Still a Bad Boy #2020

Still a Bad Boy By Ada Scott Still a Bad Boy I can t get him out of my mind and I can t keep myself out of his bedKendallHe wasn t supposed to notice me Jace Barlow the most powerful man in the city Mysterious scarred pure muscle and tattoos
  • Title: Still a Bad Boy
  • Author: Ada Scott
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  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Still a Bad Boy By Ada Scott I can t get him out of my mind, and I can t keep myself out of his bedKendallHe wasn t supposed to notice me Jace Barlow the most powerful man in the city Mysterious, scarred, pure muscle and tattoos.He was my first That didn t stop him from pinning me against a wall, using me for his own pleasure until I screamed his name.Now my boss thinks I m getting the scoop of thI can t get him out of my mind, and I can t keep myself out of his bedKendallHe wasn t supposed to notice me Jace Barlow the most powerful man in the city Mysterious, scarred, pure muscle and tattoos.He was my first That didn t stop him from pinning me against a wall, using me for his own pleasure until I screamed his name.Now my boss thinks I m getting the scoop of the century, but all Jace is giving me is orgasm after leg quivering orgasm When he puts his hand on my throat and growls in my ear You are mine I know it s true.I ve fallen hard and I ve never felt safer Until I see him kill somebody.JaceI dedicated my life to taking down the Picolli Crime Family from the inside I made a name for myself, the mafia s most brutal enforcer I worked my way up the chain, and my revenge came A righteous bloodbath.Then I took their place so they could never come back.Nothing else has ever mattered Until Kendall.She was an innocent girl for me to defile, and then leave her ruined for other men like all the rest But she makes me so hard I ache for release, and for the first time in my life, I want to have her again.Kendall s the chink in my armor my enemies have been looking for.I don t care.She is mine and I ll die before I give her up.
    Still a Bad Boy By Ada Scott
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    1. Kendall, an 18 year old virgin, gets the opportunity of a lifetime to interview a lottery winning multi millionaire mafia thug FSOG esc business man, Jace.I m already rolling my eyes this shit just got started Ugh A couple of sentences in his office and a couple of sentences over dinner later Bam, Jace has Kendall in the restaurant s broom closet He discovers she s a virgin He shows her no mercy, no tenderness during nor after he fucks her in a closet bareback so hard that her body dents the f i [...]

    2. Do you like your erotic romance hot, dirty and often, any time, any place Like a lot of anti hero in your alpha male or doe eyed innocence in your in over her head heroine Still A Bad Boy by Ada Scott has all that and , darkness, danger, death and one man s need to control his world and administer the justice he deems fit, while one teen wants to be special, to feel loved and cared for.Kendall is a young reporter, still a teen, and yet she has scooped the journalism world by being the only scrib [...]

    3. Mixed feeling on this one.There s a lot wrong with this book and I can see why a lot of readers don t like it.Kendall is only eighteen and a very young eighteen at that, she s moved to the city to make a name for herself as a reporter I can t help but think she s chosen the wrong career Anyway she s been sent to interview the elusive billionaire Jace Barlow, why her Because Jace doesn t see reporters so no one actually expects her to get anywhere near him but Jace finds himself intrigued by the [...]

    4. 2.5 StarsMy opinion.This was a bit crazy and all over the place I felt like the couples love for each other came out of nowhere.The entire relationship felt rushed I think it would have been better in this case to focus on the ouple and not so much on the mob info in this book.The heroine is surprised when she gets to interview the reclusive, Jace, for the magazine she works for Jace won the lottery and instead of spending it, he built an empire The heroine goes to the interview him, but gets no [...]

    5. As unrealistic as this book is, I really enjoyed it as a fun escape Jace is definitely a mafia bad boy and Kendall is a very young and naive girl, but their loving was oh so hot The sex scenes had the feel of smutty erotica, especially with the vernacular, but there was plenty of plot to keep my interest beyond just being downright dirty It begins with lust and slowly develops into love, but the ending was very abrupt with many minor details left hanging maybe to continue the series with a secon [...]

    6. If you are looking for that BIT of substance and character depth from a smutty read, you ll never get it here Did not finish and won t even if you bribe me.

    7. WOW Kendell is so fresh, trying to do right by her job and the people at her job and not wanting to return to hometown where she will look like she failed so she pushes herself harder at her new job but she doesn t know how things will change, especially when she interviews Jace Barlow.Jace is the bad boy with a heart of gold or gold for only Kendall He is the ultimate enforcer from the Mafia Jace finally decides to allow Kendall to meet with him and when she did, OMG the chemistry between them [...]

    8. Jace that sexy man, I loved him right off, I made the decision on the spot to break the rules and invite her into my office She wasn t going to be getting a meaningful interview for The Weekly Whatever the eff it was, she was going to be getting some hard k That s all I was willing to give her I liked this book I kept wondering how old Jace was though that was never mentioned The book was fast paced.

    9. Mafia eroticaJace Barlow has led a harsh life since the murder of his parents Orphaned at a young age, he s left with raw determination and the will to survive so he can exact revenge on the Picolli Crime Family organization, a leading mafia family that put a hit on his parents Jace knows his plan will only work if he is accepted within the ranks With each passing year he accepts jobs, eventually earning their trust, until he rises to a level of hired muscle in the organization His plans for rev [...]

    10. what do you do as still a green behind the ears reporter, sent in to try and interview the most elusive jace barlow, a self made businessman who got lucky with the lottery you hope for the best and prepare an excuse for your boss when you get back empty handed, right that s what kendall thought too when much to her surprise she s let into the inner sanctum of jace barlow.jace is instantly intrigued by the young journalist sitting in his waiting room normally he doesn t talk to them, not even bri [...]

    11. Believe the title Jace is one mean, violent, hard edged bad boy who punishes with his fists as much as with other hotter parts of this body.Wow, I didn t expect that kind of raw, unadulterated aggressiveness from him, but yeah, it works Sometimes, bad boys are that just in attitude, but no, this alpha male is as stark as they come He might have built his business empire on a lucky winning lottery ticket, but he s still a tattooed mobster with dark connections, dirty dealings, and a penchant for [...]

    12. I received Still a Bad Boy as an ARC from the author to express my personal opinion I in no way have received any monetary value for my thoughts WOW Just the Teaser Graphic I saw alone had me wanting to read this book Jace Barlow is a dirty talking multi millionaire bad boy with a dark and shady past Never wanted anything thing than a once and done with the opposite sex at least until Kendall Brookes walks in his company in hopes of getting an exclusive from the man behind the lottery Jace has [...]

    13. ARC given in exchange for an honest reviewHOT HOT HOT The author draws you in from the beginning and keeps you hooked until the very end This book is hot and steamy but also a love story It has a good plot and doesn t falter A book that will spice up your reading device You ll be kept on your toes with all the things that go on in this book.Kendall is trying to make it at her job but being fresh and young they don t think she will make it She doesn t want to return to her home town so when she i [...]

    14. I received this for an honest review As far as I know this is Ada Scott s first book and let me tell you that you are in for a real treat I just loved Jace Barlow in this book He was so freaking sexy Kendall Brookes who was an intern at the Weekly Enquirer was sent to interview the multibillionaire Jace Barlow Everyone that was sent to interview Jace was sent away He was one that just did not do interviews He was a private men and stayed out of the spotlight So she was surprised when Jace was wi [...]

    15. Romantic Read.Pros 1 Fluid writing and story flow was there.2 Panty melting moments with hot smutty rough talking hero Yay 3 Roughish sex but pretty romantic steamy moments Double yay 4 Loved how the characters grew individually and together Triple yay 5 Vein of sly humour that pops out of the blue.6 Ending was nicely done But there may be some views that it was a bit abrupt.7 Violent scenes were great.Cons 1 Midway through it, even though story was still moving at a nice steady pace, I couldn t [...]

    16. Wow what a roller coaster ride Mafia, thugs and shoot outs oh my.That is the life of Jace Trying to take back over the city run by crime in revenge for what happened to him when he was little Then a little diamond walked into his life And he will not let her go, nor stop loving her.Yes a stone cold killer can love and build a new life again.Kendall is a reporter through and through Just moving to the area she gets the biggest report that needs to be done landing in her lap But ends up she gets a [...]

    17. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review Jace the perfect, tie me up tie me down have your wicked way with me bad boy I fell in love with his dominate alpha raw maleness He is definitely the bad boy of my dreams He is a billionaire and a crime Lord to boot Kendall a small town innocent woman all she was trying to do was get an interview with Jace to keep her job Jace New from the first time he saw this fresh faced innocent woman he had to have her When his enemies come after hi [...]

    18. This was a great story of a young woman, Kendall, trying to make it in the city as a journalist Sent to interview the man who always cancels interviews, she is not prepared when he agrees to let her in his office Jace has had a rough life and after winning the lotto things seem good, on the outside As they find themselves together to help her with her life changing interview, the chemistry is hot But the past and secrets have a way of coming back I enjoyed Kendall and Jace s characters It was g [...]

    19. I was hooked in the first chapter Wow Talk about hot, steamy, sexy, and suspenseful 18 year old innocent virgin Kendall meets experienced bad boy Jace and sparks fly immediately He is determined to have her but not give her the interview He is hiding secrets and when she finds out about them its a shock to her The Picolli Crime Family is after them and betrayal abounds thru Jace s ranks I did not want the book to end I cant wait to see what happens in the next book I was given this e book by the [...]

    20. Oh Wow I m still fanning myself This book was HOT It has the intensity I love, the drive, the power, the erotic sex, hunger , and madness all rolled into one Kendall an intern for a paper is supposed to get a big story from this cocky millionaire Jace He s got all the makings of being a bad boy The tattoos, the power, the ties Hes driven on taking down the mob, not caring about much until he meets Kendall, shes an innocent good girl That is until Jace gets his hands on her, then she s ruined for [...]

    21. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.I really liked this book as it shows the transformation of a shy young girl who is basically scared of her own shadow into a confident gun toting proud of her curves woman All because someone sees the true woman inside and brings that out with all the love HE didn t even realize he had in him He thought he could handle anything but when she ran from him, he almost lost it Will she forgive him Can she still love him after he reveals all of t [...]

    22. I m not usually a fan of stories where the main male character is a billionaire with the perfect body and a huge dick, but I like Jace in this story He isn t the stereotypical billionaire god found in so many stories these days Sure, overall he is the bad guy, but he is a bad guy for good reason I also really like Kendall I enjoyed reading about how, with Jace s help, Kendall s confidence and self worth blossomed At first I was afraid that this story would be a bit too predictable, but I was ple [...]

    23. Great Book This is a great book this is the first book in the Still a Bad Boy series by Ada Scott Kendall is working for a local paper, when her new boss thinks she is getting the scoop of the century about the most powerful man in the city, Jace Barlow Jace has dedicated his life to taking down the Picolli Crime Family from the inside he is the mafia s most brutal enforcer If you are looking for a hot book, then you need to read this book A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair [...]

    24. WOW, This is one HOT book I was not disappointed on what I read This is my first book by Ada Scott and she did a wonderful job with this book It was rough and dirty with some sexy mixed in You have Kendall which is sweet and innocent that has to go interview Jace Jace is a rough and tough guy with sexy good looks When Kendall and Jace meet chemistry is flying between them I can t wait to read the next book by Ada Scott I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

    25. Holy carp,That was a good read The action is like none other you would find written for a free kindle romance This is one you want to read simply for the way it keeps you on the edge and in full on adrenaline rush Unfortunately, I kind of lost sight of the romance and tucked it away as a back story I became way interested in Jace handling business It was phenomenal Loved it.

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