gideon s shin at the [...]

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