Wandering Island #2020

Wandering Island By Kenji Tsuruta 鶴田謙二 Wandering Island Mikura Amelia is a free spirited young woman living alone with her cat who operates an air delivery service flying her vintage seaplane to Japan s small island communities located hundreds of miles
  • Title: Wandering Island
  • Author: Kenji Tsuruta 鶴田謙二
  • ISBN: 9781506700793
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wandering Island By Kenji Tsuruta 鶴田謙二 Mikura Amelia is a free spirited young woman living alone with her cat, who operates an air delivery service, flying her vintage seaplane to Japan s small island communities located hundreds of miles out into the Pacific When her beloved grandfather passes away, she discovers he left her an undelivered parcel, addressed to an island that doesn t existor does it To ansMikura Amelia is a free spirited young woman living alone with her cat, who operates an air delivery service, flying her vintage seaplane to Japan s small island communities located hundreds of miles out into the Pacific When her beloved grandfather passes away, she discovers he left her an undelivered parcel, addressed to an island that doesn t existor does it To answer the question, Mikura flies off in search of the truth behind the Wandering Island
    Wandering Island By Kenji Tsuruta 鶴田謙二
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      499 Kenji Tsuruta 鶴田謙二
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    About "Kenji Tsuruta 鶴田謙二"

    1. Kenji Tsuruta 鶴田謙二

      Kenji Tsuruta in Japanese, is a Japanese manga artist Among his most famous works is the science fiction series Spirit of Wonder, which has been adapted into an anime series and brought him much acclaim.During his years in university as a student of optical science, Tsuruta, initially wanting to be a photographer, encountered works of Yukinobu Hoshino, which had inspired him to create manga Soon after graduating, he wrote numerous d jinshi and was an assistant to many manga artists, prior to making his debut as a professional manga artist in 1986.Tsuruta received the 31st, 32nd, and 44th Seiun Awards for outstanding artist of the year in 2000, 2001, and in 2013 He also received the Hayakawa Award for best illustrator in 2000.

    121 thoughts on “Wandering Island”

    1. This definitely has my attention Though its light on action and dialogue and even of a slow burn in terms of character development Kenji Tsuruta has something special here We re introduced to Mikura, a young pilot, who s been left alone to run a cargo transport business following the death disappearance of her grandfather She has little to no relationship with her parents but she s determined to carry on his legacy Following a bizarre run in with an island that shouldn t exist that almost destr [...]

    2. What stands out in this story is its unique premise the search for an unanchored island in the Pacific that may or may not exist Tsuruta does a find job in this first collected volume of establishing this context and teasing out the narrative just enough to get you wanting The protagonist, Mikura, is innocent yet believable enough to serve as the reader s proxy into this mystery This is one of those manga series that has me eagerly anticipating the next volume, and definitely not lackadaisicall [...]

    3. Loved the art and the details hidden in it The premise is great and gets you hooked right from the beginning I really enjoyed the setting too, it s a nice changed from usual mainland Japan that lends the story authenticity and invokes a sense of nostalgia.

    4. Beautifully illustrated, Tsuruta does a phenomenal job creating a world of wonder and adventure A big chunk of the book doesn t even have any dialogue, but Tsuruta is so masterful at building this world and creating stunning establishing shots, you can feel the atmosphere of these tropical islands seeping through the page Very reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli film Wandering Island was a fantastic read, ending before Mikura ever landed on said island I assume this is an ongoing series as it wouldn [...]

    5. I really dug this This was really beautiful and meditative Young Mikura helps her grandfather run an air delivery service among some islands off the Japanese coast When grandpa passes away, Mikura stumbles upon some diaries he had been writing and finds out that he was searching for Electricity Island , a tiny island that appears to never stay in the same place When Mikura has a near death encounter with the island shortly after, she becomes obsessed with finding it again and finishing her grand [...]

    6. Did it help that I read this on holiday in a barely inhabited Greek island Oh yes Would I have enjoyed it anyway Certainly Kenji Tsuruta s delicate, detailed artwork is perfect at capturing the island life of Southern Japan and the romance of aviation As the volume s backmatter confirms, everything is thought through and drawn to life Even limber heroine Mikura s reluctance to wear than a swimsuit doesn t feel entirely gratuitous The central mystery a floating island circling the Pacific is int [...]

    7. A jovem Mikura voa, num antiquado biplano, entre as ilhas mais dispersas do Jap o como piloto de um servi o de correio a reo Quando o seu av morre, descobre se herdeira de um segredo e de uma miss o localizar uma ilha misteriosa, que parece andar deriva nas correntes oce nicas do Pac fico Consegue um vislumbre da ilha, num dos seus voos, quase morrendo por isso Obcecada, dedica se s buscas pela localiza o da ilha deriva, lenda de pescadores que o seu av apelidou de ilha el ctrica Se esta premiss [...]

    8. The art in this manga is just amazing It s a real shame that the author is notoriously slow working and we are likely to not see a second volume for quite a while Nevertheless I enjoyed it very much.

    9. Really of two minds on this one After the death of her grandfather, Mikura Amelia, an air delivery pilot for Japan s remote islands, attempts to deliver a package he left behind to a mysterious, potentially non existent floating island Great concept, and it gets into the toll an obsessive quest can take But the stakes are only ever said and not felt The story never goes deep as it could, never looks too closely at its characters or its world The setting is unusual for manga, and there s great po [...]

    10. via NYPL Beautifully detailed artwork complements this endearing if somewhat slight story of a young woman who flies an open cockpit plane in a bikini searching for a mythical floating island, using clues left behind by her dear departed grandfather It s a fun bit of magical reality, dogged determination, and immaculately drawn aerial vistas and flying charts.A few other people here have commented that it demands a second volume I wouldn t mind a second one, but I actually think the ending here [...]

    11. Saw this in OtakuUSA, bought the book Great story, strong female, big fan of cats Surviving loss of parental figure is tough, but last mission part gives some resolution Free young woman who looks for opportunity looks towards the future.

    12. This book told a simple story and it was a light read Nothing groundbreaking but interesting enough It reminded me of the type of story that you would find in a Hayao Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli film.

    13. Loved the story and the artwork I worry that there does not seem to be any sign of subsequent volumes because CLIFFHANGER

    14. Wandering island is a story about Mikura Amelia, an adventurous young woman who runs an air delivery service After the demise of her beloved grandfather, she s discovers an undelivered package that was addressed to an unknown island This manga is all about her quest to uncover the mystery of the island The drawing is good, story line is good, only that it leaves me hanging with the second part not coming anytime soon.

    15. Beautiful drawings, watercolors intriguing story Dinged a star for slow pacing and male dominant visual portrayal of main character.

    16. Rating 5 5Mikura fly s an open air sea plane, delivering packages all over Japan s islands in the Pacific She runs this company with her grandfather, and lives alone with her cat Endeavor.After her grandfather dies, she keeps the business alive And pursues a new dream Her grandfather has left a package for her to deliver to Electric Island The only problem is that to her knowledge no such island exists.This story of Mikura searching for the mysterious wandering island is one of risk taking and d [...]

    17. When I checked in this book at the library to fill a hold, it caught my attention since I recognized the art style from on odd but intriguing manga that I read as a scanlation online, though it is sadly incomplete The author of this work, Tsuruta Kenji, is indeed the artist of that other work, so I felt it might be worth reading this It was enjoyable Sadly, as the afterword reveals, and as I had previously suspected, Tsuruta is anything but prolific, so I have no idea how quickly this will be co [...]

    18. So much yes Mikura is awesome, nicely independent and determined The mystery is intriguing and the illustrations are lush and realistic at the same time I also like how the story uses quiet space and images instead of a bunch of dialogue and mansplaining Can t wait to hear what my fellow committee members think of Mikura s penchant for bikinis or full on nudity when home alone.4 1 2 stars

    19. I picked this manga up, mainly because the main character seemed to me to be a free sprite and the manga looked to have a sense of adventure, and I was not disappointed, the characters were light hearted and the adventure is simple but full of mystery The main character really grew on me, I was impressed by her devotion to the mystery, and overall I found her to be a charming character I can t wait for the second volume to come out.

    20. I decided to pick this manga up after it caught my eye in a customer s order It s got great art, an intriguing plot, memorable characters, and fun hidden refrences I really liked the main character Mikura She s headstrong and quirky I can relate to her as another 20 something chasing a pipe dream In my case a career not an island lol I can t wait for the next volume

    21. An intriguing story that goes off type from the usual manga fare The art is beautiful and very detailed Definitely worth picking up the next volume.

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