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Stalin's Gold By Mark Ellis Stalin s Gold December Moscow Josef Stalin has lost some gold He is not a happy man He asks his henchman Beria to track it down September London Above the city the Battle of Britain rages and the bombs ra
  • Title: Stalin's Gold
  • Author: Mark Ellis
  • ISBN: 9780992994396
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stalin's Gold By Mark Ellis December 1938 Moscow Josef Stalin has lost some gold He is not a happy man He asks his henchman Beria to track it down.September 1940 London Above the city the Battle of Britain rages and the bombs rain down On the streets below, DCI Frank Merlin and his officers investigate the sudden disappearance of Polish RAF pilot Ziggy Kilinski while also battling an epidemicDecember 1938 Moscow Josef Stalin has lost some gold He is not a happy man He asks his henchman Beria to track it down.September 1940 London Above the city the Battle of Britain rages and the bombs rain down On the streets below, DCI Frank Merlin and his officers investigate the sudden disappearance of Polish RAF pilot Ziggy Kilinski while also battling an epidemic of looting unleashed by the chaos and destruction of the Blitz Kilinski s fellow pilots, a disgraced Cambridge don, Stalin s spies in London, members of the Polish government in exile and a ruthless Russian gangster are amongst those caught up in Merlin s enquiries Sweeping from Stalin s Russia to Civil War Spain, from Aztec Mexico to pre war Poland, and from Hitler s Berlin to Churchill s London a compelling story of treasure, grand larceny, treachery, torture and murder unfolds Eventually as Hitler reluctantly accepts that the defiance of the RAF has destroyed his chances of invasion for the moment, a violent shoot out in Hampstead leads Merlin to the final truthd Stalin to his gold.
    Stalin's Gold By Mark Ellis
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    1. Mark Ellis

      Former barrister and businessman from Swansea His first crime thriller, Princes Gate, set in WW2 London and featuring charismatic Scotland Yard detective Frank Merlin, was published in Summer 2011 Frank Merlin 2, Stalin s Gold, published March 1 2014 Merlin 3 Merlin At War being published in July 2017 Masterful Bestselling historian Andrew Roberts review of Stalin s Gold Ellis does a wonderful job of creating an atmosphere as thick as any 1940 s London pea souper you may find and I have to admit once I d read the opening chapters, I was well and truly hooked Talk Books, review of Princes Gate by Milo s Rambles Nostalgia, sex and intrigue all rolled into one great Tony Page in 50Connect Set in London, in January 1940, we are quickly propelled into the atmosphere and feel of desperationwe can smell the sweat under the arms of the men, and the stale perfume of naive girls in the nightclubs we can see the unshaven chins and the venal eyes of the club ownerwe can even share the fear as a plane passes high over the darkened streets and the instinct is to duck into an air raid shelter interesting character and era, and I d like to read Adrian Magson, best selling author, in Shots Magazine A real treat Hereford Times can even share the fear as a plane passes high over the darkened streets and the instinct is to duck into an ai raid shelter An interesting character and era, and I d like to read Adrian Magson best selling author in Shots Magazine Nostalgia, sex and intrigue all rolled into one great Tony Page in 50Connect.

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    1. This isn t really the type of book I usually go after I prefer adventure, racing across the globe, finding lost treasure In this book they are trying to find some lost gold, just not some ancient treasure, well it is from the beginning ancient, but that s beside the point Right now it s Stalin s gold that someone has managed to take and Stalin wants it back and when he want something he really does everything to get it back Throw in the British police force and some bad Russian villains and, of [...]

    2. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book The story has many facets to it, and this will likely be a reread for me First off, Mark Ellis is obviously a student of history, and he ties the story in closely with real world events and people This mystery is set in London during the Blitzkreig of Autumn, 1940, and the main characters of the interact with historical figures, including Winston Churchill, the King and Queen of England, and even Josef Stalin [...]

    3. Find this and other reviews at flashlightcommentary.I picked up Mark Ellis Stalin s Gold the day I finished Princes Gate I don t think it necessary to tackle the two back to back, but I had the novel on hand and didn t have reason to delay One of the things I liked about this installment is that begins with Frank Merlin s personal life It moves on to the mystery fairly quickly, but I think the insight these scenes afforded created interesting context within the narrative Maybe I m alone in this, [...]

    4. Stalin s Gold is the second book in the Frank Merlin series The first book, Princes Gate , was set in the so called phoney war in February 1940, but in this book it is September 1940 and the Battle of Britain is at its height Hitler foolishly decided to leave the airfields alone and bomb the city of London instead This gave the Royal Air Force time to reform and fight back In this turmoil of dogfights in the sky, falling bombs and burning and collapsing houses, Frank Merlin and his team have to [...]

    5. Stalin s Gold in the second book in the DCI Frank Merlin series set in London during the Second World War At one level there s quite a bit going on in the tale which entangles Polish aristocratic exiles and RAF pilots, Russian gangsters and political agents, local criminal looters, and the police, centred around some missing gold bullion At another, the whole story is quite strongly telegraphed, meaning that there is not much mystery or surprise to the tale Moreover the tale is held together in [...]

    6. This is a good book, in many respects an excellent one Its strength is in the author s deep knowledge of London during the Blitz, and the reader is taken there convincingly In addition, the main protagonists are sympathetic, the other characters well drawn and the plot manages to be both exotic and credible There are a lot of threads to the story, all brought together in the end, which made it a bit hard for me at least to follow and I did find it difficult to differentiate between some of the c [...]

    7. The thing with really enjoyable review books that are part of a series is that there s no option but to go back and get the earlier books Regardless of how teetering the current reading pile might be Which is what happened here after finishing STALIN S GOLD.Interesting enough this is now the second series built around the Polish in England that s appealed albeit this isn t set in current day Despite it also being the second book in the series, it s very easy to get into sync with Frank Merlin A [...]

    8. It has been well over two years since Mark Ellis released his debut novel Princes Gate, an introduction to Frank Merlin set in February 1940 however in Stalin s Gold we re join Merlin and his colleagues seven months later in September 1940 London is under attack, not only from the air but on land by a gang of looters determined to make the most of the opportunity to steal luxury items from bombed out buildings It s up to Frank Merlin to solve the crimes and keep his boss AC Gatehouse happy Not a [...]

    9. A complicated plot that sees British policemen, warplanes Poles pilot, big international crooks, thieves, spies and a large cargo of gold, move on the dodgy background of the Battle of Britain, the last attempt of Nazi Germany to invade the Great Britain, whose lack of success was probably the first sign of the possibility of defeat what looked like an invincible enemy.The book is, in fact, complex, fascinating, well written, with characters defined in the round, they are actors or supernumerari [...]

    10. I won this book in GoodReads giveaways in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book Mark Ellis is a new author to me I ve never read anything he wrote, but I ll go back to his first book and certainly read the next one too.This story is a nice mixture of historical and cop and investigation novels It s very well written Do you know which movie directors win Oscars or Cesars Those who are able to make you feel you re in there, as if you were one of the characters of their movies Here it s t [...]

    11. The follow up to Princes Gate, Stalin s Gold flits between Battle of Britain era London, Stalin s USSR, Nazi occupied Poland, Civil War Spain and Montezuman South America.It s a well plotted tale of political jockeying, international gangland brutality, bravery in the air and crafty detective work as Frank Merlin s team solve a series of inter related mysteries, all the while trying to dodge the bombs and conflagrations of the start of the Blitz and the bureaucracy of jittery wartime London.Wher [...]

    12. As the Battle of Britain rages in the skies overhead and the threat of a German invasion looms, DCI Frank Merlin investigates the interconnecting threads of stolen gold bullion and Aztec treasure, organised looting, Russian spies, unscrupulous bankers, lingering anti Semitism and a missing Polish RAF pilot in the second of Mark Ellis series of Merlin novels following on from Princes Gate.This is a tense and atmospheric story with a strong sense of the WWII time set, a believable multi national c [...]

    13. Not half as good as his earlier book A cast of thousands, at least seemingly, in a convoluted and improbable plot By the midpoint I was bored.

    14. When I read the blurbs on Stalin s Gold I had the impression of a World War II spy novel with page turning suspense Those can be really good or really poor, so I wasn t sure what the book would offer I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mark Ellis has a fairly strong London DCI character involved in the drama of the Battle of Britain Reading something like an episode between Foyle s War or a Billy Boyle WWII novel, Stalin s War delves into life in London during the war, and the best parts of [...]

    15. I ve always said I learn much of my history from novels and fiction I learned about London under the bombardment of the Nazis in late 1940 The stiff upper lipped Londoners go about their business and are just shocked when looting becomes a problem That s NOT what Londoners do when their homes are being obliterated Bad form.Apparently this is book 2 in Frank Merlin s story, so I already have some reading to do I like Franka detective who feels he should be in the Army, contributing to the Cause [...]

    16. I was approved of an ARC copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review This review in its entirety was originally posted at caffeinatedlife caffeinatedlife blog 2Stalin s Gold is populated with a lot of intriguing characters, most involved one way or the other to the mystery concerning the stolen gold and the disappearance of a Polish RAF pilot These characters range from Polish patriots in exile to working class citizens and nefarious members of the Soviet apparatus The author brings 1940 [...]

    17. Stalin s Gold is the second novel starring Scotland Yard Chief Investigator Frank Merlin As with the first Merlin novel, Prince s Gate, the book is set in London in the early days of WWII However, whereas Prince s Gate is set during the so called Phony War , the action in Stalin s Gold is shadowed by the horrendous but heroic days of the Blitz and Battle of Britain Both books are in the tradition of fine British mysteries a la Agatha Christie, and are intricately and ingeniously plotted But Stal [...]

    18. Frank Merlin is a Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard In this WW II story he finds out just how convoluted life can be as he confronts several bad people from Poland and Russia who, unbeknownst to him, are fighting over millions of pounds worth of gold ingots that supposedly belong to Josef Stalin Polish exiles claim it to be their money to use to save their country from the Germans Some of it anyway The Russians simply want to return it to Stalin Or, do they As the web slowly untangles M [...]

    19. I won this book as a First Reads giveaway and am glad I had the opportunity to read it As a fan of British mystery writers, I found this to be a very entertaining historical fiction set in London during WWII.Our hero, DCI Frank Merlin, is as likable a character as I would ever hope to encounter intelligent, brave, honest, and fiercely protective of those he cares about, this is a man I d want to have my back in a sticky situation While investigating the disappearance of Polish airman connected t [...]

    20. We are back in the world of Detective Chief Inspector Frank Merlin who we met in Princes Gate and Britain is now at war Again, I found the characters substantial and intriguing and I found the plot exciting and clever.My issue was with the style of writing The style of writing the author has just doesn t agree with me I like description and background, I like to be able to see in my imagination what characters look like, what a scene looks like, but the writing made the descriptions feel like a [...]

    21. I was really excited to receive a copy of this book through the Firstreads program I had read other books of a similar concept and had really enjoyed them Unfortunately, I found this book to be a very trying experience The large cast of characters was difficult to keep track of the story was told in short seemingly disconnected excerpts that didn t seem to accomplish much, and the glacial pace at which the story moves quickly caused me to lose interest I realized about halfway through that despi [...]

    22. This was a great book.The descriptions of the characters and background painted a clear, colorful picture without being too wordy eg page 4.The action picked up on page 35 and only got faster until almost the very end.It was good to see that the background of the time period in London included the grittier parts such as looting as well as the altruism.The only downside for me was the flashbacks in Italics inserted within the book I would have preferred them to be in the front in chronological or [...]

    23. Second in the series of police procedurals mysteries set in war time London, this during the blitz Protagonist Frank Merlin is likeable with a backstory that is not overblown Good mystery and excellent writing I look forward to sequels.My only reason for not rating a 5 like I did the prior PRINCES GATE is that even with so many heroic Polish aviators involved, not all these young men had to have names starting with K Honestly it was hard to remember which one was which as the action moved on.

    24. Unfortunately, I found this book dreadfully boring I was than 200 pages into it before the story seemed to get started Too many characters and buildups that for the longest time didn t seem to go anywhere, and not enough focus on the characters that did matter At the end I found myself not caring about the main event I am a very emotional person who cries during commercials don t judge me but I literally felt nothing during what should have been an emotional moment at the end but relief that th [...]

    25. This was a couldn t put down read.Poor Mr Stalin is missing some gold, so he sends people to London to find it This all takes place during the time of the Blitz and The Battle of Britain The book has a fine historical feeling and the plot is well thought out His characters are intriguing, Frank Merlin is a type of hero You feel as though all the characters are in your home with you,Wonderful book This book was given free in exchange for an honest review

    26. Received my copy free through GoodReads FirstReads Great book I loved the historical setting and thought that it was well represented I found the book to be tough going for the first half because there is a large cast of characters, but it definitely picked up in the second half as all the story threads began to come together From the hints of what happened in the first Merlin book, I ll have to work on getting a copy, because it sounds just as good as this one.

    27. An excellent novel I hadn t read the first book of the series, but loved this one I will go back and read the first at a later date Edge of your seat intrigue I had a hard time putting it down I also loved the characters Almost like a film, the mise en scene took you right into the times and won t allow you to feel anything but immersion I must read for any historical detective thriller fan

    28. Great characters, all convincing Frank Merlin is dynamic, well sketched both personally and professionally The plot is involved numerous threads coming together in the end Well researched, rich in landscape and history Russia, Poland, Britain and Civil War Spain and Montezuman South America yeah, loads covered Lots of characters and with the complex plot revealed at the end it was work following along A bit long winded in general, nonetheless a satisfying read.

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